• Angerfist Live @ Dominator 2014

    Every year, towards the summer, the Netherlands changes from a dull and boring country to this unique and festive country. One festival after another is organised, and we become the official place for everyone who loves EDM. Yes, ofcourse you can go to an event in your country, but anyone who’s ever been to a

  • Cathrin – Qultessential EP01 (2014)

    Wahay, a new mix. This time it’s made by… erm.. Cathrin? You might wonder who she is, and so did I, for a brief moment. But I realised quickly that it’s Hard Kitty, the legendary female DJ from down under! I must have missed her post on Facebook, where she announced her name being changed,

  • Acid House Anthems (2013)

    Many moons ago I bought this album, and I always thought that I wouldn’t review it, because it’s has been a huge disappointment, but why not? Honesty is important, so let’s review this album, which was wrongly named ‘Acid House Anthems’. You’ll understand why this is wrongly named, when you see the tracklist. This album

  • Fracus & Darwin – Filth And Dumb Hatred (2014)

    The world changed this year quite dramatically. We had ups and downs, but on the 12th of May, the music scene changed yet again. Fracus & Darwin’s third artist album was released, and it caused quite a storm on the world wide web. Many were anxiously waiting for it to drop, and after it did,

  • Harry Shotta & DJ Phantasy – All Year Round (Summer Mix) (2014)

    A brand new Drum and Bass mix has emerged out of nowhere on Soundcloud, and if you are a true DnB fan, you will love it. Two of the most talented people of the DnB scene came together, and fabricated this Summer mix. Not recognising their faces? It’s Harry Shotta and DJ Phantasy. And seeing

  • DJ Leviathan Hardshock Classics Mix (2013)

    I thought it was about time to relive those golden years again, so I went for a quest, a quest to find a proper Hardcore Techno/Gabber mix, and I reckon I have found it. It took quite some time to find it, and that’s because there aren’t many mixes online with a tracklist. I only