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I Love Hard Beats Podcast November 2015

I Love Hard Beats Podcast November 2015

I Love Hard Beats Podcast November 2015

DJs: Laith, Random Act, Ajay
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Freeform, Drum and Bass, Happy Hardcore, Hardstyle
Mix Info: I Love Hard Beats Podcast November 2015
Length Mix: 02:28:22
Tracks: 50 (fifty)
Download/Listen (via hearthis): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE
File Size: 339 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 319kbps
More Information: Hard Beats Collective – Facebook Fanpage

If you haven’t got a clue what the letters in the logo above stand for, you ain’t underground enough. HBC stands for Hard Beats Collective, and they are a collective, focussed on bringing you the finest music. Not only via podcasts but also via their events, but I will talk about that a bit later. For now we should focus on their latest podcast, which was separated in three sections: the first section is filled with Freeform music, carefully mixed by DJ Laith, the second bit was done by Random Act and contains the finest Drum and Bass, and the last bit by Ajay, who decided to play the dopest UK Hardcore. Three awesome styles in one 2 1/2 hour long podcast? We have been waiting for that for ages!

I Love Hard beats have been succesful with organising parties, and if after you’ve heard this podcast you might want to go out and start raving the night away, there’s a treat for us all. On the 5th of February they host another amazing event! It’s been quite a while since we last had an ILHB event, and I went to the first or the second event they’ve hosted, and I’ve got to say that, even though it was small, the atmosphere was immense. Music minded people only, and you can find music everywhere you look. There are no details yet about who will perform, but there’s a sneaky suspicion that the Stamina Man is going to be there. And also DJ Laith, seeing as he’s the main man behind HBC. But more information is not available yet, check out their Facebook fanpage regurarly for more information.

Let’s get back to the mix. There’s a tracklist, and it’s a long one. As I’ve said, it has three sections, the first one is focussed on Freeform, the second on Drum and Bass, and the last on UK Hardcore. Check it out!


DJ Laith Mix: 
01. Technikore & Cyrax – Difference (Aethral Remix) 
02. JD-KiD – This Is Rebuild
03. Douglas – Jonestown (Transcend & Cyrax Remix) 
04. Transcend & Cyrax – Sunset Rainbow (M-Project Remix) 
05. Aryx – Port Of Adia
06. Remane – All I Want
07. Greg Peaks – Deadly Nightmare
08. Transcend & Rikki Arkitech – Live For Today
09. Rikki Arkitech, Douglas & Nick Xero – Hardcore Junkie
10. Alchemist – Parallax

Random Act Mix: 
01. Black Sun Empire, Optiv & BTK – Heartshaped (Original Mix) 
02. Gerra & Stone – Tenfold
03. Rido & Mefjus – Causation (Original Mix) 
04. Fourward – Phase Align
05. Gerra & Stone – Long Game
06. Cod3x – Strangulate (Original Mix) 
07. Endemic – Hurricane (Modulate Remix) 
08. June Miller – From Autumn To Ashes
09. D.R.O.P.S. – Sector (Original Mix) 
10. Gridlok & Prolix – Sociopath (Original Mix) 
11. Cern – Tiamat
12. Alix Perez & Metropolis – Blueprint
13. Cod3x – Undead (Original Mix) 
14. Labs & L 33 – Rawbot (Original Mix) 
15. Gridlok – Fifth Dimension (Original Mix) 
16. Fourward – Streetknowledge (Original Mix) 
17. Dub FX – Back To Basics (James Marvel & Hypoxia Remix) 
18. Athys & Duster – Requiem (feat Backup & Follix)
19. Klute – We R The Ones (Ulterior Motive Remix) 
20. Jazzatron & Neve – Barracuda (Original Mix) 
21. Rawtekk – Photone Recruits (Phace Remix) 
22. Schematic & Rene LaVice – Group Sex
23. Misanthrop & Phace – Nordwant (Original Mix) 

