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Darren Styles Live @ EDC Las Vegas 2014


DJ: Darren Styles
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, EDM Hardcore
Liveset Info: Recorded @ EDC Las Vegas 2014
Length Liveset: 01:01:20
Tracks: 23 (twenty-three)
Download/Listen (via Darren Styles’ Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: 56.2 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 128kbps
More Information: Darren Styles – Facebook Fanpage

Being the world’s best and greatest UK Hardcore producer and DJ (even though Gammer won most awards at the last Hardcore Awards), Darren Styles has become a household name in the EDM world. And, as we all know, the EDM world is growing rapidly, with parties being organised all over the world, and being visited by thousands of people. The EDC in Las Vegas is such an event Darren Styles played at. If I’m correct, there were 40.000 people there, enjoying the music the world has given us. With an impressive line-up, this event has quickly become the standard, with many other organisations copying them, and many have failed. The EDC has grown to this enormous thing, an unstoppable force. Who would have thought 5 years ago, that the world would be dominated by the EDM in general? I reckon Darren Styles never thought he would play at such a big event, in front of thousands of people. Don’t believe me? Look at the picture above, a selfie taken at EDC. Proof, that it’s time for UK Hardcore to become something new: WORLD Hardcore. Not just played in the UK, but played all over the world.

Darren Styles is the leading name in the UK Hardcore industry, with many releases on his name, and he has been in the game for many years. Yet he has stayed true to the core. A gentleman who turned a hobby into a full time job, and who has got the world at his feet. He has played at every UK Hardcore event imaginable, and now it’s time for him to take over the world, and slowely, this is happening. Name one bigger event he should play at?! Name one? Can’t think of one, eh? This is the top, and he has reached it! Maybe he will go on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, or ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, but for now, he will made and play UK Hardcore/EDM Hardcore until the day he dies.

He’s loved by many ravers, adored by everyone, and hated by many producers. Hated? Yes, because they all want to know the secret behind his success, how he makes each and every track  work. He seems to have cracked the code, of how to make a beautiful UK Hardcore track. And many producers envy him for his talent. And they should. No one can beat Darren Styles. No one.

Thankfully, he has uploaded a tracklist, so we can all see the tracks he played at the EDC.


01. Intro
02. Darren Styles & Chris Unknown – Down Like That
03. Gareth Emery feat Christina Novelli – Concrete Angel (Darren Styles & Chris Unknown Remix) 
04. Dougal & Gammer – Rock The World
05. Darren Styles & Gammer – You & I
06. Pegboard Nerds – Hero (Gammer Remix) 
07. Bass Brothers – Jamaican Thug
08. Code Black & Atmozfears – Accelerate (Darren Styles Remix) WIP
09. Krewella – We Go Down (Darren Styles Remix) 
10. Darren Styles / 3LAU – 2Night / Escape
11. Molly – Beneath The Lights (Darren Styles Remix) 
12. Dougal & Gammer – Burn
13. Darren Styles & Gammer – Tom Riddle
14. Darren Styles & Re-Con – Raining Down (Update)
15. Dvbbs & Borgeous – Tsunami (Jay Cosmic Remix) 
16. Tiesto feat Kyler England – Take Me (Darren Styles Remix) 
17. Darren Styles & Dougal – Rock The House
18. Darren Styles – Get This Place
19. Skrillex – Dirty Vibe
20. Krewella & Gareth Emery – Lights & Thunder (Darren Styles Remix) 
21. Darren Styles – Satellite
22. Darren Styles & Francis Hill – Come Running (Update)
23. Darren Styles – Save Me (Update)

Darren Styles is a hero. Just look at the amount of his own productions in this liveset! This is just superb, shows us all why he’s number 1 UK Hardcore producer.

This is one amazing set, I still can’t believe he rocked Las Vegas. Back in the 40s and the 50s they’ve done many nucleair tests in Las Vegas, but nothing has shaken the area this hard before! Darren Styles has smashed it into bits! Fantastic set.

Don’t know why there was an MC? Not any imput at all. Can you call him an MC?

