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Transmissions 140 With Joey Beltram (2016)

Transmissions 140 With Joey Beltram (2016)

Transmissions 140 With Joey Beltram (2016)

DJ: Joey Beltram
Genre/Style: Techno, TechHouse
Mix Info; Transmissions 140 With Joey Beltram
Length Mix: 01:00:00
Tracks: 23 (twenty-three)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 137 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Joey Beltram – Facebook Fanpage

Some DJs do need an introduction, some do need no introduction at all! One of those DJs is Joey Beltram, a pioneer from the early days! This man has done so much for music in general, it’s unbelievable. This man has shaped the scene with his pioneering music, and even to this day he keeps on pushing his love and dedication forwards, spreading his passion for music. When I grew up as a young lad during the 90s, Joey Beltram was there. He penetrated my eardrums with his tunes, and I would like to say thank you for making the 90s memorable.

Many DJs who were once great faded away, or sadly passed away. Not Joey Beltram, he keeps on doing what only he does best. And when it comes to Techno, only one can satisfy the people, and that is Joey. His music has obviously changed from quite ‘basic’ to well composed music. Back in the days it was all about Roland’s and Casio’s and Jupiters, but today it’s all about software and some hardware. Has that changed the strength of the music? Not really. It’s not how it’s made, it’s all about the impact it has on a crowd. And to me music is timeless, and I couldn’t care less if it was made on an old Mac PC, or a brand spanking new one. Music is music, and what Joey has created in the past is timeless!

He has made this mix for Transmissions, and is syndicated worldwide by Syndicast (never heard of that before?). And there’s also an added bonus: a nice tracklist. Feast your eyes on this beauty!


01. Pig & Dan – Chez Dre
02. Nigel Richards & GhettoBlaster feat Robert Armani – Bang The Box (Joey Beltram Remix) 
03. D-Unity – Slippin
04. Boris – Language (Carlos Lio Remix) 
05. Gary Beck – Timeline (Par Grindvik Remix) 
06. Slam – Significance
07. Ian Pooley – Celtic Cross (Len Faki Remix) 
08. Adam Beyer & Mark Reeve – Nine Of You
09. UMEK – Inhumane Visions
10. A. Mochi – C2M
11. Simone Tavazzi – Nitro (Joey Beltram Remix) 
12. Owen Offset – Inhale (Joey Beltram Remix) 
13. Oliver Deutschmann – Asylum
14. Secret Cinema & Egbert – Maximaal
15. Bart Skils – Voodoo Child
16. Nick & Danny Chatelain – Acid (Coyu Remix) 
17. Advent & Industrialyzer – Evil Bee
18. Carlo Lio – Welcome To The Flipside
19. DJ Murphy – Out Cold (Joey Beltram Remix) 
20. Egbert – Dieper
21. Boris – Can You Hear Me
22. Sian & Luigi Madonna – Royal Oak
23. Kaiserdisco – Bonkers

Seriously, after listening to this mix at least 10 times it proves to me again and again: during the 90s he was a superstar and he has never lost his touch! My God, this mix is tight! From the lighter side of Techno to the quite dark and edgy stuff!

In this section I would normally write something bad, but I can’t: it’s a mix by Joey Beltram, one of the world’s finest producers. He still knows how to get the people at home hyped up, and at the moment this 33 year old man is bopping his head and moving his body and feels like he’s 12 again, when he heard Joey Beltram for the first time.

My God, it’s good to see these pioneers being recognised for their contribution to music in general, and I reckon it will be one of the best played mixes of all time. Or at least the most enjoyed mix on Soundcloud ever. Name one mix better than this one? Name one! And don’t pick one because the DJ is your mate, pick one on quality. That’s right, you failed.

Joey Beltram, a pioneer, a legend, a superstar. And above all: a music lover.

This mix has made my birthday a very special one. So good, it’s frightening. This is quality, pure quality. Keep up the good work, mr Beltram, we salute you for your experience, knowledge and dedication. I will made sure that I’m dancing tonight, tomorrow and many days to come to this mix!


Al Twisted @ Boomtown 2016 – The Scrapyard – Sunday

Al Twisted @ Boomtown 2016 - The Scrapyard - Sunday

Al Twisted @ Boomtown 2016 – The Scrapyard – Sunday

DJ: Al Twisted
Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Gabber, Industrial Hardcore
Liveset Info: Recorded @ Boomtown 2016 – The Scrapyard – Sunday
Length Liveset: 01:02:59
Tracks: 29 (twenty-nine)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 144 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Al Twisted – Facebook Fanpage

Boomtown this year had so many people in awe, my timeline was filled with many people saying only positive things about it, even though this event had a slightly negative side to it (cars burned to the ground). But that had nothing to do with the actual event, the actual event was amazing according to many. And the line-up was quite insane. I’m not going to write the whole list, because I would be still typing it next year’s Summer. One of the artists who was there was Al Twisted, and he has uploaded his set onto Soundcloud. A set you should check out.

