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Jakka-B – Hardcore Heaven Promo Mix (2014)


DJ: Jakka-B
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, EDMCore
Mix Info: Hardcore Heaven Promo Mix
Length Mix: 00:52:01
Tracks: 25 (twenty-five)
Download/Listen (via Jakka-B’s Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 119 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Hardcore Heaven – Facebook Fanpage

I know, I know. This promo has come a bit too late, seeing as the party is happening tomorrow, but I might persuade one or two to go to the event, if it’s not sold out yet! Tomorrow the O2 Academy in Bournemouth will shake and shiver, because it’s the day that Hardcore Heaven Awards is held. With a quite impressive and interesting line-up, this event will change everything! This is a game changing event, and Jakka-B is one of those DJs who will play, and demolish the speakers, and impress the dancefloor massive.

Not only will he be playing, I reckon he will be dancing throughout the night in the two rooms. Who doesn’t want to see/hear Darren Styles B2B Gammer, Evil Activities, Klubfiller & MC Storm, Kutski, Joey Riot, Alex Prospect, Fracus & Darwin, Mob, Technical Difficulties, Slipmatt & Whizzkid, Fallon, Dave Skee, Ricky D & Bassmental, and ofcourse the man who made this wonderful promotional mix, Jakka-B? I have to say that he deserves all the credit for this wonderful mix, and extra credits for creating an awesome picture, to go along with the mix. The Hardcore Heaven logo has got to be the coolest thing the scene has ever scene! Awesomeness, if that’s even a word.

He’s a bit late, to persuade people to come to the party. Only uploaded yesterdat, and the event takes place tomorrow. But don’t you worry if you’ve booked a ticket and think no one will come, a thousand people will be there, at least (according to the event page). I still don’t know if tickets are still available, but if you are from Bournemouth and you are a full on raver, I suggest that you buy a ticket, if possible. You don’t want to miss this party. You can miss everything else: if your wife is giving birth to your child, you have an excuse for not being there. If you need to do anything irrelevant, make sure you mention the Hardcore Heaven Awards, and they will let you off. Don’t call in sick, just resign. You are not sick, you are fully aware of the situation, and if anyone disagrees, they don’t understand the scene and its strength.

Tomorrow is the day, are you going to be there? This might persuade you, if the line-up didn’t trigger you.


01. Intro 
02. Metrik feat Elisabeth Troy – Want My Love
03. Klubfiller & Fierce DJs – Critical Phase
04. Jakka-B feat Mi’A – Reach For You
05. Chris Fear – To The Stars
06. Klubfiller & Paul EP – Listen
07. Route 94 feat Jess Glynne – My Love (Sigma Remix) 
08. Klubfiller & Alex Prospect – True Feelings
09. Al Storm – Dirtbox (Alex Prospect Remix) 
10. Jakka-B – #Jakkhammer
11. Jekyll – Drop The Beat
12. Re-Con – Scarred
13. Jakka-B – Flatline
14. Jakka-B – Strait Jakket
15. Ganar – Tidal Wave
16. Chris Fear – Bazz Flash
17. Chris Fear & Ajay – Slam!
18. Jakka-B – Tranzmission
19. Darren Styles & Gammer – Tom Riddle
20. Mizel & Wilson – Eight Rules
21. Darren Styles & Gammer – HOA
22. J-Mac – Can You Feel It
23. Chris Fear – D.A.N.C.E.
24. Sub Focus – Turn Back Time (Metrik Remix) 
25. Dougal & Gammer – Float Away

This is awesome. I use the word ‘awesome’ a lot, but this mix is awesome. A very good promo mix by Jakka-B. Impressive from the start, the minutes fly by when you’ve pressed play.

He has chosen an interesting selection of tracks, various stuff. A few of his own productions, and a few by legendary producers such as Chris Fear, Darren Styles & Gammer, Al Storm, and the list goes on. If this is what he’ll be playing tomorrow, I reckon the dancefloor will loose itself. They will and shall go mental. This man is gifted. Next year he will win an award, for the coolest and dopest promo mix ever made.

Favourite track? ‘Reach For You’. Why that track? Because it’s sexy, and gorgeous, and everything you want a UK Hardcore track to be. But let’s not underestimate the other tracks he has chosen. I do love ‘Eight Rules’, because it’s dark and edgy. I love ‘Slam!’, because it makes me loose my mind. I love ‘Scarred’, because it’s just too damn cool. Damn, every track he has picked is just too damn good.

