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HDUK 2016 Yearmix

HDUK 2016 Yearmix

HDUK 2016 Yearmix

Genre/Style: Hardstyle, Hard Dance
Mix Info: HDUK 2016 Yearmix
Length Mix: 00:45:15
Tracks: 12 (twelve)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 103 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: HDUK – Facebook Fanpage

Even on the last day of 2016 I keep on learning new things! Never heard of HDUK before, but it turns out that it’s another label, representing Hard Dance music in the UK. Well, if I knew each and every label in the whole wide world, I would go on Mastermind, and my subject would be ‘music labels’. But seeing as I’m not a walking Wikipedia, I will learn every day new things, and today it’s the label HDUK that came to my attention (thanks to DJ Cally). Their latest mix can be found on Soundcloud right now, celebrating 2016 and the releases they had. A good mix to end the year with? Well, we are about to find out.

So what can we expect in this mix? Well, according to what’s written underneath the mix on Soundcloud ‘tracks from many of our artists’. Again, this is all new to me, I only know a few artists, but with mixes such as this one my knowledge gets expanded. And the good thing about this, this is a Hardstyle mix, so I’ve got more artists to follow, depending if their music is any good. And because the tracklist was kindly provided, I now know who made each single track. Does that mean the mix is good? Nope, a tracklist alone doesn’t make the music good, but in this case the music is indeed good. Excellent music.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Rawstyle mixes lately, it’s good to go back to the origins, back to Hardstyle. And it’s pleasant to hear these tunes at 8 o’clock in the morning on NYE.


01. Psyko Punkz – Spaceship (J-Trax Reverse Bass Edit) 
02. Hardforze – Slammin’ (Oppozite Twinz Remix) 
03. Alphaverb, Aeros & Blackburn feat MC Shocker – MZKTRS
04. MKN & MCP – Freak
05. B.R.K. – Dance To The House (Cally Remix) 
06. MKN – We Are One (Hardstyle DNA Anthem 2016) 
07. Toxic & Ash Bash – Get The Fuck Back
08. Malfunction & MadDog – PEM v’s Warcry (Mashup) 
09. Ed E.T. & D.T.R. – The Black Hole
10. Kashi – Gang Related
11. DJ Y.O.Z. – Edge Of The Universe
12. Stephanie feat Natski – My Vibrator And Me

A nice looking tracklist, with one amazing title (this brought a smile on my face). ‘My Vibrator And Me’? Lol. That’s a definate contender for 2016’s funniest track title. This track probably won’t go into the official Top 40. Imagine it being number 1 in the UK, and kids screaming for it being played. Could be good for shops that sell sex toys. Anyway, back to the mix.

I love music, and I love to hear Hardstyle coming through my speakers again after a while. And the music does sound good. Not in your face, annoying you all the time. This is just perfect, nicely balanced, with nice melodies too. Many artists have forgotten that the melody is needed to compose a good Hardstyle track. And if you listen to ‘Edge Of The Universe’ (for example) you get exactly that!

Great mix, great anthems. HDUK is new to me, but this mix has intrigued me quite a lot. I’ve started to follow them, and I urge you to do the same. A very good mix to end the year with. Happy NYE, and if you are staying at home, why not listen to this instead of that dreadful stuff on telly at 12:00? Make your choice, I know I made my choice. I rather listen to this.


Who’s Got The Stamina?! [Volume Two] (2016)

Who's Got The Stamina?! [Volume Two] (2016)

Who’s Got The Stamina?! [Volume Two] (2016)

Artists: Various Artists
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Freeform, Happy Hardcore, Gabber
Release Year: 2016
CD Info: Who’s Got The Stamina?! [Volume Two] CDs: 2 (two)
Length CD: 01:54:31
Tracks: 22 (twenty-two)
Label: Stamina Records
Product Number: STMCD003
Buy Here (via Stamina Records): BUY HERE
More Information: Stamina Records – Facebook Fanpage

Just before the year ended I received an album via the mail AND via e-mail. How’s that possible? Well, let me answer your question in a second, but first let me announce the album I received: Stamina Records’ latest album called ‘Who’s Got The Stamina?! [Volume Two]. The long awaited follow-up to the succesfull first instalment, which is nearly sold out, only a handful left in the whole wide world. Hint: get both albums before they are sold out, and you will never ever be able to get these tracks ever again! And if you are a DJ, it’s not a mixed album, it’s an album especially for you!