DJ Ajay Mix: 
01. Darren Styles – Qlimax
02. Omegatypes – Take Me High (Gammer & Kutski Remix) 
03. RedMoon feat Meron Ryan – Heavyweight (Fracus & Darwin Remix) 
04. Re-Con – Ignite
05. Paradise – See The Light (Chris Unknown 2015 Remix) 
06. Darren Styles & Chris Unknown – Down Like That
07. Gammer  – >±<
08. State – Make Me Come Alive (Flakee Remix) 
09. Mizel & Wilson – 14 Billion Years
10. ID – ID
11. Bass Selective vs Fracus & Darwin – Blow Out Part 4
12. Code Black & Atmozfears – Accelerate (Darren Styles Edit) 
13. Chris Unknown & Klubfiller – Falling
14. ID – ID
15. Gammer – Red Drink Foam Party
16. Fracus & Darwin feat Pearl Blue – Join Us Now

Wow, so many anthems crammed into one podcast! This is seriously insane, and if you are a music lover, this podcast is the one you need to listen to. HBC are giving us awesome music, and once you’ve pressed the play button, you will be in music heaven for 2 1/2 hours!

Before I continue, there’s one thing that needs to be explained: during the intro bit you can hear the announcer announce the artists, and he announces Double Impact. Now I can’t find a single evidence of Double Impact, according to the added tracklist it’s Random Act. Maybe the same artist?

Anyway, back to the mix. The first bit was done by DJ Laith, and he never disappoints. A wonderful mix, and to me it’s the finest of the three. I love Freeform, me. So many anthems that will stick in your head for days, but the one that stayed with me has got to be Remane’s ‘All I Want’. Beautiful vocals, loving the vibes.

The second bit was done by Random Act/Double Impact… it was done by someone. Really awesome tunes, too many anthems to mention. Dark and edgy, just how I like it.

Ajay took the liberty to do the third mix, and it’s packed with the finest tunes. Two ID-less tracks, I’ve tried to find them out, but I couldn’t. Loving the diversity, and loving the end track a lot. Best track in this mix? Oh, difficult. I think it’s number 14, who made this is unknown. Sounds like a Darren Styles remix? If anyone knows, please let me know, because it’s a smasher!

The podcast is a very succesful one, and to let this one pass is a huge mistake. Download this,and get ready for the next ILHB event. Yes, it’s in February, but you can still get excited. Expect this and more during the night. HBC/ILHB Podcast has got to be the best podcast series out there. We want more!


Next Generation Podcast Episode 31? True or not?

Brisk & Fracus

Brisk & Fracus

Kerkrade, The Netherlands 

Are the rumours true? After the last episode of the Next Generation podcast aired nearly 2 1/2 years ago people were talking about the return of the two legends Brisk and Fracus. Sadly year after year we were waiting in patience for the Next Generation podcast to return, only if it was for a one off. But a couple of days ago Brisk uploaded a picture, which might suggest them being in the studio recording the long awaited 31st episode. 

After the legendary podcast series ended, multiple podcast series took over what they left behind. From the mighty Stamina Records podcast to the outstanding Hardcore Underground podcast and more, we got more and more, but still we missed the banter between Fracus and Brisk. Their achievements together have led up to them winning an award at the Hardcore Awards for ‘Best Podcast’, and if you’ve never heard of them before, you can still listen to them via this website, which is the official Next Generation records website.

Their shows would always start with them playing their tunes in the first section, and the second half would be taken over by one or two  guestmixes, and over the years they’ve had superstar DJs playing, such as Squad-E, Partyraiser, Gammer, Joey Riot, Tha Playah, CLSM, Kevin Energy, Chosen Few, Kurt, Neophyte, Technikore, Predator, Slipmatt, Shimamura, Headbanger, Breeze, Tommyknocker and the list goes on. Inbetween these legendary guestmixes they would play commercials, mostly done by themselves, but persuasive enough for you to think that these products actually excist. Jacques Multiplug, I’m still waiting for my multiplug! Where’s my €15,- ?

If the rumours are true, and it’s not just a picture of them two in the studio doing bugger all, it’s going to be an amazing present from them two to all the fans from all over the globe. Christmas might come early this year, and the biggest surprise might be that we finally get to hear the 31st instalment of the Next Generation podcast. We’ve been waiting a long time, but it’s all going to be worth it. Finally seeing the two masters of Hardcore in the studio makes us all smile.

One DJ taking over the Australian Hardcore scene and the other being succesfull alongside his long time partner Darwin, it’s rare for them to be together in one studio, so let’s pray and hope they do find the time for a new podcast. Or maybe new tunes. Whatever it is they do in the studio, let’s hope the outcome is good. We’ve been waiting for a long time.

