• Drokz presents Full Force Focus EP (2014)

    Ladies and gentlemen, DJ Drokz is back, back with something for free, for all of us. Well, when I say for all of us, I mean Terrorheads. Not those who can’t handle Teror, because this music is way too hard for them to appreciate it. They also have never heard of Drokz before, so we

  • DJ IYF & Pureblood – POWER UP! 100% Powerstomp Mix (2014)

    The other day I was browsing, like I always do, and I found this new mix on Soundcloud. Well, it was new to me, didn’t see it on my timeline when it was released. It’s a new mix by DJ IYF and MC Pureblood, one signed to Justice Hardcore and the other signed to ..

  • DJ Ruffneck – Special Early Hardcore Signature Mix (2014)

    DJ Ruffneck, also known as 80 Aum, Overmind, Undercover Anarchist, Wedlock, Juggernaut and D’Spyre. Any of these names ring a bell? Ofcourse they do, because this producer/DJ dominated during the 90s with his Artcore music. The man who gave us exquisite music, and who also had one of his tracks in the top 40, and

  • Angerfist – The Deadfaced Dimension (2014)

    If you have been living underneath a rock for the last couple of months, I reckon you have missed the release of Angerfist’s fourth studio album and his event, which was held on the 29th of November, and took place in the Brabanthallen in ’s Hertogenbosch. You could have been living underneath a rock, but

    Angerfist - The Deadfaced Dimension
  • Kevin Energy – Next Generation Podcast Mix – 15/04/2010

    Kevin Energy has been quite busy on Soundcloud lately: he’s uploading his back catalogue onto it, and also a couple of livesets and mixes (I think, only seen this one so far). He’s a busy bee, keeps himself occupied, which is a good thing. Kevin Energy, a legendary DJ and producer who took Freeform to

    Kevin Energy Photo
  • Meccano Twins @ Project Hardcore 2014

    On the 13th of December, if you weren’t in Eindhoven raving your nuts off, you were not a raver. Many ravers went to an event called ‘Project Hardcore’, and raved the night away. The line-up was absolutely idiotic, Art of Fighters, Bodyshock, Tha Playah, Korsakoff, Ophidian, Miss Hysteria, Deathmachine, Tieum, and ofcourse Meccano Twins. The

    Project Hardcore 2014