I can’t pick a favourite track, they are all good. A few versions aren’t as good as the original versions, like ‘Come Running’ and ‘Save Me’. I do have his albums, and I love the old version. I do prefer them. Not saying these versions are bad, but not as good as the originals. One track stood out, and it was ‘Beneath The Lights’. What an unbelievable track! So good, it made me loose my mind and dance in my living room! Molly is such a talented singer, and this remix (done by Darren Styles) just made the whole track EXCELLENT. Beautiful vocals… a tear emerged…

Without Darren Styles, the UK Hardcore scene wouldn’t have been this big, and without the EDC, the world would not have known Darren Styles’ strength as a producer and as a DJ. I hope they book him for next year’s event, he deserves a place on the mainstage! Darren Styles = King of UK Hardcore. Fact.

Molly = Queen of the UK Hardcore vocalists. Another fact.


D-Block & S-te-Fan @ Defqon 1 2014 – RED


DJs: D-Block & S-te-Fan
Genre/Style: Hardstyle, EDM Hardstyle
Liveset Info: Recorded @ Defqon 1 2014
Length Liveset: 00:54:51
Tracks: 20 (twenty)
Download/Listen (via DBSTF’s Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 62.7 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 160kbps
More Information: D-Block & S-te-Fan – Facebook Fanpage

Last weekend, if you weren’t there, Q Dance organised a party, a well known party called ‘Defqon 1′. A huge event, which is well known all over the world. An established party, one that pushes boundaries to the next level. The line up, as usual, was tremendous. Very impressive, and if you haven’t seen it, let me just name a few artists who performed at Defqon 1. Coone, Zatox, Endymion, Miss K8, Panic, The Viper, Deepack, The Prophet, Meagashira, Promo, The Outside Agency, Mark with a K, Kutski, Noize Suppressor, Tatanka, Mindustries, Darkraver, and more. Many more. The list is tremendous, if I would name them all, the review would be extremely long. Many of these artists have recorded their sets, or were recorded and aired live, and one of those livesets can be found on Soundcloud right now: D-Block & S-te-Fan’s set. If anyone is interested, make sure you head over to Soundcloud, and grab this liveset all for free.

Their liveset was uploaded 20 hours ago, and already the plays are going through the roof: 7000+ in 20 hours! People seem to love Hardstyle, and love D-Block & S-te-Fan. If you don’t have a clue who they are: back in 2004 they bumped into each other, and even though they had solo carreers and they were succesful, but it all changed when they teamed up, and formed DBSTF. Many events they have visited, events such as Mysteryland, Thrillogy, Decibel, Qlimax and Defqon 1. They were also voted #73 on the prestigious 2010 DJ Mag Top 100. A lovely successtory. Q Dance had to book them, seeing as they are the world’s number one Hard Dance duo. And they delivered an amazing set. The thousands of ravers went absolutely mental in front of the stage, and DBSTF did what only they can do best: demolish speakers!

Anyone interested in a tracklist? Anyone?


01. D-Block & S-te-Fan – Intro
02. D-Block & S-te-Fan feat F8trix – Beat As One
03. Yellow Claw & LNY TNZ – Last Night Ever (Isaac Remix) 
04. D-Block & S-te-Fan – Rebel (2014 Edit) 
05. Bass Modulaters – Let Me See Ya
06. Di-Rect – Young Ones (D-Block & S-te-Fan Remix) 
07. D-Block & S-te-Fan – Next Level
08. D-Block & S-te-Fan – Built This City
09. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us (Frontliner’s ‘Never Come Down’ Mix) 
10. D-Block & S-te-Fan feat MC Villain – Sound Of Defqon 2014
11. D-Block & S-te-Fan and Rebourne – Louder!
12. TnT & Audiofreq – Screwdriver
13. Dash Berlin & Jay Cosmic feat Collin Mcloughin – Here Tonight (D-Block & S-te-Fan Remix) 
14. D-Block & S-te-Fan – Takin Off (2014 Edit) 
15. D-Block & S-te-Fan and Deepack – Rocking With The Best
16. Dr Rude – Kalavela Shot Me Down (D-Block & S-te-Fan’s Kick Edit)
17. D-Block & S-te-Fan feat MC Villain – Evolutionz (Ran-D Remix) 
18. D-Block & S-te-Fan feat High Voltage – Shiverz
19. D-Block & S-te-Fan – Underground Tacticz (E-Force & Luna Remix) 
20. D-Block & S-te-Fan – Rockin Ur Loopmachine

What a tracklist. So many DBSTF tracks were played! Not a diverse set, but a straight forward set! You came to their stage to see them, so you will have to hear their tracks. A lot of stompers are in this liveset, and I hope you are ready for the madness, which will be the result once you’ve pressed play. There’s no way of stopping the beats, the basses and the melodies!

