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SMD – SMD #5 (2014)


Artist: SMD / Slipmatt
Genre/Style: Rave, Breakbeat, Happy Hardcore
Track/EP Info: SMD #5
Length EP: 00:14:34
Tracks: 3 (three)
Download/Listen (via PRE-ORDER/LISTEN HERE
More Information: Slipmatt – Official Website

It’s been a few exciting weeks for Slipmatt fans all over the world, because we were told that the legendary SMD #5 is going to be released. 20 years it took to get released, and when people were told that this was going to be a very exclusive EP, many retweeted/shared the message, and the EP became a global phenomena. This doesn’t happen every day, but we are talking about a tune the Godfather of Hardcore made back in 1996 and 1998! The legendary SMD EPs have sold extremely well, but the fifth instalment never did, even though people adored it a lot. Don’t ask me why it took 20 years, but you should ask me what you can do, to purchase this EP.

Just go to Slipmatt’s ‘World Of Rave’ website, and it will give you the option to pre-order this bad boy right now. Only 9.99 Pounds Sterling + P&P. A bargain, if I’m brutally honest. You get three tracks, two made back in the much loved and appreciated 90s, and one made recently. Three tracks, but not only can you get these amazing and excellent tracks, every EP is signed by the Godfather himself! But if you are a huge Slipmatt fan, and I can’t disagree, there’s more! Much more you can get (not for a tenner, you have to open up your wallet a bit more).

To celebrate its release, you can also get the EP and a t-shirt, or the EP and a t-shirt and a hoodie! On the hoodie/t-shirt there’s a special print, one you won’t find anywhere else on Gods given planet. The EP is exclusive, and so is/are the item(s) you also purchase. I know for sure that you are already packing your bags, and getting ready to sleep in front of your local HMV store, waiting for its release, but let me warn you before you get too excited: you don’t need to sleep anywhere other than your own bed, with only one mouse-click you can pre-order it, and it will be delivered on your doorstep!

The tracklist isn’t a surprise, I told you that you get three tracks, and in SMD style they are named the same as the previous SMD releases.


01. SMD – SMD#5 AA1
02. SMD – SMD#5 AA2
03. SMD – SMD#5 A

The tracklist looks gorgeous, and sexy, and everything you want it to be. For those who are a Slipmatt fan, and still don’t know what SMD means, it means SlipMatt Dubs. Now you know, and you can spread your knowledge with the rest of the world.

Every SMD release in the past has been praised by both ravers and critics. The releases have been sold very well, and still to this day, DJs who love EPs play SMDs as much as they can, because they are solid, solid as a rock. Never a dull moment when you play an SMD track, the dancefloor always explodes when they hear the legendary sounds. Slipmatt knew back then that he had something special, and finally after 20 years waiting, you can get the last SMD EP.

Did I mention the fact that you can get this EP signed by the Godfather/Grandad of Hardcore himself?

They are all golden. I don’t know if Slipmatt ever knew that he made timeless classic which inspired many to become DJs/producers?! These are exclusive and well inspiring tracks, we can all learn from the grandad of Hardcore. These tunes were made on really oldschool material, equipment you won’t find anywhere anymore. The Atari ST1040 was responsible for the unique sounds that shaped the UK Hardcore/Rave scene, and all because of Slipmatt. We owe him our lives and everything in it.

The first track is more focussed on the Happy Hardcore side of it all, but not as Happy Hardcore as AA2. To me, AA2 is the best track ever written by Slipmatt, much better than ‘On A Ragga Tip’. This all-time classic has changed the whole scene for good, and if you have ever heard this track before, you know its strength and capacity to do damage on the dancefloor. The A track is an unusual one, reminds me a lot of Josh Wink’s track, with a bit of Underworld. A bit of this and a bit of that. Oldschool with a twist.

You get three amazing tracks, and a lot more. You should pre-order it right now, don’t be a fool, and wait until it’s too late. This will never be re-released at all, 500 copies are the maximum, and 300 have already been ‘sold’. Don’t hesitate, you are buying Rave history if you do. Be proud of being a raver, and support the legend that made the scene as we know it. Slipmatt is the unsung hero of the Hardcore scene, we should appreciate him more, and thank him for creating monster anthems such as SMD#5 AA2. Probably Happy Hardcore’s finest track ever made!