A couple of days ago I reviewed a mix done by M@rt!n-J, a dedication mix to Stamina Records, which was filled with records from this album. It received the highest score possible, 5 out of 5. It’s logical, because it was packed with awesome tunes. Straight after typing the whole review I decided to purchase the album myself, because I bought the first one and was highly impressed, and I didn’t want to miss out on this new album.

After purchasing the album via Stamina’s own webstore, I received a mail saying the downloads were ready?! And I thought ‘what’s going on? I thought I purchased the album itself, not a download album?’. Turns out you pay for not only the physical album, but you also get all the tracks as a wave file! You just go to the Stamina webstore, and you get the download. It’s as easy as one, two, three.

So basically you pay for one album and you get it twice. But what an album it is! It’s worth every penny, and if you are part of the Purple Revolution, you get even more (see Stamina Records’ Facebook page for more information).


Disc One (Unmixed) 
01. A.B – Promise Me (Scott Brown Remix) 
02. A.B vs Finnbarr – Stick Together (S3RL Remix) 
03. Darwin & 3Star – Nebulous
04. A.B – Miami (Jakka-B Remix) 
05. Aethral – Reminiscing
06. Vitalsoundz – Warehouse
07. Alex BassJunkie – Fireball (Extended Mix) 
08. Lost Faith – Magicka
09. Finnbarr – Chant Of The Freeformers
10. Substanced – Artificial Reality
11. Rikki Arkitech & Cyrax – Destroyer Of Worlds

Disc Two (Unmixed) 
01. Kevin Energy & Cube::Hard – Voice Of Carme (Transcend Remix) 
02. JD-KiD & Arun Presents Stardust – Gaia
03. Digital Commandos – War Of The Machines
04. A.B vs Synthwulf – Genre This! (Ales Remix) 
05. Finnbarr – Beauty And The Beat
06. Lost Faith & Spectrum – Orbital Descent
07. A.B – Shudder
08. A.B vs K-Wire – Twisted (Kounta Kulture Remix) 
09. Tamerax feat Alanna Sterling – Rise
10. Marc Smith & Little Fella – Hardcore Crazy
11. Skinny & Darwin – Like A Boulder

There are too many great anthems on here, it’s probably Freeform’s greatest album of the year. Name another album this great, this good. Come on, accept the challenge and name one!

The album looks great. Loving the colours. MC Obie has done a smashing job with the artwork (he always delivers), and it makes the album stand out compared to other bland albums. Not only does it look good, it sounds good too! 2 discs filled with 22 tracks from artists such as Skinny, Darwin, Marc Smith, A.B, Finnbarr, Substanced, and more. What could you ask for?

Liking this album a lot! Not only bound to Freeform, it touches several styles. It’s good that Stamina promotes not only the well known artists but also the upcoming acts, names I’ve never heard of before, but from now on I will and must. Listen to Aethral’s song ‘Reminiscing’, or Tamerax’s ‘Rise’. Beauties, that’s what they are.

What’s my favourite record on this album? Crikey, that’s difficult. There are a few. ‘Magicka’ is epic, ‘Beauty And The Beat’ just astonishingly good, ‘Shudder’ a dancefloor smasher, ‘Rise’ beautiful, and I could go on an on. Ok, let me pick one. ‘Magicka’. Everything is just perfect. And also the drop is bad ass!