A good set, but you’ve got to remember: this was recorded and aired live on the radio, so some bits are talked through, and some bits are just ruined. But that’s what live radio can cause. Once you’ve passed the intro bit, the madness starts. Towards the end, there’s an interview section, but skip that, and you will get back to the madness, known as Defqon 1.

A lot of tracks are slammers, but a few aren’t. Not a fan of the original, not a fan of the remix. Di-Rect… nah. Yellow Claw… never. Even though the remixes are better than the original, it’s still related to the original, and they weren’t able to move me at all. But who am I, eh? Maybe you will like them, maybe you don’t.

Best track? Oh, difficult one. I love ‘Rebel’. The 2014 edit is just good. Suits this era. We all want it louder and faster and rougher.

If you love this liveset, make sure you get your tickets for next year’s Defqon 1. They will be there, probably. I’m not sure, I’m not a fortune teller! But I reckon they will be there, and to hear them live, you will and must get tickets. Maybe we are all too early, but you are warned. Check the world wide web every day, to see if the tickets are for sale. One day you will wake up, and they will all be sold. Just because people saw DBSTF on the line-up. Fact.


Wilson, Mizel & MC Mono – Rave Mix 2013 featuring MC Enemy


DJs: Mizel, Wilson
MCs: Mono, Enemy
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Hardstyle, Powerstomp, Dubcore, Drumcore, Drum & Bass
Mix Info: 
Rave Mix 2013
Length Mix: 01:01:00
Tracks: 31 (thirty-one)
Download/Listen (via Mizel & Wilson’s Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: 55.8 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 128kbps
More Information: MC Mono – Facebook / Mizel – Facebook / Wilson – Facebook

Sometimes I go on the internet, and there are days when I’m not searching for music, but it’s still sent my way. The other day that happened. I talked to one of the DJs of this mix, and he told me that he had a mix online, a mix he done with Mizel, MC Mono and MC Enemy. An old one, but still a good one. A mix with a tracklist: how can I say no to that? It’s hard to find a proper mix with a tracklist, and that’s the reason why you won’t hear or see a review for days in a row: I won’t review without a tracklist. They’ve added one, so instananeously this mix became more interesting. Yes, don’t be afraid to spam me, as long as it’s got a tracklist, and it’s a proper mix, you can spam away.

The mix was made back in 2013, by Wilson and Mizel behind the decks. Not one, not two but THREE decks. And the man behind the microphone was MC Mono. MC Enemy does drop by halfway through the mix, very shortly, but when he decides to join the madness, he does it well. What can I say, that might interest you? Erm, really hard. There isn’t much info online about Mizel. He works in the Rave scene, that’s all the info. The same info can be found on Wilson’s page. Mmm, maybe Mono can interest us with some info? Nope. No info whatsoever. Oh, maybe I’ve found some info: Leggett is his brother. If that’s true, I’m not sure, but aren’t we all one big family? Nothing important you can find on Facebook, but there’s a small section on Soundcloud that might interest you all: ‘they make and play UK Hardcore and are signed to DJ Mob’s label Anuva Level’. So these two DJs are quite interesting, already signed to a big label. What more do we need to know? They’ve recently made a huge track, which contained two of my favourite things: the film ‘Fight Club’ and UK Hardcore. Credits for one of the dopest tracks ever made!

Let me warn you, this mix can be dissapointing to you. If you are a MC Mono fan. I do apologise, but I should warn you: the recording quality is good. It’s all in stereo, not in mono. So no Mono in mono. Could be annoying, if you wanted to hear him in mono.

As you’ve seen at the top, they do play a lot of styles. I think it’s time for you all to see the tracklist.