It’s good to see that Hardcore in all its glory has got a huge following, and is respected by organisations all over the world. It doesn’t matter if it’s an all EDM event with the focus on Progressive House/Dance/Trance, there’s always an area for those who like things slightly faster. Back in the early days of Hardcore the only place you could hear it was at Hardcore events, but not anymore: Hardcore is a culture, and people know it.

Boomtown and Al Twisted, is it a good combination? Hell yeah! Even he wrote underneath the mix on Soundcloud the following: ‘Here is my set from the fantastic Boomtown festival! What an event…’. If a DJ had such a great time, imagine the crowd!

Tracklist anyone? It’s one you want and need to see on this dreadful and miserable Sunday!


01. I:gor – Twisted
02. N-Vitral – Cannonball
03. Enzyme-X – Waffle Stomp
04. Dither – Drumming Song
05. Sei2ure – The Judgement
06. Project Omega – Prednison Attack
07. eDUB – Call To Jesus
08. I:gor – Straight Outta Kielce
09. Al Twisted & Necrotic – Screwface
10. N-Vitral – Bassface
11. Tripped & Detest – Hardcore To The Penis
12. Innominate – Build To Hurt
13. DJIPE – Drop It
14. Detest – The Hunter
15. Dolphin – Raiders Cap
16. Innominate & Tugie – Let The Blood Spill
17. Dither – FOWYC
18. Tripped & Detest – Revolution
19. Dolphin – Knuckle Dragger
20. Detest – You Can’t Break Me
21. Al Twisted & Necrotic – Search & Destroy
22. Dataklysm – Rave Resistance (Tugie Wave Molester Remix) 
23. I:gor – Gimme Some More
24. Detest – My Porn
25. N-Vitral & Igneon System – Jump The Fuck Up
26. Detest – We Don’t Give A Fuck
27. Hardbouncer – Jam Pumper
28. The DJ Producer – Til The End
29. Overcast – Dustman Fights Back

A very sexy and dope looking tracklist! It does look gorgeous, doesn’t it? I reckon on this spiteful Sunday you weren’t expecting to find a mix so rough and tough?!

This will get you through this weekend and Bank Holiday Monday! And you can download this bad boy and play it again and again, until your ears bleed. To me it was the perfect mix to start my Saturday and Sunday with. I woke up the whole house at 8:00 am, and they looked at me angry (because they don’t like Hardcore), but I couldn’t care less.

This mix is very tight, very rough, and it’s got ‘Cannonball’ by N-Vitral. Sorry to say, but all the other tracks just fade into nothingness, this has got to be the dopest record of the last decade (Industrial Hardcore-wise).

Al’s mix is very good, his set must have been one of the highlights of Boomtown. I wasn’t there, but I will get my tickets for the next Boomtown event. Until then I will keep on pressing play over and over again! What a dope ass mix!

Anything wrong with this mix? Erm… can’t find anything. Oh, there’s one letter ‘e’ too much in Project Omega. Couldn’t find anything else wrong.


Lab4 ILHB Promo Mix (2016)

Lab4 ILHB Promo Mix (2016)

Lab4 ILHB Promo Mix (2016)

Artists: Lab4
Genre/Style: Hardhouse, Hard Dance
Mix Info: ILHB Promo Mix
Length Mix: 00:43:40
Tracks: 9 (nine)
Download/Listen (via Facebook): DOWNLOAD HERE
File Size: 99.9 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: ILHB Insane Asylum – Facebook Event Page

Many years ago I went to ILHB for the first time, and it left a good impression. A very good impression! I think it was actually the first ever ILHB, they have organised many after, but I was there at the first one. Seeing as it’s been many years since I last went, I became a very happy boy when a couple of weeks ago ILHB announced the return of it, and that the party would happen in October at The Qube Project. With a line-up so good, it will make you dribble like Homer J. Simpson! Lab4, BK, Proteus, Sharkey, Kevin Energy, Nick The Kid, Tim Samsara, K90, Rikki Arkitech, Fracus & Darwin, Ben Stevens, Greg Peaks, A.B & Thumpa, Dummy, and Laith. You must be a complete tool if you are going to miss this event!

They’ve been very busy, promoting this event. And for me it has worked: I will be going. Unless something bad happens, but for now everything looks good, and I will be raving on the 7th of October. To promote the event even more, Hard Beats Collective interviewed their main act: Lab4.  Not someone who knows a lot about Hard Dance, I have seen their names on compilations before, but never knew who was behind it. And still, after reading the interview, I am still unaware of who is behind Lab4, but I do know they make excellent music.

This might be a short promo mix, but if you want to hear Lab4 play a bit longer, you know what to do: get your tickets now!