Happy Hardcore Underground (Old School Mix) Bananaman & DJ Storm (2014)

Happy Hardcore Underground (Old School Mix) Bananaman & DJ Storm

DJs: Bananaman & DJ Storm
Genre/Style: Happy Hardcore, Old School Rave, Rave, UK Hardcore, Gabber
Mix Info: Happy Hardcore Underground (Old School Mix)
Length Mix: 01:23:03
Tracks: 32 (thirty-two)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 190 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Hardcore Underground – Official Website

It’s that time of the year again, when DJs and producers are back in their studios again, seeing as the Summer time has officially ended, and the amount of parties declines. More time on their hands to compile mixes and CD compilations. Like DJ Storm (a.k.a. Al Storm) has done, alongside DJ Bananaman. They spend some time in the studio, not only creating this Old School mix, but also to fabricate a mix for Hardcore Underground’s album, which will be released on the 3rd of November, which is called ‘Happy Hardcore Underground’. An album filled with awesome Happy Hardcore tunes, remixed or re-edited to suit this era. Tracks by Bang!, Alchemist & Fade, Seduction, DJs United, Eruption and many more, this is an album you have already pre-ordered, I reckon. It’s Old School Happy Hardcore with a twist, let’s put it that way!

Bananaman and DJ Storm had a whole disc to themselves, and played/mixed many amazing tracks, and the result could be blinding. I haven’t heard any previews yet, so they could be flops, but I doubt they are. The album on its own is a masterpiece (as far as I can tell), by judging the tracklists and those who’ve remixed these all time classics. A few names you should know, who remixed a couple of tracks: Fracus, Darwin, Scott Brown, Al Storm, Shimamura, Bananaman, Brisk, Chris Fear, Nu Foundation… yes, well established artists. But not only did they remix and re-edited the anthems that shook the world, but also made a couple of new tracks, and made the tracks more suitable for this day and age. The Old School Happy Hardcore sound has dissappeared slightly, and not many people (youngsters) would appreciate it, seeing as it’s too Happy and too old, so to give them a taste of what we raved to during the 90s, the Hardcore Underground boys and girl decided to create an album to re-live the good ol’ days, and made it all sound fresh and new.

Not only Bananaman and Al Storm (sorry, I ment DJ Storm) have their mix on the album, you can also find DJ Vibes and Chwhynny’s mix on CD 3! The first CD is an unmixed CD, don’t know if the tracks are DJ friendly, but they are unmixed, and that’s all that matters. I’m not a huge fan of unmixed albums, I’m a mix man, and HU has been the label for me the last couple of years, with amazing compilations being released, which were mostly DJ mixes, but also artist albums, which contained DJ mixes. Not saying an unmixed album isn’t something I want, but mixes do more, make me move harder. And it also showcases my weakness: I can’t mix. I can’t, even though I would want to, but I can’t. I think the DJs should do that, instead of me. I listen to mixes, because they still excite me, and it showcases the DJ’s skills and passion for the music more, than to hear single tracks.

You might wonder what mix you are about to listen to?! Well, it’s not the album mix, that’s for sure. That would be daft, wouldn’t it? Why would you buy the album after they’ve uploaded the album mix? This mix isn’t the one you can find on the album, this is a brand spanking new mix, only playing originals, the classic anthems that took our breath away. No remixes to suit this day and age, pure classics, carefully selected and mixed by two heroes.

Ready for the tracklist? Thanks to DJ Bananaman for sending me it.


