• Anthems Trance (2013)

    I’m always on the hunt for new music, and sometimes I do find albums I should have bought when they were red hot. The album I’m about to review is already 3 years old, but Trance is ageless, so it doesn’t matter to be brutally honest if you buy it in 2016 or 3694. Trance

  • Bass-D – Thundermag Mix (2016)

    Bass-D’s Soundcloud page is a heaven for everyone who loves Hardcore music. This man keeps on fabricating mixes over and over again, it’s dangerous to visit his page: you will be left stunned. This man has got Hardcore running through his system, not blood. I am Hardcore to the bone, but not as much as

  • Marco V – Live At Innercity 2000

    Every day, when I drive with my car to work, I am on a mission. A mission to go through my whole collection and hear those long lost CDs. The other day I found a wonderful CDs which I haven’t forgotten about, but simply haven’t played in a very long while. Innercity 2000 was for

  • DJ Promo – Millenniummmm (2016)

    DJ Promo is my all-time hero. His music has always inspired me to loose myself even more on the dancefloor. Promo’s albums were bought by me when I earned my money with cleaning dishes in a posh restaurant. I do love his music, his dedication and his passion, and whenever I hear his music, I

  • Masters Of Hardcore X-Mas 2013 Mega-Video Mix

    Masters of Hardcore, a legendary name in the Hardcore industry. No introduction needed, every gabber on the face of the earth has heard and probably been to a MoH event, and if they haven’t, it’s on their wishlist. MoH always organise amazing events from day one, and have been the leader of Hardcore events all

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  • Ultimate QAPITAL Mix 2016

    I know that last week Qapital took place on the 2nd of April, and was held in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. If you are a Hardstyle and Rawstyle lover, there’s no need for me to explain what this event is about, because you’ve probably been there. Qapital was sold out, and thousands of Hardstyle/Rawstyle

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