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Kyle WytchWood feat MC B – CoreStyle (2014)


DJ: Kyle WytchWood
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Hardstyle, Happy Hardcore, New Happy Hardcore, Powerstomp
Mix Info: HRDC Promotional Mix
Length Mix: 00:40:07
Tracks: 15 (fifteen)
Download/Listen (via Kyle WytchWood’s Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 91.7 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Hardcore Rapture Digital Crew – Facebook Fanpage

Don’t you hate it, when you have written something so good, and all of a sudden it’s gone? I had written this review a week ago, and because of a reason unknown to me, the whole review got deleted, and dissappeared from the world wide web. I was gutted, and Kyle WytchWood already asked me where the review was. I am sorry for those who wanted to see this review, but hopefully this time it won’t delete itself. I don’t want you to miss one amazing mix, a mix made by Kyle WytchWood, alongside MC B.

MC B is a very talented MC, who is a member of the legendary N-Trance (never knew they were still alive and kicking), and now he’s signed to Hardcore Rapture Digital’s label. I have never heard of the man before, but after hearing this mix for the first time, I was amazed. A very unique style, when it comes to MCing, and also refreshing. He knows exactly how to please the listeners, and hype them up. Finally an MC who does things differently, not a standard Hardcore MC. We were waiting for that for many years!

Kyle WytchWood a.k.a. the Wytchdokta doesn’t need an introduction. He’s earned his place in the UK Hardcore scene. He and MC B made this mix to showcase HRDC’s strength, and also promote a new album, which will be released this summer. A new album, showcasing two important labels in the UK Hardcore scene, TMM and ofcourse HRD. I should get a copy when it’s released… or maybe get one sent. If I know more about this album, I will share more information. But it’s an album you want. Just be a bit patient, it’s not out yet. The Summer hasn’t started yet, has it?

A showcase mix… interesting. On Kyle’s Soundcloud he says that he ‘made it a little harder than usual with some serious musical variety’.  Should be interesting for those who haven’t heard the mix yet.

Here’s the tracklist!


01. Dave Castellano & Fat Steve – Only Human
02. Fragma – Memories (CLSM Remix) 
03. Transfarmers – Here We Go Again
04. Eufeion – Ravers Groovin’ (Powerstomp Mix) 
05. WytchWood & Cruze vs PSYCOManiac feat TopKat – What Has Happened To Our Love?
06. Eufeion & Konekshon – Reefa
07. Eufeion & Konekshon – Nothing More
08. Kyle WytchWood – I Hear You Calling
09. WytchWood & Cruze – On The Edge
10. Tatanka – AKT
11. Chris Unknown & Re-Con – My Love
12. Picco – It Goes On & On (Sy & Unknown Remix) 
13. Dougal & Gammer feat Hannah Faulkner – The One
14. D-Block & S-te-Fan – Built This City
15. The Three Amigos – Find A Way (Fade & Bananaman Remix) 

If you were looking for a diverse tracklist, don’t look any further. You have found it. From cheesy Happy Hardcore to stomping Hardstyle, Kyle WytchWood made one amazing mix.

This mix has got a few anthems in here, and it starts with 2014’s finest tune, ‘Only Human’. What a tune that is! It has made my balls grow, and gave me eargasms. Fantastic tune. But there are more amazing tunes in this mix, another good tune is ‘I Hear You Calling’, Kyle’s finest track so far. Or ‘My Love’, already a classic. Oh, let’s not forget ‘Memories’… too many great tunes in this mix.

Two tunes in this mix were not able to move me up and down on my chair. And what a coincidence, they were the last two used in this mix. I’m not a fan of speeded up Hardstyle, sounds a bit too much Powerstomp-ish, and off balanced. And, even though Fade and Bananaman made good remixes in the past, this one just doesn’t work for me. But that’s just me, they could work for you?!

