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Scot Project Live-set @ HCOTB 11-07-2015

Scot Project Live-set @ HCOTB 11-07-2015

Scot Project Live-set @ HCOTB 11-07-2015

DJ: Scot Project
Genre/Style: Hard Trance, Hard Style, Oldskool, Rave, Early Hardstyle
Liveset Info: Recorded @ HardClassics On The Beach 11-07-2015
Length Liveset: 01:00:31
Tracks: 15 (fifteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information : Scot Project – Facebook Fanpage

The internet is filled with billions of hours of music, splendid music. And it takes a while to actually find music you were looking for. For example: I was looking for some early Hardstyle/Hard House tunes, and by accident I came across this liveset by Scot Project (it’s not written well on Soundcloud nor on the flyer, it’s only with one ‘t’). This set was recorded at HardClassics On The Beach, on the 11th of July 2015. The line-up was good: Pavo, Scot Project, DHHD, Deepack, Luna, Daniele Mondello, Freestyle Maniacs, The Viper and more. With such a line-up the event must have been good, and according those who went (and rated the event on Partyflock), the event was very good!

One of those sets can be found on Soundcloud. Scot Project’s liveset. And you get what you were hoping for! For starters he played a few really oldskool classics, and after that he goes all in and plays the finest tunes you can get! Most of them being remixes by himself, but you can’t go wrong with him. Seriously, Scot Project has made so many great anthems, I prefer his tunes over any new Hardstyle/Hard Dance tracks. Come on, ‘L’ (I Want Your Love)…. can’t go wrong with that track.

The tracklist was kindly provided, and it’s a beauty. Call yourself a true Dance music lover? You will dig this a lot!


01. The Ultimate Seduction – The Ultimate Seduction
02. Speedy J – Pullover
03. Mauro Picotto – Lizard
04. Derb – Derb
05. Hennes & Cold – The Second Trip (DJ Scot Project Remix) 
06. Mike Dragon – Orange Song (Emphasis Hardclub Mix) 
07. Yakooza – Cocaine (DJ Scot Project Remix) 
08. Derb – DFC (DJ Scot Project Remix) 
09. Thomas Rubin – Cold Night (DJ Scot Project Remix) 
10. Beam vs Cyrus – Thunder In Paradise
11. Twister’s Silence – Listen To Me Mama (DJ Scot Project Remix) 
12. Marcel Woods – Advanced (DJ Scot Project’s Set You Free Remix 2006) 
13. DJ Scot Project – FM2
14. Walt – Let The Music Play
15. Showtek – Expansion

Sweet Lord, what a tracklist!!! Impressive tracks, Scot Project has picked most of his own remixes, but they are so f**king worth it! Look at the track, just look at them!

For crying out loud, why can’t they make music as good as these tunes? When I first fell in love with it, it must have been the early 2000s. And still they demolish my braincells. I love so many tracks in this mix, such as ‘The Second Trip’, ‘Cocaine’, ‘Cold Night’ (the drop is IMMENSE),’Listen To Me Mama’, but the one that does the most damage to my emotions is ‘FM2′. The one track I can’t remember, or maybe never heard of before.

There might be small errors in this set, but I forgive Scot Project. He makes up with a shitload of dancefloor smashers! When these tunes dominated the dance scene I was raving the night away, and hearing these tunes coming at me full blast! These tunes dominated my youth, and to this day they make me smile from ear to ear!

A wonderful, exciting, and all in all a beauty of a set! I should search for more Scot Project, I need to take a time machine trip at least once a day, those early days can not be beaten. Quality over quantity, and Scot Project was the man to go to, to make an excellent remix. This set is sublime!

No I’ve changed my mind about the best record. Sorry Scot, ‘Cold Night’ still has the drop that no one saw coming. Or the build up that no one has ever improved (because it’s ace). Yep, ‘Cold Night’. All day!


Pat B – Reverze Flashback 2016 Liveset

Pat B - Reverze Flashback 2016 Liveset

Pat B – Reverze Flashback 2016 Liveset

DJ: Pat B
Genre/Style: Hardstyle, Jumpstyle
Liveset Info: Recorded @ Reverze Flashback 2016
Length Liveset: 00:45:03
Tracks: 88 (eighty-eight)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 103 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Pat B – Facebook Fanpage

When you browse for hours online and you find mixes so dope, you can’t stay offline. I found one, which will blow your mind away, and this time it’s no joke. It’s a set by DJ Pat B, a familiar name, recorded last year at Reverze Flashback, and it’s a 45 minute long set, with 88 tracks…wait, before we continue, let’s underline the 88 tracks. 88 tracks! That’s impressive. That’s what got my attention in the first place, because of the awesome tracklist. Second of all I became interested in a diverse mix. I’ve been hearing Pat B bits and bobs here and there, but never really heard a liveset. Well, today things are about to change!

