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ATTLAS – After Hours Mix (2015)

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The other day I was on Soundcloud (as usual), and someone reposted a mix by someone called ATTLAS. A mysterious picture drew my attention, and the unusual tracklist also drew my attention. One click after seeing the tracklist and my whole world changed! I have never heard of ATTLAS before, but this man is a new name in my personal favourite artists list. But who this man is, was a complete mystery to me. I had to search for him online, and found tiny bits relevant to the artist. People assumed that it was a side project of Deadmau5, but during Pete Tong’s show it became clear that the man behind this mysterious project isn’t Deadmau5 at all. More information isn’t available, this man is a complete mystery. Curious.

His mixes and tracks are well received and much played on Soundcloud, but it seems that he burst into the EDM scene not so long ago. His first two EPs have been released on Mau5trap Recordings, which obviously means that he’s an excellent producer. Only the finest artists release stuff on Mau5trap. I simply can’t believe that I have never heard of this man before. I should have, shouldn’t I? His latest mix on Soundcloud was the reason I did my research, and if I’m brutally honest, this is one mix that will go into the history books as one of the finest mixes of 2015.

This is a mix you should listen to, before you die. It’s one of those underrated mixes, it’s strength is unbelievable. The impact it has is undescribable. Beautiful from the start, breathtakingly beautiful. Don’t know what you will do with your life if you haven’t listened to this mix already. What’s the point in life if you can’t embrace one of the best mixes of 2015? One minor issue: this mix isn’t downloadable. And that’s a shame, because I want to hear this mix over and over again. It’s THAT good! But the main reason why this isn’t downloadable is because there are a few of his tracks in there of his latest EPs. Don’t let this bother you, let Soundcloud play this mix for you, and you will understand why some say that hearing music is ‘like heaven on earth’. This is beautiful.


01. Synkro – Changes
02. ATTLAS – Rasor
03. Chopin – Nocturne In C#
04. Plastikman – EXpand (Tale Of Us Remix) 
05. Nils Frahm – Peter (Max Cooper Remix) 
06. Djrum – Plantain
07. ATTLAS – Lighthouse
08. Nils Frahm – More
09. ATTLAS – Beside
10. Cazzette – Sleepless (Project Thiel Remix) 
11. Cosmin TRG – Vertigo (Tale Of Us & Fango Remix) 
12. Boards Of Canada – Uritual
13. Riyal Consoles – Recovery
14. ATTLAS x Aphex Twin – Make A Baby
15. Max Cooper & Tom Hodge – Remnants (Hunter/Game Remix) 
16. Kiasmos – Driven
17. Rebekah Del Rio – Llordano
18. Djrum – Mountains pt. 2 & 3
19. ATTLAS – ????
20. Rihanna – Bitch Better Have My Money (ATTLAS Remix) 

You do not realise how great this mix is, until you’ve pressed play. This is a mystical and powerful mix. As I said it’s breathtakingly beautiful, and it will leave you speechless.

It has a nice blend, from the lighter to the darker side of House. This is exactly what I was looking for. A lot of break down sections, which are also a nice and pleasant welcome. Not many artists add that into their mixes, but ATTLAS has, and the result is a mind blowing mix. I can’t explain it to you exactly what it is that took my breath away, but you will experience it shortly too. Press play and witness it for yourself.

ATTLAS is one of those names you should write down in your ‘Hello Kitty’ diary. This man is the future, and during the present day he takes the past sound of House and makes it much more beautiful. You will experiences feelings you weren’t expecting, like happiness and sadness. Such a mellow but tasty mix, this has to be one of the finest mixes of not 2015, but ever made! I still don’t know a lot about ATTLAS, but this man deserves a follow. His makes touches hearts, and this mix does exactly that and more.

Beautiful music. Emotional stuff. One of the finest mixes ever made.


Genre/Style: Progressive House, Dance, EDM
Mix Info: After Hours Mix
Length Mix: 00:40:14
Tracks: 20 (twenty)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: ATTLAS – Official Website

The Future State Hardcore Show Podcast EP 2 – Fracus & Darwin and Ken Masters (2015)

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2 months ago, Ken Masters and Future State Hardcore announced that there was going to be a new podcast series in town, called ‘The Future State Hardcore Show’. The first instalment had DJ Sc@r as a guest, and the mix was well received. Don’t know why I didn’t review that one, but if you want, you can still find the mix/podcast on FSH’s Soundcloud page. 2 days ago the second instalment was released, and this time he asked Fracus & Darwin if they could make a guestmix. Two of the finest producers out there alongside Ken Masters, who doesn’t want to hear that?

