• Cyber & Giggly – I Love Hard Beats LIVE (05-02-2016)

    Cyber & Giggly, my favourite UK Hardcore duo are back with a brand new liveset! They recently played at the majestic I Love Hard Beats, and at ILHB they decided to play an amazing set, filled with Trancey Hardcore anthems. They also recorded their set, how else would I write a review about it? Their

  • Venom Drive Presents: Symphonic Bass (2016)

    If you have been offline lately, you are probably unaware of a new Kickstarter campaign which was started a couple of days ago, to get one album released. The label who wants to get this album released is Venom Drive, and the album is called ‘Symphonic Bass’. This highly anticipated album will be released once

  • Mythic – The Party Starter (2016)

    If you are a ‘well respected’ (*ahum*) reviewer like myself, people send you new music every so often. Most times I’m on the hunt myself, but the other day I received a message from someone on Soundcloud who goes by the name of Mythic, and he announced to me that he has uploaded a new

  • Inspector Sands – Can’t Stop Album Promo Mix (2016)

    A couple of years ago someone followed me on Twitter and sent me a link to one of his records, which sounded awesome. His name was Inspector Sands, a new name in the Breakbeat Hardcore world. A few days ago I found a brand new mix on his Soundcloud page, a promo mix for his

  • Dirtbox Presents `Blurred` The Album (2016)

    A couple of weeks or months ago I reviewed a mix which was made by Dirtbox, and only one month ago they’ve uploaded a new thing onto their Soundcloud page, a new album (for free). A solo album, but I can’t tell you who made these tunes, because it’s all blurred. Could literally be anyone.

  • Olivier Abbeloos – Early Techno Mix (86-88) (2016)

    A couple of months ago I found a mix on Soundcloud which was made by the same man who made this brand new mix: Olivier Abbeloos. The man who was responsible for shaping the 90s into this beautiful thing, who lives and breathes oldskool music. His previous mix was focussed on his own productions, from