MC B does what an MC should do: hype up the crowd. Make them loose their mind. He takes the MCing to the next level, a very interesting level. Wish more MCs would MC like him. He brings a new and refreshing sound, not annoying or in your face all the time, but just perfect. I really want to hear more, this MC has potential to become UK Hardcore’s finest MC. Don’t believe me? Just listen to the mix, and judge his skills yourself.

A good mix, one that will make you bounce from the start to… erm… well, track 13 lol. A very good mix, quite entertaining. Download this mix right now, and make this weekend a good one!


Stamina Records Podcast Episode #002 (2014)


Hosts: A.B & Douglas
Genre/Style: Freeform, UK Hardcore, Drum & Bass
Mix Info: Stamina Records Podcast #002
Length Mix: 01:00:00
Tracks: 17 (seventeen)
Download/Listen (via Stamina Records’ Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 137 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Stamina Records – Official Website

The two legendary Freeform Kings are back with a brand new podcast. You are probably a Freeform fan, and if you are, you already heard this mix a million times, so there’s no need for me to talk about this podcast at all. But there are a few out there who haven’t, so let me introduce Stamina Records’ latest podcast to you, hosted/mixed by A.B and Douglas, truly one of the greatest Freeform producers of all time. Their first podcast was a huge success, it brought a smile on many people’s faces, and gave the Freeform world yet another podcast, one you need to follow. Last month it was DJ Thumpa who made a guestmix, especially for the Stamina boys, this month there’s no guest whatsoever. It’s simply A.B and Douglas, and no one else. Maybe they forgot to ask someone to make a mix, because they were too busy getting too drunk? Or maybe because they forgot to press ‘play’, and just continued mixing themselves? Who knows? Maybe next month there’s a guestmix, or not?

Yes, the boys were hammered. Couldn’t even remember their own track titles, or other people’s track titles. And that’s the magic that makes this podcast so cool and awesome. Banter all the way through. Just check out the shout-out section, a barrel of laughter. But even though they were a bit tipsy, they made sure that this mix was flawless, and it was! 17 exciting tunes, from legendary artists such as Joey Riot, Kevin Energy, Randy Mortimer (whoever he is.. he knows how to produce), Scott Brown, Transcend and more. So much exclusive stuff was used in this mix, and also a new section of the show, which is called ‘Way Back Track’. Brand new section, and already one of the dopest things I’ve heard in 2014. It’s when they play older tracks, and on this month’s podcast they introduced me to an unknown track (I’ve never heard it before), made by Douglas himself. Go and check the podcast out, right now!

I’m a Stamina whore, yes I am.

Tracklist anyone? If it ain’t correct, blame A.B and Douglas for being too drunk.


01. A.B vs K-Wire – Euphoria
02. Red Light District – Did You Hear Me (Andy Dee Remix) 
03. Transcend & Kaos Theory – Man On Acid (Arkitech Remix) 
04. Joey Riot feat Miranda – Everything We Need (Alex Prospect Remix) 
05. A.B – This (Westfest VIP) 
06. Douglas – Principia Mathematica
07. Kevin Energy – The Evil Of The Thriller
08. Douglas – No Alternative (Transcend Remix) 
09. jD-KiD – Exiled
10. A.B vs K-Wire – Smiler
11. Randy Mortimer – R.I.P. Groove
12. A.B feat Sarah – Let Yourself Go
13. Scott Brown – Obey The Beat
14. Transcend & Midas – Hide & Freq
15. Backlash – Astrid (Obie Re-Work) 
16. Pretty Addicted – Fear Myself (Lost Soul Remix) 
17. D-Vide – Pilgrims Of Zen

What an excellent tracklist!!!! Look at these tracks, don’t they give you a boner? Sexy stuff, really diverse and yet all slammin’. Very hard stuff. And for once, I’m not talking dirty!

Loving the tunes they selected. But then again, I’m a fan of whatever they do, so everything they do, I love it. A few tracks caught my attention, especially ‘Did You Hear Me’, ‘Everything We Need’, ‘Fear Myself’ and ofcourse ‘No Alternative’. Loving these tracks the most. But the best one? Oh, that’s a hard one to answer. It has got to be… no… erm… I can’t choose between ‘Principia Mathematica’ and ‘This’. Fuck. They are all good.

