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M-Project Interview (2015)


TheCrazyDutchmansBlog has the honour to interview one of the fastest rising stars in the Powerstomp scene, a mysterious man who has dominated the Makina scene for many years, and who’s well known for wearing a pantyhose, a safety mask and Kanye West looking glasses. Last year he became part of the Lethal Theory crew, and this year he released his album, which is called ‘Project: Powerstomp’. We are honoured, and hopefully we can unravel the mystery that is M-Project.

How are you, sir? How’s life treating you?
“Things are going great.”

You are a rising star in the Powerstomp scene, and have gained many fans since you got signed to Lethal Theory’s label, but before you discovered Powerstomp, you were (and still are) well known for making Makina. When did you discover Makina, and why did it attract you?
“I think it was around 1999-2000.
The first release I got was “Professional DJ’s Volumen 2” and the first vinyl I got was “Bio-Technology – Guitar Spell (Remix)”.
Then I got a mix CD called “Tekno Women”. This one made me think of producing Makina. I still love old tunes on Bit Music. they have good vibes and power to blow away bad feelings.”


Makina is quite populair in Spain, and is quite difficult to explain what the it actually is. But if you could try and explain it by naming a track which resembles the Makina sound, which would it be?
“It’s pretty difficult to explain. “Makina” used to be techno (all kinds of dance music in Spain) or just a DJ style before.

(I don’t want to start talking about the origin since there are some opinions about it.)

But now, it’s a kind of Hardcore. The typical sound is like… uplifting/bouncy groove, melodious synth riff, and chopped voice samples. Of course there are some styles not like I mentioned. And Makina is still evolving.”

Which artist(s) drew your attention, and inspired you to become a DJ/producer? Who are your favourite Makina producers/DJs?
“DJ Pildo, konik, Skudero, Xavi Metralla, Ruboy and a lot of Spanish producers! (They have tons of aliases so it’s hard to figure out who they are!)”

You are a Japanese DJ/producer, and known to be the first Makina producer in Japan, but how did people react to you bringing Makina to your homeland? Were people excited to hear this new sound?
“Yes. The first wave was 2001.

“Metal One – Melodies Of Passion II” EP sold over 200 copies.

“Piramide – Herz And Herz” sold over 300 copies.

And Makina compilations sold 50-70 copies for each title.

Those songs were super popular and a lot of people start liking Makina sound around 2001.”

Looking at your Discogs page (which is quite impressive), you have released a lot since 2002, and your music has appeared on many compilations, including your own. Looking back at what you have achieved, could you have predicted back in 2002 that you would become so succesful? Did you ever pinch yourself, thinking everything was a dream?
“I worked hard to make sure everything went according to my plan. It took forever, though (lol).”


Between the years 2007 and 2012 you have performed at an event called Anime Central, an annual Japanese anime convention, held in America. Can you remember your set, and how the people reacted to your take on Makina?
“Anime Central and ravers there were so good.

Even though some of them didn’t know my music, their reaction was amazing, and I’ll never forget that.”

And did you wear the costume you are known for? Why do you actually wear pantyhoses and glasses?
“To hide my face and stuff? That’s it.”

According to your Facebook fanpage, you discovered Powerstomp last year. How did you came across this rather new style, and why did it grab your attention?
“Actually, I found “Powerstomp” in early 2013 when I searched on Soundcloud.

I love Dutch/Italian hardcore and gabber, early hardstyle and UK hardcore.

Powerstomp has everything I love. and I felt the potential from Powerstomp.”

Makina and Powerstomp, two different worlds. And yet it drew your attention, and you started making music, which were released (and still are) on labels such as Scarred Digital, Justice Hardcore, Contagious Records and more. Has it got a fanbase in Japan?
“A lot of people start liking Powerstomp because of my releases and activities.

I think more Japanese people will love Powerstomp.”

You are Lethal Theory’s first Japanese artist to be signed, but are you also the first Japanese Powerstomp producer?
“I think my friend, Liqo is the first person who start making Powerstomp in Japan.”

How did you get signed to Lethal Theory? Did Joey Riot call you and did he say to you “We want you to be part of the crew”? Is it that simple?
“Yea. It was kind of like that. It was very unexpected.

Since my English is not good enough (especially speaking), the conversation was through e-mail.”


After being signed to the world’s biggest Powerstomp label Lethal Theory, you have gained a lot of new fans from all over the world, who are digging the music you are making. Is there a specific way of making a Powerstomp track, a secret formula to make every track a succes?
“Using a stereo imager for the master channel to make enough space in the middle to emphasize the kick drum.

