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DJC & MC Jack – Slammers, Bangers & Anthems (2017)

DJC & MC Jack - Slammers, Bangers & Anthems (2017)

DJC & MC Jack – Slammers, Bangers & Anthems (2017)

MC: Jack
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore
Mix Info: Slammers, Bangers & Anthems
Length Mix: 00:49:00
Tracks: 37 (thirty-seven)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 494 MB
File Type: .wav
Bitspeed: 1411kbps
More Information: MC Jack / DJC – Facebook Fanpage

Ah, finally, I found a UK Hardcore mix1 It’s been a while since I last reviewed a UK Hardcore mix, but I’m back, and the first mix is a banger by DJC and MC Jack. These names do not need any introduction, you all know these names. If you want me to explain who they are to you, you ain’t Hardcore. Anyway, let’s focus on the mix, shall we?

DJC and MC Jack joined forces for this specific mix, which is dedicated to those slammers, bangers and anthems money can buy. Some old and some new, and some quirky. Expect a weird mix, in all fairness, because you get 37 tracks in 49 minutes. That has to be some madness coming through your speaker, eh?

MC Jack is the one behind the mic (hence the first bit of his artist name, eh) and DJC is behind the decks, and he fires his tracks toward you. And yes, there are quite a few slammers, bangers and anthems in here. Throughout the mix MC Jack keeps the entertainment level high: his voice is quite appealing, soothing for the ears. He doesn’t sound like a hoover on XTC, like some MCs do.

Let me show you the tracklist. It’s gorgeous. And quirky. Ray Charles in a UK Hardcore mix??


01. Pegboard Nerds – Swamp Thing (DJC SBA Edit) 
02. Laxx – Hardcore (Relect Hardcore Rave Edit) 
03. Jekyll & Dave Castellano – Fresh Beat
04. Ganar – Crazy
05. Hard Rock Sofa & Skidka – Arms Around Me (Olly P Bootleg) 
06. DJ Relect – Close Your Eyes
07. I See Monstas – Deeper Love (MOB Remix) 
08. Dougal & Gammer, Vini Vici – The Tribe World (Olly P Mashup) 
09. Technikore & Weaver – Torn To Pieces
10. Tom Staar – Higher (Olly P Bootleg) 
11. DJ Relect – Let’s Go
12. Da Tweekaz – Tequila (DJC & Gregor Le Dahl Edit) 
13. GTA & TJR – Mic Check (DJC Edit) 
14. Garmiani – Voodoo (Relect Bootleg) 
15. Breeze – Gotta Get
16. Knife Party – Sleaze (DJC Edit) 
17. Pendulum – Witchcraft (Rob Swire’s Drumstep Mix) 
18. Marc Smith & Prospect – Machine Gun
19. Klubfiller – Feel Alive (DJC Remix) 
20. Gammer & Unknown – Raise Ur Fuckin Hands
21. Squad-E & DJC feat MC Jack – Wolf Howl
22. Rudedog – Touch Me (Mark Breeze Remix) 
23. Escobar feat Lemon – What Bass (DJC Remix) 
24. Soundrush – Take Me Back (Kutski & Darren Styles Remix) 
25. Olly P – Start Again
26. MOB & Enemy – Speak English
27. NERVO feat Timmy Trumpet – Anywhere You Go (KO3 & Relect Remix) 
28. Unknown – Shot Me Down (DJC & Gregor Le Dahl Edit) 
29. DJC – Dimensions
30. Ray Charles – Hit The Road Jack
31. Dougal & Gammer – Horns Of Jericho
32. Major Lazer & Grandtheft – Number One (Callum Higby Bootleg) 
33. Re-Con, Squad-E & Technikore – Ghettoblaster
34. FatSteve & Dave Castellano – Turn Back Time
35. Ganar – I Want You
36. Stonebank – Who’s Got Your Love
37. Major Lazer – WeedMan

See, I told you this tracklist/mix is jam packed with a lot of records. That’s always the unfair bit about megamixes: once you get into a specific track, it already goes to the next track. It is continuous fun, that’s for sure. But still, Ray Charles in a UK Hardcore mix? I thought I heard everything so far!