I downloaded this minutes before I had to drive to Calais, to catch a ferry, and it made the journey worth while! Excellent journey, excellent music. You want to hear more? Some angel told me that there are only a handful copies left of ‘Ain’t No Grave‘, ReBuild Music’s last album ever, and ofcourse ‘Strength By Numbers‘. Make sure you buy these albums a.s.a.p, I’m not sure if you can get ‘Ain’t No Grave’, because copies were flying. But you can get the other one, but hurry up… don’t be too late!

Am I the only one who hears ‘I shat myself’ instead of ‘I fear myself’? I do hear it! No joke. A good and dark track, but funny lyrics. I do fear myself when I shat myself. I fear my wife even more, she’s the one doing the laundry!

The best podcast series ever made. So, it does get the same score as last time!


PPF Interview – Ken Masters (2014)


The Crazy Dutchman has interviewed many artists in the past, and asked them the most obvious questions, about their past, present and future. But this time we are talking to the man who’s responsible for one of the most anticipated albums of 2014, the man who made it all possible. A brand new compilation, dedicated to push upcoming talent forward, and also to show what the already established artists have got to offer. And it’s all for free. We will talk to Ken Masters, the mastermind behind this album, and ask him all we need to know. 

Ken Masters, can you explain to us what PPF 2014 actually is? 
“Certainly, PPF, or The Past, The Present, The Future is a celebration of all things hardcore, paying respects to the sounds of the past, pushing the sounds of the present & offering a taste of the future. Its a completely free album project created by myself & the good people of giving both emerging & established producers of the site and beyond, the opportunity to come together & be part of this diverse & unique idea. It gives these guys a chance to show what they have to offer while featuring on an album alongside some of the biggest names in the scene.”

This is a FREE Hardcore album project, created by the members of How did this all come together, who came up with the idea, and why? 
“Around 5 or 6 years ago there seemed to be a lot of negativity surrounding the site. Some people liked where hardcore was headed, others not so much. I came up with the idea that instead of wasting time arguing about it we should create our own album and try (what seemed impossible) to cater for everyones tastes. To try and give every listener something they could enjoy & be positive about without focusing solely on what they didn’t like.”

“It was just a bit of fun, a type of experiment that gave the producers (or those keen to try producing) a kick up the arse to get a track completed to the best of their abilities & have it submitted by the deadline. It actually turned out pretty good but wasn’t exactly to the standards that we’re at now. Then early last year I decided to revisit the idea, curious to find out if such a project would still be as well received. I was curious & really looking forward to hearing just how much the producers from the original album had improved, aswell as checking out what emerging talent had arrived at the site over the years since. Simply put, the support was great & we released PPF 2013 this time last year. This was a major step in the right direction & I knew right there and then that this once forgotten idea had some real potential and began planning the next installment with a vision of taking it to a whole new level!”

Not only the members of did help out, you also had help from Jon Doe (CLSM), Elipton, Sc@r and Greg Peaks. The whole album is quality, would you have been able to release such an album without their help? 
“The commitment & support shown by these guys among others, has been unreal. Its not my album, I’m merely building the concept from the resources these guys are supplying me, its everyones album, a real joint effort. If I didn’t have such strong support & belief from these guys then I needn’t bother running the project in the first place!

Everyone’s brought something to the table & made it their own, wether it be Olly Elipton’s unique artwork & original album image, to Jon’s professional mastering, the immeasurable input from everyone has created what you see now & I thinks that’s what makes it so unique.”

The message behind this album is to help up and coming artists showcase their talents. Do these up and coming artists have any talent at all?  
“Haha! They don’t half! I know for a fact that some of the guys involved in this years album have had other tracks signed to other labels of the back of this album. This is exactly what its all about & it makes all the time & effort worthwhile.