FSH as a label is doing rather well. The first free album was released many months ago, and if you were happy with the tunes on it and the mixes, make sure you check their website out in September, because there will be yet another free album for us all to enjoy! Until then you can listen to what Fracus, Darwin and Ken Masters have to offer.

None of the three DJs need to be introduced. Fracus and Darwin are well known in the world of UK Hardcore, and Ken Masters is the main man behind FSH. So what can we expect from this second instalment of the FSH podcast series? The first bit is Ken Masters behind the decks, and the second bit Fracus and Darwin. Some tracks in Ken’s section are on the upcoming album, and some of Fracus and Darwin’s tracks will appear on their next artist album and/or Hardcore Underground volume 7. Expect the finest tunes mixed by three of the finest producers/DJs the scene has got to offer.

Tracklist would come in handy, so here it is!


Ken Masters Intro Mix (FSH V2 Showcase) 
01. Dys7 – Neon
02. Hotchkiss & Skratchy – The Protocol
03. Influx feat Naomi Gibson – I’ll Be With You
04. Influx – Drop The Bass
05. Sc@r – One Night In Belgium

Fracus & Darwin Guest Mix (HU Upfront Showcase) 
01. RedMoon & Meron Ryan – Heavyweight (Fracus & Darwin Remix) 
02. Bass Selective vs Fracus & Darwin – Blow Out Pt. 4
03. Entity – Something To Say
04. Fracus & Darwin feat Drew Flanagan – Only One Of Me (Hardcore Mix) 
05. RedMoon & Meron Ryan – Never Let Go (Fracus & Darwin Remix) 
06. Fracus & Darwin – Music’s Hypnotising
07. Fracus & Darwin – Heart On Fire
08. Fracus & Darwin vs Michael Mansion – Loved Again
09. Fracus & Darwin feat Jenna – Believe In Something
10. Fracus & Darwin – Start Again 2015
11. Fracus & Darwin feat Poison Rain – No Dark Clouds

As usual, they have selected only the finest tunes. A wicked tracklist, a wicked mix. FSH show episode number 2 is one you need to listen to, and download right now!

Ken Masters has picked a few tracks which will be released on his free album, and one track which has been released today. A nice selection of anthems. He starts with a few nice UK Hardcore slammers and ends with a Gabber track by Sc@r. Loving the vibes it creates. Fracus and Darwin’s section is excellent, carefully selected and well mixed together. As I said before, you will be able to buy these tracks on forthcoming albums, so if you like their section, make sure you check out the Hardcore Underground store in the near future, because there will be releases you want to spend your money on. HU7 is one of those albums you want to have, like many others.

Best track? I love the RedMoon and Meron Ryan tracks. Every time Fracus and Darwin make a remix, it does become an instant hit! But name one track in this mix which isn’t good? It’s not possible, Fracus and Darwin always select the finest tracks, made by themselves or remixed by themselves, and as we know, these two are legendary producers, and they use their knowledge to make each track work.

Ken Masters’ section is a bit more diverse, and in his section the Sc@r track is the one that makes me moist the most. Why? Well, the track has been around for many months/years, and it has appeared in many mixes, so the track is well known to me, and the first time I heard it, I fell in love with it.

A wicked podcast series. Worth your time. An hour of eargasms, an hour of music heaven. If you love UK Hardcore, this is your cup of tea. This will not disappoint you. Ken, Fracus and Darwin have made a wicked podcast, which can only get the score I’ve been giving out a lot lately…. 5 out of 5 stars. Why? Well, just listen to it and you will know!