MC Jack does his thing well alongside DJC, and it’s a blinding set. This has made my Sunday morning much more pleasant. And also the records DJC has selected. Some are a bit meh, but that’s just my personal view, but look at the best records of this mix: ‘Soundrush’, ‘Touch Me’, ‘Machine Gun’, ‘Close Your Eyes’, ‘Crazy’and more. It’s good that DJC has selected records by well known names, and including a few upcoming acts. This is a nice blend.

It’s Sunday, time to relax. Why not press play on this mix, and let the beats, basses and melodies guide you? Or as DJC and MC Jack would put it: let the slammers, bangers and anthems get you through this long weekend?

Best record? Come on, that’s a simple one: ‘Who’s Got Your Love’. Stonebank is a killer producer. And this is one hell of an anthem. Not a dancefloor smasher, a dancefloor destroyer!


Lester – Music Madness #010 (2016)

Lester - Music Madness #010 (2016)

Lester – Music Madness #010 (2016)

DJ: Lester
Genre/Style: Hardstyle
Mix Info: Music Madness Podcasty Episode 10
Length Mix: 01:00:20
Tracks: 18 (eighteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 138 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: K1-Recordz – Facebook Fanpage

How come I only find Hardstyle/Rawstyle mixes lately? I used to find a lot of UK Hardcore mixes, but they have seemed to disappear in the darkness. Well, so be it, and Hardstyle it is again! Back with another review, focussed on the Hardstyle side of music. This time it’s a podcast for K1-Recordz, and the mix was made by DJ Lester. I came across this mix via accident, and now I’m listening to it, and I can’t stop. This mix is so addictive, so good, I am a nuisance to the neighbours, but do I care? Nah, not really.

I can’t say anything about the DJ or the label, because I know nothing at all. And I mean nothing. I found this mix and thought it was made by someone I know called ‘Lester’. How wrong was I? This is another DJ called Lester. Not that I knew a lot of the other Lester. Lester’s are unknown to me. And also the label. The only thing I spotted was the Mexico word underneath the logo, so this must be a label from Mexico, dedicated to Hardstyle? Sadly besides English and Dutch I know no other languages, so I can’t understand what’s written in the info section on Facebook. If you know, please share.

Ok, time for the tracklist. Basically so far I haven’t said a single thing about this, so I think it’s time the tracklist starts speaking for itself.


01. Michael Phase – Banzai
02. LNY TNZ feat Dave Revan – Hit Em Hard
03. LNY TNZ feat Kalibwoy – Therapy
04. KSHMR & Tigerlily – Invisible Children (Calixto & Haaradak Remix) 
05. Slight Noise & Rejectiorz – Are You Ready
06. DJ Isaac – Burn
07. Alex Kidd – Bitches (Michael Phase Remix) 
08. Coone – Rise Of The Celestials (Qlimax Anthem 2016) 
09. Wildstylez & Villian – Make The Crowd Move
10. Wasted Penguinz – Make It One Day
11. KSHMR & Felix Snow feat Madi – Touch (Michael Phase Remix) 
12. Lowriders & Headhunterz – Psychedelic Back (Black Stylerz Mashup) 
13. Brennan Heart & Jonathan Mende – Imaginary
14. Brennan Heart & Wildstylez – Lose My Mind (MKN Remix) 
15. Yev – CStrike (Original Mix Edit) 
16. Tiesto & KSHMR & Atmozfears & Audiotricz – Re Secrets (Black Stylerz Mashup V2) 
17. Blackstylerz – Voices In The Dark
18. Noise Dimensions & Saiperkz – Madness

What a brilliant mix. I’m loving the vibes DJ Lester is pushing through my speakers!

It’s Sunday morning, and the only thing us Hard Dance lovers like to do, is put the volume on max, and let the whole street know what we are listening to. And today I’m listening to this. I couldn’t care less if they don’t like it. So far no one has complained, give it a couple of minutes though.