Maybe this might lead up to a revival of the podcast series? Maybe do one via Skype? Just a hint. This might be the biggest news we were all waiting for. Is it going to happen?

Let’s get this news heard, and make it a worldwide topic! #nextgenerationpodcast should be in the top 10 Twitter topics!

Where would we Hardcore fans be without Fracus and Brisk? More than 2 years without them was too long for us. Bring them back!

Next Generation Podcast

Next Generation Podcast

Al Storm Presents Dark Shadows 2: The Sequel (2015)

Al Storm Presents Dark Shadows 2: The Sequel (2015)

Al Storm Presents Dark Shadows 2: The Sequel (2015)

Artists: Al Storm & Various Artists
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Powerstomp, Breakbeat, Gabber, Hardstyle
Release Year: 2015
Info: Al Storm Presents Dark Shadows 2: The Sequel
CDs: 2 (two)
Length CDs: 02:32:55
Tracks: 46 (fourty-six)
Label: Hardcore Underground
Product Number: 247HCLP003CD
Buy Here: Hardcore Underground Store
More Information: Al Storm – Facebook Fanpage

Halloween is about to happen. On the 31st many fans of this event will go bananas and dress like they’ve just emerged out of hell, or anywhere similar, and try to get candy from innocent people. Trick or treating, that’s what it’s called. But let me warn you, don’t come to my house, the treats in my house are mine. Halloween isn’t huge over here in the Netherlands, so I shouldn’t worry about being scared to death when I open my door on the 31st. Many people get dressed, and some do something quite unusual: some release an album dedicated to the darkest day of the year. Al Storm did it last year too, when he released ‘Dark Shadows’, and it was a huge success. The tracks on this album were all scary, and if you can remember, a couple of years ago he did a Halloween mix (Tales From The Darkside), which blew my mind away! I reckon that Al likes Halloween a lot.

So what can we expect? An album filled with snippets from ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’, or any other Halloween film? Sounds of limbs being torn off by creatures of the night? Voices from the darkest place known to mankind, hell? Not really, you can expect UK Hardcore with a darker tone, that is all. No need to be scared and hide yourself behind a blanket. For this album he has worked with a lot of well established names such as Alex Prospect, M-Project, Scott Brown, DJ Sy, Shimamura, and the list continues. Or some have remixed classic Al Storm anthems, like Olly P, IYF & Nobody and Bloodsuckerz. And that’s only disc one! On disc 2 you can hear these an more anthems being mixed together beautifully by the main man himself. Again, no need to be afraid, you really should get this album and make this the best Halloween you’ve ever experienced! Al Storm knows exactly how to increase the fun during Halloween!

The tracklist is one you need to see to believe it! This album is seriously good, this is truly an amazing album! But is it Al Storm’s best album so far? Well, continue reading and you will find it out!


CD 1 – Unmixed 
01. Scott Brown meets Al Storm – The Blob!
02. M-Project & Al Storm – The Twilight Zone
03. Al Storm – Bad Dreams (Bush Re-Opened) 
04. Alex Prospect meets Al Storm – Frankenstein!
05. Al Storm – Leatherface (Massacre Mix) 
06. Mob & Al Storm – Poltergeist (Olly P Remix) 
07. DJ Sy meets Al Storm – Haunted (Original Mix) 
08. Darkman – Death’s Waiting Room
09. Al Storm – I Created A Monster (IYF & Nobody Remix) 
10. DJ Shimamura meets Al Storm – Godzilla vs Gigantis!
11. Technikore & JTS meets Al Storm & Weaver – Feeder (2 Minutes Of Hell Mix) 
12. Bananaman & Gisbo – The Dead
13. Al Storm meets IYF & Nobody – Cannibalizm!
14. Black & White – The Awakening
15. Eat Grave – The Dark Stranger (Bloodsuckerz Mix) 
16. Al Storm – Psycho (Masters Of The Flying Guillotine)
17. Chris Fear meets Al Storm – Consumed

