• HTID USA – Al Storm – Phoenix, Arizona (2015)

    I can be honest with you all and say that I’m a huge Al Storm fan. For many years I’ve been following him on Twitter, Soundcloud and Facebook, and even though his Facebook is mostly filled with nice family pictures and mainly food pictures (if he wasn’t a DJ, he was Gordon Ramsay the 2nd),

  • Fracus & Darwin Present – Diversions feat MrPanda (2015)

    By accident I stumbled across this mix, which I found on Soundcloud.  A mix made by three artists, Fracus, Darwin and someone called MrPanda. I have to be honest and say that I’ve seen his name before, but don’t know a single thing about who MrPanda is. Ofcourse I know who Fracus and Darwin are,

  • Destructive Tendencies @ Unlocked Indoor Festival 2015

    If I need to explain to you who Destructive Tendencies are, I’m worried about you. How do you not know who the biggest superstars to come out of the UK are? They’ve emerged out of nowhere only a couple of years ago, and now they are playing the biggest events all over the world (mainly

  • Olivier Abbeloos – My Early Productions Mix (88 – 96) (2015)

    During the 90s many of us Europeans were fans of Quadrophonia and ofcourse T99, but many don’t know that one man was responsible for not only these duos releases, but so much more. Olivier Abbeloos has made so many great anthems, being part of T99 or Quadrophonia, but also under a few other aliases. His

  • Rhythmics or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Hardcore Rave (2013)

    The world wide web is filled with plenty of music, and to listen to everything every day is not do-able. You can not listen to everything every day, that’s just impossible. So from time to time you do miss out on big mixes, like the one I’ve only discovered the other day. It’s a mix

  • A.B – Live At Codex 6, Tokyo (2015)

    On the first of November two of UK’s finest Freeform artists performed in Tokyo, and their names are Cyrax and the mighty A.B . The event was called Codex 6, and amongst others these two appeared on top of the flyer. There’s an obvious reason for that, and the reason is quite simple: they are