This is probably the best UK Hardcore mix of 2014. Don’t believe me? Listen, and witness Jakka-B’s strength. Want to see more? Go to Bournemouth tomorrow, and see if he’s really that good. I reckon he will blow you away!



Freeformaniacs Round 15 – Midas (16-07-2014)


DJ: Midas
Genre/Style: Freeform
Mix Info: Freeformaniacs Round 15
Length Mix: 01:04:18
Tracks: 14 (fourteen)
Download/Listen (via Freeformaniac’s Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 147 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Freeformaniacs – Facebook Fanpage

Wow, it’s been a while since I last heard and reviewed a DJ Midas mix, but this appeared right in front of me on Soundcloud (after hours of searching online for mixes WITH a tracklist). And it’s a good one, if I’m honest. A Freeformaniacs mix, what’s there not to like? Freeformaniacs have set the standards for quality mixes, round after round these DJs impress the listeners. And even though it’s really hard to capture new crowds to embrace the Freeform sound, Freeformaniacs are slowely growing, with more and more people getting into the music. To ask Midas to mix Round 15 (and Ollie Atomic) was a good idea, seeing as Midas decided to play the finest tunes money can buy.

These tunes take me right back to the good ol’ days of Freeform, when I first discovered it. I think it was a Bonkers mix that persuaded me to give it a go. And from that moment, I’m hooked. The tunes Midas mixed together, are from that era. To hear them again makes you feel slightly old, doesn’t it? These tunes have ment so much to me, and made me indulge into this wonderful world many do not understand, but once they’ve embraced it, it’s hard to explain what it does to you. It’s euphoric, mesmerizing, breathtakingly beautiful.. the best music style in the world. Many styles have faded away during the last couple of years, but Freeform has stayed alive and kicking, being underground and remained underground. I think it’s time for people to acknowledge the sound, and for Freeform to take over the world.

If this is your first ever Freeform mix, it’s a good one. Midas has done an excellent job!


01. Eryk Orpheus – PVC
02. Mark Ashley & K-Complex – Atomic Orbital
03. Cube::Hard – Hold The Beat
04. CLSM vs Cube::Hard – See You On The Other Side
05. Visionary – Taste The Funk (Cube::Hard Remix) 
06. Uplift – Midnight Resistance
07. Bass X – Pilgrim 2000 (Kevin Energy & K-Complex Remix) 
08. Kevin Energy – Waves Of Desire
09. Alek Szahala – Alanamra (Arkitech Remix) 
10. Carbon Based – Cyclone
11. Carbon Based – Anger Ball (Kevin Energy Remix) 
12. Alek Szahala – Lumi (Kevin Energy Remix) 
13. Lost Soul feat Dark Angel – Taking Over Me
14. Alek Szahala – Unicorn Grove

A wonderful introduction to the Freeform world, isn’t it?

Midas has selected amazing tunes, and he has done his job beautifully. I’m actually mesmerized. I have been listening to this mix for the last couple of days, and I can’t stop playing it. It’s that good. You might ask yourself why this is such a good mix? Well, it’s good ‘Taking Over Me’, my all-time favourite Freeform track. Such a powerful track. It’s got a lot of Kevin Energy stuff in it, and also a lot of Alek Szahala. And who doesn’t want to hear that?

A good and solid mix. The best Freeformaniacs mix I’ve heard. Midas is a boss. Fact.

Want to know more about Freeform? Why not join the Freeformforum?


Angerfist Live @ Dominator 2014

Angerfist Dominator 2014

DJ: Angerfist
Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Hardcore
Liveset Info: Recorded @ Dominator – Metropolis Of Massacre 2014
Length Liveset: 00:45:51
Tracks: 26 (twenty-six)
Download/Listen (via Angerfist’s Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 47.0 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 143 kbps
More Information: Angerfist – Official Website

Every year, towards the summer, the Netherlands changes from a dull and boring country to this unique and festive country. One festival after another is organised, and we become the official place for everyone who loves EDM. Yes, ofcourse you can go to an event in your country, but anyone who’s ever been to a party in the Netherlands always say the same: this is extraordinary. We are the best in the world when it comes to organising parties, and to make a party work, we make sure that the event has a superb line-up, and this year, Dominator had such a line-up. Oh, this is a Hardcore Techno party, so if you are not into that, well, what the f**k are you doing here?

