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Weekend Ravers 06 – Al Storm (Tokyo – Japan 25-07-14)


DJ: Al Storm
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore
Liveset Info: Live Recorded @ Weekend Ravers 06 25-07-14 Tokyo, Japan
Length Liveset: 01:11:09
Tracks: 23 (twenty-three)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 162 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Al Storm – Facebook Fanpage

Al Storm keeps his Soundcloud page up to date, not like most DJs. And if you were following him on it, you have probably found his latest upload, which is a liveset from an event he played at, in Tokyo, Japan. The event was called ‘Weekend Ravers part 6′, and Al Storm was the main act there. Or as the poster said, he was the special guest. And he’s special, we all know that. He’s one of Hardcore Underground’s finest DJs/producers, and it’s good that they’ve booked this legendary DJ to play over there, it keeps the music alive and kicking, all over the globe.

I’ve never been to Japan before, and there’s a small chance I ever will. But Al Storm has been there, and it reckon it was amazing to see your name appear on a flyer/poster in a country far, far away. And thousands turned up to hear the legend play his tunes, the tunes that demolish dancefloors all over the world right now. Al Storm is one of those DJs who has done it all: played at many events, produced many amazing tracks, and also had his own artist album released on Hardcore Underground! What else is there for him to do? He’s a superstar DJ, and the people in Japan have witnessed the legend behind the decks on the 25th of July 2014. If you were there, you must have had a brilliant night, seeing as the crowd are lively and kicking (just listen to the liveset and hear them go bananas!).

He played a lot of his own productions, which isn’t bad to hear. His productions and remixes are always very good, he keeps on resetting the standard in the UK Hardcore scene. Al Storm has got the power to create monster anthems, on his own or alongside established producers and vocalists. He is a no nonsense man: the sound that we all love, he keeps it alive and kicking. Making sure that UK Hardcore stays the same, yet with a little twist. And I mean a little twist. He doesn’t change the sound at all, and that’s why we appreciate what he does, DJ and producer-wise.

They wanted to get a top producer and top DJ in Japan, and they got him! Al Storm destroyed the dancefloor over there, and alongside MC Stone he made sure that Japan knows who Al Storm is!

Tracklist? Anyone?


01. Al Storm – Surrender  (Intro Mix) 
02. Q-Tex – Power Of Love (Re-Con & Klubfiller Remix) 
03. Al Storm – Madhouse
04. Al Storm – Party Goin Down
05. Al Storm feat Malaya – Everytime We Say Goodbye
06. Scott Brown & Al Storm feat Nikki Mak – All My Dreams
07. Al Storm feat Taya – Stars Collide (Chaos Mix) 
08. Al Storm – Everybody In The Club
09. Al Storm – It’s Over (VIP Mix) 
10. Al Storm – Jumpin
11. Al Storm – Noisemaker
12. Al Storm & Orbit1 – Fallin Through (Nu Foundation Remix) 
13. Triple J – Have It All (Al Storm Remix) 
14. Al Storm & Mob – Poltergeist
15. Stompy & Flyin’ – Come Follow Me (DJ Storm & Bananaman Remix) 
16. Bang! – Flower Needs The Rain (Al Storm Remix) 
17. Al Storm, Bishop & Chaos – Hands In The Air
18. Bang! – Shooting Star (Al Storm’s Dubplate Mix) 
19. Dougal & Gammer vs Al Storm – Essential Mega-Muffin
20. Groove Coverage – Poison (Al Storm Remix) 
21. Eclipse – 24/7 (Fracus & Darwin Mix) 
22. Black & White – Get Ya Hands Up (Darren Styles Edit) 
23. Al Storm & Euphony feat Mandy Edge – Hasta Manana

It’s unusual to get so excited after seeing such an amazing tracklist! Al Storm is so talented, if he would go on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, he would win! Because he has got talent, and even Simon Cowell would admit it!

The tunes he selected are all amazing, but my most favourite one has got to be the last one, ‘Hasta Manana’. Mandy Edge is such a talented vocalist, her voice always makes me smile! And this track, even though I don’t know what Hasta Manana means, is beautiful. Could be a recipe, how to make fish and chips, or how to remove scalp fungus, but I don’t care, Mandy makes it sound beautiful!