CD 2 – Mixed 
01. DJ Shimamura meets Al Storm – Godzilla vs Gigantis!
02. Bananaman & Gisbo – The Dead
03. DJ Shimamura & Al Storm – Exorcism
04. Al Storm meets IYF & Nobody – Cannibalizm!
05. Al Storm – Bad Dreams (Bush Re-Opened) 
06. Chris Fear & Al Storm – Evil Side Of Man
07. Al Storm – Madhouse
08. Al Storm – Trick Or Treat
09. Darkman – Death’s Waiting Room
10. DJ Storm & Blade – Darkzone (CLSM Breaks Into The Grave Mix) 
11. Bananaman meets Al Storm – Nightmare On Blyth Road
12. M-Project & Al Storm – The Twilight Zone
13. Black & White – The Awakening
14. Scott Brown meets Al Storm – The Blob!
15. Al Storm – From The Shadows
16. Al Storm – The Jackal
17. Alex Prospect meets Al Storm – Frankenstein!
18. Al Storm & Euphony – Jack The Ripper
19. Mob & Al Storm – Poltergeist (Olly P Remix) 
20. Technikore & JTS meets Al Storm & Weaver – Feeder (2 Minutes Of Hell Mix) 
21. Fracus & Darwin meets Al Storm – House Of Horrors
22. Al Storm – Werewolf (Dark Shadows VIP Mix) 
23. Kutski & Al Storm – The Grudge (Dirty Chopper Mix)
24. Al Storm – I Created A Monster (IYF & Nobody Remix) 
25. Al Storm – World Of Darkness (JTS Remix) 
26. DJ Sy meets Al Storm – Haunted
27. Al Storm – Leatherface (Massacre Mix) 
28. Al Storm – Psycho (Master Of The Flying Guillotine)
29. Chris Fear meets Al Storm – Consumed

The first disc looks sexy, but the second disc looks even more sexier! How’s that possible?

The first disc has got a few slammers on it, it has to be said! All new tracks, and all unmixed. Quality tunes from the legend himself alongside other well established names, and it’s impossible to understand how Al Storm has made each and every track a dancefloor smasher! It’s like he has found out the secret of being the world’s best and greatest producer.

The second disc contains a DJ mix done by Al Storm himself, and not only includes tracks from the first disc, but also tracks from his previous album, the first volume of ‘Dark Shadows’. Another album you should have in your collection, seeing as it has got Halloween’s finest tunes on it: ‘Madhouse’ and ‘Trick Or Treat’. These two are the greatest tracks ever written by Al Storm and really capture what happens on the 31st every year. Pure filth, pure dancefloor smashers!

It’s difficult to pick out one track to be my favourite, seeing as there are so many to choose from, but from the first disc there are multiple tracks I like a lot, like ‘Poltergeist’, ‘The Twilight Zone’, ‘Feeder’ (sad it only being 2 minutes long, they should release a full length version of this), but the one that blew me away is an older record I have heard before, which is ‘The Awakening’! This has got to be Al Storm/Black & White’s biggest track ever made! So beautiful, this is UK Hardcore the way I like it!

The second disc has got a few amazing tracks on it, and I think I’ve mentioned these two before, ‘Madhouse’ and ‘Trick Or Treat’ are my favourite on this one. Are they better than ‘The Awakening’? Nope, but close. Very close.

Yet another great album released by UK Hardcore’s finest producer Al Storm. Everything he touches, turns into gold. This man knows exactly how to produce the sound we are all dying to hear. He’s a legend, and with another great album being released it’s about time for us all to call our counsils and ask for a statue of Al. He deserves it!

Yes, this is Al Storm’s best album. For now. Maybe next year he will release another album and it might be a bigger album than this one, but for now this is his greatest album ever. Will this become an annual thing, like Halloween? Al Storm releasing Dark Shadows volume 3 in 2016? Will it happen? Let’s hope so, because Halloween can be quite dull if you haven’t got the right music playing out loud!

Enjoy Halloween, and let Al Storm’s album be the most terrifying thing in your house! It ain’t scary, but you never know, it might be possessed by the devil and Al ‘Freddy Krueger’ Storm might haunt your dreams….. I dare you to buy this album!

Have you got the guts?


DJ Macks Wolf Interview (2015)

DJ Macks Wolf Interview (2015)

DJ Macks Wolf Interview (2015)

TCD has the honour to interview one of the fastest rising stars in the UK Hardcore industry. His name is Macks Wolf, and it’s a name that should be written down in your ‘dear’ diary, because it’s going to be the hottest name very soon, and you want to remind yourself of when he was just an upcoming producer/DJ. Already having released his music on the mighty Futureworld Records label and his Soundcloud is filled with promo mixes, it’s about time to find out who this man is, and why he’s the next best thing in our well beloved music industry. Ladies and gentlemen: Macks Wolf!