01. Intro 
02. Hard Force vs Soul T – Let The Bass Drop
w/ Lab4 & Unit 13 – Last Night
03. Lab4 – We Live We Love We Dance (Original Mix) 
04. Lab4 – Ground Zero
05. Opeum Audible Forensics – Encoded
06. Hardwell & Joey Dale feat Luciana – Arcadia (Psyko Punkz Remix) 
07. Lab4 – Fuck What You Heard (FaderHead Bootleg) 
08. Lab4 – Sensory Reload
09. Lab4 – Rave Revolucion

A short but exciting mix. This is what you need to hear on a Saturday morning! This will make your weekend a good one, even though the weather forecast is shite. Turn up the speakers, let them explode!

If you want to know a bit more about Lab4, I suggest you read the interview, download this mix whilst reading it, and buy your tickets! This event will sell out: if it’s as good as their first event, this will blow your mind into a million pieces! ILHB has always been on top of my list, I needed to visit their parties, but never could due to distance issues and work, but now I’m in the UK, I’ve got no excuse. And if you live in this majestic country, you haven’t got an excuse either. Unless there is an excuse, in which I apologise. But if you are a raver and you can come, what’s stopping you?

This mix has made the Dutchman very happy. I woke up the whole neighbourhood, and I couldn’t care less. Only a month and a couple of days left until this wonderful event. Are you going? Lab4 is there, for God’s sake! Do you need more? Well, I’ll be there, maybe that might persuade you?

A wonderful mix. Nothing to say which might sound negative. A spot on mix, right from the start. Lab4, whoever’s behind the masks, you are heroes.

Best track? ‘Sensory Reload’. Why? Listen to it and you will know why!

No Soundcloud or Mixcloud player: you can only get this mix if you read the interview. Underneath it there’s a link, and if you right-click it and save it, it’s all yours.


Clarkey – 12 Months (2016)

Clarkey - 12 Months (2016)

Clarkey – 12 Months (2016)

DJ: Clarkey
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, EDMCore
Mix Info: 12 Months
Length Mix: 00:32:30
Tracks: 9 (nine)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: DJ Clarkey – Facebook Fanpage

It’s been a while since I last heard from Clarkey. It’s been too long, way too long. So many days, weeks, months without Clarkey: how did we survive? But finally he has returned with a brand new mix, showcasing his strength as a DJ and as a producer. Clarkey entered my list of ‘I should follow this man’ DJs many moons ago, and with his latest instalment he’s about to rock your world. Or Hardcore your world, whatever floats your boat.

When I first noticed his talents he was brand new, fresh, and a newbie. Now he rocks alongside the greatest names in the industry, and in all fairness he has changed aswel: started producing tracks alongside artists such as Jekyll, Jakka B and Macks Wolf. I told you Clarkey had hidden talents, and he’s about to show to you what he’s capable of.

One thing I noticed straight away: the picture.. why does it look like he’s looking at his own sausage, looking at it, praying it will work in the bedroom?! Nah, I’m just kidding, don’t want to know if his gentleman’s sausage still has the capability to make the ladies scream his name out loud.

Anyway, back to reality. A tracklist? Yes, here it is!


01. Flosstradamus feat Casino – Mosh Pit (Rahziel Remix)(Jekyll & Clarkey 170 BPM UK Hardcore Intro) 
02. Jekyll & Clarkey – Party Like Us (2015 Original) 
03. Jakka B & Clarkey – Class B (2015 Original) 
04. Jekyll & Clarkey feat MC Astro – New Skool (2016 Original) 
05. Kygo feat Conrad – Firestone (Jekyll & Clarkey UK Hardcore Bootleg) 
06. Jakka B & Clarkey – Nasnas (2016 Original) 
07. Jekyll & Clarkey – Mallorca (2016 Original) 
08. Wasted Penguins – I Love You (Jekyll & Clarkey’s 170 Re-edit) 
09. Avi8 – The Forgotten Star (Macks Wolf & Clarkey Remix) 

The mix might be short, the tracklist too, but it’s all about the impact, and from the first to the last second the impact has been good: the vibe throughout the mix has been very good. Very cheerful and happy stuff, suitable to play when you are out and about.

This is packed with Clarkey related tracks, by which I mean tracks in which he’s involved, producing-wise or remix-wise. He does quite a lot, if I’m honest, but it’s paying off: his name is high on each flyer! He gets the recognition he deserves.

A very funky and bouncy UK Hardcore mix, with a few small errors (mixing wise), but all in all a very exciting mix. It’s got ‘The Forgotten Star’ in it, Clarkey and Macks Wolf’s biggest hit of 2016!

If this is not moving you at all, nothing will. Turn up your speakers, and let Clarkey’s mix entertain you during these extremely warm days!