The line-up was impressive, here’s a few names, just to give you an impression of what you’ve missed. Ophidian, Mad Dog, Partyraiser, Noize Suppressor, Outblast, Nosferatu, Miss K8, Buzz Fuzz, Pavo, Darkraver, Shadowlands Terrorists, Promo, Paul Elstak, Bass D, Triax, Re-Style, Catscan, Mindustries, Rude Awakening, The DJ Producer, The Outside Agency, and the list goes on and on. You had to be there to experience everything that Hardcore has to offer, and seeing as Hardcore Techno was born in the Netherlands, we know how to throw a party.Thousands of people danced on the 19th of July 2014, and they’ve shown the world that Hardcore ain’t dead, and it will never be dead. Amongst those people there were two masked men, also known as Angerfist. They played on the main stage, and did what they always do: demolish the masses. And only a couple of days ago they’ve uploaded their liveset, and it’s already been played 115,000+ times. See, non-believers, Hardcore is alive and kicking. You were wrong back in 1998, Hardcore is still alive and will reign supreme for at least a 1000 years. And at its throne? Angerfist.

To showcase their talents as a liveset duo, they’ve uploaded their set straight after the event. And it’s a good but a short one. Only 45 minutes to show their strength as a duo, and their musical strength. But long enough to make a decision who you are going to vote for, when it comes to this year’s DJ Mag Top 100 list. You can vote for Angerfist, if you think he’s good. If you think that he deserves the first place, vote right now. Voting can be done via this website.

If you want to know which tracks he has played, here’s a tracklist for you Gabba/Hardcore Techno freaks.


01. Angerfist – Conspiracy
02. Angerfist – Knock Knock
03. T-Junction & Rudeboy – How Soon We Forget (Angerfist Remix) 
04. Angerfist – Still Krazy
05. Angerfist – Burn This MF Down
06. Angerfist – Don’t Fuck With Me
07. Predator & Angerfist – The Milition
08. Angerfist – Audio Waste (Crossfiyah Remix) 
09. Skrillex & Damian Marley – Make It Bun Dem (Angerfist Bootleg) 
10. Re-Style – Renovation (Angerfist Remix) 
11. Angerfist – In A Million Years
12. DJ Mad Dog & Angerfist & Predator – Don’t Fuck Around
13. Angerfist – Choices
14. Angerfist – House Fucka
15. Tha Playah & Angerfist feat MC Jeff – Just Like Me
16. Angerfist – Incoming
17. Angerfist – Street Fighter
18. Angerfist – Right Through Your Head (Tieum Remix) 
19. Tieum & Angerfist – Smile About That
20. Angerfist & Tieum – Shitty Rave Track
21. Angerfist – Mafia
22. Angerfist – Retaliate
23. Tieum & Angerfist – Dirty Man
24. Angerfist – Yes (Znooptokkie Drokz Remix) 
25. Angerfist & Drokz – Deathmask
26. Angerfist – Fuck The Promqueen (Tripped Remix) 

Amazing mix. This has made me loose my mind, as usual. Whenever I hear an Angerfist liveset, it always brings a smile on my face. Always good, always excellent.

I’ve got to say that, and I mean it with no disrespect, but the MC doesn’t do his job well. He talks too often, and when he does, he does it at moments when it’s not appreciated. He doesn’t even know how long the set is, he mentions 25 minutes, but it’s clearly 45 minutes. I’m not a fan of MCs, as you can tell. I love his enthusiasm, but it’s not an improvement.

The people at Dominator were expecting the hardest of the hardest, and Angerfist delivers. Even though it sounds like there were only 20 people in front of the stage (the mic doesn’t capture the crowd properly), the crowd goes absolutely mental. That’s Angerfist’s strength. He always does what the crowd expect from him, and I was shocked as most of you to hear several small errors. Not used to hear that, Angerfist always has excellent sets, errorless and seemless, and this one has a few mistakes. Well, let’s blame the weather, eh? And probably the alcohol.

