• Deckajam – Total Jamnation (2014)

    If you have been visiting this page recently, you must have seen Kevin Energy’s interview a couple of weeks ago, in which he talked about his past and his present. His present looked quite promising, seeing as he shifted from one scene to the next, and from being a solo DJ to a band member.

    DeckaJam album cover art for digital
  • SoliDisco’s End Of Summer Mix Tape (2014)

    I normally think I’m on top of things, but clearly there are still unknown areas in the music industry/scene I know nothing about! Why would I say this to you? Well, I know I’m going to say something you are not used to hear from me, but I’ve never heard of SoliDisco before?! Yes, I’m

  • Project Badass Volume One Preview (2014)

    Recently I was made aware of this new project, called ‘Project Badass’, via the famous and legendary Stamina Records podcast. And also via Facebook, where I received a message from the man behind this project, who’s called DJ Cyrax. He announced to me that this was going to be released in August, and guess what?

  • Mark EG Presents ‘Techno Futurism’ (2014)

    Normally, I would complain about DJs and producers realising music after a long period of time, and I would always mentions the words ‘finally’ or ‘he/she’s back’. Not in this case. You are reading a new review of a brand new mix, a new mix made by the legendary Mark EG. In this specific case,

  • Al Storm & MC Obie Live @ TRR8.5 (Toronto 2014)

    Today has been a good day. Not only did I find new music, but in general it was good for me. The best thing that happened today, has to be that I found this liveset! A liveset by the legendary DJ and producer Al Storm! Alongside MC Obie he performed at an event, held in