• Miss K8 & Nosferatu At Fantasy Island 2015

    On the 23rd of May there was a huge festival in Enschede, called ‘Fantasy Island Festival’. With a killer line-up, it must have sold out completely. On Partyflock (as usual) many ravers can comment afterwards, and give the event a grade, from very bad to very good. This festival was graded very good, but again,

    Miss K8 & Nosferatu at Fantasy Island Festival 2015
  • Brainpower – Nothing (2015)

    I reckon most of you lot won’t have a clue who MC Brianpower is. I think you’ve got to be Dutch or Belgian to know who he is. A famous MC/rapper, who had several hits in the Dutch top 40, like ‘Dansplaat’, ‘Non Stop’, ‘Boks Ouwe’, ‘Voel De Vibe’, and the list goes on and

  • Hardwell Live @ Ultra 2015

    There’s no doubt that you are all aware who Hardwell is, and that he has been number 1 DJ for the last two years. Hardwell has taken over the world by storm with his music. He has released many albums, many singles, and much more. This man has been on fire since the late noughties,

    hardwell Live @ Ultra 2015
  • Dave Castellano & DJFatSteve Production Showcase Mix 2015

    How long has it been since we last heard or seen a Dave Castellano & FatSteve mix? Longer than a year ago, I reckon. It’s been way too long, and after I scrolled through my feed on Soundcloud, a smile emerged out of nowhere, seeing as there was this mix made by Dave Castellano and

    Rusty Records
  • DJ Riko Interview (2015)

      This time we have the honour to speak to the man behind the legendary Contagious Records, the man who gave us 2 free albums filled with Powerstomp tunes, the man who loves, breathes and is Powerstomp. His name? Riko! Let’s see if we can get him to answer the weirdest questions he has ever

    dj riko
  • Absolute Mix #13, By DJ AniMe (2015)

    I think I spend way too much time on Soundcloud. There’s no time of the day I haven’t been browsing the world wide for music. This morning, at stupid o’clock, I went on a quest to find new music again, and I found it. A brand new ‘Absolute Mix’ by DJ AniMe, which is up

    Absolute Mix #13 By AniMe