01. Perplexor – Da Capo Classic Rave Mix
02. DJ Seduction – On My Own (Slipmatt Remix) 
03. Sense Of Summer – Around The World
04. Force & Styles – Harmony
05. Dougal & Mickey Skeedale – Got To Go
06. Hixxy & Bananaman – Together Forever
07. Dr Who – Love Of My Life
08. Euphony – Dancing In The Rain
09. DJ Demand – Stay With Me
10. Ham, Demo & Justin Time – Here I Am
11. Midas & Vinylgroover – Groove Control
12. Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo – Live In London
13. Sy & Demo – Tears Run Cold
14. DJ Storm – Get Busier
15. Eruption – Reach Out
16. JDS – Higher Love (Slipmatt Remix) 
17. Bang! – Cloudy Daze (Ham Remix) 
18. Triple J – Have It All
19. Jhal – Please Be Mine
20. DJ Storm – Kickin Hard
21. Force & Styles – Apollo 13
22. Fade & Bananaman – Dream Surprise
23. Dfrag – The Wizard (DJ Storm Remix) 
24. Vibes & Wishdokta – No More Tears
25. Fade & Alchemist – Keep On Trying
26. Bang! – Love & Happiness (Ham Remix) 
27. Scott Brown – Space Invader
28. Jhal – Life We Share
29. Stompy & Flyin’ – Come Follow Me
30. Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo – Together In Wonderland (Hardcore Mix)
31. Scott Brown – Super Sharp Beats
32. Evolve – Living The Dream

32 amazing tracks, mostly focussed on the UK Happy Hardcore, with a few tracks by mainland Europe’s finest Happy Hardcore duo, Charly Lownoise and Mental Theo. Should I send Bananaman and Storm a few albums which contains the best European Happy Hardcore tracks, so they can indulge themselves into those wonderful tracks too? Maybe…

The tracks they have chosen, are sublime! Happy Hardcore is what I grew up listening to, and it still amazes me. Every so often I take out the album that made me the man I am, blow off the dust, and pray to God that the scratches aren’t bad, and I always pray I can actually play these albums without skipping tracks. Most albums have survived, but not all of them. To hear these tracks again in a wicked mix, brings not only a smile on my face, but it makes my soul dance. Hearing these tunes makes me a teenager again.

One track always stands out, and it’s probably the most played remixed track ever: JDS – Higher Love. The remix Slipmatt made is probably the best one he made, and no one else has ever made a remix so good. Many tried, many failed. This is an all time classic, and we all love it. You might disagree, you could choose another track in this mix to be your favourite, but you can not underestimate the strength of ‘Higher Love’. You simply can’t.

I wonder what the album’s going to be like. Is it really going to please those Happy Hardcore lovers? Will it? Only one way to find out, and that is to pre-order the album right now.

This is a sublime mix! Thanks Banananananaman and DJ Storm a.k.a. Al Storm.


Nizzle & Unity MC Presents ‘Make Way 2k14’ Album Mix

Nizzle & Unity MC Presents 'Make Way 2k14'

DJ: Nizzle
MC: Unity
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Powerstomp
Album Info: 14 Unmixed Tracks + 1 Continuous Mix
Length Continuous Mix: 00:51:20
Tracks: 14 (fourteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 117.4 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Masters Of The Northern Sound – Facebook Page

A free album, that’s always what I want to see. Free album are a rarity nowadays, it’s as rare as world peace. But sometimes beautiful things happen on this planet, and it brings a smile on your face. I know this album was released a couple of weeks ago, and DJ Nizzle sended me it via Facebook, but sometimes I tend to forget things. So I decided today to go through my inbox, and found his message. Immediately I downloaded the album mix, and the album as well. Why? Well, I’m Dutch and I’m greedy. Anything for free I will accept.

The album, called ‘Make Way 2k14’ contains 14 unmixed tracks and one continuous mix, and I reckon you are probably listening to it right now. Nizzle uploaded the whole mix onto Soundcloud, for people to listen, share and download. In the description you can find the link to the webpage you can get the whole album from. If you like the album mix, you should download the album aswel, the tracks you heard in the mix are all in it, unmixed and DJ friendly. All for free, did I mention that?

DJ Nizzle and Unity MC both went in hard, and the result is blinding. DJ Nizzle plays the tracks you can download for free, and Unity MC does what an MC does best… which is MCing. The quality of both the DJ and the MC are extremely high, everything is picture perfect. The sound is perfect, the mic levels are perfect and mixing skills too. No nonsense from the boys, who are part of the legendary ‘Masters Of The Northern Sound’, a growing label which has very talented DJs and MCs signed to it. A label you should follow if you live up North, but if you live down South, you are allowed to press play: we all live up North if you compare your place to the South Pole.

