• SMD – SMD #5 (2014)

    It’s been a few exciting weeks for Slipmatt fans all over the world, because we were told that the legendary SMD #5 is going to be released. 20 years it took to get released, and when people were told that this was going to be a very exclusive EP, many retweeted/shared the message, and the

  • Happy Hardcore Underground (Old School Mix) Bananaman & DJ Storm (2014)

    It’s that time of the year again, when DJs and producers are back in their studios again, seeing as the Summer time has officially ended, and the amount of parties declines. More time on their hands to compile mixes and CD compilations. Like DJ Storm (a.k.a. Al Storm) has done, alongside DJ Bananaman. They spend

    Happy Hardcore Underground (Old School Mix) Bananaman & DJ Storm
  • Nizzle & Unity MC Presents ‘Make Way 2k14’ Album Mix

    A free album, that’s always what I want to see. Free album are a rarity nowadays, it’s as rare as world peace. But sometimes beautiful things happen on this planet, and it brings a smile on your face. I know this album was released a couple of weeks ago, and DJ Nizzle sended me it

  • Al Storm Presents ‘Dark Shadows’ (2014)

    This year Halloween will be a darker one, if you are into Halloween. If you think it’s just a childrens party, you are probably too old to celebrate anything at all. Or if Halloween ain’t your cup of tea, because it’s not big in your country. In the Netherlands, Halloween ain’t that big, children don’t

    Dark Shadows
  • Lethal Theory Radio Presents – MOB – Warm Up 2 Westfest 2014 Part 1

    Lethal Theory are probably one of the biggest UK Hardcore/Powerstomp labels in the world, and they are always on the look for new talent. For those who have missed it, recently DJ MOB (or is it Mob?) and M-Project both signed up to the label, and to showcase his talents as a DJ and a

  • Jaguar Skills: 60 Minutes Of RAM (2014)

    This is not my first Jaguar Skills review, and I reckon it’s not going to be the last. This mysterious DJ, who’s a turntable legend, has returned with a mix you have never seen or heard before. I’m not talking about the way he mixes, because we all know it’s quite idiotic how he does