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Carl Cox @ Amnesia House – The Big Bank Holiday Bash – 1994

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Carl Cox

It’s Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK, and most people are relaxing, or getting ready for yet another day of partying. So many events have taken place last weekend, and I reckon there are still a lot of parties going on. The British do know how to party when they’ve got a long weekend. Back in 1994 there was a party in May, on a day which is exactly the same day as today (not the date): a Bank Holiday. The event was called Amnesia House – The Big Bank Holiday Bash. One of the DJs performing there is the now legendary Carl Cox, king of Techno. But in 1994 he wasn’t just playing Techno, he was a man on a mission, to get the ravers dancing, whilst playing out the Breakbeat Hardcore tunes out loud.

Why did I go on Soundcloud and review this liveset? Well, that’s because of a show on Sky Arts called ‘The Agony and the Ecstacy’, in which many well established names in the industry talked about the early days of the rave culture in the UK. I told my missus that this is the period I would go back to. This is the era of awesome music, and happy people. The whistle crew (how did that come about) and the shouting/screaming ravers went out every weekend, demolishing dancefloors everywhere. It’s was the start of something unique, and events like Amnesia House are still in people’s minds to this day, being unique, refreshing, and literally sticking two fingers up to the established order (c.q. the government and the media).

If you need more information about Carl Cox, because you don’t know who he is, you should hit yourself on the head with something heavy, until you start to bleed. Carl Cox has got to be one of the greatest names in the music industry, EVER. So I’m not going to say anything, because every raver should know who he is.

Let me point out to you the following: this isn’t just his set, but also Neil Trix’s set. This is literally taken from a cassette, and 1 1/2 of the tape was Carl’s set, and the 1/2 was Neil Trix’s set. The uploader didn’t cut the set apart, so you get two sets for the price of one.

tracklist TCD

01. Dougal & Mickey Skeedale – DJ’s Mixing (Remix)
02. DJs Unknown – Volume 2A
03. Man From Uncle – Powerclass
04. DJ Mongoose – Straight Up
05. Jumping Jack Frost – Osmosis (Ratty Remix)
06. Chaos & Julia Set – Fear The Future
07. Frantic & Impulse – Volume 1 Side A
08. Clone I.D. – Happy Acid Moves
09. Two Terrorists – Jurrasick Park (DJ Paul Mix)
10. Dyewitness – Only If I Had One More (Remix) 
11. Mad Dog – Rumbled
12. Evil D – Dub Plate Style
13. DJ Slipmatt – Breaking Free
14. DJ Anthems – Volume 1 (Carl Cox Remix) 

01. Eternal Bass – Infinity
02. The House Crew – Side B (Untitled)
03. Original DJ Vibes – Let The Beat (Move Your Body)
04. LTJ & DJ Stylist – Untitled
05. Liftin Spirtis – Giggle N Rush
06. Code Blue – Angels In Rhythm
07. A-Zone – Calling The People

The set starts with ‘DJ’s Mixing’ and ends with ‘Volume 1′. The next set starts after that records. The music fades away during Evil D’s ‘Dub Plate Style’, but that’s not because the DJ turned the volume down, it was because the cassette needed a turn around. Yeah, kids nowadays don’t know the fun we had back in the 90s.

Carl Cox might be the king of Techno, but he was certainly an all round guy in the 90s. Starting early, he’s been in the game for so many years, and it looks like he’s not going to retire any time soon. Which is always a good thing. But judging his set back in the 90s, he would have never guessed he was going to be one of the greatest in the world. So raw, so rough, so dark, but oh so good. This was the time where DJs had to cross the country, and get paid up to 200 pounds. Now it’s obviously more, but back then things were basic. Only a handful DJs remained in the game, and are now considered to be pioneers, legends. And Carl is one of them, without a shadow of a doubt.

His set is really cool. You’ve got the legendary MC Magika giving his all, and the whistle crew are going insane! I did aswel, no lie in that. I have listened to this set, and goosebumps emerged on my arm. Sadly I was too young and living in the wrong country at the time, but I can hear and feel what the ravers felt in 1994. The tunes were good, and carefully mixed together by Carl, accompanied by MC Magika. The set is a blinding set (even Neil Trix’s set is a good ‘un).

Which records is the best one of this set? ‘Volume 1′, remixed by Carl Cox himself. The original was ace, but this version rocks harder.

