• Angerfist – Live At Masters Of Hardcore 2015

    Masters of Hardcore only took place a couple of days ago, and already you can find a liveset on one of the world’s greatest sites, Soundcloud. The first set (that I’ve noticed) was Angerfist’s set, which only lasted 30 minutes, but if you do know Angerfist, 30 minutes are long enough for him/them to destroy

  • Hugh Laurie – Let Them Talk (2011)

    If you don’t have a clue who Hugh Laurie is, you need to reconsider your place on Earth. He’s one of the most succesful British actors ever, who played House M.D in a show with the same title. Alongside Stephen Fry and other Cambridge Footlights artists he started in the early 80s, and since then

    Hugh Laurie
  • Dyzphazia – HTID Concept Freeform Competition Winner (2015)

    On the 4th of April there’s only one place you can be, and that is in Bristol. In a club called Motion, to be precise. HTID presents Concept, and if you haven’t purchased tickets yet, you are probably too late (or not!?). This event is a sell out, and if you look at the line-up,

    HTID Concept
  • Promo @ Hardcore Alliance 2015

    Where were you on the 14th of March?  Were you in Utrecht? If so, you must have had a wicked night. Hardcore Alliance took place at the Central Studios, and three areas were filled with the finest artists, such as Re-Style, Tha Playah, Ophidian & Ruffneck, Neophyte, Frantic Freak (7 hour solo), Nosferatu , Enzyme

  • RAMiami 2015 Minimix

    A new album has been released a couple of days ago, which is called ‘RAM Miami – Drum & Bass 2015′. Already a highly anticipated album, and if you are unaware of what album I am talking about, RAM Records uploaded a minimix to get everyone excited. A short minimix, containing 28 of the 29 tracks

  • Who’s Got The Stamina?! – Volume One (2015)

    2 days ago I went on the internet, and after browsing for a short while, I realised I didn’t buy the biggest album of the year yet! A couple of weeks ago this album was released, and the sales are going well. I had to be quick, because I didn’t want to miss the biggest

    Who's Got The Stamina?!