The MC on the other hand… well, I’m not sure if this is the way people like to hear MCs in Japan, but he shouts quite a lot. Really a lot. Maybe too much. I can’t judge his MC skills when he rhyhmes/shouts in his native language, my knowledge is very limited, I can’t speak nor understand Japanese. But if this is the normal way of MCing in Japan, he does a wonderful job. But I’m used to hear UK MCs, and he’s very different compared to them. And not only did he shout, during one track you hear a very LOUD horn. So let me warn you, don’t have the volume right up throughout the mix, it might give you a heartattack!

A good and solid mix, with a small error between ‘Fallin’ Through’ and ‘Have It All’. But you probably haven’t noticed it at all. Loving the vibes coming from the crowd, the crowd are loving it a lot. You can also see Al Storm at this event, there’s a videolink on his Soundcloud page, and you can see and hear this mix again. Maybe exciting for those who want to know how they party in Japan?!

Ps. make sure you head over to the Hardcore Underground webstore for his album and Euphony’s album! It’s on my bucket list, I keep forgetting to order it. But it’s one amazing album, it has to be said!


Tommie Sunshine – Sunshine Forecast #2 (2014)


DJ: Tommie Sunshine
Genre/Style: Electro, House, EDM
Mix Info: Sunshine Forecast Episode 2
Length Mix: 01:07:20
Tracks: 19 (nineteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 92.6 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 192kbps
More Information: Tommie Sunshine – Facebook Fanpage

Tommie Sunshine is back, with a brand new mix! I’m so excited, like a kid in a toy store. Since his last mix, I became addicted to this man, his passion and enthusiasm for music in general, and if you go to his Soundcloud page, it’s filled with hours of excellent music! Not bound to one style or one genre, this man plays everything he loves and adores. His last mix was an Acid House mix, and still is one of the most amazing mixes I’ve ever heard. It has been on my phone since the first time I heard it, and it has been played at least a thousand times so far. To increase my music collection, I went online, and found this mix. It’s not Acid House, but EDM, new music. It got me excited, and once I’ve pressed play, it grabbed me, and made me dance. Dance like a monkey on acid. Damn you, Tommie Sunshine, for creating excellent mixes!

The name of the mix series is ‘Sunshine Forecast’, and even though I live in a country where the summer has ended, it’s still nice to hear a mix, celebrating the sun and its awesomeness. What it can do to people, is amazing. It has the power to re-unite people again, make them peaceful and calm, and if there’s an event/party, it makes them dance together until the sun returns in the morning. Yes, the sun is there in the winter too, but yet it’s too damn cold to dance throughout the night, eh? That’s why the summer is so great, and it’s sad to see it leave the Netherlands. The rain and coldness have taken over, and with a podcast/mix like this one, you want to create a time machine to go back a few weeks back in time, and dance until sweat would evaporate due to the heat, dance until the dancefloor couldn’t take any more ravers, dance until your feet would start to complain, dance until.. well, until you couldn’t take it anymore. In my case, that’s 20 minutes, but to most music lovers it’s at least 9 hours! Bring back the summer, please? Or we could just wait for next year’s summer, or move over to a country where the sun always shines, and where the atmosphere is actually nice.

Tommie Sunshine’s mix is an excellent one. Mellow and cool, dark and edgy, uplifting and raw. This has got it all, what an amazing mix. But only he can do that. This man with his incredible white/grey beard and hair, who looks 60+ (but actually isn’t that old), knows a thing or two when it comes to music. He has made many remixes for well established artists, and let me just name a few: Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, P.O.D., Kelis, Panic At The Disco, and more. Impressive, yes! But not only does he create remixes, he’s a songwriter, DJ, vocalist, and he’s 43, if you were wondering how old he was/is. With age comes experience, and after hearing the Acid House mix, he became one DJ I followed, because he played exactly what I wanted to hear. Not only playing the well known ones, but also those tracks that inspired many others, and with this mix, he just plays what causes mayhem on the dancefloor. This is quite insane, because it showcases this man’s strength and versatility, and he does love music a lot. Never look at someone’s grey hairs and think they are too old for music, because age isn’t an issue anymore. If you had any doubts, don’t. Tommie shows us that, like music, age doesn’t change the quality.

