• Bass-D – Hardcore Millennium Megamix 2011

    In December 2014 something magical happened on Soundcloud, and I was too late to witness it. I am ashamed, I really am. If you were on the world wide web on the 14th of December, you might have witnessed the upload of an extraordinary mix, made back in 2011, mixed by the legendary DJ Bass-D.

  • The Best Of Pulsar 2014

    At the end of each year. many artists and many labels release mix after mix, showcasing the awesome year they had, and most artists upload a short mix, or in some cases, an hour long mix. Not Pulsar Recordings, they decided to upload a free mix CD, containing two discs with 24 tracks. A free

    The Best Of Pulsar 2014
  • Akira – Masters Of Hardcore – Empire Of Eternity Podcast #3 (2014)

    It took me quite a while to find another Akira mix WITH a tracklist, I’ve been searching the world wide web for hours, and finally I found one, and it’s an old one, not a brand new mix. 31k of you lot already have heard it, and shared it quite a lot. It’s an older

    MOH Podcast 3