I love the diversity he brings to the table. Not only Breakbeat Hardcore, but also a bit of Dutch Gabber/Hardcore. Who would have thought eh, the mighty Carl Cox playing a set like this one? Don’t know if he does it nowadays, or if he’s focussed on Techno 24/7? Would be cool to hear him play a set like this one in 2017.

A blinding set. Only one score available.


DJ: Carl Cox
MC: Magika
Genre/Style: Rave, Breakbeat Hardcore, Early Hardcore, Happy Hardcore
Liveset Info: Recorded @ Amnesia House – The Big Bank Holiday Bash 01-05-1994
Length Liveset: 00:59:51
Tracks: 14 (fourteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Carl Cox – Official Website

DJ Paul Elstak & DJ Panic – I Love Beatz Mixtape #4 (2017)

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Only yesterday this was uploaded, and already it has reached around 5.000+ plays within 24 hours! How amazing is that? Well, if I’m honest, it’s a mix by two legends in the Dutch music industry: Paul Elstak and Panic. And now you are wondering what the mix is about? Well, it’s a promotion mix for what Paul Elstak does nowadays, pushing his ‘I Love Beatz’ forward, which is a freestyle concept of the man himself. And at this year’s Sunglow event they will push this concept forward, and to get everyone excited, they’ve uploaded a mix yesterday, time enough for you to get excited and ready for this event (which takes place on the 9th of September, and there are still tickets available).

The line-up looks really, really good, let me showcase a few: B-Front, Deetox, D-Fence, Rob & MC Joe, Miss K8, Ran-D, Regain, Ruffneck B2B DJ Rob, Sub Zero Project, and of course Paul Elstak. But he’s doing a set alongside JeBroer. If you are not Dutch and don’t know what this collaboration means, well… I reckon they made the anthem of 2017. “Kind Van De Duivel” is the anthem of 2017, without a shadow of a doubt. Many will dance the night away, whilst hearing this tune coming out of the speaker. It’s kind of different when you are not Dutch and don’t know what the lyrics are about, but it’s about the music, eh?

But let’s not forget DJ Panic, who also contributed to this mix. Together they made a very interesting mix. And this Freestyle sound is getting bigger, and better. I don’t know if this style is getting more populair around the world, I do know it’s very big in the Netherlands, but I’ve not heard it in the UK yet. Give it some time and it will.

In the meantime, get excited about this tracklist.

tracklist TCD

01. Captain Jack – Captain Jack (Dr Phunk’s Freestyle Remix) 
02. Real2Reel – Move It (Kit Hype Refix) 
03. Max Enforcer – Even More Bass
04. Freestyle Maniacs – Paint It Black (DJ Paul Edit) 
05. Genius x LXCPR – How We Do
06. Sevn Alias vs DJ Isaac – Gas vs Burn (The Viper Mashup) 
07. DJ Paul x JeBroer x Dr Phunk – Engeltje
08. Ransom – Poppin Bottles
09. Snollebollekes – Links Rechts (2nd Bass DJ Paul Elstak Edit) 
10. The Prophet – Skum
11. Sunbeam – Outside World (Dr Phunk 2017 Remix) 
12. Blademasters – Master Blade (Radical Redemption Remix) 
13. Lady Bee & Noise Cans feat Mr Vegas – Bucka (Max Enforcer Remix) 
14. Mark With A K – Love Rules The Universe
15. Ransom – Fistpumpin’ (Dr Phunk Short Edit) 
16. Warface – Mash Up 6.0
17. Radical Redemption & D-Sturb – Kill Me
18. Act Of Rage – Brain Confusion
19. Ran-D – Zombie
20. Radical Redemption – Brutal 6.0
21. D.H.T. – Listen To Your Heart (Shadowfact & DJ Paul Elstak Edit) 
22. Jack Of Sound & N-Vitral – Who You’re Fucking With
23. Yellow Claw – legends (Endymion Remix)(Paul Elstak’s Hardcore Refix) 
24. The Viper & Panic feat Diesel – Vlammen!
25. The Stunned Guys – She (Tha Playah Remix) 
26. Forze DJ Team – 98 To Your Mind (2017 Paul Re-Kick) 
27. DJ Paul Elstak – Helium
28. DJ Panda – It’s A Dream (DJ Paul Elstak Hardcore Mash-up 2017) 
29. E-force – Kicking Brutal Shit
30. Destructive Tendencies & Paul Elstak – Like A Drum
31. Evil Activities & DJ Mad Dog – 911
32. D-Fence – Uncle Fucker (Power Hour) (The Viper Mashup)
33. DJ JDA – Voel Je Die Bass (N-Vitral Quick Edit) 
34. Paul Elstak & Dr Phunk feat JeBroer – Kind Van De Duivel (The BeatKrusher Remix) 
35. Tha Playah – Controlled By Chaos
36. Paul Elstak & Neophyte feat Alee – Icon
37. DJ Isaac – Bad Dream (BeatKrusher Edit) 
38. Deadly Guns – Deadly Gangsta 01
39. N-Vitral presents BOMBSQUAD – Don’t Fuck With The Squad
40. Partyraiser & Repix – Ode To The Godfather
41. Angernoizer & D-Fence – Afbreken
42. Dr. Peacock & Fant4stik – Tekkil4