I’m not good at teaching by the way!”

Not only have you released many tracks via lots of labels, you have also released your own album, which is called ‘Project: Powerstomp’ (I’ll add the buy here link to Hardcore Underground’s website). How are the fans reacting to your first Powerstomp album, and are there more in the pipeline?
“I’ve got amazing feedback so far.

I’ll release something this summer but I’ve not decided the details yet.”

Recently, the might Lethal Theory has released the second instalment of ‘This Is Powerstomp’,  and there are quite a few of your tracks on it, (‘Power To The Stomp’, ‘Going Loud’, ‘Drop It’). You’ve worked with a few fellow Powerstomp fanatics like Lady Dubbz, MC Obie and Riko. The album will do well, seeing as the previous instalment did extremely well. How do you feel about being a member of the Lethal Theory gang?
“I’m so glad that I joined such a big label.

Since I became a member of Lethal Theory, I’ve gotten a lot of messages and offers from British DJs and producers.

I want to be more popular to deserve this big label.”

*teaser for TIP2:

If you could have a ‘carte blanche’, and you could work with anyone, who would you work with, and why? 
“Ah.. if I had enough time and if I could find the copyright holders, I would want to make remixes of old makina songs.”

Quite difficult question to ask, but I ask it anyway: if you had to choose between Makina and Powerstomp, which style would you choose as your favourite, and why?
“UGH! I can’t choose!

If I have to, I’ll choose Makinastomp!”


Any gigs planned in the near future? Where can people see M-Project performing?
“Only in Tokyo so far. Acutually I got some messages about being booked in the US and Europe.

But I’m not sure it’ll happen or not, since the flight from here to the US or Europe is too expensive!”

Music wise, any upcoming releases people should look out for?
“I’m working on a new compilation called “UNDERGROUND MAKINA CONNECTIONZ VOL.18”

This time, we’ll collaborate with konik’s label “DJ’S aT WORK”.”

*teaser for UMC18:

I always ask a random question, seeing as I’m ‘the crazy Dutchman’, so here’s the question: on a lot of your albums there are very busty women on the cover. Is there a secret fetish people should know about?
“I just love the illustrator’s art :P”

Make sure you follow M-Project on several media sites, because he’s a an unstoppable force you should look out for. A name, a mystery. This man has got a prosperous future ahead, and if you want to know more about M-Project, bookmark these pages, and if you are liking the Powerstomp/Makina sounds, you should also check out several albums he did or appeared on, it’s worth your pounds/pennies!
Thank you M-Project for this insightful interview, sadly we haven’t reveiled his secret identity. It will remain a mystery.
And, as usual, there’s a mix underneath the interview, if you still want to know how awesome his music is. Expect more of this on the latest TIP2 CD and on M-Project’s own album, ‘Project: Powerstomp’. 

M-Project on Twitter
* M-Project on Facebook
* M-Project on Soundcloud

Lethal Theory Website

* This Is Powerstomp Volume 2 – Buy Here
* M-Project – Project: Powerstomp – Buy Here

Jenny J Vocal Showcase (2014)


Artist: Jenny J
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore
Mix Info: Jenny J Vocal Showcase
Length Mix: 00:21:29
Tracks: 7 (seven)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 49.1 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Jenny J – Facebook Fanpage

A couple of months ago I spotted a mix on Soundcloud, a showcase mix for a female vocalist. But it didn’t include a tracklist, so it was a no no for me. Fortunately, a couple of days ago I received a notification from Soundcloud that someone uploaded a tracklist, and it was Jenny J herself who uploaded it, so now I can share this mix with you all.

Jenny J, a very succesful UK Hardcore vocalist, has been in the game for a long time, and her vocals have been used in many tracks, but not only in the UK Hardcore scene is she a star, but also in many other scenes has her name become well known. Her showcase mix was uploaded to show everyone her strength as a female vocalist, and if you look at the tracklist, you have to give her all the credits, for lending her voice to these monster anthems. It’s unbelievable that she has featured in so many tracks, and they’ve all became anthems that shook dancefloors all over the UK and the world.

The mix is rather short, only 21 minutes long, but it contains 7 tracks, probably her best work so far. The tracklist is gorgeous, but not as good as her voice. I reckon you will be amazed after realising how good and warm her voice is, and how she takes the track to the next level. Are you ready, anyone want to see the tracklist?