My favourite track? There are a few, like ‘Incoming’, ‘Burn This MF Down’, ‘Still Krazy’, but let’s not forget his collaboration with Drokz, which resulted in one amazing track called ‘Deathmask’. Can you name a track filthier than that one? You can’t. And that’s why this is my favourite track of this set. Because it’s f**king banging.

A good set, with a few mistakes, and an MC who’s too eager to showcase his enthusiasm. Not Angerfist’s greatest set, but still a good one. Vote for Angerfist, if you think Hardcore should dominate the world yet again. We should dominate the world, and we can start by getting this legendary producer/DJ on number 1. It all makes sense.


Cathrin – Qultessential EP01 (2014)


DJ: Cathrin
Genre/Style: Electro House, EDM, Progressive House, Hard Dance
Mix Info: Qultessential EP01
Length Mix: 01:00:32
Tracks: 20 (twenty)
Download/Listen (via Cathrin’s Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 138 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320 kbps
More Information: DJ Cathrin – Facebook Fanpage

Wahay, a new mix. This time it’s made by… erm.. Cathrin? You might wonder who she is, and so did I, for a brief moment. But I realised quickly that it’s Hard Kitty, the legendary female DJ from down under! I must have missed her post on Facebook, where she announced her name being changed, I honestly had no clue she was going to change it. I really liked Hard Kitty, it sounded cute and it suited her. Cathrin.. it sounds so posh. Maybe she has moved on, and realised that her new name suits her more, and in a strange way, it does! With this brand new mix, called Qultessential, she is about to demolish not only your speakers, but she does it in such a way that you don’t have time to brace yourself: before you know it, blood’s gushing out of your ears, you are trying to get those penetrating beats and basses out of your head by swallowing a lot of paracetamols, and you will have to call a doctor, because you will be in such a state, it’s not possible to act like a normal human being. The term for this illness? Cathrinity. It’s a serious illness, once you have it, it won’t leave your immune system. The only medicine that doctors prescribe is… to press play again and again. Nothing else will help you. You’ve got the bug, live with it!

I’ve got the bug too! After hearing this mix for the first time, I couldn’t stop myself: I had to hear it again and again. And again. Cathrin has used so many great tunes to make this montly podcast work. And what a way to kick off: this is probably the biggest mix of 2014! She has chosen so many great anthems, dancefloor smashers, there’s no room for shite tracks. She has got two great ears, the tunes she selected are simply amazing. No bullshit, no nonsense: Cathrin’s behind the decks and she won’t stop, and you’ll love it. Cathrin’s here to stay, she ain’t going nowhere. Thank God for that!

Tracklist if you are interested. If you are not, simply go to the bottom of the page and press play. Do it!


01. Dave Winnel & Will Reckless – Achtung!
02. Blasterjaxx & Ibranovski – Astronaut
03. Joey Dale – Watcha Called Me
04. D.O.D. – Want To
05. R3hab – Samurai (Go Hard)
06. Firebeatz & Dubvision – Rockin
07. Gregori Klosman & Wahlstedt – Come On
08. Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike, Katy B & Wolfpack – Find Tomorrow (Bodybangers Remix) 
09. Organ Donors & Scot Project – Found Love (Scot Project Mix) 
10. Acti vs Dimitri Vegas – Feedback Vicker (Cathrin Mix) 
11. Disco Fries – Philtrum
12. Organ Donors – Scarface
13. Acti & Delayers – Fusion
13. Organ Donors – Never Mellow
14. Organ Donors – 212
15. Nero Argento Subkilla – The Walking Undead (Extended Mix) 
16. Acti & Stana – Creeple
17. Smoke – Go Crazy
18. Alex Kidd – Kidds Ho’s
19. KSHMR – Megalodon
20. Kutski & BK – Run For Cover

This is an amazing tracklist, but the mix is better. Do yourself a favour, and download this monster mix right now. It’s all for free, you know? And it’s the best mix of 2014, I’m telling you.

She has chosen so many great anthems, it’s hard to pick a favourite. I do love ‘212’ and ‘Astronaut’ the most, but the whole mix is filled with awesomeness, so it ain’t easy.

She has made many mixes in the past (using her other alias Hard Kitty), but if I’m brutally honest, Cathrin’s mix is the best one she’s ever made! Flawless, errorless.. she was born to be a DJ. And she does exactly what a good DJ should do: make the crowd go mental.

Her best mix ever, and 2014’s greatest mix. Awesome.