Let’s see the 14 tracks Nizzle played in his mix!


01. Intro 
02. Nizzle – Party With Me
03. Nizzle & Unity – How We Do It
04. Nizzle – Sound Of My Dream
05. Nizzle – Hey Mr DJ
06. Nizzle – Trip To Wonderland
07. Nizzle & Nelza – Sunrise
08. Nizzle – Became Hardcore
09. Nizzle – Your Not Alone
10. Nizzle & Steal – Breaker Breaker
11. Nizzle & Matt From Leeds – Tourettes
12. Nizzle & Manik – Waiting
13. Nizzle & Dan C – Lick My Pussay
14. Nizzle & Matt From Leeds – The Guest List
15. Nizzle & Nelza – I See Power

Yes, I said 14 tracks, we don’t count the intro as being a track, do we?

A lot of Nizzle in this mix, but it’s a Nizzle showcase mix, and truth be told, it’s a good promo/showcase mix! It not only shows his skills behind the decks, but also his skills as a producer, and the level he works on, excites me a lot. It’s UK Hardcore with a twist, still maintaining the usual sounds, but different to the music which is released nowadays. Maybe it’s a Northern sound, maybe it’s the Northerners perspective on UK Hardcore, but it’s sounding good!

The best track in this mix has got to be ‘Sound Of My Dream’. Why? Because of the sexy vocals. This track takes me back to the early days of UK Hardcore, when it became a different sound to the original sound, which emerged out of nowhere during the 90s. More mature, more grownup sounds. Beautiful vocals, I love them!

The MC does his best to please the listeners, and he does it excellently. He knows when to speak, and not to speak/rhyhme. Excellent MC skills, flawless.

The whole mix is good, and the album too! There’s one track I don’t like, because it takes me back to the dreadful years, known to us all as the 90s, and it’s probably the most boring track ever written, by Olive. ‘You’re Not Alone’ was boring back then, and this version doesn’t do it for me: I’m not bouncing as hard as I should. Maybe if I listen to it a few times, I might appreciate it. But for now, it doesn’t do a single thing to me.

This free album (including this album mix) should be on your computer right now. If not, why not? It’s a brilliant album. Worth a download!


Al Storm Presents ‘Dark Shadows’ (2014)

Dark Shadows

Artists: Al Storm & Various Artists
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Horrorcore, Breakbeat Hardcore
CD Info: Al Storm Presents ‘Dark Shadows’ (Out Now)
Release Year: 2014
Length CD: 01:06:52
Tracks: 15 (fifteen)
Label: Hardcore Underground Ltd.
Product Number: HUDSCD013
Buy/Download: BUY FROM HERE
More Information: Al Storm – Facebook Fanpage

This year Halloween will be a darker one, if you are into Halloween. If you think it’s just a childrens party, you are probably too old to celebrate anything at all. Or if Halloween ain’t your cup of tea, because it’s not big in your country. In the Netherlands, Halloween ain’t that big, children don’t walk on the street, shouting ‘trick or treat’. There could be another reason why you don’t like Halloween: because you are easily scared. If so, don’t go out on the streets on the 31st of October, and make sure you keep the curtains closed, and make sure you pull out the wire connected to your doorbell, let no one disturb you. Let the 31st go passed you, and make sure you are well aware that this album I’m reviewing, is probably the best album for Halloween, and might give you nightmares and wet dreams.

If you are not one of those who dislikes Halloween, you might give this album a go. It’s Al Storm’s latest album, called ‘Dark Shadows’. It’s a proper dark and edgy album, you might love it or hate it. Not your standard album, to be brutally honest, but sometimes artists have got to make an album so different compared to their previous stuff, to excite the fans. Fans of Al Storm will do their best to get this album. or already bought a copy, and are playing it out loud as we speak. He’s been a well established artist since 2009, when he won ‘Best Breakthrough DJ’ at the Hardcore Heaven Awards. Al Storm, formerly known as DJ Storm, has a huge fanbase, and we all love his passion and enthusiasm for UK Hardcore. He always made sure that he kept the oldskool sound alive, by adding those unique sounds to whatever he produces, but don’t think he only makes oldskool music, he only incoperates those sounds into his tracks, but changing bits and bobs to make it suitable for the present day ravers. Well, you know what I mean.