01. Porter Robinson & Mat Zo – Easy
02. Technikal feat Nathalie – There For You
03. Re-Con & Styles – Like A Bitch
04. Sub Focus – Time Warp
05. Re-Con – WTF
06. Breeze & Modulate – Wait Up
07. Klubfiller & Prospect – Operator
08. Darren Styles – Screwface
09. Breeze, Styles, Modulate & Petruccio – Rock The Club
10. Showtek & Noisecontrollers – Get Loose
11. Andy Whitby & Technikal – Fight!
12. Wilson & Mizel – Talking Of The Devil
13. Kurt – Kicking
14. RSA & Twista – Transmission
15. Re-Con – Walking Timebomb
16. Zedd – Shotgun
17. Knife Party – LRAD (Edit)
18. Anon – Twisted Freakz
19. Dougal & Gammer – The Tunnel
20. Technikal – It’s Over Baby
21. Modulate – Call Me
22. The Prototypes – Your Drums, Your Love
23. Helix & Fury – Insane Asylum (Gammer Remix) 
24. Gammer & Cally Gage – Make Ya Freak
25. Sy & Technikore – Thuggin’ Til I Die
26. Tantrum Desire – Thunder
27. Anon – Clarat-e
28. Ajay vs Chaos – Where’s My Money
29. Dougal & Gammer – Fuck Me I’m Famous
30. Tek & Miz – Get Out (Petruccio Remix) 
31. Wlson’s DnB Mash Up Part 2 

What a cool tracklist. I’ve got to admit: this is not your standard mix! Several styles all combined together, to create this monster mix. All the credits go to Mizel & Wilson, for creating this fantastic mix!

The mix is good. From classic tunes to the unknown, they play it all! And they play it well. There are quite a few underrated tracks in this mix, and it’s always sad to hear these tracks again: not many DJs play them out loud any more. Don’t ask me why, but they simply disappear. Thank you Mizel and Wilson, for keeping these tracks alive!

When MC Mono’s behind the microphone, he does MC like no one else! A proper MC, no talking jibberish or bullshit, I think?! Every MC talks too damn fast for my ears, so I don’t judge an MC for his words, but how he prenounces sound. And his voice is smooth, not sexy, just smooth. A good MC, why haven’t I heard more of this man? Come on people, send me more Mono in stereo!

Normally I pick one favourite track, but not today. I have found my ultimate favourite track of all time! No joke, I have found it! It’s ‘Talking Of The Devil’! I have never heard this track before, but since the first time I heard it, I’m hooked! I’m so in love with this track, best track of this mix. Best track ever made! And I’m not kissing arses, I’m not an arse fan. Fantastic track, this is how UK Hardcore should sound! And when MC Enemy joins the madness, he does it when this track is on. Good choice, every track in this mix is good, but this track is just better.

A proper mix, if you love UK Hardcore. Mizel and Wilson, a duo you should follow! Trust me, these two are it! Don’t know what ‘it’ is, but they’ve got it! Why haven’t I heard this mix before?


Angerfist @ EDC Las Vegas 2014


DJ: Angerfist
Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Gabber
Liveset Info: Recorded @ EDC Las Vegas 2014
Length Liveset: 00:43:57
Tracks: 30 (thirty)
Download/Listen (via Angerfist’s Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 100 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Angerfist – Facebook Fanpage

Hardcore’s finest DJ is back with a brand new mix. Haven’t you heard it yet? You don’t need to worry, because many people haven’t so far. It has been uploaded 10 hours ago, and already 4200+ people have pressed play, and they all went mad! But that’s nothing, compared to the gazillion people who stood in front of the stage at the EDC in Las Vegas, when Angerfist performed there. He’s used to perform at major events, but this has got to be the next level for Angerfist. How this man from a small frog country (kikkerlandje = a dutch saying) turned from a small producer/DJ to the world’s greatest producer/DJ ever? Because of determination and enthusiasm.. and a lot of hours, perfecting and crafting his unique trademark. And it has paid off.