It might look like a very long tracklist, and the mix won’t fit your standard CDR, but the time flies by. Especially when the party mode is on. And that’s what Panic and Paul Elstak do best. Since the early 90s these legends have been pushing music forward, changing the landscape of Hardcore.

The line-up for this Sunglow event looks good, and this mixtape is also extremely interesting. You go from one extreem to the next, no bullshit, the party mode is on. A few ‘hands in the air’ moments, and sing along bits, which leads up to a very entertaining mix. I know you all will appreciate this mix.

There are so many great anthems in here, like ‘Like A Drum’, ‘Afbreken’, ‘Mashup 6.0’, ‘Kind Van De Duivel’, ‘Skum’, ‘Helium’, and the list goes on. But which record does the most for me? Well, ‘Uncle Fucker’. I love D-Fence’s no nonsense approach to Hardcore.

Paul Elstak and Panic, together for one mix. A dangerous mix. Some tracks might be too damn cheesy, and some are much better than the original. It’s worth listening to it again and again.


DJs: Paul Elstak & Panic
Genre/Style: Hardcore House, Freestyle, Hardstyle, Jumpstyle, Happy Hardcore
Mix Info: I Love Beatz Mixtape #4
Length Mix: 01:21:10
Tracks: 42 (fourty-two)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Sunglow Festival – Facebook Event Page

When Gammer Was … A Knobber! (2017)

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Normally I only hear dedication mixes every so often, but today I had two in a row! The first one being Menno De Jong’s tribute mix, and now a Gammer dedication mix. Gammer, one of the biggest DJs in the UK Hardcore scene, really doesn’t need an introduction. Literally everyone knows him, and now he’s expanding his passion and dedication into the EDM world. The music he makes nowadays is so different to what he made when he started as a wee-little-lad. As M@rt!-J mentioned underneath the mix on Soundcloud, the records he selected were taken from the period ‘when I liked Gammer’s productions’.

The records selected by M@rt!n-J are all Gammer’s own productions, with a few collaborations with artists such as MC Smiley, JB-C, and Michael Scout. All the others are Gammer’s own, or remixes he made. Truth be told, I do love this stuff more than his recent stuff. I’m getting a bit bored by the EDM world, and the mixes are getting more bland and boring. No depth into it all. Gammer might still be amazing behind the decks, but the tunes coming out of the EDM world are only one day flies. A hit one day, the next already pushed aside by another record. Not these tunes, the tunes that made Gammer the DJ and producer he is nowadays.

These are the big records. And I do mean big. If you are a fan of the early stuff by Gammer you won’t be disappointed at all! This will bring a smile so huge, people in North Korea will be able to see you smile!

tracklist TCD

01. Clear Vu – Never 2 Late (Gammer Remix) 
02. Gammer & JB-C – Bigger & Bolder
03. Uplift & Stargazer – Statik (Gammer Remix) 
04. Gammer & JB-C – Turn Up The Bass
05. Gammer – Ready 2 Go
06. Gammer – Bassik
07. Gammer – A New Feeling (Original Mix) 
08. Gammer & MC Smiley – Unity
09. Gammer – Now It’s My Turn
10. Gammer & MC Smiley – Deep Down
11. Gammer – Dropzone
12. Gammer – Pressure
13. Gammer – Ambient Angels
14. Gammer – 34mm
15. Gammer – I’m Coming Hardcore
16. Gammer – Kickin’ Hard
17. Gammer – Let’s All Say ****
18. Gammer – This Is Mind Blowing (Nu-Style Mix) 
19. Gammer & Michael Scout – Bye Bye

Yep yep yep. These are the anthems! These are monsterous anthems! These were the records that made Gammer big. As most of you lot know, he was big with a certain DJ called Dougal, but on his own he was capable of keeping his head up high, and came up with some of UK Hardcore’s finest productions. And you can find a few of them in here.

