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7D – The Final Dimension: The Second Dimension Mixed By ViperStar (2014)

Part 2 cover

DJ: ViperStar
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore
Mix Info: 7D – The Final Dimension: The Second Dimension Mixed By ViperStar
Length Mix: 01:04:23
Tracks: 23 (twenty-three)
Download/Listen (via Official Website): DOWNLOAD HERE
File Size: 147 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: 7D – The Final Dimension – Official Website

ViperStar has returned with a brand new mix! This time he has send in a mix for the 7D compilation, which if I’m correct, is the last 7D. Well, I think it’s the last one, seeing as the title is ‘The Final Dimension’. Not only ViperStar was asked for a mix, there are quite a lot of DJs who have send in a mix, such as Cruze, JAJ, S3RL, Daft and many more. The final dimension, what will be next? Hopefully they will continue with something similar, this compilation has given us memorable mixes. Who remembers DJ Ned’s mix? Probably the coolest and dopest mix out there?! Please don’t let this be the last one.

DJ ViperStar is known for his passion and enthusiasm for UK Hardcore, and in this mix there are many amazing tunes by legendary artists such as Fracus & Darwin, Jakka-B, Olly P, Kurt, Darts, and more. I have always mentioned the fact that whenever I hear a S3RL tune, the DJ will loose a point, because S3RL isn’t my favourite producer, but maybe today ViperStar might get 5 stars for his mix, seeing as he has found a tune remixed by S3RL, and I really like it. Not too cheesy, not too dull. Will today be the day ViperStar finally gets his 5 stars? After listening to the mix and looking at the tracklist, only one score appeared in my head. What the score is, will only be known when you scroll down. Or you could simply look at the tracklist, and figure it out yourself!


01. Lumin8 – Tetris
02. Inverse & Orbit1 – Lethal Industry
03. Cheever – The Definition (VIP Mix) 
04. Kurt – Acid Nightmare (On Elm Street)
05. Skrillex feat Ellie Goulding – Summit (Seventhrun Bootleg Remix) 
06. Swiss T – Seven Nation Army
07. Entity & Darwin – Your Own Destiny
08. Squad-E & DJC feat Reconize – My Rage
09. Orbit1 – Project 1
10. Sash Dee & Zoe van West – Soulmates (VIP Mix) 
11. Darts feat Lisa Abbott – A Night Like This (Fracus Remix) 
12. Buzz & Stevie-D feat Jessica Palmer – Goodbye (Fracus & Darwin Remix) 
13. Fracus & Darwin – Stabilize
14. Fracus & Darwin vs Entity – Subsystem
15. Jakka-B – Wooo Hooo
16. Dougal & Gammer – 3000 Cycles
17. JAKAZiD – Make It Werk
18. X-A7T & Camo feat Nate Monoxide – Radio Radio
19. Project Shadow – Calls To Heaven (S3RL Remix) 
20. Bananaman & Gisbo feat Jodie – Blue Eyes
21. Olly P – Fuck It Up
22. Seventhrun – Forget Not (Drumstep Edit) 
23. RedMoon feat Meron Ryan – Never Let Go (Fracus & Darwin Remix) 

Is this ViperStar’s best mix? By judging the tracklist it is! So many great tracks, and only one S3RL track. But is it worth 5 stars?

There are a few tracks in here, so damn good, they gave me goosebumps. I love ‘Soulmates’ a lot! And ofcourse everything Fracus & Darwin made, they are heroes. But the best track in this mix… which was hard to pick… is ‘Make It Werk’ by JAKAZiD. Such an anthem, underrated track. Am I the only one who thinks like this?

The first track was the only one I didn’t like. Too cheesy, too happy, too Tetris-ish. I’m more of a Pacman-man.

Amazing mix, and the tracks ViperStar has chosen are wicked. The whole mix is, to be honest. Maybe one small tip: never scratch during a vocal bit. Besides that, this mix is good. I reckon that every one of the mixes on the (last) 7D compilation is a good one, make sure you head over to their website and download them all.

Finally. 5 Stars for ViperStar!