Hi mr Wolf, how are you?
“Very well thanks Martin, hope you’re good!”

First things first, the name. Macks Wolf. Where does it come from?
“Basically I was trying to come up with a ‘cool DJ name’ a few years ago. I  was looking through random topics on Wikipedia one day and I came across a German Astronomer called Max Wolf. I decided to use it, but had to spell it slightly differently as there was already a ‘Max Wolf’ on MySpace ha. I later found out that my real surname (McCann) comes from the word ‘Cana’ which means Wolf Cub!”.

As I’ve said in the intro section, you are a UK Hardcore producer/DJ. But what got you into UK Hardcore? Can you remember the first UK Hardcore track that took you by surprise, and made you explore the scene?
“I suppose Scooter was my introduction haha. I was about 10 when ‘Move Your Ass’ came out, and when you’re a kid, any song with a swear word is a good song!

I really got into UK (or Happy) Hardcore in 98 when I seen the advert for Bonkers 4. I was 12 at the time and all the bright colours and fast music had an obvious appeal. I didn’t fully understand it, but I knew I needed it, so I got it for my birthday that year along with Get Smashed and Hardcore Heaven 4. It’s hard to pin point a specific track, but I can safely say it was Hixxy as a DJ that really made me stick around. I loved the variety in his Bonkers 4 disc, and actually the first few tracks aren’t even Hardcore technically. I’ve followed Hixxy ever since, and when it came to tape packs, his was always the first I’d go to.

I wasn’t old enough to go to any raves but fortunately I discovered USH.NET. This really helped me explore the scene, find new music and even talk to some of the producers and DJs.  I was a bit of a lurker but eventually started to post a bit under the name ‘Dre’ or ‘AnDrE’. My DJ name at the time was Meccano! I sent out a few mix CDs and uploaded a few tracks to Acid Planet (They’re still there i think), but nothing ever released.”

Macks Wolf

Macks Wolf

You are from a place called Blackpool. Some might know the name due to the yearly event where they have wonderful lights everywhere, but some might know absolutely nothing about this city. Is there a huge UK Hardcore scene over there? It the Blackpool Hardcore scene ‘massive’?
“I’m not actually sure as I’ve lived in Huddersfield for the last few years. When I first got into Hardcore, I was quite young and shy, so I never actually went to any raves. I just practiced DJing and producing at home and shared tapes with the select few mates that were into hardcore. I’ve only been to one rave in Blackpool which was the HTID Weekender on the pier a few years ago. It was wicked, and got a picture with Dougal!”

As many do, you start creating a new record collection. I started with ‘Bonkers’, and bought everything, and my bank account wasn’t pleased to go red every month. Which collection did inspire you to dance a little bit harder on the dancefloor, or in your living room?
“Same, it was Bonkers that started it. I also collected the Hardcore Heaven CDs, Absolute Hardcore, and pretty much every Dreamscape and Slammin’ Vinyl tape pack I could find. The Bonkers series is still special to me, got most of the discs on my phone. Bonkers 4 is still my favourite :)”

Favourite artists, we all have them. I can write a huge list of artists who are my favourite, but who are yours? Who inspired you to eventually become a producer/DJ?
“As previously mentioned, Hixxy was a big part in me wanting to become a DJ. I was just fascinated by the tracks that he played and also produced, along with UFO. He was always playing obscure European stuff before anyone else and that really excited me. I still to this day try and seek out tracks that are a bit different or otherwise overlooked. Brisk was another favourite DJ, his technical skills were unrivalled and his sets were always really bouncy and hard.

Production wise, and no surprises here, it was Scott Brown that really inspired me to produce. The quality of his tracks was always second to none. You always felt like you were in good hands with a Scott Brown track. ‘Brain Basher’ was the first vinyl I ever bought. Gotta mention UFO here too, I always liked the musicality of his tracks. He’s created some really beautiful pieces of music, that just happen to be Hardcore. Darren Styles kind of goes without saying.  Again, he brought a very ‘musical’ element to Hardcore. He just wrote great songs, which is why they have ended up in the mainstream charts.