This mix contains his finest work, and there are some really amazing records in here. The best record? Well, let’s go straight to that one, and you are probably thinking of a completely different record, and you will be amazed when I say the title of the record I like the most, but it is ‘Pressure’. Haven’t heard that record in a while, but it’s still a killer anthem. A bit of the Trancecore movement in it.

I’m liking this mix, and liking the Gammer productions too a lot. Sadly Gammer has moved into a more EDM friendly zone, but it’s good for him too. He has progressed, and is playing at the biggest events in the world. He might make different music, but wouldn’t you agree that progression is important too?

M@rt!n-J’s mix is tight, really tight! Yet another dedication mix I liked! More of these please!


DJ: M@rt!n-J
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Freeform, Hardcore Techno
Mix Info: When Gammer Was … A Knobber
Length Mix: 01:10:55
Tracks: 19 (nineteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 126 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 250kbps
More Information: DJ Gammer – Facebook Fanpage

Tribute Mix To Menno De Jong (2017)

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Menno De Jong

Soundcloud is filled with awesome mixes, but before I pressed play on the mix I’m about to write about, it got me scared: has Menno passed away? Normally when it states the word ‘tribute’, it means the worst. But that’s not the case, thank God for that. It’s a dedication mix, an appreciation mix, made by someone called DJ Nico, to showcase how much he likes the music that’s been made by the mastermind Menno De Jong. The next thing that worried me was the size of the file: 741 megabytes of music? Bloody Nora, it has to be a great mix then!

I had to do a bit of research, because I’m not a walking Wikipedia. As I already know, Menno is a DJ and a producer, but he’s also A&R manager of In Trance We Trust. That’s another responsibility for an already busy man. I’ve just checked out his Facebook page, and it’s filled with literally everything music related: gig footage, releases on In Trance We Trust, pictures of himself and crowds, promoting his own event (which already took place, sorry, too late to get excited for that), etc.

He’s a busy bee, this Menno De Jong. I’ve seen his name before and heard tracks of him before, but never compiled into one hour and ten minute long mix. DJ Nico didn’t cram in a million records, just a handful and made sure they would be listened to by the listeners, and understood. I always feel that if a track is being played too short, people don’t understand the message, or feeling it generates. And when it comes to Trance you need to play records as long as possible.

tracklist TCD

01. Menno De Jong – Tundra
02. Menno De jong feat Noire Lee – Creatures Of The Night
03. Menno De Jong – Abhyasa
04. Menno De Jong & Adam Ellis – Solicitude
05. Menno De Jong & Talla 2XLC – Area 51 (Menno De Jong Mix) 
06. Menno De Jong feat Aneym – Your Heaven (Johan Ekman Remix) 
07. Menno De Jong & Kinetica – Aurealis
08. Menno De Jong & Adam Ellis feat Kate Louise Smith – Set To Sail
09. Menno De Jong feat Noire Lee – Creatures Of The Night (Adam Ellis Remix) 
10. Menno De Jong – Guanxi (Super 8 Remix) 
11. Menno De Jong – Any Other Day
12. Menno De Jong – Ahimsa

A very nice dedication mix, it has to be said. DJ Nico picked the finest Menno De Jong records, and made a very entertaining mix. The feeling this mix generates is that of ultimate bliss, and that’s what I was after today. It’s Saturday morning, and what better way to start today with a very good Trance mix, with records by someone who knows how to made excellent tunes.

The tunes are all amazing. The tunes are bliss. This takes me into a trancey mode, and I’m loving it. You basically can’t go wrong with Menno, he knows a thing or two about Trance.