He loves UK Hardcore, and Halloween. Never thought that this combination would work, but in a strange way, it does. Many moons ago he uploaded a mix, which was called ‘Tales From The Darkside’, which blew me away. The tracks he played were a tad darker, and had Halloween themed things incorperated into them. It became an instant hit with the listeners, with tracks such as ‘Madhouse’, ‘Trick Or Treat’, ‘The Jackal’ and more. You can find them on his latest album, including a few new tracks.

The album cover should scare you, with a man who looks like… well, a bald version of Freddy Krueger. Or Al Storm wearing a Freddy Krueger outfit, without the hat. Scary stuff. Are you scared yet? You should be. The tracklist might scare you even more, so if you are easily scared, you might want to skip the tracklist.


01. Al Storm – The Madhouse
02. Al Storm – Trick Or Treat
03. Al Storm – From The Shadows
04. Al Storm & MOB – Poltergeist (2nd Version) 
05. Kutski & Al Storm – The Grudge
06. Al Storm – I Created A Monster
07. Al Storm & Euphony – Jack’s Back (The Ripper Mix) 
08. DJ Shimamura & Al Storm – Exorcism
09. Al Storm – The Jackal (Basement Mix) 
10. DJ Storm & Blade – Darkzone (CLSM Breaks Into The Rave Mix) 
11. Al Storm – World Of Darkness (JTS Remix) 
12. Al Storm – Werewolf (Dark Shadows VIP Mix) 
13. Fracus, Darwin & Al Storm – House Of Horrors
14. Chris Fear & Al Storm – The Evil Side Of Man
15. Bananaman & Al Storm – A Nightmare On Blyth Road (Alphatragic Mix)  

I’m scared. Look at this tracklist, every track has got a very scary name, like ‘Werewolf’, ‘Trick Or Treat’, ‘House Of Horrors’… brrrr, I hope I can close my eyes tonight, and dream nice things. If not, I blame Al Storm.

The tracklist is besides scary, quite good. I do love a themed tracklist, and this one is perfect for Halloween. You can also listen to this mix after Halloween, don’t think you can’t listen to this when it’s Christmas or Easter. Nowadays, every day is a Halloween day, if you read the news. So this CD can be played every day of the year. Preferably at Halloween, but not necessary to do so.

The CD starts with two of Al Storm’s most favourite and well known Halloween themed tracks, ‘The Madhouse’ and ‘Trick Or Treat’. And they are my favourite Al Storm tracks of all time. The rest are good too, don’t get me wrong. But these two tracks already stand out, because they are simply extraordinary.

The album contains different approaches to UK Hardcore, from the more bouncier stuff to the harder stuff. And also the happier side of it all too, let’s not forget that. The collaborations were all succesful, and the results are astonishing! There are so many tracks I can talk about, which are all amazing, but I simply ask you to not read anything I write, just buy this album, it won’t let you down. The remixes are also a good reason why this album should be in your posssession.

One track stands out, because the remix is just too calm, and not in themed with the other tracks. I’m talking about the last track, it’s just too calm and not really scary. It’s bouncy, it’s happy, and yet not in line with all the others. I do like it, but this version ain’t scary enough. And that’s what the whole album is about, scaring you, making you aware that there are creatures out there that might eat you, and creatures who live in complete darkness. Creatures as CLSM, Al Storm, Chris Fear, Kutski and Fracus & Darwin. These are dark creatures, you don’t want to mess with them. The Alphatragic Mix is just too calm.

A good album. I can not wait for next year’s Halloween to emerge, it seems that Al Storm creates his finest tracks around this festive time of the year. His tracks might look evil, but he isn’t. Or is he? Is Al Storm the devil in DJ disguise? Is he actually a creature who we should be afraid of? You can judge that, I won’t walk that path. If he is the devil, he might haunt me in my sleep. And, to be honest, his music already does. Please Al Storm, don’t haunt me.

All nonsense aside, a good album, worth every penny you spend.

BOO! Are you scared yet? Damn, I’m not as evil as Al Storm.