But, I do understand, if you see an 90+ person behind a mixer, you wonder… if the sync button is being used, or the set has been pre-recorded. If you are 90+ and you still can destroy dancefloors, hurray. But if you can’t, it’s time to sit behind the plants at home and embrace your age. Tommie has got many years to go, and I hope he keeps on providing us with excellent mixes such as this one. I read on Wikipedia that he has released an album back in 2007, so by the time you are ready to play this mix, after reading this excellent and yet nonsensical review, I do hope I find an answer to my question: if there are copies left. I want one. I am Tommie Sunshine’s biggest Dutch fan.

Here’s the tracklist, if you were wondering what he was playing.


01. Capital Cities – One Minute More (Tommie Sunshine & Halfway House Remix) 
02. Joel Fletcher – Jump!
03. Deorro & Uberjakd feat Far East Movement – Raise Your Hands
04. Deorro vs MAKJ – READY!
05. Chardy vs Fuzzy Hair – Swang
06. Uberjak’d, Chardy & Kronic feat Leftside – Turn Up The Club
07. TJR & VINAI – Bounce Generation (SCNDL Remix) 
08. Alesso – Tear The Roof Up (Landis & Crespo Bootleg) 
09. Elliphant feat Skrillex – Only Getting Younger (TJR Remix) 
10. Mightyfools – Shaolin
11. Charlie Darker – Dun Do It
12. Snails & HeRobust – Pump This
13. Gregori Klosman, Albin Myers & Tristan Garner – Pressure
14. Bass Kleph – That’s Whats Up
15. Afrojack & Martin Garrix – Turn Up The Speakers
16. Pegboard Nerds – New Style
17. Dyro – Wolv
18. Porter Robinson – Fellow Feeling
19. Dr. Kucho! & Gregor Salto – Can’t Stop Playing (Oliver Heldens & Gregor Salto Remix) 

Now, if you are an EDM lover, you will love this mix, it’s jam packed with tunes that you want to hear! This is an excellent mix if you live in Miami or anywhere nice: you can play this when you are on your way to the beach! Imagine, cruising down the motorway/highway, roof down, hands in the air (if you are a passenger and not the driver!) and hearing this mix through your speakers. Wow, goosebumps appear!

Tommie Sunshine, or as I would like to call him, mr Sunshine, has delivered yet another amazing mix. This flawless and gorgeous mix is a showcase of his strength as a remixes and a DJ. If he would ever play in Europe, I would visit him, he’s some kind of God, he resembles God in many ways: the hair, the beard… and even though most people will disagree, God does love EDM. How can I be sure of that? Well, does it rain often during major events, which are held in the summer? Nope, the sun always shines, which is a sign that God loves the music too. Is mr Sunshine God? Who knows?

A good mix, with an amazing ending. Track number 18 did it for me. ‘Fellow Feeling’, such a filthy track! This track stands out, if compared to all the others. Amazing track. It made me loose my mind. Excellent mix by Tommie Sunshine.

He never disappoints me. Well, so far he hasn’t.


Miss Special K – 12 Years DJing On The Hardcore Scene (1992 – 2014 Mix)


DJ: Miss Special K
Genre/Style: Happy Hardcore, UK Hardcore, Rave
Mix Info: 12 Years DJing On The Hardcore Scene
Length Mix: 01:36:46
Tracks: 41 (fourty-one)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 221 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Miss Special K – Facebook Fanpage

I’m back after a horrible short holiday (don’t ask), and I’m back with a brand new mix, made by the legendary Miss Special K! I know this mix ain’t technically new, because it’s three months old, but still, to your ears it’s new. I asked for a tracklist, and Miss Special K was so kind to add one, seeing as I do know most of the tunes, but there were a few productions in it I never heard before, so I could only offer a half finished tracklist, and we don’t do that, now do we? But we’ve got a proper tracklist, and it’s a long one. Miss Special K decided to give us all a proper mix, 1 1/2 hour long, playing tunes from 1992 to 2014, from oldskool Happy Hardcore to present day UK Hardcore. If you haven’t heard this mix already, you are in for a treat!

