• John Askew – Live From VII Stage – EDC Las Vegas 16.06.17

    Today is a good day. I am finding awesome mixes on Soundcloud with tracklist, so there’s plenty of reasons for me to be happy. Today I found a mix which is so damn good, it takes me back to my youth. What kind of music would that be? Trance, exactly! That (and also Hardcore) was

  • Darren Styles – PROJECT:Z 2017 Mix

    On the 12th of August there will be an event taking place somewhere in America. The event is called ‘PROJECT:Z’, and the line-up is big: Borgore, The Prototypes, Black Sun Empire, DJ Isaac, D-Block & S-Te-Fan, Endymion, The Prophet, Tatanka, and many more. One name stands out, because I do love the man’s music and

  • DJ Thera – 2010 – 2017 Live Mix

    I’ve seen many Thera mixes pass by on my timeline at Soundcloud, but I think I never reviewed any of his mixes. Or have I? Let me check my page, give me a second (>>insert elevator music here<<)… and the answer is no. Maybe on my previous website, which sadly got destroyed by trojan horses,

  • Golden Era 2 (Early Hardcore Mix By Frantic Freak) (2011)

    I’ve been on a mission lately, to find Early Hardcore mixes. And I’ve been on many Soundcloud pages, and simply the quality of the mixes was a bit low, to say the least. Crap mixing, tracklists boring, etc. I was looking for proper mixes by people who know Hardcore a bit more, and have embraced

  • The Chainbreaker Presents: XTRA RAWFARE 1 (2017)

    Remember I reviewed a mix for Defqon.1 a couple of weeks ago? I think it was a camping mix, a mix you could download and play whilst camping at Defqon.1? Remember that mix? Okay, you do. That mix was done by the Infectious DJ’s, and now one half of this duo has decided to do

  • Faniac – Fanicast #17

    I never thought I would live in 2017 and the Early Hardcore sound would still be alive and kicking. Back  in 2010 I thought it literally disappeared, and only stayed alive through dedication mixes. But I was wrong, oh so wrong. The early sound has never really disappeared, has it? To me the sound is