CDJay (one of the owners of Hardcore Underground) mentioned in his PPF interview (which can be found on the album download page) that its projects like this that help make his job easier, guys like me filtering emerging talent from an endless sea of hopeful producers. He listens to these albums & keeps a close eye on the forums. This helps him find, sign & develop new producers through his label. If that isn’t inspiration enough to get involved then I don’t know what is!”

But not only up and coming artists are on this album, there are also a lot of well-established artists who submitted their tracks, artists like Kevin Energy, Darwin, Sc@r, Greg Peaks and more. Why did you add tracks by these legends on this album? And why these artists, is there a specific reason you chose them? 
“Well, I came to the realisation that the best way to help these guys get their music out there was to recruit the support of some of the more established names & with their help, the album would reach far beyond the reaches of I had to be careful to find the right balance of up & comers against established guys, the last things I wanted was to lose sight of what the album stood for & end up overlooking the up & coming guys & losing them amongst the big names. I think the outcome is a nice even blend of the two.

To better explain approaching some of the more established names that I did…

I’ve always been a huge fan of Kevin Energy since his involvement in the early Trancecore days & was then blown away when the sound of Freeform erupted! The guy always looks to raise the bar & push the boundaries wherever/however he can & this has been a major influence on me & how I approach producing my own tracks & DJing. (can find out more about Kev’s current ventures in his exclusive PPF interview on the album download site.)

As for Darwin, well, at present they don’t come much bigger than this man! Its an absolute pleasure to be representing his music, especially with his & Skinny’s track being an absolute album exclusive. I’ve always admired Nick’s approach, he never settles with the norm, always pushing fresh, original, exciting music aswell as being open & supporting new sounds around him.

I actually managed to get Darwin onboard through chatting with CDJay. If you aren’t aware of the unstoppable force that is Hardcore Underground now then you must be living under a rock! The HU set up is special, a group of dedicated individuals dead set of bringing something unique to the table, its admirable & great to see them doing so well now. They seem to be pushing a never ending supply of exciting new albums recently with the concept of their next installment in the Hardcore Underground album series ‘Live at Rehab’ shaping up to be a historic take on the average Hardcore album. Be sure to check these guys out & give them your support.”

PPF stands for ‘Past Present Future’. Where does the name come from? 
“Going back to an earlier answer, I wanted the album to pay respects to all sounds, styles, & eras of the scene while giving a taste of what we feel is the future of the scene, not only through the music but to represent this in the names featured in the tracklist. Its all about trying to give everyone something they can enjoy in what’s become a hugely diverse scene!”

The album is divided into two unmixed discs, and one which has three mixes by Sc@r, Greg Peaks and yourself (Ken Masters). Why did you ask these two DJs to put a mix together? And what do you think of the result? 
“This year I wanted the mixes to be a real standout part of the album, not only showcasing some of the free tracks involved but also featuring some exciting, forthcoming music from outside of the project. I also wanted to ensure that all the styles we tried to cover in the album were well represented in the mixes. I don’t think I could have picked two more suited DJ’s than Kay (Sc@r) & Greg Peaks. Both are relatively new to the scene considering but both have made an immense impact since arriving and are destined to be major players in the future scene. To have their support, not only in DJing but with track submissions & general promotion has been immeasurable.”

The discs are named ‘The Sun’ & ‘The Moon’. ‘The Sun’ features uplifting, light and generally feel good Hardcore,  and ‘The Moon’ more deeper and darker and more serious Hardcore. On the website you said : ‘Music that makes you think’. Think about what?
“Its a bit of a strange one this, but the ideas for the disc names came to me since moving into my new house in the Devon countryside, where me & my girlfriend Emma are now surrounded by nothing but rolling hills, horses, farmland & the endless babble of sheep! Over the months of building the album & being in this new home, you can watch the sun rise, pass overhead & then set, all in a completely undisturbed view, which is then followed by the moon. (Its a little like playing Zelda Ocarina Of Time only without the aggressive chickens!). You can physically watch the day/night go by & I find it inspirational when making music so I thought I’d involve it in the album.