I can not mention this in each review, I can’t. This will be the last time I will ever mention this, and hopefully it will have a long lasting effect on everyone: Stamina Records is the world’s greatest Freeform label. They are the best of the best. And for releasing yet another astonishing album that not only looks great but also sounds EPIC I must give the highest score possible:


Nightbreed 2016 Yearmix – Mixed By Endymion

Nightbreed 2016 Yearmix - Mixed By Endymion

Nightbreed 2016 Yearmix – Mixed By Endymion

DJ: Endymion
Genre/Style: Raw Hardstyle, Rawstyle
Mix Info: Nightbreed 2016 Yearmix
Length Mix: 00:28:30
Tracks: 22 (twenty-two)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Nightbreed – Facebook Fanpage

If you look at what happened in 2016, it’s been quite an interesting year, if I’m honest. Not just when you look at the news coming from all over the world, but also music wise things have changed a lot. Even towards the end of the year one new item (which was completely unknown to me) has interested me. I’ve been too long out of the Hardcore scene, I reckon, I might have focussed too much on other styles and genres, and never knew Endymion were producing Raw Hardstyle/Rawstyle from 2015 onwards, and created their own label called ‘Nightbreed’. Damn, I already think I’m on the internet quite a lot, but clearly I am reading/following the wrong pages…

Endymion are known for their extremely dark and edgy Hardcore, but if you have been following them closely you will know them for their Rawstyle music too. I still need to get my head around the fact that they make something else rather than Hardcore. Endymion is Hardcore, right? Well, maybe not anymore, and we are about to find out if the change from one style to the next was succesful. The two styles are closely related to each other, so it shouldn’t be too big of a change.

If you look at the tracklist provided, it’s obviously focussed on what Nightbreed has to offer, and what Endymion can do behind the decks. 22 tracks in 28 minutes. We don’t even get the opportunity to breathe.


01. MYST – Life Is Ours
02. Bass Chaserz & Degos & Re-Done – Night Falls
03. High Voltage – Enemies
04. Endymion – F#ck Up The Party
05. MYST & Iqlusion – Shut Your Mouth
06. Endymion – Testify
07. Break Zero – Judge Me
08. Bass Chaserz – Big Dick
09. Endymion & Phuture Noize feat MC Jeff –  Martians
10. Endymion feat MC Nolz – Nightcrawlers (Bass Chaserz Remix) 
11. Break Zero & Deetox – Rock It
12. MYST – The Ultimate Destination
13. Break Zero – Mental
14. MYST – Man Bear Pig
15. Bass Chaserz feat MC I See – Gold Diggah
16. Break Zero – Unstoppable
17. Masters Of Ceremony – Bottoms Up (Digital Punk Remix) 
18. High Voltage & Endymion – Serpent
19. Degos & Re-Done – Die Slowly
20. Degos & Re-Done – Straight Gangsta Shit
21. MYST – The Wolves Descend
22. Warface & High Voltage – Sanctuary

Before I continue, I have to say that anyone who uses bits from ‘Southpark’ should get more credit than he already gets. ‘Man Bear Pig’? How awesome is that? Not my favourite Southpark episode, if truth be told, but still awesome.

The tracks are mixed together beautifully, no errors to be heard, this is all very tight. As I said before, the tunes are flying towards you at an unstoppable speed. You don’t have the time to recapture what just happened. And it’s only 28 minutes long: before you know it you have reached the end of the mix and you are wondering where 28 minutes have gone? Time does fly by when you are listening to awesome music, eh?

Endymion’s mix is really good. Nothing to comment about. Their new direction is one that suits their musical path beautifully, and I’ve got no negative comments regarding it. It’s good that they decided to touch other styles too, and it’s made the Rawstyle scene bigger, and the scene have gained a well experienced trio with years of knowledge, passion and dedication. What else could you ask for?

They might still be in my head an Hardcore act, but my body likes their new adventure alot (dancing in the living room like a beaver on XTC). A good yearmix from a wonderful act and a label I will follow from now on. You should do the same, and share the madness! Let’s end the year on a high and with a smile on our faces!

Best track in this mix? All of them. Can’t dislike any of these. They are just too damn good.


