• Scot Project Live-set @ HCOTB 11-07-2015

    The internet is filled with billions of hours of music, splendid music. And it takes a while to actually find music you were looking for. For example: I was looking for some early Hardstyle/Hard House tunes, and by accident I came across this liveset by Scot Project (it’s not written well on Soundcloud nor on

  • Pat B – Reverze Flashback 2016 Liveset

    When you browse for hours online and you find mixes so dope, you can’t stay offline. I found one, which will blow your mind away, and this time it’s no joke. It’s a set by DJ Pat B, a familiar name, recorded last year at Reverze Flashback, and it’s a 45 minute long set, with

  • Penta – Hardshock Festival Promomix 2017

    In April most of the Dutch culture will seize to excist. No clog wearing people, no cheese eating, no fingers in dikes (pun intented) or living in windmills, we are embracing our true colours. As many of you lot know, the Dutch are originators when it comes to Hardcore music, and from there it took

  • Darren Styles Mini Mix 2017

    You are probably a UK Hardcore fan, aren’t you? And if you are, you have to acknowledge that the biggest superstar DJ in our scene is the one and only DJ Darren Styles. He’s the biggest and baddest, and took the scene to the next level. Yes, we all remember the good ol’ days when

  • Cruze & MC Frikshon Live @ WTTJ 2016

    It’s Saturday, and what’s the most logical thing to do? Correct, chill out and listen to your favourite style. Mine is obviously Hardcore, and I woke up especially for this mix (not really, couldn’t sleep really). Ran to my computer, turned it on, and been listening to it since. Blasting out the Hardcore at 8

  • Drokz – MOH 2017 Dragons Of Doom Cut N Paste Promomix

    DROKZ IS BACK! Yes, I’ve written it down in capital letters to make sure everyone read it! We’ve got a new promo mix by the legend himself, the man who’s voice goes through our veins. Drokz is the leading figure in the Terror industry, and with this latest mix he showcases his love, dedication and