• Casketkrusher @ Ouwe Stijl Is Botergeil – 10 Jaar Strength Of Unity (2016)

    Spamming your stuff can work, or not. It depends on how it’s done, and what you are actually promoting. I’m not interested in one night stands, brand new watches, more followers, but when you are talking music to me and you are talking about my favourite kind of Hardcore music, you’ve got my attention. That’s

  • Drokz Dynamite Promo Mix (2016)

    Godverdomme, am I late again with yet another promo mix? I keep on finding mixes for events which have already taken place! And this event would have been one of those events I would have put money aside for, even though it’s not a huge event, but the line-up was just picture perfect: Partyraiser, Nosferatu,

  • Venom Vault Volume 2 (2016)

    The benefit of being a reviewer is that you get music sent to you way before its official release. In this case I got sent this beautiful digital album, released on the 27th of November, and it’s called ‘Venom Vault Vol 2′, and as you’ve already guessed it, it’s mixed by JAJ. But that’s not

  • Dj Mad Dog & Art Of Fighters @ Qlimax 2013

    I was on a quest to find an awesome liveset, recorded at a big event, and I think I found a nice one to get you all excited for upcoming weekend. Qlimax doesn’t need an introduction, and if I’m correct, this weekend it will take place again. But today we are going back in time,

  • Coone – Qlimax 2016 Promo Mix

    This year is one amazing year for Dance music in general: bigger and better events, the music keeps on progressing every day, and this year Qlimax has done the same thing: progressed and yet becoming bigger and better! Already sold out, there’s no need for you to haunt down tickets, because you won’t be able

  • Destructive Tendencies – Slaves To The Darkness (Mixed By Theory Of Core) (2016)

    This has been the year for Destructive Tendencies, without a shadow of a doubt. Not only did they play at the biggest events, made the biggest tunes, released merchandising, but they also released a long awaited for album called ‘Slaves To The Darkness’. An album so anticipated for, it was promoted by not only Destructive