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Yorkshire Ripper – Back To The 90’s Vol.3 (2017)

Yorkshire Ripper - Back To The 90's Vol.3 (2017)

Yorkshire Ripper – Back To The 90’s Vol.3 (2017)

DJ: Yorkshire Ripper
Genre/Style: Happy Hardcore, UK Hardcore
Mix Info: Back To The 90’s Vol.3
Length Mix: 00:33:06
Tracks: 16 (sixteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 75.7 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Yorkshire Ripper – Facebook Fanpage

From new music in previous mixes to some Oldskool Happy Hardcore! Yes, you can find literally everything on my page, and also on Soundcloud (you’ll probably find more stuff on there to be honest). Todays entertainment has been brought to you by Yorkshire Ripper and his latest mix, which is called ‘Back To The 90’s Vol.3′. Yes, the third instalment, sadly I missed the other 2 volumes, but there’s still enough time during this weekend to find them and listen to them. But for now we focus on the third volume.

The 90s were great because the music was good. Not the top 40, because that was just basically filled with cheesy pop tunes which made no sense, but the Happy Hardcore scene, wow, that was booming! Even to this day it makes sense, and makes thousands of people smile, including TCD. There’s obviously a difference between the UK side of it and the rest of Europe. And this mix by Yorkshire Ripper focusses on both, but mostly on the UK side of Happy Hardcore. And that’s sadly something I missed out on when I grew up during the 90s, because the mix compilations in the Netherlands mainly had European Happy Hardcore tracks on them. So it could be that the tracks selected are new, and by looking at them, 75% are to be frank.

Let’s look at the tracklist….


01. DJ Tap-It + B&H – Rap Of The Psychopath (Cru-L-T Remix) 
02. Scott Brown – I Don’t Need Nobody
03. Trixxy – Mentasmission
04. Q-Tex – Power Of Love (Scott Brown 98 Mix) 
05. M.I.B. – Feel That Groove
06. DJ Seduction – Samplemania
07. Inner Destruction – Bang To The Beat
08. Scott Brown vs Omar Santana – Ain’t It Wild
09. Vinylgroover & Trixxy – Tonight’s The Night
10. Edit V – DJ’s Mixing
11. DJ Energy – The Hardcore Fever (DJ Brisk Remix) 
12. El Bruto – Watch Me Dance (DJ Brisk Remix) 
13. Deep Wave – Power (Triple J Remix) 
14. Mr X – Chameleon
15. Supernova – Step Off
16. Helix – Now Control

Yep, it’s true, I don’t know 3/4th of these tracks. I know the artists, who doesn’t know Scott Brown, Omar Santana, Helix, El Bruto, Vinylgroover, Trixxy etc? If you don’t know them, you are too young. Press play now, and be amazed by what the 90s had to offer!

Yorkshire Ripper selected a lot of amazing tracks I have never heard of before, and it’s a nice selection. On this dreadful Saturday morning the only thing you want to hear is something mellow, and I think I found something nice for us all. You can download this bad boy, get the BBQ ready, and play it whilst cooking burgers! How’s that for a Saturday afternoon, eh?

I’m digging this mix a lot. Had a sneek peak when I was at work, and it already brought a smile on my face, from cheek to cheek. If that happens, you know a mix is good.

Got nothing to comment about . It’s a good mix, so why aren’t you downloading this already? Hurry up! Before you know it your chance to start a BBQ and have nice music playing in the background has passed. Hurry up.

Best track? I can’t pick. Too difficult!


QAPITAL 2017 – Ultimate QAPITAL Mix

QAPITAL 2017 - Ultimate QAPITAL Mix

QAPITAL 2017 – Ultimate QAPITAL Mix

Artist: Various Artist
Genre/Style: Hardstyle. Rawstyle, Hardcore Techno
Mix Info: Ultimate QAPITAL Mix
Length Mix: 01:00:21
Tracks: 61 (sixty-one)
Download/Listen (via Youtube): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Q-Dance – Facebook Fanpage

I think it’s a re-occuring theme from Q-Dance, to upload every year a QAPITAL mix. 2 months ago they uploaded 2017’s version of this succesful mix series, and it’s a beauty. Not only do you get awesome tracks crammed into an hour long mix, but the amount is also something awesome: 61 tracks in an hour long mix! How awesome is that?

