• Lethal Theory Xmas Mini Mix – Mixed By Alex Prospect (2015)

    If you are Dutch, today is a very special day to us all. In the UK they call today ‘Boxing Day’, but in the Netherlands we have yet another Christmas day (second Christmas day it’s actually called). Yesterday something very special was released by everyone at Lethal Theory, the world’s number 1 Hardcore label. Everyone

  • Broken Minds – Hardcore4Life Meets Darkness4Life 2016 Warmup Mix (2015)

    It’s Christmas today, so if you are already listening to Christmas tunes on the radio, don’t worry, you can secretly switch your radio player off and put Soundcloud on, and rave during this festive season. Getting hyped up for next year’s big event, which is called ‘Hardcore4Life Meets Darkness4Life’, organised by the mighty B2S. Hardcore

  • Freeformaniacs Round 20 – Cyrax (22-10-2015)

    Cyrax is my hero! Such an underrated DJ and producer, but things are about to change for him! From his bedroom to big ass events, this man deserves it! A very succesful producer, and he’s made so many great anthems on his own or with his musical partner Transcend. I’ve been asked to compose a

  • Ophidian 2015 Mix

    The year has almost ended, and as I said in another review, Soundcloud is flooded with year mixes. Some are good, some are mediocre, and some are basically crap. But not the one I found the other day! The mix I’m about to review has been made by the legendary Ophidian, a God in the

  • LTR Show 08 – Joey Riot With Special Guest Kutski (2015)

    You must have seen this a couple of days ago on your timeline. After its release many people went mad, they all wanted to go to Soundcloud/Mixcloud/Youtube to hear Lethal Theory’s latest podcast episode, and I tried to too, but the Soundcloud link wasn’t working for me. Thankfully tbe mighty and legendary Joey Riot sent