• DJC & MC Jack – Slammers, Bangers & Anthems (2017)

    Ah, finally, I found a UK Hardcore mix1 It’s been a while since I last reviewed a UK Hardcore mix, but I’m back, and the first mix is a banger by DJC and MC Jack. These names do not need any introduction, you all know these names. If you want me to explain who they

  • Lester – Music Madness #010 (2016)

    How come I only find Hardstyle/Rawstyle mixes lately? I used to find a lot of UK Hardcore mixes, but they have seemed to disappear in the darkness. Well, so be it, and Hardstyle it is again! Back with another review, focussed on the Hardstyle side of music. This time it’s a podcast for K1-Recordz, and

  • Foolish Freestyle 2016 Yearmix By Panic & Dr Phunk (2016)

    2016 has been a great year for music, and if you are a music fan like I am, you have noticed the rise of a new style called Freestyle. I haven’t heard of it before 2016, so I can’t inform you about its past. But what I can say right now, is that it’s the

  • 10 Years Playboyz Mixtape (2015)

    For those who are thinking this mix is all about Playboy, you are wrong, and let me correct you right now. This has got nothing to do with half naked females in a magazine. You are oh so wrong. This mix is about a DJ/producer called Playboyz. Or, as the picture shows us, his name

  • BeatTheBridge Malice Promo Mix (2017)

    Damn, I am too late. This mix was sadly only uploaded yesterday for this event, so it’s too late for you all to get excited for it, because it’s currently happening. Yes, it’s Kingsday in the Netherlands, and people are going bezerk. The Orange coloured jacket is allowed out of the closet, the whigs are

  • Pat B – Jumping Is Not A Crime 2017

    We Europeans are good in many things. But especially two countries, in which many styles have originated, like Hardcore/Gabber, and Jumpstyle. We’ve seen the rise and fall, and with Hardcore the fall meant that it would climb back up again and become bigger than before. Not Jumpstyle, not at all. This sadly faded away after