Neodash Zerox – Uproar Excitement Promo (2014)

Uproar In The Dam

DJ: Neodash Zerox
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Hardcore, Dubstep, Happy Hardcore, Powerstomp, J-Core
Mix Info: Uproar Excitement Promo
Length Mix: 01:00:09
Tracks: 23 (twenty-three)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 137 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Neodash Zerox – Facebook Fanpage

There are more Dutch people out there who love UK Hardcore! Pfew, I was in a shock when I found out that there’s one more walking the earth, and his name is Neodash Zerox. A Dutch DJ, who uploaded this mix a month ago, to show his excitement for Uproar’s party in Amsterdam. It was going to be his first UK Hardcore event, and after reading his comments, it seemed that he really enjoyed it. I know this event took place in the past, and we’ll probably have to wait another year for Uproar to return to the Netherlands again, but we are patient people, we can wait.

Neodash Zerox, sounds like a printer name. He’s a Dutch DJ who plays J-Core (Japanese Hardcore), Eurobeat, House and ofcourse Hardcore. And he also has a couple of aliases you might know him from: NDX, The Syndicator, Komandan Garuda and Chem-gOOk. I honestly never heard of him before, but after we spoke on Facebook, our mutual love for UK Hardcore became the main topic we discussed. His first rave was one he’ll probably never forget, but truth be told, the line-up was absolutely sick. Sadly I couldn’t go, because of work, but I reckon that they will release a CD pack, and I’ll be the first to purchase it. Uproar always organise wicked parties, and actually my first big UK Hardcore rave was Uproar – Summer Sounds.

The mix he uploaded a month ago on Soundcloud doesn’t just contain UK Hardcore, but a wide range of music. From Dubstep to Happy Hardcore, from Powerstomp to J-Core… expect some madness. If you don’t like it, blame us for being Dutch and quirky.


01. DJ Et3rn1-T – Chase The DEVIL (Remix) 
02. JAKAZiD – Movin’ To This (NDX Dubstep Edit) 
03. Rihanna – Diamonds (Ganar & Cyber Remix) (NDX Edit) 
04. Darren Styles & Francis Hill – Come Running
05. DJ Shimamura – ALR1GHT
06. Energyforce vs Lady Gaga – Just Dance (NDX Edit) 
07. Technikore feat Jenny J – Lights  Down Low (NDX Edit) 
08. S3RL & Synthwulf – I Am The DJ (NDX Edit) 
09. FAKY – Better Without You (ASY Remix) 
10. Breeze & Ritmen – If I Were You (NDX Edit) 
11. DJ Laugh feat Seakitty & Kymbined – Coup D’Etat
12. Warp Brothers vs Aquagen – Phat Bass (Re-Con Remix) 
13. S3RL feat Filthy Frank – Dumbass Statuses
14. The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up (Sub Focus Remix) 
15. DJ Shimamura – Magic Night (NDX Edit) 
16. Druid & Stormtrooper feat Kristy – Electrofied (DJ Kurt Remix) (NDX Edit) 
17. Hixxy & Technikore feat Intraspekt – Don’t Need Nobody (NDX Hide Yo Kids Edit) 
18. M-Project feat Jabbawock – Turn Around (NDX Edit) 
19. Ams – Step Back (NDX Fistpump Edit) 
20. S3RL feat jOhnny – Kamehameha
21. Technohead vs Re-Con – I Want To Be A Hippy
22. Bodylotion – Always Hardcore
23. Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo – Wonderful Days (M-Project Powerstomp Remix) 

Firstly, credits to the DJ for this unique and one of a kind tracklist. Have you ever seen so much weirdness in one mix? Probably not.

There are a few wicked anthems in here, such as ‘Come Running’, ‘Lights Down Low’ and ‘If I Were You’. Classic anthems, can’t go wrong with them. But not only the classics excited me, ‘Better Without You’ is a wicked tune, ‘ALR1GHT’ surprised me a lot, and ‘Movin’ To This’ made me move a lot. Neodash Zerox also chosen a couple of extremely cheesy tracks, and when I say cheesy, I mean S3RL cheesy. I really don’t like this level of cheesy, but Neodash Zerox does. An interesting mix, it has to be said.

There are a few errors, mainly mixing errors. Cross fading errors. But let that not put you down, or drown your enthusiasm. Praise the Dutch for being enthusiastic, and their love for UK Hardcore/J-Core. And also praise Neodash Zerox for this quirky mix. Have you ever seen a mix this crazy? Probably not.