01. Technikore feat Jenny J – Lights Down Low
02. Paul EP vs Jenny J – Sky Falls Down
03. Organ Donors feat Jenny J – Girlies Wet (Breeze & Modulate Remix) 
04. Pinnacle feat Jenny J – R U Ready To Fly
05. United Forces feat Jenny J – There Is A Star (Fat Steve, Dave Castellano & Jonny G Remix) 
06. Chris Fear feat Jenny J – I Never Felt This Way
07. Jenny J – Forever (unfinished)

Look at that!!! Wicked tracklist, so many great anthems (well, not many, but 7 great anthems are still anthems) are in this mix. The result? An astonishing mix, showcasing Jenny J’s strength as a vocalist, probably one of UK Hardcore’s finest vocalist out there.

I never knew it was her voice you can hear in ‘Girlies Wet’. Such a sexy track, really sexy, and if you compare it to, for example, ‘Lights Down Low’, they are completely different! Such a diversity can she bring to the scene, and her voice can lift a track to the next level. An original track or a remix from an oldskool classic (for those kids, track number 4 was originally made by Dune), she can do them all with ease.

The best track in this mix? Well, ‘Girlies Wet’ has made my trousers move, and ‘R U Ready To Fly’ made me want to dance all night long whilst listening to Eurodance music, but the best one has got to be ‘Lights Down Low’. Such a euphoric track, one of UK Hardcore’s finest tracks ever made! Her voice suits the track, and alongside Technikore they’ve made a dancefloor smasher.

A very solid and short showcase mix. It took several months for me to have it with a tracklist, but now I can share it with you all. And it’s worth it. A very talented name, this Jenny J. Write down her name in your diary (if you are a woman), and if you are a man, make sure you bookmark her page.

If angels could sing, they would sing like Jenny J. Does that mean she could be an angel?


Retro & Nition Present The 4×4 Skank & Vibes Volume 1 (2015)


DJs: Retro & Nition
Genre/Style: Organ House, Speed Garage, Deep House, Tech House, Bassline
Mix Info: The 4×4 Skank & Vibes Volume 1
Length Mix: 01:15:19
Tracks: 17 (seventeen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 172 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: ——-

More new music for you all to embrace. A brand new mix was sent to me the other day via Facebook, and it’s a  new mix made by DJ Retro and Nition, and it’s called ‘The 4×4 Skank & Vibes Volume 1′. You should really give this one a go, seeing as it’s a good one, judging the mix and the tracklist. It’s filled with 17 bangers, and were carefully mixed by Retro & Nition. Worth a download, to be honest.

This isn’t the first time I’ve reviewed a Nition mix, but I can’t remember if I had the honour of reviewing a Retro mix before. The previous website got deleted, and the reviews have disappeared completely. So sorry if I’m not sure, but at least I’m listening and reviewing this mix right now, eh?

The mix is jam packed with a lot of Organ House/Speed Garage/Deep House/Tech House/Bassline tunes, and the feeling you get when the mix is playing, is of pure bliss. Nothing can change your mood, this is really a good mix, the tunes they’ve selected are all good, even the ‘Call Me Maybe’ remix. I know it’s the world’s most annoying song, but this version makes the song acceptable. Curious yet? You want to see the tracklist?


01. Sallis – Soundboy
02. JG feat K Dot – Off Wi Their Head (New Skool Remix) 
03. Retro & Nition – Its Your World (Bassline Remix) 
04. SKL Production feat Carly Rae Jepson – Call Me Maybe (Bassline Remix) 
05. Chronicle – All The Things (DJ Nition Special) 
06. Retro & Nition – Gecko (Bassline Remix) 
07. DJ Zeesh – Tight Up Skirt (Bassline Remix) 
08. Nastee Boi – Back II Life
09. Retro & Nition – Full Attention
10. Mystery – Incredible
11. Nastee Boi – Save It
12. Krissi B – Grrrrrr
13. TRC – I Just (Dub)
14. Chronicle – I Feel You (DJ Nition Special) 
15. Nay Nay – Im On It VIP
16. Retro & Nition – Never Say Never
17. Nastee Boi feat MC Bonez – Roll Like That

See, I told you that the tracklist does look gorgeous. It’s nice to see and hear their own productions and remixes in it aswel, and before you all get hyped up too much, you should press play and download it at the same time.

The mix is rather excellent, and even though there are a couple of small errors (mixing into the next track does go slightly bonkers sometimes), it’s a good mix. A nice and calm mix, one mix you really should embrace.

The best track in this mix? Oh, that’s a difficult one, but I have to choose ‘Never Say Never’. Such a wicked track, good vocals, nicely balanced track by Retro & Nition. They are on fire.

A solid mix, with excellent tracks in it. Carefully selected by Retro & Nition. A good first instalment, can’t wait for the second instalment.

