• Future State Hardcore Vol. 1 (2015)

    It has finally been released: Future State Hardcore Volume 1! The long awaited and anticipated compilation was planned to be released around Christmas 2014, but a couple of things took a bit longer to achieve, but now we can finally say that it’s been released, and it was worth the wait! A 5 disc compilation,

    Future State Vol 1
  • The Gold Mix – Mixed By JTS & Jozzi (2014)

    2 days ago, if you were online, you would have spotted this brand new mix, made by JTS and Jozzi. If you haven’t, don’t worry, it’s time for you to download this bad boy and go bonkers. There’s a chance you’ve were at Defqon.1 and saw these two play live at the Gold stage, demolishing

    The Gold Mix - Mixed By JTS & Jozzi
  • Swedish House Mafia – Until One (Continuous Mix) (2012)

    How did I miss it? Back in 2012 the Swedish House Mafia uploaded a mix onto their Soundcloud account, and it’s already been played nearly one and a half million times, and I’ve missed that? How’s that even possible, I spend hours on the world wide web, and don’t miss a single thing. Every meme

    until one
  • Lilli’s Fundraiser Promo Mix MJ B2B Subliminal feat MC D Reay (2015)

    On the 30th of January, there’s only one place you should be at, which is the Tunnel in Birmingham. A special event is going to be held there, with a surprisingly good line-up. The event is called ‘Lilli’s Fundraiser’, and the story behind it is very moving. It’s about a 7 year old girl called

  • Darts – Noughty But Nice – Classic 00’s Hardcore Mix! (2014)

    Today the internet is mostly filled with garbage. You can find many pages irrelevant, and many articles written aren’t even worthy enough to be read by us. The only website you should visit, and I do mean constantly, is Soundcloud. If you are lucky, and follow the right people, you are able to find good

  • Dawn Of The Sol (2014)

    When you review music, like I do, you get sent a lot of new music. Most of the time it’s just a mix, or a track, but sometimes you do get a nice message on Facebook, and this time it was someone who asked me to review a whole album, a new compilation released by