A fun mix to listen to, with a few highs and lows. Madness from the start, it has to be said. You love it or hate it. It’s up to you to decide. Check this mix out, it’s worth your time.


TRC Winter Mix 2014

TRC Winter Mix 2014

Genre/Style: UK Garage, 2Step, House
Mix Info: TRC Winter Mix 2014
Length Mix: 00:40:17
Tracks: 15 (fifteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 36.8 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 128kbps
More Information: TRC – Facebook Fanpage

TRC is back with a brand new mix, to celebrate the upcoming winter! The temperatures will drop, clothes will be put on, layer on layer, no skin will be visible, and the streets will be covered by snow. The winter is near, and even though we aren’t ready for it, TRC is. He decided to upload a brand new mix, to showcase his strength as a DJ and as a producer. This legendary DJ/producer knows a thing or two about how to make awesome tracks and mixes, and this mix is no exception. Even though most of us hate the winter, I hope it will arrive soon, so we can turn the heating on, take off our clother (not go fully naked ofcourse, don’t want to scare people) and dance the night away. Winter, we are ready.

TRC is a hero. I’ve followed him since the early days of Bassline, and I even bought his album. It was signed by the man himself, and it’s still one of the coolest albums I’ve got, because TRC is very talented when it comes to producing tracks. In this mix he only played two of his own productions, which is a pity, because his tracks are always good. This mix is rather good, because it’s filled with UK Garage/2Step/House tracks. To be honest, this mix doens’t make me think of the winter, it makes me think of the summer, when we were still outside, enjoying the sunshine, and relaxed throughout the summer. This is an excellent mix, exactly what we were after. The tracks he has selected are all good, and carefully mixed together. Summery tunes, lovely vibes you will hear if you press play.

Want to see the tracklist? You do, don’t you?


01. Roska feat Jamie George – Higher
02. Grades – Crocodile Tears
03. Olivia Louise – Physical (DJ Q Remix) 
04. TRC x Angel – Rather Leave
05. Teedra Moses – Just Wanna Be Your Girl (Kaytranada Edition) 
06. Sonic Matta feat Projekt 4 – All You Need
07. Oliver $ & Jimi Jules – Pushing On (Tchami Remix) 
08. Huxley & Shenoda – Premier (Sonny Fodera Remix) 
09. TRC – Round 3
10. Sam Smith – I’m Not The Only One (Armand van Helden Remix) 
11. DJ Paleface feat Victor Reid & Mark Wright – Come To Me
12. DJ Q – Ordinary People (2Step Remix) 
13. Jonas Rathsman – Skepparkrans
14. Billon – Special (Dub) 
15. Lovebug – Resonance (MNEK Remix) 

Amazing tracklist, it made me move from left to right (on my chair).

This is one extraordinary mix. Not really a winter mix, more a summer mix, but who cares? You can press play whenever you want, and it will immediately take you to Ibiza, or another place where it’s hot. TRC has selected 15 amazing tracks, breathtakingly beautiful. So gorgeous, this will brighten up your day. From the first to the last track it’s a rollercoaster ride, you won’t be able to sit still.

TRC has selected 15 awesome tracks, and they all work well, if mixed together properly, and that’s exactly what he has done. The end product is a mix TRC is proud of. And so are we. Make sure you download this right now, because it will change your life. Such a good mix, so many feel good tracks are mixed together , there will be a huge smile on your face for at least a day.

Fantastic mix. TRC is a boss. Don’t believe me? Download this and listen to it yourself.


Darren Styles 2014 Mix

Darren Styles 2014 Mix

DJ: Darren Styles
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, EDMCore, Dubcore
Mix Info: Darren Styles 2014 Mix
Length Mix: 00:54:31
Tracks: 22 (twenty-two)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 126 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Darren Styles – Facebook Fanpage

The legend is back with a brand new mix! Obviously I’m talking about the biggest superstar in the UK Hardcore scene, Darren Styles. The multi award winning DJ/producer who has played all over the UK and the world has uploaded a free mix for us all to download and go crazy on. Why did he upload this mis? Well, he reached a milestone: 100,000 fans on Facebook. It’s weird that he didn’t reach 100k earlier, seeing as he’s the best DJ in the world?! The path to success for him took a while, but he has achieved things most DJs dream about: sold his own albums, mixed the finest compilation mixes, played all over the world, highest selling artist from the UK Hardcore scene. Oh, and he’s got a billion awards on his mantlepiece. He’s a superstar, and we know it.