DJs: Fracus & Darwin, Ken Masters
Genre/Style: Happy Hardcore, UK Hardcore, Hardcore Techno
Mix Info: The Future State Hardcore Show Episode 2
Length Mix: 01:01:49
Tracks: 16 (sixteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 141 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Future State Hardcore / Fracus & Darwin – Facebook Page

Scott Attrill ‘Live In Sydney’ (2012)

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Sometimes you go online and look for absolutely nothing, but once you’ve done that, the world wide web becomes boring, and you decide to look for awesome new music. A challenge from time to time, so when I spotted a ‘liked’ mix on Soundcloud and ‘reposted’ mix, I decided to listen to it. 3 years old, still sounding fresh. So it ain’t technically new, but still awesome. The mix is done by Scott Attrill a.k.a. Vinylgroover, and it’s his ‘Live In Sydney’ mix. Or as he said it “a snapshot from my DJ mix in Sydney (Australia)”. If you were looking for an awesome mix, look no further, I think you’ve found it. Unless you don’t like Hard House. If you don’t, why are you on this page?

Scott Attrill, a name I’ve seen before, but never knew who he was, is a UK based DJ who makes awesome music. His Facebook page has got some information, but not updated, so I can’t tell what he does at the moment, only what he did 5 years ago. But his music has been accepted and hailed at by many fellow artists and labels and magazines, and not only is his music good, he knows a thing or two when it comes to mixing. When he made this mix back in 2012, he selected the finest tunes and mixed them together beautifully. Flawless, errorless… and the tracks he picked are all wicked! Can’t believe they are already 3 years old, I thought some were only released a year ago! The music is good, the mix is good. but I think it’s about time you see the tracklist!


01. Hardwell & Showtek – How We Do
02. Joe Rogers – This Won’t Stop
03. Antolini & Montorsi – Warriors (Dubmix Hard Progress Mix) 
04. Anne Savage, Vinylgroover & Red Hed – The Pod (Scott Attrill ‘Stripped’ Mix) 
05. Organ Donors – 212
06. Adukuf – White Beach (StipE Remix) 
07. Antolini & Montorsi – Believe (Elektro Mix) 
08. Leon Clarke – That Noize
09. StripE – Red Face Sausage
10. Scott Attrill – Slammer
11. Generator – DJ Saved My Life
12. Digital Mafia & Scott Fo-Shaw – The Calling
13. Scott Attrill – Girls Love Techno
14. Vinylgroover & Red Hed – Everlasting (Scott Attrill Remix) 
15. BK & Vinylgroover – Microwave 2012
16. Generator – Sticky Fingers

A fine selection of tracks! Scott knows what to select, to get the people hyped up. This is one amazing tracklist, and you have to pinch yourself at least once, to realise that these tracks are a few years old! Time does fly by when the music is good, doesn’t it?

The mix starts off with an excellent track, and continues with excellent track after track. I don’t think that he could have put more awesome tracks in here, there are 16 dancefloor smashing tracks in here. This is such a wicked mix, I can’t stop listening to it. But you obviously want to know which one is the best? Oh, difficult question, there are so many great anthems in here. I would say 16 tracks are my favourite. Even ‘DJ Saved My Life’, a track which has the overused lyrics of an old track by someone I can’t remember the name of. Normally I dislike tracks which have ‘old’ and well known lyrics in it, but this one seems to work well.

If you listen to what Scott Attrill has mixed together, your day will be better, trust me. This is an excellent mix, which will turn your boring day upside down. And if you are interested in what Scott Attrill can do in his studio (production wise), you can hear several of his own productions and remixes, and they are absolutely amazing!

I’m addicted. I’m hooked. And amazed. Why did it take me three years to find this mix? Already one of my favourite Hard Dance mixes of all time!


DJ: Scott Attrill
Genre/Style: Hard Trance, Hard Techno, Electro, Hard Dance, Elektrik House
Mix Info: ‘Live In Sydney’ – Mixed By Scott Attrill 2012
Length Mix: 01:06:15
Tracks: 16 (sixteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 151 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Scott Attrill – Facebook Fanpage

HU, HTID USA & Lethal Theory Kickstarter Campaign (2015)

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Hardcore Underground, Lethal Theory and HTID USA need your help! But why, you might wonder?! Well, if you haven’t been online for a couple of days you have missed one of the most shared Kickstarter campaigns in UK Hardcore history. Joey Riot and Fracus’ video took over Facebook and Twitter, in which they explain their campaign, and why they need our help. It’s an ambitious project, it has to be said, but a unique one too, one never seen or done before. And without HU/LT/HTID fans they are unable to achieve what they want to do, which is to make history at the next HTID USA event, which is going to be held in Phoenix. 