The EDC is one amazing event, and with a killer line-up this is the perfect place for music lovers. Let me name a few artists who have performed there, just a few, not all of them, because the list is f**king huge: Tiësto, Sub Focus, Laidback Luke, Paul van Dyk, Kaskade, Isaac, Hardwell, Eric Prydz, Darren Styles, Calyx & Teebee, Booka Shade, Armin van Buuren, Afrojack and many more. And ofcourse Angerfist. This man made the line-up even better, for those who booked a ticket and wanted to hear some proper Hardcore Techno. I haven’t seen any other Hardcore Techno DJs yet, as I said the list is huge, maybe he was the only one?! Who cares? No one does. The people at the EDC didn’t, they went completely mad.

We’ve all seen the footage of those people who entered the EDC illegally, climbing over fences and underneath them, and there was a specific reason for it: they all wanted to see Angerfist! Not many people will acknowledge that, but it’s true. Angerfist is the world’s biggest superstar DJ, and when it comes to his mixing skills, he has perfected this, and no other artist comes close, no one can perform like Angerfist. He’s the world’s greatest, yet the most normal DJ ever, Dutch to the core, but seeing as he’s Dutch, we Dutch know how to throw a party. And he did exactly that, at the EDC. Why am saying the EDC? Is that the normal way of saying it? Well, it’s the. Name one event bigger than the EDC? Ok, Glastonbury. You won. Imagine Angerfist at Glastonbury… that would be amazing!

Tracklist for all you Gabba/Hardcore Techno fans!


01. Angerfist – Incoming (Intro)
02. Angerfist – From The Blackness
03. Skrillex & Damian Marley – Make It Bun Dem (Angerfist & Kid Morbid Bootleg) 
04. N3ar – Growling Monster
05. Lenny Dee & Radium – Headbanger Boogie
06. Re-Style – Renovation (Angerfist Remix) 
07. Angerfist – Knock Knock
08. Radium – Justice For All
09. Tha Playah – Mastah Of Shock (Angerfist Remix) 
10. Tha Playah & Angerfist feat MC Jeff – Just Like Me
11. Angerfist – Don’t Fuck With Me
12. Tommyknocker – Criminal
13. Igneon System – Rude Mood
14. Angerfist – In A Million Years
15. The Viper & Evil Activities – Raw To The Floor
16. Outblast & Angerfist feat MC Tha Watcher – The Voice Of Mayhem
17. Angerfist – Conspiracy
18. Endymion – Raging In The Dancehall (The Outside Agency Remix) 
19. Angerfist feat MC Mouth Of Madness – Raise Your Fist Again
20. Art Of Fighters – Fuck You!
21. Angerfist – Burn This MF Down
22. Angerfist – Street Fighter
23. Evil Activities & Tha Playah – Cold As Me
24. Miss K8 – Liquid8
25. Angerfist & Miss K8 – New World Order
26. Angerfist – Perfect Fury
27. Angerfist & Radium – Assault
28. Dyprax & Angerfist – The Pearly Gates
29. Tieum & Angerfist – Dirty Man
30. Angerfist – And Jesus Wept

If you are looking at this tracklist and wonder why there are so many Angerfist tracks in it, you should leave this page. Leave now! There’s never such a thing as too many Angerfist tracks. Angerfist rules, fact. And if you disagree, there’s still room for you on the Moon to live on. We, on Earth, don’t need you!

As usual, the tracklist is just too damn gorgeous. He flies through the records, at incredible speed. It’s good, some tracks are played just right, and sadly some tracks too short, because I want to hear it a bit longer. But how can you do that, when you’ve got 45 minutes to showcase your talents? He has done an amazing job, a good selection of tracks, really good!

Best track? Again, a difficult decision. ‘Burn This MF Down’ is just spot on, exactly what I wanted to hear, if I was amongst the billion people in front of the stage, but ‘The Pearly Gates’ is equally good, also a track I would have bounced to, if I was at the EDC. I sadly wasn’t. To pick one favourite… ‘Don’t Fuck With Me’. Because it’s Tony Montana, the coolest dude on this planet!

By the time you started your internet, this liveset probably went up to the number 1 spot, with the highest amount of plays. Who doesn’t want to hear an excellent Hardcore Techno mix? If you were looking for one.. no need to look further. This is it, the ultimate mix. The best mix of 2014 so far. Share and care, let the world know you love Hardcore and Angerfist. I do, and my neighbourhood knows!