• Mark Neenan Presents – FILTHCAST 0.3 (2016)

    It’s been nearly 2 years since I last heard a Mark Neenan mix! Can you believe it? I thought it was shorter than 2 years, but I looked it up, and I was amazed! Well, those 2 years have flown by, in all fairness. If you are a Techno lover like yours truly, you don’t

  • Darkside Unleashed: Sampler Three (2016)

    It’s been a while since I last reviewed an album, and I think it’s about time you all hear about this latest album from the mighty Darkside Unleashed, and it only got released yesterday! The album is called ‘Sampler Three’, and if you dig Hardcore Techno, this is a must listen to album. Proper Hardcore,

  • Memento | Tribute Session I | Meccano Twins (2016)

    I reckon there are quite a few dedication mixes out there. tribute mixes, and it’s always nice for the artist/group to hear a mix showcasing their own talents, and also showcasing the fans’ dedication to him/her/them. It’s not like you see them every day, but once every so often you will find one on Soundcloud/Mixcloud,

  • DJ Dela – Not Forgotten – Vol 2. (2013)

    When you come back from a holiday and you want to relax, you turn on your computer and search for the dopest and coolest sound imaginable, and in my case that’s House music. Not really in the mood for Hardcore or anything as hard as at the moment, but I will return to it as

  • The Acid House (2013)

    You all know I’m a fan of Acid House, and yesterday I was on a quest to find a new Acid House mix with a tracklist. Wasn’t easy, most of those mixes do not have a tracklist, but I found one, made by Jagz Kooner. Never heard of the DJ before, but this is really