As always I am late with my review. Qapital already took place, and the event looked awesome. Why am I using the word ‘awesome’ a lot today? Well, is there another word to describe Qapital? It’s the go-to event for those who love our music to be slightly harder and rougher. And the demand is tremendous, this year’s Qapital sold out! DJ Adaro, Frequencerz, Alpha2, Atmozfears, Sub Zero Project, B-Front, Bass Chaserz, N-Vitral, Rebelion, Malice, MYST, and the list goes on. Ofcourse it would sell out, the line-up is amazing, and the previous events were awesome.

To promote Qapital 2017 they made this excellent mix, which you can listen to via Youtube. This is a must listen to mix, if you are into the harder styles. Don’t know who made this mix, but whoever did this should get credits for making it look so effortless. The tracks seemlessly blend into each other, and you don’t realise that you’ve listen to 30 tracks already halfway through the mix!

The tracklist is beautiful. Mesmerizing! Check it out!


01. RVAGE – About To End This
02. Frequencerz – Nuclear
03. Adaro – Raggamuffin (MYST Remix)
04. Kronos – Black Mamba
05. Radical Redemption – Smack Bitches
06. Mr. Puta – Green Stuff (Malua Remix)
07. Rebelion & Deetox – Within Me
08. MYST – Before You Go
09. Digital Punk – Rest In Hell (Radical Redemption Remix)
10. Rebelion & Warface – Pushing Boundaries
11. Sub Sonik – MF Psycho
12. D-sturb – Ready To Roll
13. NSCLT – Sloop Die Speakers
14. Digital Mindz & Unresolved – This Can’t Be Real
15. Phuture Noize – The Worlds Beyond
16. B-freqz – The Crew
17. Bass Chaserz – Big Dick
18. Crypsis & Luna – Torture (Frequencerz Remix)
19. Malice & Rooler – Aggressive Acts
20. Adaro – The Haunter Of The Dark
21. Da Tweekaz & Sub Zero Project – DRKNSS
22. Phuture Noize – Fire
23. B-front & Alpha² feat Snowflake – Lost
24. Sub Zero Project & Sub Sonik – Headbanger
25. The Machine – Play A Game
26. Re-mind – Nothing Wrong
27. Ran-D & Phuture Noize – Paranoid
28. Luminite – Alien Technology (2016 Edit)
29. Atmozfears & Audiotricz – Handz Up
30. Sub Zero Project – The Project
31. Titan – Nightmare
32. Minus Militia – Ain’t F_cking Around
33. Alpha² & Wildstylez – Breathe (Regain Remix)
34. Tatanka – Dis-co-tek (2016 Edit)
35. The Strangerz – Stike Back
36. Primefire – Destroy
37. Kronos & Malua – AHAH
38. Apexx – AK47
39. Public Enemies – Start The Rage (QAPITAL Anthem 2017)
40. Minus Militia – Neighborhood Crime
41. B-front & Phuture Noize – The Paradox
42. Devin Wild & Sub Zero Project – Meltdown
43. Deetox feat Elyn – Paralyzed
44. Ran-D & Alpha² – Blinded
45. Delete – Formula VIP
46. Caine – Let’s Get Pillz
47. Audiofreq feat Messinian – Rampage
48. Mrotek – Substance Abuse
49. Radical Redemption & D-sturb – Kill Me
50. Gunz For Hire – Executioner Style
51. War Force – Justice
52. Geck-o – Smasher (Delete Remix VIP)
53. Degos & Re-done – Die Slowly
54. Warface & D-sturb feat Emese – Pull The Killswitch
55. Warface & Frequencerz – Menace (D-sturb Remix)
56. Delete – Genocide
57. Phuture Noize feat Snowflake – Shallow Waters
58. Rooler – Martyr
59. EZG – Rellen In De Hel (Adaro Remix)
60. Gunz For Hire – No Mercy
61. N-vitral & Angerfist – Fist In Your Face

I told you that this tracklist would blow your mind? Nope, I completely forgot. Well, now you know, you’ve seen the tracks, and now it’s time for you to embrace the mix.