Mainstage Maffia – Thunder At The Dome Warmup Mix (2016)

Mainstage Maffia - Thunder At The Dome Warmup Mix (2016)

Mainstage Maffia – Thunder At The Dome Warmup Mix (2016)

Artist: Mainstage Maffia
Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Gabber, Happy Hardcore, Early Hardcore
Mix Info: Thunder At The Dome Warmup Mix
Length Mix: 01:40:59
Tracks: 27 (twenty-seven)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Mainstage Maffia – Facebook Fanpage

2016 is coming to an end, and 2017 is slowly creeping up on us. But that’s a good thing, seeing as 2017 will be awesome when it comes to raves. And if you were looking for a proper rave with a killer line-up on the 7th of January 2017 near or in Arnhem, look no further. ‘Thunder At The Dome’, a birthday party, celebrating Remsy’s birthday, with artists such as Buzz Fuzz, Dano, Gizmo, Dune, Chosen Few, Tellurian, Critical Mass, Flamman & Abraxas and more. How about that? That’s a really good line-up, if you grew up during the heydays of Hardcore (the 90s obviously). Another artist who performs there is Mainstage Maffia, and to get everyone hyped up, they’ve made a promo mix you all will appreciate.

It’s obviously jam packed with Oldskool slammers by Chosen Few, Party Animals, Gizmo, Dune, Critical Mass, and more. And seeing as I am an Oldskool Hardcore lover this waws right up my alley, this is what I want to hear every day. And yet this mix has astonished me: there are so many tracks in here I’ve never heard before! I am a fan of it, and yet I haven’t heard tracks like ‘In Dreamzz’, ‘Mocht Ik Onder Het Hakkuh Bezwijken’, ‘Danica’, ‘Men Of Teflon’ (as examples). How’s that even possible? Let’s blow off the dust of my collection and see if these tracks did appear on the album I purchased in the 90s… and the answer is no. Shit, spent so much money and yet missed out on the majority of awesome tracks. Meh.

It’s DJ/MC Remsy’s birthday, who is/was a Party Animal himself. Never knew the names of the people involved, I am always more focussed on the music. But to get a line-up this big and a really cool promo mix he must have been a huge name in the scene. Let’s see what Midnight Maffia used to compose this mix!


01. Party Animals – Wapperdewap
02. Bassground – We Are One
03. Dano & Leviathan – The Revelation
04. Buzz Fuzz – Gone (Wake Up)
05. Flamman & Abraxas – We Like It Dark
06. Critical Mass – Dancing Together (Original Mix) 
07. Dune – Hardcore Vibes
08. Buzz Fuzz – Men Of Teflon
09. Gizmo – The Guestlist
10. Dano, Prophet & Herman Brood – Party Freaks
11. Buzz Fuzz – In Dreamzz
12. Buzz Fuzz – Frequencies
13. Critical Mass – Believe In The Future (Weirdo & Sim Mix) 
14. Critical Mass – Burning Love (Weirdo & Sim Mix) 
15. Party Animals – Mocht Ik Onder Het Hakkuh Bezwijken
16. Chosen Few – O Chosen
17. Chosen Few – The Break
18. Chosen Few – All You Motherfuckers
19. Tellurian – Mokum
20. Party Animals – Used & Abused
21. Chosen Few – Name Of The DJ
22. Chosen Few – Danica
23. Tellurian – I Kill You
24. Leviathan – We’ll Tear Your Soul Apart
25. Mainstage Maffia – Running Up The Hill (Buzzy Goes BZRK Mix) 
26. Recharge & MC The Mouth Of Madness – Put Them High
27. Tellurian – Cocksuckers

This is really an Oldskool mix I’ve been searching for, for quite a while. Mainstage Maffia has selected quite a few awesome tracks. Can’t believe these tracks don’t get more plays, these are the tunes which dominated the 90s.

Damnit, these tunes take me back, way back! Let me just name a few of my favourites: ‘Hardcore Vibes’ (ofcourse), ‘Frequencies’ (probably Buzz Fuzz’s finest record ever), ‘O Chosen’ (powerful track!), ‘Used & Abused’ (my favourite Party Animals record, besides ‘The Spiegelman’ or whatever it was called), and the list goes on. Midnight Maffia has picked awesome records, it must be said!

There are a few tiny mixing erros, but you shouldn’t be focussed at that. All in all an amazing mix, and if you are digging this, I suggest you get tickets for ‘Thunder At The Dome’, you can expect more music like this throughout the night. I sadly can’t go, but I wish I could. The line-up is amazing, and if this is the kind of music you can hear throughout the night, you will certainly be in Hardcore heaven.

A beautiful mix. I might not have heard of Mainstage Maffia before, but I’m a follower. A dope ass mix!