• Andy Whitby – RUN THE GAME (The Summer Mixtape) (2016)

    The next mix I’m about to review is one made by the legendary Andy Whitby! Now, normally I would write down a short section, explaining the artist, but for Andy Whitby it isn’t necessary. EVERYONE knows who he is. From Australia to Nigeria, from Holland to Brasil, everyone knows this man. The man who pushes

  • Penta | Silver | Saturday | Defqon.1 Weekend Festival (2016)

    Only a couple of weeks ago I reviewed a mix by an unknown artist (to me), and the name was Penta. I was seriously impressed by it, and it was also a nice promo mix for one of the dopest events in the whole wide world (besides Justin Bieber in concert): Defqon.1 . Sadly I

  • HEAVY FIRE – Machine Gun Mix // Vol. 02 (2016)

    Last week someone was so kind to send new music, a mixtape I have never seen or heard before by an artists so new to me, when I saw his name I had to blink. The mix I’m talking about is ‘Machine Gun Mix // Vol. 02’ by HEAVY FIRE. This is probably the quirkiest

  • BMH Freeform… the day after….

    London, United Kingdom As you’ve seen it in many blogs, on the 23rd of July (which was yesterday), the only place you needed to be at, was Eden Club in Bournemouth. I was there, and I had a wonderful time. For me it was one of the coolest nights out in a very long time,

  • Noize Suppressor – Carnival Of Doom Promo Mix (2015)

    Last year’s Dominator was absolutely insane, and even though it’s a year old, you can still find nice mixes online. Yes, this is not a promo review for an event mix, because the event already happened in the past, but this is a mix I could not keep away from you all. I reckon you’ve

  • Cyrax Psy Trance Promo Mix 2016

    The end of this week will be a good week for me, I will be meeting and hearing Cyrax for the first time live! Now how about that? But he’s playing Freeform, and not what you might expect after reading the title of this review, Psy Trance. Even though it might sound awesome and Freeform