Again, who did this mix is a legend! Credits for making it seem so easy. It looks and sounds so smooth, and even though this megamix looks crammed, it doesn’t sound anything like it at all! It sounds balanced. But with previous Qapital mixes it’s clear that they don’t muck about, and give you exactly what you are after!

This is a dreadful Saturday, supposed to be around 28 degrees and yet it’s raining and thundering. Yes, I shouldn’t be behind my computer, but can I be arsed? Had to share this beautiful mix with you all, because it’s worth a listen/view. Last year’s mix got a 5 out of 5 stars from yours truly, and this year is no different. They’ve done it again, made an excellent and quite frankly epic mix! A contestant for 2017’s greatest mix.

Let this mix guide you through the weekend! It will dominate mine!

Best record? 61 tracks to choose from? Are you insane? They ALL are epic!


M-Project Makina Production Mix feat MC Stretch, MC Stafford, Scotty-G (2017)

M-Project Makina Production Mix feat MC Stretch, MC Stafford, Scotty-G (2017)

M-Project Makina Production Mix feat MC Stretch, MC Stafford, Scotty-G (2017)

DJ: M-Project
MCs: Stretch, Stafford, Scotty-G
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Makina
Mix Info: M-Project Makina Production Mix
Length Mix: 01:03:56
Tracks: 27 (twenty-seven)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 146 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: M-Project – Facebook Fanpage

M-Project is a legend all over the world! It’s a fact, and you can not disagree with me. He’s been entertaining people all over the world for many years, but I never knew he started back in 2004 producing Makina records. Yes, maybe he answered the question in the interview we did a while back, but my mind is full of useless facts which have taken over much more interesting things. But at least we’ve got the world wide web, which is filled with many useful facts, and interesting mixes. And one you are about to listen to, is focussed on M-Project’s Makina side, which started back in 2004, and to showcase his production skills he asked MC Stretch, Stafford and Scotty-G to join him during this mix with their MC skills.

Makina is big, wherever you are. Don’t know how to describe it, but it’s basically a bit of UK Hardcore and Happy Hardcore joined together. Yes, it might sound a lot like Powerstomp, but because of Makina Powerstomp excists. And because of artists such as M-Project Makina is world wide known. He keeps on pushing his own music forward, and every so often he travels halfway around the world to please the fans over here, in the UK. I reckon you will like this mix a lot, if you like M-Project as much as I do.

Makina, is it still big because of M-Project? Is he the biggest name in the scene?


01. M-Project – Blood, Sweat & Makina
02. DJ DEPATH & M-Project – Cloudy Heaven (JORDI K-STANYA Remix) 
03. M-Project & PJ Makina – Cosmic Forge
04. M-Project – Fountain Of Remembrance
05. DJ DEPATH & M-Project – Autumn Sunlight
06. DJ DEPATH & M-Project – Mystical Stars
07. M-Project & DJ K-rrenyo & Jorge Zgz – The Last Trip
08. Xavi BCN & M-Project – Japan-Spain Music Connection
09. M-Project – Burn The Floor
10. DJ DEPATH & M-Project – Pulse Vision (Ruboy Remix) 
11. DJ Gary MC & M-Project – Pop It
12. M-Project feat GUHROOVY – Layers Of Time
13. DJ DEPATH & M-Project – Overpowering Enemies
14. M-Project – Route 143
15. DJ DEPATH & M-Project – HxCx Junkieee
16. M-Project – Synthetic Sky
17. M-Project & 3R2 – The Turbulence Of Awakening
18. DJ DEPATH & M-Project – Duality
19. DJ DEPATH & M-Project – Crimson Viper
20. M-Project & Xavi BCN – Magnetic Dreams
21. M-Project & DJ Kapital – Makina Spirit
22. M-Project & Xavi BCN – The One
23. Metal One – Melodies Of Passion II (DJ DEPATH & M-Project Remix) 
24. M-Project & Ruboy – Blow Your Mind CHAPTER II
25. M-Project feat MC Steal – Million Miles
26. DJ DEPATH & M-Project – Let’s Rock
27. M-Project feat MC Steal – Unleash The Rave

This has been on repeat all day! I’m a fan of M-Project for a couple of years, and I’m digging his production mix, showcasing his musical side from 2004 until 2014, and he’s been accompanied by three excellent MCs, who take the mic separately, but make it work.