There are serious dancefloor smashers in this mix. Tracks like ‘Creatures Of The Night’, ‘Area 51’, ‘Guanxi’, ‘Aurealis’, but the one that makes me move the most, and makes me feel the greatest, is ‘Tundra’. That’s just how I like my Trance music, no nonsense, just pure passionate Trance music.

DJ Nico’s mix is really interesting, and nice to hear. Menno would be proud. You don’t see that many tribute/dedication mixes online, but when you do find them, most of them are really good, like this one. A bit 5 out of 5 stars for it!


DJ: Nico
Genre/Style: Trance, Uplifting Trance, Progressive Trance
Mix Info: Tribute Mix To Menno De Jong by DJ Nico
Length Mix: 01:13:29
Tracks: 12 (twelve)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 741 MB
File Type: .aiff
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Menno De Jong – Facebook Fanpage

Innovative @ Millennium Dome @ Harmony Of Hardcore 2017

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With my blog, I discover new artists every day. And I do mean new artists. Yes, I don’t only listen to music by new artists, I also listen to whatever is uploaded onto Soundcloud/Mixcloud, but that’s the beauty of Sound/Mixcloud: the music that’s put on it, can be literally everything. It’s not only a platform for the well established names, it’s also a place for newbies to come and show their skills! One of those names I discovered yesterday was Innovative. Never heard or seen the name before, but if you have a set, which was recorded at Harmony Of Hardcore, you know this name is one you need to look out for!

Harmony Of Hardcore is one of the biggest Hardcore events in the Netherlands, and for those who love and embrace Hardcore, it’s the place to be. This year it took place on the 3rd of June in Veghel. And many people had a great time. The line-up was tremendous, and the response after was extremely good. And this is the first set of HoH I found on Soundcloud. Innovative might be new to me, but their set was interesting enough for me to give them one like. But who are behind Innovative?

It’s a duo, Frank W. and Bas T. They are Innovative. And they have released a few records on the mighty Industrial Strength Records. So it’s a duo we should look out for. But what did they offer the ravers at HoH? Well, it’s time for you to see the tracklist!

tracklist TCD

01. Armageddon Project – Spawn Of Misanthropy
02. Miro – Shining
03. Promo – Patterns In Chaos
04. The DJ Producer – A Journey Of Force
05. Catscan – ARP
06. Promo – I Come Correct
07. Base Alert – Ojeeoink
08. DJ Niel – The Cave
09. Ophidian & Hamunaptra – Whispers Of A Nameless Fear
10. Evil Activities – What’s Inside Me
11. Meagashira – Through Inner Core
12. DJ Vince & Zany – More Bazz
13. Endymion – Mind And Body As One
14. Angels Of Darkness – The Scorpion King
15. The Viper vs Mad-E-Fact – The Beatz The Suckerz Wish They Had
16. The Alienator – Prey (Headbanger Remix) 
17. Endymion – We Are The Future (Remix) 
18. Nosferatu & Ophidian – Psychiatric Ass
w/ Rave Creator – Atmos-Fear
19. Nosferatu – Language Of Rhythm
20. Placid K – G Member
21. Angel – Freak Of Nature
w/ Noize Suppressor – Kiss
22. Innovative – The Weak
23. Bodylotion – How Much Can You Take (Catscan Remix) 
24. Noize Suppressor – The Return Of Bike’s Drum (The Outside Agency Remix) 
w/ Tommyknocker vs Sunbeam – Twisted World
25. Unexist & Satronica – Fuck The System (Innovative Remix) 

This is a tracklist and a half. Proper Millennium stuff, including a few tracks by Innovative themselves.

I like the tracklist a lot. It’s a thing of beauty. I like the Millennium Hardcore side of things a lot. This is kind of music I grew up with, listening to this a lot. The tracks Innovative have selected are really the creme of the creme, or however the French would say it. They start of with one amazing dark and edgy record, and it continues like this for the rest of their set.

Again, if you play at Harmony Of Hardcore, you are there for a reason. They wouldn’t let shite DJs/duos play there. And after hearing this mix I know for sure that they are worth their place in the Hardcore scene.

Best records of this liveset? Angels Of Darkness with ‘The Scorpion King’. What a true anthem! Haven’t heard it for years, but how good is this record?Really good.

I really enjoyed their set. There were a few mixing/cross fading errors, but they are manageble.