Outside of Hardcore, Ferry Corsten was a really big influence. I think 1999 will always be my favourite year in music, partly down to the now classic Trance sound that he pioneered. I was also a big fan of Mauro Picotto. He really carved out his own sound at the time, and his ability to knock out main room trance and hard techno simultaneously was impressive.”

Macks Wolf

Macks Wolf

What happened first, producing or DJing?
“DJing came first for me. I was about  13 when I started using old record players to switch between songs and I’d record it on an old Phillips voice recorder ha. Eventually I got a Numark ‘DJ IN A BOX’, which consisted of two belt drive turntables, a very basic mixer and speakers. It was marginally better than my previous set up, but it was a start. I then made the move to Technics 1210’s (Thanks mum) and that’s when it really started to click.”

Nowadays we have many DJ schools all over the world, and if you have a few pennies left on your account, you can learn how to mix like the professionals. How did you teach yourself the skills, and was it difficult?
“I’m basically self taught, although I do recall having an VHS called ‘So You Wanna Be A DJ?’. It came quite naturally to be honest. I just listened intently to what other DJs were doing  and copied them basically. I’d always try and get the tracks from my favourite CD and tape pack mixes, then recreate the mix. I found this interesting as you could discover exactly where the DJs were mixing the tracks in. It was especially interesting listening to Brisk. He’d always do really long mixes, sometimes with tracks playing virtually on top of each other. Back then it was a valued skill to keep tracks in time, and Brisk was really the best at it.”

The ongoing debate about ‘real’ DJs and their equipment: if you are put in front of two turntables and a mixer, would you be able to impress the listeners?
“I’m still vinyl at heart so I’m happy to be put in front of two turntables and a mixer any day. I think being a ‘real’ DJ is a mentality. It’s not so much about the equipment, but remembering what it is to be a DJ, which is to select great music for your audience and play it in an entertaining way. Nowadays there are a lot of producers that use DJing purely as a platform to play their own productions. There’s nothing wrong with that, and some of my favourite DJs do play largely their own material, but I’d say they are performing more as an artist than a DJ. The confusion between a DJ and a producer is at an all time high at the moment, as clearly illustrated in the DJ Mag top 100 ‘DJs’. Where was Eddie Halliwell? EZ? Jaguar Skills? A good Producer does not necessarily make a good DJ, and vice versa. Occasionally you will get someone like Gammer who is outstanding at both.”

What’s your own set up? What kind of equipment do you have?
“I have 2 Pioneer CDJ 900s, 2 Technics 1210 decks, and a Pioneer DJM 850. I’m pretty old skool when it comes to DJing. I don’t imagine ever using a laptop to DJ, I just don’t trust it. Rekord Box is as far as I’ll go I think.”

You have recently played alongside Mizel & Wilson and Jakka-B at HTID Sound Wave – Show Two. Many upcoming artists were jealous, because to play at an HTID event is a dream coming true, and many hope that one day they might play there, but you already have. First of all, how did you get booked for this amazing event?
“It was an absolute honour to be asked to play at HTID. 15 years ago it was me and my mates in the school yard that were dreaming of one day playing at this event.  A couple of those very same mates actually came to the Sound Wave show, despite not really listening to hardcore for the last 10 years ha. Really meant a lot. It was great to play along side Mizel & Wilson and Jakka-B too. I was already a fan of both of them, so it was awesome not only to perform with them on the night, but also to collaborate on a track for the event. Imaginatively, we called it Soundwave.
The booking did come as a bit of a surprise, as I am a relative newcomer to the scene, but it was welcome surprise for sure. I’m just thankful that HTID are willing to support new artists and break the boundaries, not just in terms of line ups, but with their concepts in general. They really put on an amazing night and I was glad to be a part of it.”

Jakka-B, Mizel & Wilson & Macks Wolf

Jakka-B, Mizel & Wilson & Macks Wolf

How did the crowd react to the madness? Were they ready for Macks Wolf, and were you ready for them?
“Haha, definitely. It’s the first time I’ve played an event like that, so it was a real buzz. The crowd were amazing, really up for it. Of course everyone wants to see the big guys at an event but I’m glad they were happy to watch the support acts too.”

If you could do a B2B with any other DJ, who would it be, and why?
“That’s a tough one, but seeing as Clarkey’s fresh out of retirement I’d choose him. He’s a sound guy and a great DJ, and he’s been really supportive from early on. He’s very tall though, which isn’t good for my  Napoleon complex.”