I was waiting for a good Jumpstyle mix, but to find a set by Pat B, with a shit load of Jumpstyle tracks in it, I wasn’t ready for that. But not only can you find Jumpstyle tracks, but also a few Hardstyle tracks, and also an added bonus, which I will talk about in a minute. For now let’s focus on the liveset, which was recorded at Reverze last year, but it was called ‘Deception’, and yet this mix is called ‘Flashback’? I don’t get it, but maybe that’s because I’ve never been there. Maybe it’s the after party?

Anyway, however you look at this set, you’ve got to embrace the big task that Pat B had, to mix so many great tracks together. And the one bonus I was talking about earlier: you can hear the crowd interacting with Pat B. I seriously love that! The crowd should always be heard on each liveset. And when you hear the crowd loose themselves as much as they did during Pat B’s set, you know he did an excellent set!

Here we go, finger arthritis (or however you spell it) will happen….


01. Marshall Masters – Stereo Murder (Pat B’s Reverze Intro) 
02. Cherrymoon Trax – Acid Dream (The Prophet Remix) 
03. Da Bootleggers – Fresh Beats
04. Dr Rude & Qatja S – Clean N Crunchy
05. Jack & The Ripper – Whores In The House
06. Dark-E – Happy Hookers
07. G-Swatt – It’s Gonna Be Da Beat
08. Da Boy Tommy – Halloween
09. DJ Mystery – Punani
10. Da Rick – Rumble
11. DJ Liberty – Explode
12. Boon-T – Lobotomyx
13. DJ Skep – Hangova
14. Dr Rude – All The Girls
15. Chicago Zone & Ronald V – Acid
16. Coone & Ronald V – This Is Dirty
17. Coone – Doggystyle
18. Dr Rude & Pat B – Time Flies
19. Q-ic – No Good
20. Dune – Hardcore Vibes
21. Madtraxx – In The Future (Binum Remix) 
22. Paul Elstak – Brohym
23. Ruthless & Vorwerk – Not This Record
24. Cokeman – Snigg
25. Coone – Love
26. Lethal MG – Going Wilder
27. Mark With A K – Flying High
28. Da Bootleggers – Bitches & Ho’s
29. CJ Warez – Popcorn
30. David Guetta – Love Is Gone (Pat B Remix) 
31. Lethal MG – Youeternal
32. Candyman – My Beat
33. Felix Project – On The Floor
34. Binum – Chapter One (Greg C Remix) 
35. Dr Rude – Tetris
36. Davoodi – Move Yo Ass
37. Dr Phunk & iTraxx – Little Jimmy
38. Chicago Zone & Ladyboy – Intrragation
39. Evil Activities – Nobody Said It Was Easy
40. Mark With A K – Oasis
41. DJ Basik – Kingpin
42. Klaps – The Return
43. Mark With A K – Try My Loving
44. DJ Liberty – Liquid Is Liquid
45. Binum – Lethal Industry
46. Tranceball – Tranceball (Coone Remix) 
47. Oxley – The New Generation
48. Kamiz – Kamiz Song
49. Ruthless – Big Dirty Sky Liquid
50. D.H.T. – 1.2.3. Jumpin’ Time
51. Bestien – What We Breath For
52. Davoodi – 9mm
53. Mark With A K – Rainbow In The Sky
54. Davoodi & Bestien – Puffin Bluntz
55. Thunderball – Bonzai Channel One
56. Pat B – R&B Sucks
57. Derp – Derp (Teka B Bootleg) 
58. Massiv – Ass For Cash
59. Dany BPM & Qatja S – Bass Droppin’
60. Fenix – Mindfucked
61. Fenix – 6 Days
62. Dr Rude – Funky Bootleg
63. Fenix & Lethal MG – Balearic Nightmare
64. Demoniak – This Is Porno
65. Doug Van Zant – Organ Line (Toxwen Remix) 
66. Jamie Dill – Engine
67. Solaxx – Harvester
68. DJ Gio – Gods Of Hell
69. Rudy Sunders – Pump Up My Pussy
70. Coone & Ruthless – We Don’t Care
71. Showtek – FTS
72. Headhunterz – Reloaded Part 2
73. Showtek – Partylover
74. Noisecontrollers – Crump
75. The R3bels – Keep The Rhythm
76. Headhunterz – Subsonic
77. Mr Puta – Green Stuff
78. Technoboy – Voices
79. D-Block & S-Te-Fan – Music Made Addict
80. The Beholder & Zany – Bleeding For The Harder Styles
81. Zazafront – Dikke Vette Bassplaat
82. Zany & Pavo – Our Destination
83. D-Block & S-Te-Fan – Ride With Uz
84. Southstylerz – Pounding Senses (Deeper Inside Remix) 
85. Bulldozer Project – Arise
86. The Prophet – H3y Twisted World (Pat B & Miss Puss Bootleg) 
87. Eddy Wally – Cherie
88. Deepack & The Prophet – Stampuh!!!