This podcast is a nice one to get us through the weekend. Those who have been raving the night away are already in dream land, getting back into the world of reality after a night clubbing/raving, gained self control again. But those (like me) who didn’t go anywhere, we still need our fix. And this is our fix. Lester has picked a lot of amazing tracks, and it keeps me going. And it also makes me want to go out again. Damn, have to wait 6 days before I can go.

I can’t mention anything bad about this mix. I simply can’t.

Best record in this mix? ‘Voices In The Dark’. Because it’s extremely dark!!!

Make sure you download this mix, and play it out loud. You know it makes sense.


Foolish Freestyle 2016 Yearmix By Panic & Dr Phunk (2016)

Foolish Freestyle 2016 Yearmix By Panic & Dr Phunk (2016)

Foolish Freestyle 2016 Yearmix By Panic & Dr Phunk (2016)

DJs: Panic  & Dr Phunk
Genre/Style: Hardstyle, Freestyle, Jumpstyle, Hardcore
Mix Info: Foolish Freestyle Yearmix By Panic & Dr Phunk
Length Mix: 01:06:52
Tracks: 34 (thirty-four)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Foolish Freestyle 2016 Yearmix – Purchase Here

2016 has been a great year for music, and if you are a music fan like I am, you have noticed the rise of a new style called Freestyle. I haven’t heard of it before 2016, so I can’t inform you about its past. But what I can say right now, is that it’s the hottest style imaginable. Every big event has got at least 1 stage dedicated to it, and a whole host of artists are pushing the style forward. Two of them joined forces and have made a yearmix you need to listen to: Panic and Dr Phunk. The year mix is called ‘Foolish Freestyle 2016 Yearmix’, and you can listen to it via Soundcloud. And there’s a bonus for you all. All that in a minute.

The mix contains the finest Freestyle records from artists such as Re-Style, Panic, Paul Elstak, The Viper, Dr Phunk, Geck-O and more. And it’s been mixed together by Panic and Dr Phunk, and it’s a nice mix. You can get this mix by clicking the link above this review, or on Soundcloud, which it takes you straight to the website where you can purchase not only this mix, but all 34 records used in it. How about that, eh?

For me the mix means the most. Yes, I do like tracks on their own, but mixes are more my cup of tea. I grew up during an era when mixtapes were the hottest thing you could buy with Guilders (Dutch money). So the mix I found by accident on Soundcloud was just the right thing for me. And it’s worth checking it out.

Here’s the tracklist.


01. Geck-O – International Outernational
02. Dr Phunk – L.I.T.
03. Crude Intentions – Bring Back The Bass
04. Dr Phunk & Alee – My World
05. Kit Hype – Mash It Up
06. Crude Intentions – INSAN3
07. DJ Mystery & Panic – Pussy B*tch
08. Dr Phunk – Deadliest Sound
09. Crude Intentions – Ghettoblaster
10. Dr Phunk – Set Me Free
11. Potato feat Tha Watcher – Beast Mode
12. Royal S & Crude Intentions – ARC4D3
13. Dr Phunk & FERAL is KINKY – Can’t Resist
14. Crude Intentions – Voices Part II
15. Playboyz feat MC The Russian – Lock N Load
16. Dr Phunk & Zany – Came 2 Party
17. The Viper feat MC-V – Freestyle Muthafokka
18. Dr Phunk – B.T.F.U.
19. Crude Intentions – Down Low
20. Dr Phunk – Get Up
21. Dr Phunk – Vigorous
22. Dr Phunk & Luna – Reckless
23. Re-Style – Hypnosis
24. The Prophet – OMG
25. Dr Phunk, Paul Elstak & JeBroer – Kind Van De Duivel
26. The Propher & Dr Phunk – Like That
27. Rockerman – Fine Day
28. Dr Phunk & Korsakoff – Secret Alliance
29. Rockerman feat Diesel – No Illusions
30. LNY TNZ & Boaz feat Mr Polska – Ravelord (DJ Paul Elstak Hardcore Mix) 
31. Rockerman – The Sun Will Shine For You
32. Panic – Sunshine
33. DJ Paul Elstak – The Promised Land (The Viper Remix) 
34. Re-Style & Scott Brown feat Ceci – I Go Crazy

The mix starts off slowely and gains BPMs toward the end. Which is a good thing, because it’s the same at a party/rave: the first acts always start off slow, and towards the end you’ve got DJs such as Drokz and Akira destroying every braincell you’ve got left.