You might wonder what it is that you need to do. Well, basicly you need to pledge money towards this project. They need our money to make a high quality video of the event, and of the two sets by Joey Riot and Fracus & Darwin. If you look at most event videos the quality is alright, but not superb. And at the next event they want to capture the atmosphere and basically everything else that makes a HTID event so special. And once the night is over, sell it on Blu-Ray/DVD. But if you pledge enough money to make this project a success, you will get a copy because you are awesome (and made this project happen).

They want to film at HTID USA everything in HD quality. But does that mean you have to go to the actual event to become part of this mind blowing project? Nope, you don’t need to at all. Would be a nice gesture if you are capable to rave the night away, but if you don’t live in the States and it’s a bit too pricey to fly over, you can also be part of this. You will be able to see what happens at a big rave (if you haven’t been to one before) and for once it will all be in high quality. Is there a catch, a hidden secret we don’t know? Not at all, on their Kickstarter page they’ve explained the whole project to the max, and even after the page was created and people had questions regarding the money bit, they’ve updated the page. So don’t worry, they will share every bit of info, to make this work.

But there must be another reason why they’ve started this campaign?! Yes, there is. To let the world know what UK Hardcore is and what it does to ravers and what goes on at a rave. They want the world to acknowledge Hardcore music, and deliver proof in quality footage. TV and radio have denied our existentce for many years, but it’s time for the world to witness the strength of our community. PLUR are the four letters that keep our scene alive, and with this project we are able to proof that UK Hardcore is a force to reckon. And to have 2 DJ sets by three legendary DJs on the DVD/Blu Ray aswel, it will only make the world embrace the scene. Who else would be capable to show how awesome our scene is? Joey Riot, Fracus and Darwin are perfect to represent the scene!

So what do we need to do? Pledge as much as you can. As much as you want. If they reach their first targer (which is 7,500 pounds) they are able to start this project. But there are two other targets to reach, one is 10,000 pounds and the other 12,500 pounds. The added picture will explain what you get. For example, if you donate/pledge 15 pounds you will get the DVD/Blu Ray. If you pledge 75 pounds you get audio CDs, collectors boxset, name in the credits, and the discs are signed by the DJs. Add 25 pounds and you will receive a signed HTID USA poster. It’s straight forward, it ain’t difficult. See what your money can get you.


They’ve already reached 5,409 pounds in a couple of days, and the Kickstarter campaign is still active for 26 days, so if you want to make this happen, you can help them out.

Everything is explained on the page, and if you have got more questions, you can contact them via the Kickstarter page. It’s that simple.

This can only happen if we all interact. The project only happens if the first target is reached, and the date that it has to be reached at is the 2nd of September. So hurry up, pledge! Without us they can’t make UK Hardcore history.

If you are still not sure what this is all about, go to the Kickstarter campaign page, and Fracus and Joey Riot will explain it, in a short video. Also there’s a section underneath the video which explains everything about this project. Let’s all make this project worth while, and share this campaign with all your friends, family and those who matter. It’s essential to make this project work, because nothing like this has ever happened, and nothing this grand will happen to the scene for a long while. The two biggest labels have joined forces and with them behind the project it will become a success, and the result is going to be awesome. But they still need the ravers, us!

Wouldn’t you want to be part of something never done before? Like, share and make it happen!

Rotterdam Terror Corps – In The Energiehal Mix (1999)

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Rotterdam Terror Corps. If you have never heard of them before, I wonder on which planet you have been living. Legendary act since 1993, who dominated the 90s and the early 00s with their music and their livesets. Mostly known for their music, they’ve released many albums and giftboxes in the past, and still are going strong, performing wherever they want to hear RTC. And there aren’t many places where they don’t play, the masses are addicted to RTC. Like myself. A huge fan since the early days, since they started releasing their music on the legendary label Megarave Records I became a fan. Don’t ask me why, but their music always appealed to me a lot.