I decided to separate the album into two discs with one being the soundtrack to the movement of the sun & the other would accompany the moon. The tracks on the ‘Sun’ disc are light, uplifting, euphoric ‘make you smile’ music, whereas the ‘Moon’ disc is a little darker, more serious ‘make you think’ music. Music that’s possibly a bit emotional or experimental.

Just to be clear, if you listen to the wrong disc at the wrong time of day you may transform into a deku scrub! You have been warned.”

If you have to pick one track, which one on this album is your favourite, and why? 
“Seriously hard question! I must have heard all the tracks atleast a few hundered times while trying to decide what tracks would feature! Despite this, I’d have to say that Greg Peaks ‘Save My Soul’ sounds just as good now as when I first hear it!

To be fair, all the tracks are special to me in one way or another, they all had something about them that I felt would fit into the type of album I was aiming for.”

This is the first of many albums, but this set the tone for future albums. A nicely balanced mix between up and coming talents, and legendary artists. What should people do, if they want a track on this album? Any qualities they should have, or can anyone send music in? 
“As I type this we have just reached the 1000 download mark only 2 weeks since release! Its easy to see that this is a very worthwhile project to get involved in which can open up many doors for aspiring producers.

If you have a track you’d like me to consider featuring in up coming projects then be sure to contact me at

Unlike other labels, I guarantee I will reply personally & give some detailed feedback on the submission. If for whatever reason the track doesn’t feature i’ll be sure to offer some advice & general help in any way I can.

Anyone can send music in, honestly. I want this, & other projects to inspire people to get together & have a go!”

What are the future plans for PPF? And for Ken Masters?
“For the remainder of 2014 I have two main goals. The first is to launch my new label ‘Future State Music’ this summer, with the first release being a brand new free album project called ‘Future State Hardcore’ which again, will feature both up & coming as well as established artists including some of my own new tracks. Im currently looking for artists/music to sign so if your interested get in touch.

The second goal is to give more time to event djing again. Since moving to Devon from Glasgow it really has been non stop work! I wanted to ensure me & my girlfriend were well settled first & now that we are I feel I have the time again to get back to it & on a larger scale than before. Living down here has opened up more opportunities & I intend to make the most of it!

A HUGE thankyou to everyone who has downloaded & supported this years project! PPF is free and always will be, all I ask is that you please take a second to help us push the album far & wide aswell as supporting the artists involved.

Have a great summer & be sure to keep an eye out for more free quality hardcore coming your way…

Take it easy…


Thank you, Ken Masters, for a very insightful interview. If you are interested in Ken Masters, PPF, or his new label ‘Future State Music’, make sure you bookmark these links!

Here’s a teaser, if you like what you are hearing, make sure you download the album right NOW!

Energy Syndicate – Inspirationz Mix (2014)


DJ: Energy Syndicate
Genre/Style: EDM, Progressive House, Electro, Tech House, Melbourne Bounce
Mix Info: 70 Minutes Of Pounding Progressive House, Electro & Melbourne Bounce
Length Mix: 01:08:26
Tracks: 25 (twenty-five)
Download/Listen (via Energy Syndicate’s Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 156 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Energy Syndicate – Facebook Fanpage

The internet is filled with good music, but you just need to find it. After browsing for hours I think I found the perfect Summer mix for you all, a mix made by Energy Syndicate. A mix suitable for this type of weather, who doesn’t want to hear that? I do, and I think I’ve kept pressing play again and again, I wanted to feel the buzz again. Note: the weather has changed outdoors, rain and thunder have taken over. Maybe I should press play one more time, maybe it will help?

