• Drop It Like It’s Hot – Nizzle & MC Thunda (2016)

    TweetDJ: Nizzle MC: Thunda Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, EDMCore, Powerstomp Mix Info: Drop It Like It’s Hot Length Mix: 00:29:36 Tracks: 13 (thirteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE File Size: 299MB File Type: .wav Bitspeed: 1411kbps More Information: Nizzle / MC Thunda – Facebook Fanpage The other day I was browsing and found yet another Thunda mix! Only a week ago (or so) I have

  • Antix – Echild Immortals (2005)

    TweetArtists: Antix & Various Artists Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore Release Year: 2005 CD Info: Antix – Echild Immortals CDs: 1 (one) Length CD: 01:18:20 Tracks: 17 (seventeen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE File Size: 107 MB File Type: mp3 Bitspeed: 192kbps Label: Executive Records Product Number: unknown More Information: Executive Records – Facebook Fanpage Don’t know how I found this CD, maybe someone re-posted it on Soundcloud, but

  • Ben Manic – Gabber Mix 2015

    TweetDJ: Ben Manic Genre/Style: Gabber, Hardcore Techno Mix Info: Gabber Mix 2015 Length Mix: 00:42:55 Tracks: 15 (fifteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE File Size: 98.2 MB File Type: mp3 Bitspeed: 320kbps More Information: Ben Manic – Facebook Fanpage A month ago DJ Ben Manic uploaded a proper Hardcore Techno/Gabber mix onto Soundcloud, and I did favourite it, but nearly forgot all about it. I

  • The Prototypes – Mantra Festival Warm Up Mix (2016)

    TweetAct: The Prototypes Genre/Style: Drum & Bass Mix Info: Mantra Festival Warm Up Mix Length Mix: 00:32:48 Tracks: 24 (twenty-four) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknonw More Information: Mantra Festival – Facebook Event Page Starting your day with Drum & Bass, there’s no other way to wake up in such a glorious way! Especially when you find an

  • One Summa’s Day – 2016 Mix

    TweetDJ: Summa Jae Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, EDMCore Mix Info: One Summa’s Day – 2016 Mix Length Mix: 00:33:08 Tracks: 16 (sixteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: Summa Jae – Facebook Fanpage As you all might know, I’ve got a soft spot for Australian DJs. A huge fan for many years of the legendary

  • Mob & Enemy – The Album Session Four – The History (2015)

    TweetArtists: Mob & Enemy (& Various Artists) Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore Release Year: 2015 CD Info: Mob & Enemy – The Album Session Four – The History CDs: 3 (three) Length CDs: +/+ 3 hours Tracks: 58 (fifty-eight) Label: Anuva Level/Lethal Theory Product Number: ASCD004 Buy Here: Hardcore Underground – Official Webstore More Information: MC Enemy / DJ Mob – Facebook Fanpage Last year one