RTC are still going strong. With only one member being the original member since day one, it doesn’t mean that they’ve lost their passion, their dedication and their fearsomeness. The music has been awesome for years, and they keep on releasing stuff. Who said that Hardcore would not surpass the 90s? RTC and many other DJs have proved again and again that Hardcore isn’t music, it’s a way of living. And after finding this short but memorable mix on Soundcloud, it has become clear to me that the 90s flew by! I was way too young to go to events during the beginning of the 90s, but catched up towards the end, but it was too late: one of the most legendary places where ravers/gabbers went to, to experience Hardcore to the max was the legendary Energiehal. It hosted many events such as ‘A Nightmare In Rotterdam’, ‘Terrordome’, ‘Eurorave’ and the most famous one of them all: ‘Megarave’. Megarave in 1999 was the last event held in the Energiehal, and after the event took place, the building was removed to become a carpark. How unusual, eh?

Rotterdam Terror Corps performed there, alongside artists such as Paul Elstak, Mad-E-Fact, Darkraver, Dana, Panic, Neophyte and the list goes on and on. Known for their awesome sound system, the last event was memorable, and those who have been to the Energiehal during the 90s all talk about how wicked it was. It’s part of the Hardcore scene, our culture and our history. To promote the last event at the Energiehal RTC made a promo mix back in 1999, which is only 12 minutes long, but it throws a punch at you. Back in 1999 they dominated the scene, and even in 2015 this mix is an awesome showcase of how good RTC is. Their music is timeless. They might have changed their crew members, but they still cause mayhem on the dancefloors.


01. Rotterdam Terror Corps – We’re Gonna Blow Your Mind
02. Rotterdam Terror Corps – The Horror
03. Rotterdam Terror Corps – We Are The Gabbers
04. Rotterdam Terror Corps – Sound Of Madness
05. Rotterdam Terror Corps – Hardcore Motherfuckers

A short but powerful tracklist. 5 reasons why you should listen to this minimix! Sadly you can’t download it, but that doesn’t affect our love for RTC. Keep pressing play on Soundcloud again and again, and you will have a happy day! Trust me, you will!

Each track was and still is a dancefloor smasher. It doesn’t matter if there are extremely sexy and naked ladies on stage, and that they’ve got a wicked fireshow, and lasers penetrating your skull: once you hear a classic RTC track from the 90s, the Nikes will hit the floor constantly and won’t stop. Blisters will emerge during the rave on your feet, and you will be temperarily deaf. But we take that for granted, because the music is excellent!

Two tracks stand out from the other 3. ‘We’re Gonna Blow Your Mind’ and ‘Sound Of Madness’. They are so f**king awesome. Just what I wanted to hear right now, and hearing these tracks, they take me back to the 90s when I raved the nights and days away. I was such a fan, I bought shirts and CDs, and I regret giving my RTC CDs away to people who never returned them to me again. I might go on a hunt for those oldskool albums, albums which were stolen from me! Damn my ignorance, should have kept them. One copy still remains in my possession, but it’s heavily ruined. Scratched surface. Damn you RTC for making the music too damn good!

RTC were and still are on fire. This mix proves my point. This might be 16 years old, still sounds fresh as a daisy! Want to go back to the good ol’ days? Press play and you will instantly return to 1999. And which raver doesn’t want to go back to 1999?


Act: Rotterdam Terror Corps
Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Hardcore Techno, Rotterdam Hardcore
Mix Info: Minimix made for Megarave ’99
Length Mix: 00:11:53
Tracks: 5 (five)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Rotterdam Terror Corps – Facebook Fanpage

Al Storm Presents 24/7 Hardcore – The 100 Series (2015)

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A couple of months ago Al Storm released yet another new CD, which is called ‘Al Storm Presents 24/7 Hardcore – The 100 Series’. It’s his second CD in a year or so: last year he released ‘Dark Shadows’, which was an amazing album. So when news emerged that he was going to release yet another album, many jumped high up into the sky, because they (and everyone) knows that when Al Storm does something, he does it properly. You might know him by his most known alias Al Storm, or you might know his alter egos (other aliases): Alex Taylor, Black & White, Deadman, Dirty Chopper, Eat Rave, etc. If the name Al Storm is new to you, let this wonderful disc be your introduction to his wonderful world, and his own label (24/7 Hardcore).

