• This Is Hardcore! – Operation #TiH (2015)

    It’s been 2, nearly 3 years since we last were amazed by a new phenomena on Facebook/Youtube. A video emerged, obviously focussed on the harder styles, but what was it? We were guessing, anticipating, and after a couple of days we were rewarded with a free album, which had 21 free tracks on it. In

  • Drokz – DROKZ015 “Back Up For My Back Up EP” (2015)

    Drokz is a legend. I’ve said it before, and I will keep saying it time and time again. He’s a legend within the Hardcore/Terror scene, and since he first emerged into the Hardcore/Terror scene, he has dominated everything. With performances everywhere on God’s given globe, this man puts the Terror music on the map. A

  • Bass-D – Hardcore Slam (Bass-D 42nd Bday Megamix) (2015)

    This weekend the only city you need to be in, is Almere. On the 18th of April Bass-D is celebrating his 42nd birthday alongside a couple of his friends. Their intentions? To destroy the dancefloor. And obviously making sure that Bass-D will have a fantastic birthday. 27 years behind the decks is quite the achievement,

  • Kap Slap – Spring Break Mix 2015

    If you are not American, and you are unaware what Spring Break is, you might want to Google it (like I did). It’s one week off for students. Celebrated in the United States, Canada, Japan, Korea and China, but mostly known to be an American holiday. Many students go to well known places such as

    Kap Slap - Spring Break Mix 2015
  • Armin van Buuren – Live @ Ultra Music Festival 2015 (Miami)

    Go on the world wide web, and you will find a lot of people still talking about Ultra Music Festival. It happened a couple of weeks ago in a sunny Miami, and according to those who went, it was amazing. If you are near a computer, you can witness several videos, and see how each

    Ultra Music Festival
  • Calvin Harris – Live At EDC Las Vegas 2014

    If you haven’t been near a computer for at least a month or six, I do understand that you are not aware that there’s a wonderful liveset on Soundcloud by the legendary Calvin Harris, which was recorded at EDC Las Vegas last year. Over 4 million listeners already, this is probably one of the most

    Calvin Harris EDC Las Vegas 2014