As usual M-Project makes a mix so worth while, and it’s already going towards the 2000 plays in just a couple of days. It must seem that M-Project is popular, but there’s a good reason for it: the music is banging! From his early stuff to ‘recent’ stuff, it all works extremely well. You can hear his production level changing over the years, but it’s still amazing. Since the early days he’s capable of amazing crowds, including TCD.

A couple of years ago I thought Makina was too cheesy, even for this crazy Dutchman (the Dutch love cheese), but Makina is growing on me.

MC Stretch, MC Stafford, MC Scotty-G accompany the mix extremely well, and make it worth a listen or two. And you can download this badboy, and play it out loud wherever you go/are.

What’s the best track in this mix? ‘Melodies Of Passion II’. Why? Just listen to it, and let the track speak for itself.

Another slamming mix by the mysterious M-Project. He doesn’t muck about, he’s here to entertain us, spreading his Makina love from 2004 until the present day!


Chris Moss Acid – Live @ Don’t (01-11-2014 @ Bar512, Dalston London)

Chris Moss Acid - Live @ Don't (01-11-2014 @ Bar512, Dalston London)

Chris Moss Acid – Live @ Don’t (01-11-2014 @ Bar512, Dalston London)

DJ: Chris Moss Acid
Genre/Style: Acid House, Acid Techno, Drum & Bass, Terror
Liveset Info: Recorded @ Don’t 01-11-2014 @ Bar512, Dalston London
Length Liveset: 01:00:40
Tracks: 11 (eleven)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 78 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 179kbps
More Information: Chris Moss Acid – Facebook Fanpage

I am a fan of Acid House music, and I keep on searching for mixes every day, to please myself. It’s one of those styles which is extremely underrated for its strength and diversity, and what it has done for the present day music scene. And I stumbled across a mix the other day, and it’s actually not a studio mix, but a liveset, made by Chris Moss Acid. Never heard or seen this name before, but judging by the picture attached to the mix he uses oldskool machinery/equipment, which makes it worth even more, listening to this mix. If an artist actually uses the Oldskool stuff, they should get more credit.

As I said, the name doesn’t ring a bell. But I’m not a walking Wikipedia, am I? If I knew every name on the planet, I would be on several TV programmes, boasting my skills. But I don’t have any skills. Anyhow, after pressing play I fell in love with the music he plays throughout his set, which was recorded back in 2014 at Dalston, London, at a club called Bar512. Another thing I never heard of before. I asked for a tracklist, because these tracks are not known to me, and he uploaded one, which turns out to be filled with his own productions! More credits for Chris Moss Acid. Anyone keeping the Acid House scene alive should be embraced with both hands!

Let’s see the tracklist!


01. Chris Moss Acid – Acid Box
02. Chris Moss Acid – 247 House
03. Chris Moss Acid – Acid209
04. Chris Moss Acid – Slam The Box
05. Chris Moss Acid – GoAt Acid
06. Chris Moss Acid – Jak The House (It’s Time To) 
07. Chris Moss Acid – La Nuit Acid
08. Chris Moss Acid – The Acid That Ate Bournemouth
09. Chris Moss Acid – Agent-10-4
10. Current Value – Amen (Andrew’s Amen Mix) 
11. AFX – Gabba

This set is impressive! Only the last 2 tracks are made by someone else, and not Chris Moss Acid himself. But before we reach the last 2, you get 9 tracks during which you can hear how Chris Moss Acid creates epic anthems, and keeps the Acid House scene alive and kicking with his own productions.

Seriously impressed with his skills as a producer and also as a DJ, and people seemed to like it a lot during the evening. As he states underneath the mix people were texting him throughout the set, saying how epic a specific sound/bassline sounded. That’s crowd interaction for you lol.

During the whole mix you hear Acid coming through your speakers, and it’s lovely. The last 2 tracks are completely different, one is DnB and the last one is basically Terror. Even though it normally doesn’t suit a set like this kind, it works. The crowd needs to get rid of the last bit of energy they had after an amazing set like this one!

I’m liking this a lot. Really a lot. There might be some cross-fading errors, but can you blame him, he’s doing it live! Besides that it’s really an entertaining set. Credits to Chris Moss Acid for a wicked set! Loving it a lot, especially on a sunny day as today! Bring back the Acid!!!!