• Paniek In De Loods Mixtape #1 – Mixed By Panic & Redrum (2014)

    It’s been a Hardcore day for me, but to be honest, most days are. But when it comes to reviewing music, most days are different: I can start with Hardcore, and halfway through I’ll be reviewing a new Club/Mellow mix. But today was a good day: I found a brand new mix by DJ Panic

  • Noize Suppressor @ Project Hardcore 2010

    My first Noize Suppressor review, and I can’t believe I never reviewed something by them before. For those who don’t know who Noize Suppressor are, they are a duo, with DJ Dek and DJ Bike being responsible for the sound that they spread all over the world, and also into the universe. With a huge

  • Angerfist & Miss K8 @ Masters Of Hardcore – Empire Of Eternity (2014)

    If you were in ’s Hertogenbosch last weekend, I’m guessing you were raving at Masters Of Hardcore. If you weren’t, why in Gods name were you there? What’s there to do? Besides Masters Of Hardcore probably nothing. As we all know, MOH is the world’s biggest Hardcore brand, with an impressive history in the scene

  • Slipmatt @ Dance Planet Pure Energy ll 29-01-1994

    The legend is back with a brand new liveset. Well, technically it ain’t new, but 20 years old, but he only uploaded it onto Soundcloud 4 months ago. So new on the world wide web, not new to many ravers. Slipmatt has been a pioneer since day one, and if you were a full on

  • DJ Riotstarter Interview (2014)

    A brand new year, a brand new interview. This time I’ve got the honour and privilege to talk to one of the hardest DJs in the UK, one of the weirdest DJs you will ever meet, one DJ who knows exactly how to excite a crowd, and for those who aren’t raving, how to excite

  • Nuton 2013 Year Mix

    Browsing on Soundcloud will have a result, if you are patient enough. I went through several hundred tracks and mixes in my stream, and many of them aren’t even worth mentioning (because most mixes/livesets don’t have a tracklist, and why not?). But sometimes, if you wait and anticipate, you will find one mix, one you