• Dougal & Gammer – First Order (2014)

    Today has been a good day. After a few problems whilst ordering a couple of CDs from the Hardcore Underground website, I managed to order three CDs, and they all arrived in the Netherlands today! One of those CDs is ofcourse Dougal & Gammer’s first artist album, ‘First Order’. And that’s exactly the one I

  • Stamina Records Podcast Episode #001 (2014)

    If you have not heard of Stamina Records before, you are probably not a Freeform fan! Don’t worry, I’m not angry at you, but I will if you don’t love Freeform after hearing Stamina Records’ first ever podcast, hosted by the legendary A.B and Douglas! And to top it all off, a guestmix made by

  • The Flashback Project Promo Mix April 2014

    DJ Flashback is back! Back with a brand new promo mix, and I for once, got all excited when I saw this on Soundcloud. DJ Flashback a.k.a. The Flashback Project has been my favourite Breakbeat/Future Jungle/Rave DJ for a long time, and every mix he has ever uploaded has been excellent. This well known DJ

  • Bass-D – Korsakoff & Outblast Megamix (2014)

    For those people who are Dutch and were wondering what the ANWB has to do with Bass-D, Korsakoff or Outblast, let me be clear: this has got nothing to do with the ANWB, in England it’s the RAC or the AA. If you live in another country, I don’t know the name for it in

  • Take That – Progress (2010)

    If I’m completely honest, you all might know that I’m a Techno music lover, not a Pop Rock fan. And my closest relatives know that I never listen to the Top 40 (or Top 10, whatever it is), because I’m mostly dissappointed by the lack of new music. Most artists just copy and paste old

  • Old School Hardcore 93-94 Mixed By Dr. Z-Vago (2014)

    These last couple of weeks I’ve been listening to a lot of Oldskool Hardcore, mostly Thunderdome CDs. Why, you might wonder? It’s because I do miss the Oldskool sound, the ruffness and rawness of it. A couple of times during the year I do sit back, press play and let the music take over. Back