Al Storm is the man behind the legendary 24/7 Hardcore label, and to celebrate their 100th release, their 12 most succesful and most desired tracks can be found on this first instalment. There will be more volumes, so keep your eyes open. Or if you can’t wait, why not purchase one of 24/7 Hardcore tracks? More information on how to purchase these tracks can be found on his Soundcloud page, or his own website. Or you can wait until the second instalment, buy this first one, and go bananas?! I would, if I were you, go to Hardcore Underground’s store and get this masterpiece right now. For around 11 pounds you get an album which is dedicated to UK Hardcore’s finest labels, and one of UK Hardcore’s finest producers, Al Storm.

Not only can you find tracks by the main man himself, but he has collaborated with several famous UK Hardcore producers, or his tracks have been remixed by well known names. This disc is a showcase to Al Storm’s greatness, this is proof that he keeps the scene alive with his music. But is the music any good? Is it worth your 11 pounds? A quick answer to that question: yes. If you are a UK Hardcore fan, this is a must have, it’s the equivalent of buying the most expensive watch. High quality, and worth every penny. It’s not as expensive as a watch, but still quality. Quality over quantity.

The tracklist is amazing! Check it out!


01. Al Storm & Euphony feat Danielle – Breathe (Scott Brown Remix) 
02. Bang! vs Al Storm feat Niki Mak – Breakin’ Thru (DJ Shimamura Remix) 
03. Al Storm feat Taya – Stars Collide (B-Man & Gisbo Remix) 
04. Al Storm – Dirtbox (Alex Prospect Mix) 
05. Black & White – 2 Bad, 2 Rude (Al Storm Mix) 
06. Al Storm & Rampant feat Taya – A Place For Us (The Big Kick Mix) 
07. Sy & Al Storm – Haunted (M-Project Remix) 
08. Alan Aztec feat Gemma Macleod – Talk To Me (Al Storm Remix) 
09. Seduction & Al Storm – Won’t Forget You (Dave Castellano & FatSteve Remix) 
10. Al Storm – Jumpin’ (Transcend & Cyrax Remix) 
11. Al Storm & Euphony – Taste The Silence (Raver Baby Revival Mix) 
12. Kutski & Eat Rave – Original Muffin (Radiokillaz Remix) 

This is an immense looking tracklist, but once you’ve heard this track, they grab you and won’t let you go! Immense strength behind each track. I’ve just noticed that every track is a remix lol. How dumb am I? I reckon this first instalment is all about the most succesful remixes of Al Storm tracks.

Al Storm is a legend, and we all love him for his dedication to the music. Since I first saw him live at Uproar – Summer Sounds back in 2011, I fell in love with his music. I did knew his music before the event, but I never knew they were dancefloor smashers, each and every one of them. So whatever he releases, is basically good. This man brings back the smile in the rave scene, and is such an underrated producer. Hopefully with this release many will realise that the biggest superstar in the UK Hardcore is Al Storm!

12 amazing tracks, but which track was the best? Well, to me it’s the remix of ‘Jumpin” by Transcend and Cyrax. Whatever they touch, turns into gold! Their track is the hardest and dopest track on this compilation, and one of 12 reasons why you should check out this album. ‘Dirtbox’ is also one of my favourite tracks, so extremely catchy. I swear, if you hear this track only once today, the bouncyness won’t leave your head.

This is an album Al Storm should be proud of. And I think he is. Why else would he reveal a second instalment? I would urge each and every raver to go to Hardcore Underground’s store and purchase a copy, before they are sold out. Each track has been made and remixed by legendary artists in the UK Hardcore scene and have been released on one of UK Hardcore’s finest labels, 24/7 Hardcore. Support the scene, support the artists, support the label, BUY THIS. A piece of UK Hardcore’s history that you need to have.

Al Storm is a God. Did I already mention that? Faithless once said that God is a DJ… well, his artist name is Al Storm!


Artists: Various Artists
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Powerstomp, Freeform, Oldskool
Release Year: 2015
Info: Al Storm Presents 24/7 Hardcore – The 100 Series
CDs: 1 (one)
Length CD: 01:00:19
Tracks: 12
Label: 24/7 Hardcore
Product Number:  247HC100CD-S1
Buy Here: Hardcore Underground Store 
More Information: Al Storm – Facebook Fanpage