And after typing this I had to take a short break. Sweet Lord, this has hurt my fingers.

Pat B does it extremely well, and I’ve got to give the man all the credits he should get. This is an effortless set, and how the hell he did it is still a mystery to me. How can you mix so good and not make one mistake? I haven’t spotted one, and I’ve been listening to this mix again and again!

I love the crowd’s interaction, and I love the records. All of them. Yes, even the ‘Cherie’ one. This is to me as great as the ‘Sensation White & Black Megamix 2002′, during which you heard the crowd screaming out loud too, and you would hear the finest tunes coming through your speakers.

This had everything I wanted, this has seriously ended my weekend in a good way. A smile from ear to ear. Pat B is a boss, a serious boss. Who needs cake throwing idiots or f**king celebrities mixing when you’ve got Pat B?

Download this mix right now, and burn it onto a disc / plug your phone onto the computer and add it to the memory card. This is a set you really want to hear when you are on your way to work the next 5 days!

Best track? Can’t pick. How can you pick? Too many to choose from. Aargh.


Penta – Hardshock Festival Promomix 2017

Penta - Hardshock Festival Promomix 2017

Penta – Hardshock Festival Promomix 2017

DJ: Penta
Genre/Style: Hardcore, Industrial Hardcore
Mix Info: Hardshock Festival Promomix 2017
Length Mix: 00:41:35
Tracks: 18 (eighteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: DJ Penta – Facebook Fanpage

In April most of the Dutch culture will seize to excist. No clog wearing people, no cheese eating, no fingers in dikes (pun intented) or living in windmills, we are embracing our true colours. As many of you lot know, the Dutch are originators when it comes to Hardcore music, and from there it took over the world, and today it’s been listened to by millions. From a cult following to mass following: Hardcore isn’t just an underground thing anymore. Hardshock Festival is there for those who have embraced the culture, and want to have one amazing experience. So on the 15th of April, be sure that you are at Almere Strand.

Penta is going to be there. He’s rocking the Voltage area,  And as you know, I’m a huge fan of Penta. You must have seen Penta’s interview last year? Click the link to read it, and read the interesting interview. Anyway, let’s talk about Hardshock and the mix. He’s made a promo mix for you all to get excited, and basically for you to pick the area to go to. It’s the Voltage area. Yes, I’ve said it twice now, but you know it makes sense. The mix contains the finest and roughest tracks money can buy. And yes, they’ve been carefully mixed by Penta. What else do you need?


00. Intro (The DJ Producer – Take Over The World) 
01. Tymon – Traps
02. Tripped feat [KRTM] – Fucking Z%tsu
03. Igneon System & [KRTM] – Jack No. 7
04. Penta – Faceoff
05. Radical Redemption & Bloodcage – Killswitch
06. Micromakine – Process
07. Satan – Psycho
08. The Clamps – In My Eyes
09. Penta – War Crimes
10. N-Vitral – Such Kick (Deathmachine Remix) 
11. Penta – Are We Worth Saving
12. The Clamps – In The Depths
13. Penta – Hiphop Drop
14. I:Gor – Straight Outta Kielce
15. Penta – Bassdrop
16. Satan – Meat
17. Tripped – Motherf%cking Ninja (Jimmy’s Motherfucking Intermezzo) 
18. [KRTM] – George & Jimmy.gif

Wow! Penta’s on a roll! I knew he was making tracks, but he’s on fire now. Maybe an album will be released in the future, if he’s got enough material? I hope he does, because if he does, I’ll be the first to buy it (if he’s already released an album, I’m a shite fan basically for not knowing).

The mix is not for the soft minded people, who want to save the world by listening to Hippy music and snorting washing powder. Get over yourself, who uses powder? It’s tablets nowadays, and it’s hard to snort them up your nose. Anyhow, you ain’t going to like this if you think that Tiesto plays hard music, or think that Justin Bieber is God. The true God is the Wizard, and if you are a die hard fan, you know what I mean.

The mix is tight. The tracks seriously insane. I’m digging this mix a lot. Penta can’t stop making awesome mixes, if truth be told. He’s the one you need to follow, as I said in the interview. Penta brings us Hardcore like never before, and yet I can sense influences from different artists, such as Promo. Which is a good thing. But the end result is unique and refreshing, which leads up to an awesome mix.

If this doesn’t persuade you to go to Hardshock, you ain’t hard enough. I can’t go, wish I could, and shake this man’s hand. He’s a legend. Rough, raw, and fucking on the spot. Penta, put money on this kid, he’s the future.

Best record? ‘War Crimes’. Why? Just because. Listen to it and you will know why.

