• Yellow Claw live @ EDC | Las Vegas | 2014

    I’ve seen the name Yellow Claw passing by on several websites before, heard of them before, but never had the opportunity to see them live of hear a set by them. Only yesterday I found their Soundcloud page, and decided to have a look, to find a mix/liveset with a tracklist, and after browsing for

  • Promo – Live @ Thunderdome 2003

    Can’t believe this has taken place 13 years ago! Time does fly by when you are having fun. These were the golden years of Hardcore and Thunderdome, when they still organised events every year. As we all know they stopped the main event a couple of years ago, smaller events still happen, but not those

    thunderdome 2003 - 25-10-2003 - jaarbeurs utrecht - sec gen
  • Air Max Day Mix By Amada (2016)

    Thunderdome might not really excist anymore, it’s still a huge part of our culture. The Gabber/Hardcore scene is only alive due to the impact Thunderdome had back in the 90s. Another thing which had a huge impact were the shoes, worn by many ravers, caked in mud at outdoor events, after purchase white for a

  • Tiësto – Live At EDC Las Vegas 2016

    Can’t believe I have never reviewed something made by Tiësto before! It’s amazing, isn’t it? I remember watching him spinning those records back in the early 00s at Innercity. I remember the room being packed to the max, no room for anyone to enter (or actually leave). I remember listening to ‘Tiësto In Concert’ throughout

  • NEST HQ Minimix : Justin Jay (2016)

    Time does fly by when you are having fun. It’s been more than 1 years since I last heard a mix/liveset done by Justin Jay! Can you believe it? I can’t. The liveset I’m talking about was the one recorded at Desert Hearts, back in 2015. Thankfully I found this new mix on Soundcloud, a

  • Mark EG Live Techno @Symmetry Festival 2016

    The world’s most idiotic and passionate DJ has uploaded yet another free mix for us all to enjoy. You know who I am talking about, it’s the one and only Mark EG! Who else is as idiotic as he is? He has done everything on God’s given Earth, and if you had the opportunity to