• Cyber & Giggly – I Love Hard Beats LIVE (05-02-2016)

    DJs: Cyber & Giggly Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Trancey Hardcore Liveset Info: Recorded @ I Love Hard Beats 05-02-2016 Length Liveset: 00:55:00 Tracks: 14 (fourteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE File Size: 73.3 MB File Type: mp3 Bitspeed: 186kbps More Information: Cyber & Giggly – Facebook Fanpage Cyber & Giggly, my favourite UK Hardcore duo are back with a brand new liveset! They recently

  • Sc@r – Oldskool Gabber Mix – Toxic Sickness Radio Feb 2016

    DJ: Sc@r Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Gabber, Oldskool Mix Info: Sc@r – Oldskool Gabber Mix (Recorded Live From SHN) Length Mix: 00:28:03 Tracks: 10 (ten) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE File Size: 38.5 MB File Type: mp3 Bitspeed: 192kbps More Information: Sc@r – Facebook Fanpage I am a huge Sc@r fan, as you can tell. There’s nothing on her Soundcloud page I haven’t listened to already.

  • The DJ MOB Minimix EP 1 (2016)

    DJ: MOB Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, EDMCore Mix Info: The DJ MOB Minimix EP 1 Length Mix: 00:33:54 Tracks: 15 (fifteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE File Size: 77.5 MB File Type: mp3 Bitspeed: 320kbps More Information: DJ MOB – Facebook Fanpage 2015 has been an amazing year for DJ MOB, the biggest thing that has happened to him was the release of his

  • M-Project & MC Stretch – The Music Factory Warm Up Mix (2016)

    DJ: M-Project MC: Stretch Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Powerstomp, Happy Hardcore, Makina Mix Info: The Music Factory Warm Up Mix Length Mix: 00:43:58 Tracks: 17 (seventeen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE File Size: 100 MB File Type: mp3 Bitspeed: 320kbps More Information: The Music Factory – Event Page M-Project is coming to the UK! Who would have thought, eh? It’s amazing to know that one of Japan’s

  • Venom Drive Presents: Symphonic Bass (2016)

    Artists: Various Artists Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Powerstomp Release Year: 2016 Album Info: Venom Drive Presents: Symphonic Bass CDs: 1 (one) Length CD: 01:09:13 Tracks: 14 (fourteen) Label: Venom Drive Product Number: unknown Buy Here: Venom Drive – Kickstarter Campaign More Information: Symphonic Bass – Soundcloud Clips If you have been offline lately, you are probably unaware of a new Kickstarter campaign which was started

  • Dominator 2015 – Riders Of Retaliation | Prospect Section | Broken Minds

    Act: Broken Minds Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Terror Liveset Info: Recorded @ Dominator 2015 – Riders Of Retaliation Length Liveset: 00:58:28 Tracks: 24 (twenty-four) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: Broken Minds – Facebook Fanpage Only a couple of months ago I reviewed a Broken Minds promo mix they made for the upcoming ‘Hardcore4Life Meets Darkness4Life’ event,