• Stamina Records Podcast Episode #008 (2015)

    It has been several months since the last Stamina Records’ podcast, but in all fairness, they have been quite busy with releasing new music, new albums, and performing everywhere. If you go to their website, you can see why they’ve been quite busy, so we accept their apology for not making this a monthly podcast

  • Jason Payne @ Loudfest 2015

    How funny is it to find two Rawstyle sets in one day? Maybe it’s God saying to me to stop listening to other kinds of music and focus on Rawstyle. Well, not a hundred percent sure, but it’s still good to hear new and exciting music through your speakers. Today was an excellent day, if

  • MADHOUZE 3.0 | Promo Mix Bionic Rage (2015)

    On the 10th of October there’s an event called Madhouze 3.0, and if you live near Kerkdriel or have any mode of transportation, you should check this event out. €10,- entry, and a nice looking line-up. One of the artists has uploaded a promo mix a couple of days ago, and his name is Bionic

  • Angerfist @ Defqon.1 Black 2015

    On the 21st of June many ravers went to Defqon.1 and raved the night away. A well established and well respected event many people look out for many months prior to the event, and it’s one of those events the Dutch should be proud of, and many are. Defqon.1 has gone global aswel, and slowely

    Angerfist at Defqon.1 Black 2015
  • Anthems Alive – Team Rocket (2015)

    Soundcloud is probably the biggest platform for music lovers, and if you are in love with UK Hardcore, there’s no other platform as huge as Soundcloud. Hours of fun can be found on it, and only a couple of hours ago Team Rocket uploaded a brand new mix they’ve handed out to people in Sydney,

  • Smiling Corpse & Freeformatted Label Showcase Mix (September 2015)

    On this miserable and rainy day, the only thing you want to do, is sitting on your sofa and having music blasting through your speakers. Now I do have some great news: I’ve found a wonderful mix you should definately listen to, if you do love Freeform music and know the labels Freeformatted and Smiling