• Transmissions 140 With Joey Beltram (2016)

    Some DJs do need an introduction, some do need no introduction at all! One of those DJs is Joey Beltram, a pioneer from the early days! This man has done so much for music in general, it’s unbelievable. This man has shaped the scene with his pioneering music, and even to this day he keeps

  • Al Twisted @ Boomtown 2016 – The Scrapyard – Sunday

    Boomtown this year had so many people in awe, my timeline was filled with many people saying only positive things about it, even though this event had a slightly negative side to it (cars burned to the ground). But that had nothing to do with the actual event, the actual event was amazing according to

  • Lab4 ILHB Promo Mix (2016)

    Many years ago I went to ILHB for the first time, and it left a good impression. A very good impression! I think it was actually the first ever ILHB, they have organised many after, but I was there at the first one. Seeing as it’s been many years since I last went, I became

  • The Best Of Paul Elstak (2011)

    Only last weekend I was back in the Netherlands, and what do you do if you are a true raver? You go to an oldskool records shop, and for me that was (and still is) Satisfaction Records in Heerlen. I’ve been coming there since the mid 90s and the owner still knows me, even though

  • Dance Valley 2016 | Hardcore Stage | Warm-up Mix By Icha

    Again I found this mix, and the event is already in the past! What’s wrong with me? Dance Valley took place last week, on the 13th of August, and only today I found this mix by DJ Icha. Two things happened today: one of them is that I found this mix too damn late, and

  • Hard Island Log 002 – Cally (2016)

    How come I always find mixes when the actual event is already in the past? Damn damn damn, I only found this mix a couple of days ago. So there’s no point in me promoting this event. Maybe if you want to go next year… I could already promote next year’s event. Yeah, let’s do