Check out their liveset. It’s worth to listen to on this dreadful and boring Friday!


Act: Innovative
Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Gabber, Millennium Hardcore, Industrial Hardcore
Liveset Info: Recorded @ Millennium Dome @ Harmony Of Hardcore 2017
Length Liveset: 01:03:33
Tracks: 25 (twenty-five)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Innovative – Facebook Fanpage

M-Project – Weaponized Soul (2017)

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If you don’t know who M-Project is, you should be ashamed. You ain’t into UK Hardcore like the most of us, are you? No worries, it’s time for you to catch up, and know who he is. He’s by far the most succesful UK Hardcore/Powerstomp/Makina DJ/producer from Japan, and his name is known all across the globe. Famous not only for his music, but also for his outfit. You must have seen pictures of him doing weird things, like ironing the side of an escalator? Yep, that’s M-Project. Maybe a bit silly, but shouldn’t we all be a bit bonkers to get through life?

He’s released a brand new album only a week or 2 ago, which is called ‘Weaponized Soul’. A very serious album, if the title is that deep. And on this album he decided to go all the way, and work with the finest names in the industry. And probably the biggest UK Hardcore DJ/producer ever: Scott Brown. Let’s not underestimate the others like Synthwulf, Mitomoro, Relect, and of course S3RL. But Scott Brown! He’s the biggest legend coming out of Scotland, and he’s worked now with someone from thousands of miles away: Japan. Two worlds collided, and let up to this album.

You get this album via GUHROOVY, and only for 1.620 yen (which is around 12 euros), which is a bargain, if I might say so. 10 tracks, highly recommended by TCD (=me). Let me show you the tracklist, it’s a beauty!

tracklist TCD

01. Scott Brown & M-Project – The Revolution
02. MUZIK SERVANT & M-Project – Muzik For Da People
03. Mitomoro & M-Project – F#=k That Beat Up
04. Relect & M-Project – Nothing Makes Sense
05. S3RL vs M-Project feat Krystal – Heart Attack (Eufeion Remix) 
06. S-WORX & M-Project – Bass Cannon
07. Synthwulf & M-Project – Final Form
08. M-Project – The Way We Were
09. T4TSUYA & M-Project – Just Be Mine
10. Scott Brown & M-Project feat Krystal – The Spark

Now that’s a tracklist and a half! Bloody Nora, that’s a beauty! A lot of collaborations for mr M-Project. And as I said, working with the Brown man must have been a wish coming true! I’ve seen M-Project doing remixes for him, and also Dune, but to actually collaborate with him must have been truly astonishing. The result are 2 amazing tracks, and one of those tracks is with the talented female singer Krystal.

The music that you get is a wide range of music. A bit of UK Hardcore, a bit of Freeform, a bit of Powerstomp, a bit of Happy Hardcore, literally everything you want. And even though you might think it’s not going to work, M-Project has made it work. How he did it, I don’t know, but his album is a masterpiece. I like literally every track, even the one on which he collaborated with S3RL, who’s not my most favourite producer/DJ ever (his music is too cheesy). I even like that track.

I like the simple yet sufficient album cover, I like the length of the album, I like the way he composed the record, there’s basically nothing you can not like. Everything is just perfect. But what’s the best record? Oh, difficult. I like the Scott Brown record, on which he stays true to his late 90s/early 00s style, but the two which made me smile for miles the most are ‘Muzik For Da People’ and ‘Final Form’. These two records are so good, they made me iron an escalator. And when I say that, it’s a good thing!

A very mature album. I’m digging M-Project’s direction, the path he’s following. This is definately worth the yens, pounds, or euros. Or even dollars. Get this album now via GUHROOVY, this will be the highlight of this Summer. Is this the best album of 2017? Don’t know it yet, the year hasn’t ended. But for now it is!

Ps. here’s a teaser, if you want to get the album and you are interested….


Artists: M-Project & Various Artists
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Powerstomp, Freeform
Release Year: 2017 (11-08-2017)
CD Info: M-Project – Weaponized Soul
CDs: 1 (one)
Length CD: 00:42:14
Tracks: 10 (ten)
Label: GUHROOVY / Terraform Music
Product Number: TFCD013
Buy Here: Weaponized Soul – GUHROOVY Website
More Information: M-Project – Facebook Fanpage