This mix is filled with tunes made by him, or remixed by him. Well, not all of them, but most of the tracks are made/remade by the legend, with a few other amazing tracks by artists such as (his former partner) Breeze, Re-Con and Dougal & Gammer. All the other tracks are made by him, and it showcases his strength as a producer. He took the excisting UK Hardcore sound, twisted it, turned it around, and made it better. He updated the sound to appeal to a new audience who love to dance/rave until the break of dawn. His gift to the world is to make music that works well in a small club, at a huge event, or in your living room. Darren Styles is a crowd pleaser since day one, and those who have been a fan since day one all agree that no one has the capability to make music the way he does. He changed UK Hardcore, and now it’s admired by more people all around the world. Is it too soon to rename it to ‘Stylescore’?

He’s such a legend, I have to say it al least one more time before you all get annoyed, but I’m stating a fact. He’s one of those artists who doesn’t sit still, constantly progresses into unknown territory, creates new sounds, and inspires many. He’s one man who can’t and won’t sit still, and we praise him for not sitting still. Where would we be without Darren Styles? Correct, nowhere!

The tracklist was added after many people asked about it (including myself). And be prepared: it’s one good looking tracklist. If you don’t like Darren Styles, please leave this page and leave this earth.


01. Darren Styles & Re-Con feat Matthew Steeper – Rest Of Your Life
02. Gammer & Whizzkid – Love You Every Day
03. Code Black & Atmozfears – Accelerate (Darren Styles Edit) 
04. Br3akage – Treading Water (Re-Con & Chris Henry Remix) 
05. Darren Styles feat Gavin Beach – Before The Sun
06. Dougal & Gammer – Make It If We Try
07. Darren Styles & Re-Con feat Whizzkid – Jump
08. Darren Styles, Dougal & Gammer feat Hannah Faulkner – Top Of The World
09. Darren Styles, Chris Unknown & Christina Novelli – Stars
10. Chris Unknown & Re-Con – Summer Haze (Dirty Mix)
11. Darren Styles – Get This Place / Zedd feat Foxes – Clarity
12. Darren Styles, Dougal & Gammer – Stay Young
13. Darren Styles & Chris Unknown – Down Like That
14. Gareth Emery feat Krewella – Lights & Thunder (Darren Styles Remix) 
15. BT – Lifeline (Darren Styles Remix) 
16. Darren Styles – Sattelite (Update) 
17. Darren Styles – Getting Better (Update) 
18. Ultrabeat vs Darren Styles – Sure Feels Good (2014 Update) 
19. I See Monstas – Massiah (Re-Con & Chris Unknown Re-Up) 
20. Breeze feat Heidi Anne – 15 Seconds
21. Molly – Beneath The Lights (Darren Styles Remix) 
22. Darren Styles – 2Night / 3Lau – Escape

Wow! Just WOW! What a brilliant tracklist. Fascinating to see all these tracks, most of them were made by Darren Styles, and they are good. No, excuse me, let me correct myself: they are FANTASTIC!

The mix starts with a smasher, to me it’s the best track I’ve ever heard. I don’t have a clue who Matthew Steeper is, but his voice suits the UK Hardcore scene as it is at the moment! What a smashing track, wish it was played out just a bit longer. I hate teasers.

The mix continues, and you will hear anthem after anthem. So many new stuff, so many great anthems being updated, such as ‘Sure Feels Good’, ‘Getting Better’ and ‘Sattelite’. I’m not feeling them at the moment, if I’m honest. I think they rock, but the original versions were much better. Updating versions doesn’t necessarily mean they will be better than the original, but in this case they didn’t. They are cool versions, but still the original versions made me bounce just a tad harder.

‘Rest Of Your Life’. Fuck me sideways, what an anthem. Definately the best track ever made by Darren Styles and Re-Con. Welcome back mr Re-Con, you were quiet for a long time, but it’s good to hear more from this legendary producer. His collaborations do seem to work well, extremely well.

What can I say about this mix? Well, if you are a Darren Styles fan, download this. Don’t lie to me, you are a fan, you are one of the 100k fans. Share it, love it, adore it, and keep your eyes peeled, more free stuff coming very soon!

Darren Styles is a legend. Enough said.