Panic and Dr Phunk have made a very interesting mix. Showcasing what 2016 has done to us all, and it has made us aware that Freestyle is a growing style that everyone should be aware of. And I think the majority already embraced it, including yours truly, TCD. I’m digging this style a lot, and loving the vibes it creates. The same with this mix, it has brought a smile on my face from ear to ear, and there’s nothing wrong with it. The mixing was tight, the records tight, everything tight.

Which record was the finest? ‘Kind Van De Duivel’ is obviously the biggest tune at the moment, but for me it was ‘Set Me Free’. Just the track I was looking for, and I fell in love since the first time I heard it.

Panic and Dr Phunk have created an amazing yearmix, they should be proud of it. If you want it, you know what you need to do: follow the links to the right places, and buy  it now! It’s worth every penny/eurocent.


10 Years Playboyz Mixtape (2015)

10 Years Playboyz Mixtape (2015)

10 Years Playboyz Mixtape (2015)

DJ: Playboyz
Genre/Style: Jumpstyle, Freestyle, Hardstyle, Hard Techno
Mix Info: 10 Years Playboyz Mixtape
Length Mix: 01:11:18
Tracks: 52 (fifty-two)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 163 MB
File Type: wav.
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Playboyz – Facebook Fanpage

For those who are thinking this mix is all about Playboy, you are wrong, and let me correct you right now. This has got nothing to do with half naked females in a magazine. You are oh so wrong. This mix is about a DJ/producer called Playboyz. Or, as the picture shows us, his name could also be Plaboyz. Typo, which is okay. You still know who he is, and what this mix is about. If you don’t, let me elaborate: this is a 10 years celebration mix, showcasing what he has been releasing on many labels such as Scantraxx, Bunny Recordings, Zoo Records, Jumper Records and more. And it’s filth I tell you, it’s filth!

The name does ring a bell, and I’ve seen the name on many compilations and many mixes, but I never realised that Playboyz actually made this many awesome records. I never knew he was responsible for the dopest records in the Jumpstyle scene! There are so many you can choose from, and the majority I have heard, and secretly embraced. He’s been a driving force within the Jumpstyle scene (which has turned into the Freestyle scene nowadays). I seriously had no idea that the majority of wicked tunes that I really loved were made or remixed by him! Credits to Plaboyz/Playboyz.

Don’t ask me why, but recently the mixes I keep finding are Jumpstyle mixes. And man, I am loving it! Jumpstyle to me is still alive and kicking, and no matter if the tunes are 10 years old, I’m still loving it. No matter what, Jumpstyle is still awesome to me. Sadly it got killed by the commercial ‘success’, but with mixes such as this one we are pulled back into time. I feel like I am 20+ again! Not doing the stupid Jumpstyle dance though, that was ridicilous. I reckon with that dance everyone got injured at parties. How can you dance like that and not kick other people?

Anyhow, let me show you the tracklist. And it’s a beauty. A real beauty.


