• ATTLAS – After Hours Mix (2015)

    The other day I was on Soundcloud (as usual), and someone reposted a mix by someone called ATTLAS. A mysterious picture drew my attention, and the unusual tracklist also drew my attention. One click after seeing the tracklist and my whole world changed! I have never heard of ATTLAS before, but this man is a

  • Scott Attrill ‘Live In Sydney’ (2012)

    Sometimes you go online and look for absolutely nothing, but once you’ve done that, the world wide web becomes boring, and you decide to look for awesome new music. A challenge from time to time, so when I spotted a ‘liked’ mix on Soundcloud and ‘reposted’ mix, I decided to listen to it. 3 years

  • HU, HTID USA & Lethal Theory Kickstarter Campaign (2015)

    Hardcore Underground, Lethal Theory and HTID USA need your help! But why, you might wonder?! Well, if you haven’t been online for a couple of days you have missed one of the most shared Kickstarter campaigns in UK Hardcore history. Joey Riot and Fracus’ video took over Facebook and Twitter, in which they explain their

  • Rotterdam Terror Corps – In The Energiehal Mix (1999)

    Rotterdam Terror Corps. If you have never heard of them before, I wonder on which planet you have been living. Legendary act since 1993, who dominated the 90s and the early 00s with their music and their livesets. Mostly known for their music, they’ve released many albums and giftboxes in the past, and still are

  • Al Storm Presents 24/7 Hardcore – The 100 Series (2015)

    A couple of months ago Al Storm released yet another new CD, which is called ‘Al Storm Presents 24/7 Hardcore – The 100 Series’. It’s his second CD in a year or so: last year he released ‘Dark Shadows’, which was an amazing album. So when news emerged that he was going to release yet