She does take us on a journey through the wonderful years of Hardcore, and as most of us already know her name, we do know that she loves Hardcore. She has played UK Hardcore for the last 12 years, and also organised the legendary events called ‘Totally ‘Ardcore’, which has dominated the scene for the last 10 years! She became a succesful DJ, and played at many events such as Hardcore Heaven, Dreamscape, Ravers Reunited, HTID, Fantazia, Fusion, and the list goes on an on. She knows how to play at a party, how to organise one, and she knows a thing or two when it comes to UK Hardcore music. This mix showcases her strength as a DJ and as a producer, seeing as a couple of her own productions are in it.

The mix is quite unusual for its length, most mixes are between 30 and 60 minutes, but she decided to go bonkers, and play an hour and a half! Now that’s what I wanted to see/hear! From the legendary 90s to the legendary 00s, everything is in there. You obviously want to see the tracklist, don’t you?


01. Awesome 3 – Don’t Go
02. 2 Bad Mice – Bombscare
03. The Fat Controller – In Complete Darkness
04. The Prodigy – Out Of Space
05. SMD – SMD 3
06. Jimmy J – Six Days
07. Hixxy & Sharkey – Toytown
08. Ham, Demo & Justin Time – Here I Am
09. Ravers Choice 7 – Always
10. Dr. Who – Love Of My Life
11. Antisocial – My Way
12. Hixxy & Bananaman – Forever Together
13. Triple J – Have It All
14. Force & Styles – Pacific Sun
15. Akira – Piece Of Heaven (Dougal & Gammer Remix) 
16. Draft & Method – Like A Dream
17. Orbit 1 – Feel It
18. Injured Rezz – Ride Like The Wind
19. Frantic & Gammer – Braveheart
20. Peacemaker, Billy Daniel Bunter & Niki Mac – Love Will Not Die
21. Mob – Butterflies
22. Pinnacle – Everybody Get Up
23. Squad-E & The Doctor – Holding On Right Now
24. Styles & Breeze vs Re-Con – Love Sick Crazy
25. Angel City – 24/7 (Chaos Remix) 
26. Hixxy – Sora Blue
27. Scott Brown – Fly With You
28. Re-Con & Demand feat Mandy Edge – Sorry
29. Darren Styles & Gammer – You And I
30. Avicii – Wake Me Up (DJC Remix feat Beth) 
31. Darren Styles & Michael Scout – Without You
32. Miss Special K – My Territory
33. Miss Special K & Discore – Nothing But
34. Miss Special K feat MC Messiah – Nice One Bruva
35. Above & Beyond – Thing Called Love (Ricky D & Miss Special K Remix) 
36. Miss Special K – Come Together
37. Miss Special K feat MC 3Man – Our Passion Our Way
38. Miss Special K feat Dionne – Stand By You
39. Helix – U R Everything (Klubfiller & Miss Special K Remix) 
40. Miss Special K feat Dionne – Friends Forever
41. Scott Brown – Rock You Softly (UFO & Supreme Remix) 

This is a proper tracklist, isn’t it? It’s gorgeous!

Miss Special K has gone through her whole collection of Hardcore/Rave anthems, and picked out these tracks. Towards the end it becomes a showcase mix, showcasing her own skills, but before that, it’s jam packed with tunes which filled dancefloors all over the UK throughout the 90s and the 00s. There are a few underrated tracks in it, and ofcourse a couple of cheesy tracks, to balance the whole mix. If you love Hardcore, this might be your cup of tea!

There are a few issues. The tunes are quality, but the quality of some tunes is a huge let down. I know that the tunes she picked were quite old, but you can hear the quality difference a bit too much. That only happens near the beginning of the mix, after that the tunes stay the same quality. And there are obviously a few tracks in it, I don’t like. Everyone’s entitled to have an opinion, don’t we? I’m not a fan of ‘Sora Blue’, ‘Braveheart’ actually makes me want to vomit. Lol. And the one track I don’t understand, is ‘Toytown’. Most ravers seem to think that it’s the best tune ever made, but it doesn’t make me bounce, not one bounce at all!

The anthems I do like, are liked by many. The best one in this mix has got to be ‘My Way’, by Antisocial. Such an anthem, should be played out a bit more often. Such an good track, the vibes are so unreal and so unique, no other track can compete with the quality of this tune.

Miss Special K has given us an extraordinary mix. With a few quality errors, but don’t let that fool you. Don’t think that this mix is not good at all, it’s worth to listen to! Download this right now, educate yourself (again). Also listen to her own productions, they rock.