01. Playboyz – Ghost Story
02. The Jack Foundation – We Be Jackin’ (Playboyz & Guarana Remix) 
03. Playboyz – Hypnothizing
04. Coone – The Return (Playboyz Remix) 
05. Playboyz – Trekdrop
06. Playboyz – Volume 1
07. Playboyz – Volume 2
08. Kamiz Song – Kamiz Song (Jenny vs Tina Remix) 
09. The Nasty Trio – Hype My Dick
10. Playboyz – Check One
11. Playboyz – Check One (Coone Remix) 
12. Playboyz – Visit From God (DJ Stone Remix) 
13. Jenny vs Tina & Gave – Funky Bitch
14. Playboyz – Killer Bunny
15. Playboyz – Schitzofrenik Bunny
16. Playboyz – Hypnotizing (DJ Ruthless Remix) 
17. Playboyz & GT Werk – Tsuguna
18. Fenix – Pullin’ Pump (Playboyz Remix) 
19. Playboyz – Rockin’ (Dark-E Remix) 
20. Playboyz feat Mr Hustler – Hip Hop
21. Tek Soldierz – Work This (Playboyz Remix) 
22. Playboyz – Balance
23. Playboyz & Dp feat E-Max – Joke It
24. Playboyz & Dp feat E-Max – Gangsta Shit
25. Mr. Bona & S. Sanders – Do You Like Fuck (Playboyz Remix) 
26. LB – Cross Over (Playboyz Remix) 
27. Jenny vs Tina – Wicked Plasticman
28. Cherrymoon Traxx – Acid Dream (Playboyz Remix) 
29. Mark With A K – Kick That Bass (Playboyz & Tek Soldierz Remix) 
30. Playboyz & Fenix – Clap Ya Handz
31. Dark-E & Playboyz – Melting
32. Q-ic & Lethal MG – Punk Shock (Playboyz Remix) 
33. Playboyz – Chrushed (Chicago Zone vs DJ Fox Remix) 
34. The Jack Foundation – We Break It Down (Playboyz & Fenix Remix) 
35. Playboyz – Adult Entertainment (iTraxx Remix) 
36. Playboyz – Visit From God
37. Playboyz – Visit From God (Ronald-V Remix) 
38. Dark-E & Playboyz – Sunset At Brecht
39. Playboyz – Rockin’
40. Mental Theo – I’m Gonna Live Tonight (Playboyz Remix) 
41. Playboyz & Sledge feat MC DL – Hit You Like 909 (Dr Phunk Remix) 
42. Playboyz – Blackhole
43. Playboyz – Supa Dupa (D-Vision Remix) 
44. Playboyz – Basic Movement (Anthem)
45. Playboyz & Carbine – Dance MF
46. Playboyz – Creepshow
47. Playboyz – Awesome
48. Playboyz – Hooked On You
49. Playboyz – It’s Like Thiz
50. Playboyz & Carbine – No Sleep
51. Playboyz – You Got My Love
52. Bass Modulators & Playboyz – The Drop

Look at the amount of Playboyz in this mix, it’s contagious! The amount of dancefloor anthems in this mix is seriously impressive. As I told you before, I never credited Playboyz with so many great anthems, I just took them for granted. But now I am paying attention I know that Playboyz were one of the leading names in the Jumpstyle scene. It might be a bit too late, but thanks Playboyz for so many awesome recordz (see what I did there?).

This mix starts off quirky, and as it progresses it becomes more rougher and tougher, with hints of heavenly vocals. But the majority is non-stop rawness. And I’m liking it. Timeless anthems he has created, and mixes 52 records in an hour-ish mix, which is impressive. There are just too many great anthems to choose from, it’s too damn hard. I’m liking the early stuff, but also the stuff he released in the 10s.

Playboyz should deserve all the credits for what he has done for the Jumpstyle scene. And I don’t care if you give me names, I still like Jumpstyle a lot! I don’t care. Jumpstyle was so awesome (music wise), you should have been there when it was everywhere. The kids nowadays don’t know what it meant to all of us who loved it for the music.

He has moved on to Freestyle/Hardstyle, which is also a good scene to be in. But I think it’s time to get the old sound back, and give Jumpstyle the boost it needs. Not as being part of Freestyle, but as a style on its own. And who else than Playboyz should represent it?

Best track? ‘Hooked On You’. Simple. Awesome vocals, wicked build-up. This is the best mix I have found in 2017. Thanks for the good memories Playboyz. Thanks for the great anthems. Thanks for this awesome mix.