Not only a fine DJ, but also a wicked producer. What inspired you to become a producer?
“Again, I gotta blame Scott Brown here ha. I just became obsessed with his tracks and desperately wanted to make music like that. My first taste of music production was actually ‘Music’ for Playstation. It was just a game, but it was a great introduction to sequencing music. I then got a cracked version of Fruity Loops 3 from a friend to try out. (I have a licensed version now if you’re watching Image-Line!). It felt like a natural progression, the interface was totally intuitive and I still use Fruity Loops (Or FL Studio) to this day.”

You have two tracks released on the mighty label ‘Futureworld Records’, which you can buy right now from Beatport (click here and here!!!!!!). How did you get your music released on their label, and how’s the response so far from the listeners?
“The response has been great so far, especially to ‘You Ain’t Ready’. I guess they were ready. Really grateful to everyone who’s supported the tracks, and especially to Mark Breeze who gave me the opportunity to put them out in the first place. It all started with Dark Sky, which was the first hardcore track I’d finished in about 5 years. I seen Breeze was doing mastering, and considering how bloody loud the Breeze & Styles tracks used to be, I thought I’d send it to him. I was also aware that he owned Futureworld Records so I was secretly hoping he’d hear it and maybe like it. Fortunately he did and it was released in March 2015. ‘You Ain’t Ready’ then followed, and I’m currently finishing off the difficult 3rd single!”

Futureworld Records

Futureworld Records

As a producer you work with a lot of equipment, soft- and hardware. What’s necessary to make a Macks Wolf track?
“It’s all software for me. FL Studio and a handful of plugins. It’s the way I learnt, so I can’t imagine it changing really. Also, I enjoy the fact I can take my ‘studio’ anywhere and just plug in some headphones. I get inspired by different rooms/spaces etc. I’ve had to travel a lot in recent years so it’s also been incredibly practical.”

I’ve got to ask this: what’s up with you and your hat? Every picture I’ve seen you wear this hat! Is it part of you, like Angerfist’s mask or Daft Punk’s helmets?
“Haha, I suppose it’s become a bit of a ‘thing’ now. There’s really not much under the hat, other than a vague attempt at a hairline. I’ve always liked hats though, and living in West Yorkshire, my weapon of choice is the flatcap!”

The mix that made me a fan of you was the one called ‘Fire And Blood’, which was a nicely mixed Hardstyle/Hardcore mix, and even though it was only 31 minutes long, it was and still is an impressive mix. Are you going to explore other genres and see if you are able to expand your capabilities as a producer, or are you going to stick to one genre?
“The fact is, not all track ideas work at the same BPM and so inevitably you venture into different genres. I have a backlog of track ideas ranging from Hardcore to more downtempo Hip Hop stuff that will hopefully see the light of day at some point. I think that mix accurately represents who I am not only as a DJ, but as a producer as well. The tracks I play are the kind of tracks I like to produce too. I just haven’t cracked Hardstyle kicks yet.”

Any other future plans you want to share with us all? New tracks, new mixes, new hats?
“Haha, actually I tend to stick with the same couple of hats to be honest. There’s a new mix in the oven, which should be ready by mid November. They’ll be an exclusive play of a new track in there! Also my remix of ‘Love Tonight’ by JDM & Subliminal will feature on The Ballistik Hardcore Album which is due for release soon. There’s a couple of other remixes and collaborations I’m working on too. Basically stay tuned!”

Final and random question: if you could look into the future,where would you be in ten years time? On the DJ Mag Top 100 list?
“Hopefully in ten years time, the DJ Mag Top 100 list will actually recognize real DJ talent and not just producers with great promotion. Of course I’d love to be on the list, being in any chart naturally helps your career as an artist, but it’d be nice to be on it for the right reasons.

In the future, I just hope to be doing the same thing I am now, but having gained some wisdom, and air miles!”


We would like to say thank you to one of the fastest rising artists in the UK Hardcore scene, mr Macks Wolf. A true gentleman who took the time to answer these rather difficult questions, but hopefully you will find the answers as interesting as the artist himself. Go check him out on these pages, and make sure you give him a follow.
To showcase his strength as a DJ he has uploaded a mix for all you UK Hardcore fans out there who love a bit of Hardcore and Halloween! Listen and enjoy!