Ps. thanks Penta for making my ears bleed. This music has literally penetrated my ears, and made them bleed. I will send you the invoice for the purchase of medical things to stop the bleeding.


Darren Styles Mini Mix 2017

Darren Styles Mini Mix 2017

Darren Styles Mini Mix 2017

DJ: Darren Styles
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, EDMCore
Mix Info: Darren Styles Mini Mix 2017
Length Mix: 00:47:00
Tracks: 26 (twenty-six)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 126 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Darren Styles – Facebook Fanpage

You are probably a UK Hardcore fan, aren’t you? And if you are, you have to acknowledge that the biggest superstar DJ in our scene is the one and only DJ Darren Styles. He’s the biggest and baddest, and took the scene to the next level. Yes, we all remember the good ol’ days when he made UK Hardcore and pop tunes at the same time, and his tracks appeared in the top 40, but now he’s leaving the UK (not technically true, but for this sentence it works) and taking over the world. Spreading the UK Hardcore virus, but with a twist. And that twist is what I like to call ‘EDMCore’, which is UK Hardcore but made more accessible for outsiders. He’s a game changer, and no one can beat this legend.

If you look at this mix, which was only uploaded 15 days ago, it already had 34k plays! In all fairness, no other DJ can reach that. And the other thing (to prove how big he is as a DJ): he’s playing at Defqon.1 . He’s taking UK Hardcore to the biggest stages in the world, which he’s already doing. I think I saw pictures of him and Gammer in the States on their tour. These two are changing our scene, and I am happy for them doing so well. Take it all to the next stage, and we will take over the world. No one can ignore UK Hardcore, or Darren Styles!

I feel quite bad though, only discovered this mix yesterday. Why hasn’t this appeared on my timeline? I should have seen this before, seeing as I was listening to Darren Styles’ 2014 mix (which still rocks)…


01. Audiotricz – United As One (Zero Hero Remix) 
02. Darren Styles & Callum Higby – TMA
03. Darren Styles, Dougal & Gammer – Party Don’t Stop
04. Sander van Doorn, Martin Garrix & DVBBS feat Aleesia – Gold Skies (Darren Styles & Dougal Remix) 
05. Darren Styles & Gammer – OMG
06. Stonebank feat Ben Clark – The One (Darren Styles Remix) 
07. Darren Styles & Gammer – Big Ting
08. Darren Styles feat Christina Novelli – Sun Is Rising (Michael Zenden Remix) 
09. Darren Styles & Re-Con – Quiver
10. Pegboard Nerds x Quiet Disorder – Go Bezerk (Gammer Remix) 
11. Stonebank feat Emel – Ripped To Pieces
12. Kayzo x Riot – Wake Up
13. Skellism feat Darren Styles – Suffocate
14. Petruccio & Modulate – Missing (Gammer 2017 Remix) 
15. Darren Styles – Us Against The World
16. Darren Styles & Re-Con feat Matthew Sleeper – Rest Of Your Life (VIP) 
17. Relect – Lets Go
18. Gammer – Red Drink Foam Party
19. Styles & Breeze – You’re My Angel (DS Intro Version) 
20. Diamond Eyes – Hold On
21. Zero Hero – Bass Drop
22. Darren Styles, Dougal & Gammer – Burning Up
23. Styles & Breeze – Slide Away (Stonebank Remix) 
24. Darren Styles & Gammer – Feel Like This
25. Wasted Penguinz – Wait For You (Darren Styles & Gammer Remix) 
26. Darren Styles feat Molly – Never Forget You (Stonebank Remix) 

If you don’t like to see this much Darren Styles in one mix, go away. Go away right now! You ain’t Hardcore mate, you certainly aren’t Hardcore enough.

This mix contains the finest records made by the legend himself, alongside a few of his friends. The one he’s been making tracks with the most is obviously Gammer. First you had Dougal and Gammer, and now the mighty combination is Gammer and Darren Styles, they are making records with ease, and they are crowd pleasers. It doesn’t matter where you are from, the tracks will demolish your ears, and will leave you breathless. You can’t experience a Darren Styles set without loosing your breath.

This mix is just pure filth, but is it as good as his 2014 mix? Yes. As good. Maybe I prefer the 2014 mix a bit more, but that’s only because the tracks from then are more personal. But no matter how you compare these mixes, production wise Darren is on spot. He knows how to make the records sound great. So many great anthems are in this 2017 mix, but which one is my favourite? Because of the vocals I would choose ‘Burning Up’.

This is the mix you definately need to listen to, and share with your mates. It’s from one of the hottest stars in the scene, and maybe, I said maybe, he might do a 2017 mega mix? Who knows. 2017 ’s going to be big in any ways for Darren, and we wish him good luck, spreading the love, passion and dedication around the world. UK Hardcore is Darren, Darren is UK Hardcore.