If you are like me, you’ve probably never heard of Energy Syndicate before. I did see his name appear in another mix many .onths ago, but I never knew who he was. On his Facebook fanpage it says that this man/DJ ‘has risen through the ranks from being an up and coming multiple competition winning DJ into one of the scenes most in demand rising starts’. F**k, if you have that on your fanpage, it must be true!  He’s known for mixing and making Hard Dance music, and his music has gained huge support by other artists, such as Cally Gage, Andy Whitby, Technikal, The Tidy Boys, and more. Why haven’t I heard of this man before?

This mix is for those who supported Energy Syndicate, and also a showcase what you might expect in the near future. Energy Syndicate listens to all kinds of music, and lately he has been heavily submerged in the EDM sounds, which inspires him alot. A showcase mix with a few of his own edits, especially for this mix; expect complete mayhem! A DJ who’s honest about his passion for music, and his enthusiasm for other styles. Amazing so far.

A tracklist could be very handy, if you are into EDM. If not, there’s a huge X at the right top corner of your screen. Click that!


01. W&W & Blasterjaxx vs Krewella – Live For The Rocket (Energy Syndicate Edit) 
02. Dannic feat Bright Lights – Dear Life
03. Deorro & J-Trick – Rambo
04. Dyro – Sounds Like
05. Hardwell – Everybody In The Place
06. Joel Fletcher, Seany B & VINAI – Loco (VINAI Remix) 
07. Gareth Emery feat Bo Bruce – U (W&W Remix) 
08. Showtek vs Thomas Newson vs Dada Life – Pallaroid Get Loose (MAKJ Edit – ES Found You Edit) 
09. Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash feat John Martin – Reload
10. TJR & VINAI – Bounce Generation
11. Rita Ora – I Will Never Let You Down (R3hab Remix) 
12. Tiësto feat Matthew Koma – Wasted (Ummet Ozcan Remix) 
13. Steve Aoki feat Wacka Flocka Flame – Rage The Night Away
14. Nervo feat Duane Harden – Sunshine Through Rain Clouds
15. R3hab feat Eva Simons – Unstoppable
16. MAKJ & M35 vs Nirvana & Krewella – Revolution Night Spirit (MAKJ vs Hardwell Live Edit) 
17. W&W – Ghost Town
18. Blasterjaxx & Badd Dimes – Titan
19. Showtek & Justin Prime feat Matthew Koma – Cannonball (Earthquake)
20. R3hab & Deorro – Flashlight (Enery Syndicate Stay The Night Edit) 
21. Showtek vs House Of Pain – Slow Down Or Jump Around (MAKJ Edit 2.0) 
22. Dada Life – This Machine Kills Ravers
23. Blasterjaxx – Mystica (Warewolf)
24. Chuckie & Junxterjack – Make Some Noise (Deorro Remix) 
25. Dada Life feat Sebastian Bach – Born To Rage (Energy Syndicate Double Edit) 

Wow, what a brilliant mix! The tracklist is just gorgeous, isn’t it? Pure porn for those who live, breathe and adore EDM. Good selection of tracks by Energy Syndicate!

The mix starts with an awesome track, edited by Energy Syndicate himself, and it’s one that will stay in your head for at least 24 hours. That said, there are multiple tracks that won’t leave your head, quite annoying lol, but in a good way annoying. And these ‘annoying’ tracks are so addictive, you want to go out and enjoy the sun, and dance until the night starts. A good selection.

But, as usual, I should pick out those tracks I don’t like. And there are two I don’t like, because the original versions are much better. ‘Jump Around’ is one of them, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ is the other. I don’t mind these tracks being played, but only the original version makes me loose my mind, and no remix or re-edit or mashup. I’m quite picky, but most teens won’t know the original version anyway. So if you were born in the 90s, you will love this mix and wonder why I’m such a picky bitch. Well, kids, as you get older, you turn into your grandad!

Energy Syndicate has made an excellent mix, quite interesting and quite enjoyable. Also credit for an original picture added to the mix, most artists just pick a random picture they found online, Energy Syndicate’s picture is awesome! Everything about this mix is good (well, besides the two tracks I just mentioned)…

Summer, where are you?