Damn, I can’t get ‘Call Me Maybe’ out of my head. Arrrrghhh.


jerOO – 2015 Muthafuckaaaaz


DJ: jerOO
Genre/Style: Dubstep, Grime
Mix Info: 2015 Muthafuckaaaaz
Length Mix: 01:07:20
Tracks: 42 (fourty-two)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 154 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: jerOO – Soundcloud Page

jerOO is back! Finally, after several months of sheer silence, the man is back. TCD’s most favourite Grime/Dubstep DJ. And his first mix of 2015 is a good one, and it’s called ‘2015 MuthaFuckaaaaaz’.Yes, it’s not going to be a pleasant mix, it’s going to be as hard and tough as usual, and again he delivers an awesome mix with many tracks fitted in a short period of time, it’s unbelievable that every mix he has made, you can never find an error. It’s one continuous flow of Dubstep, and I’m liking it a lot.

The last mix I’ve reviewed.. pfew, that’s a long time ago. After 5 months of silence he’s back, and this mix is banging as usual. He plays only the finest and darkest Dubstep tunes out there, seemlessly and perfectly. jerOO has got an unusual feature I don’t hear too often: his mixes are perfect! So many tracks crammed into a 67 minute mix, unbelievable. That’s talent, ladies and gentlemen. This mix is no exception, if you compare it to his previous mixes, and even though he has mixed so many tracks that I’ve never heard of, he keeps you (the listener) bouncing up and down. Or as they would like to say “skanking”. Is that correctly used? I’m not familiar with that word, never used it in my life before, but it seems acceptable to use it in this review.

Most of the tracklist and artists I’ve never heard of before, and those I know I’ve seen before in jerOO’s mixes, nowhere else. But you can expect an excellent mix, dark and edgy Dubstep. If you don’t like the commercial side of Dubstep, make sure you download this mix right now, because it’s filled with underrated anthems.


01. Midnight Tyrannosaurus – The Dark Monarch
02. Antikz – Chrome Smokers
03. AD – Purgatory
04. Quaro – Summon
05. Sadhu – They’re Gonna Be There
06. Abstrakt Sonance – Not Down (Roadsbeef Remix) 
07. Dubfreq feat Lazer Leng – Mad Ting
08. Mowbz x Lordz – 1991 Royals
09. Roadsbeef – Milch & Sugar
10. ENiGMA Dubz – Isolated
11. Jhene Aiko – The Worst (Truth Remix) 
12. Quaro – Nidra
13. Quaro – Psion
14. ENiGMA Dubz – Night Train
15. Soberts x Siege – Hara-Kiri
16. SkintDisco – Jack It
17. Dubamine – OG
18. Duckem – Nous
19. Depth One & RSK – Unbound
20. Crowell x Bommer – Critical Levelz (Ecto Remix) 
21. SkintDisco x Machina – Dr Suesss
22. Bommer x Cromwell – Nah Nah (Hesh Remix) 
23. Leakr – Turn Up
24. Distinct & Aero – Suck It Easy
25. JAM PRD – Stand Tall
26. MuK – Flesh VIP
27. BadKlaat – Insects VIP
28. Le Lion – Embrace
29. Standard Procedure – Babylon Shall Fall VIP
30. Ponicz & pOgman – Marshes
31. Mr Boogie & Megalodon – Power Tools
32. BadKlaat – Buh Skank (Bassclash Mashup) 
33. SkintDisco – Machine Man (2014 VIP) 
34. Orien – Electromagnetic
35. Bloodthinnerz – Bloodskank
36. ENiGMA Dubz – Haze
37. Proxima – Turbulent Skies
38. Aftee – Standard
39. AD – Juice
40. Fish Fingers – Home Invasion
41. Joedan & Styn – Untitled
42. Skinzman & Robz – Oh Jah

See, I don’t know any of these tracks, never heard of them before. I wonder how jerOO finds them? Wherever he finds them, you all should go there too, and buy/download these badboys too. Damn, they are good. Each and every one of them!

In this mix he added a lot of free tracks. So another treat for you, if you know where you can get them from. A lot of these tracks are free, as you can see if you are on jerOO’s Soundcloud. Ask the man where he got them from, because the tracks are all solid, solid as a rock. Nah, not a rock, more like a diamond.

I can not say that this mix has got a dull moment in it. This mix is excellent! Excellent as usual. Such an underrated DJ. Up and coming DJs should learn from this, jerOO is the man. He always delivers, and never disappoints. And that’s why he’s TCD’s most favourite Dubstep/Grime DJ.

One nasty mix. A pleasant mix to start the week with.