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Snakepit 2017 | Megamix By Deadly Guns

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On the 9th of December there’s only one place to be at, which is Snakepit. It will be held at the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven on the 9th, so you can see this as an early Christmas present for yourself and whoever is going. With a killer (and insane) line-up this is going to be a very good event. Before I name the artists I want you to know that this event is all about high speed Hardcore, no slow happy stuff, but only the roughest and toughest Hardcore, presented to you by acts such as Partyraiser, Destructive Tendencies, Dr. Peacock, F.Noize, Unexist, Andy the Core, D-Fence, Deadly Guns, Spitnoise, Drokz, Akira, The Speed Freak, The Destroyer, Angernoizer, Negative A, Lady Dammage, Cyclon, Hyrule War, Tha Watcher, and the MC is NO-ID. How’s that for a line-up?

The fans of the rougher Hardcore went absolutely insane once shown the line-up. According to Facebook at least 3.9 thousand are going, and 11 thousand are interested. This will be an event you definately need to visit if you are near Eindhoven (or planning on going there). To get everyone excited, Deadly Guns made a promo mix for the evnt, to give you a taster of what you can expect throughout the night. According to Soundcloud, this mix is composed because people suggested it, and Deadly Guns mixed them all together. Don’t know where he asked for suggestions, but whoever came up with these records, you should give yourself credit: the mix is really worth listening to at least once.

tracklist TCD

01. Deadly Guns – Snakepit Intro
02. Kasparov & System Shock & Revolver feat Zwaargewicht – Poeder In Je Neusgat
03. Deadly Guns & Rebelion feat Sovereign King – Power Of Truth
04. Lady Dammage – Fuck It
05. Deadly Guns feat Livid – The Hunt
06. Hatred & Unproven & MBK – Betrayal
07. System Overload – Like This
08. Deadly Guns feat Tha Watcher – Law Enforcers
09. F.Noize – Cold As Ice
10. Lady Dammage – Bitch I Can
11. Deadly Guns & Remzcore – Fucked Up Nation
12. NSD – Haha F#cker
13. Neroz – Pinsir (Hatred’s Uptempo Edit) 
14. Repix – Real Criminals
15. F.Noize vs Crime Scene – Ready For Destruction
16. Angernoizer feat NSD – Execute

See, I told you that this mix isn’t for the faintest of hearts, and the majority of the people who have pressed play might have thought ‘wtf is this’? Well, that’s your fault, only the hardest motherf*ckers can listen to this. And if you are really hard and tough, you can visit Snakepit on the 9th of December. Can you handle the BPMs?

Deadly Guns have made a truly remarkable promo/megamix for Snakepit. The people who already purchased tickets will be happy to hear this mix, this will give them a boost, and they are currently hoping that December comes soon. For those who haven’t purchased anything, there’s still time. But hurry up, maybe 50% of those 11 thousand people get tickets, and then you are too bloody late.

After a nice and relaxing Trance mix earlier this morning this was next. And bloody hell, this has woken me up even more. So many great records in here, but the one that did the most to me was ‘Poeder In Je Neusgat’. So catchy when it comes to the lyrics, and seeing as I’m Dutch, these lyrics won’t leave my head for at least 2 hours.

If this doesn’t make you want to browse the internet, find the location where you can purchase tickets, nothing will.


DJ: Deadly Guns
Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Raw Hardcore, Uptempo Hardcore, Thrashcore
Mix Info: Snakepit 2017 | Megamix By Deadly Guns
Length Mix: 00:36:32
Tracks: 16 (sixteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Snakepit 2017 – Facebook Event Page

Rene Ablaze Guestmix (2017)

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Rielism is the label I’ve been following for quite a while now, and I’ve got to say that only excellent music has been released throughout the label. As you all have seen, I’ve bought and reviewed Sied van Riel’s latest Rielism 04, and it’s a good one. And also several mixes have passed my timeline. Today was yet another day I went browsing on my good ol’ friend Soundcloud, and guess what turned up? That’s right, this guestmix for Rielism by Rene Ablaze, who has got something to celebrate: his release on this mighty label. The release of his song ‘Go Get It’.

As it says on Soundcloud, this is an exclusive guestmix, and boy, you do get a lot! An hour long mix with 11 records. And Rene Ablaze has selected really a good tracklist. But before we dive into the tracklist, let me see if I can find any information regarding the DJ/producer. I’ve seen the name before, but I don’t know a lot about this artist. And I’ve just went quickly to Discogs, and holy sh*t, he has got a biography. And it’s such a long one, I don’t think I can finish it. The few keywords I found made me be able to compose who he is: a Dutch Trance DJ/producer from Enschede, who has been making music since the mid 90s, and he has his own radio show. There you go. That’s enough for now. If you want to know more, you can check him out yourself, and have something nice to read: click here for his biography on Discogs.

Now to the tracklist. Are you ready for this?

tracklist TCD

01. Sied van Riel feat Chloe – Hear You Calling (Rene Ablaze Remix) 
02. Nick V – Taste Of Time (Extended Mix) 
03. Cold Stone – The Lonely Way (Extended Mix) 
04. Rene Ablaze – Go Get It (Original Mix) 
05. Richard Durand & Sied van Riel – Rivella (Original Mix) 
06. Signum & Marco V – Lost World Anthem 2017 (Extended Mix) 
07. Riialto & F.G. Noise – Edgy (Extended Mix) 
08. Cygnus X – Superstring (Rene Ablaze Bootleg Remix) 
09. Rene Ablaze feat Aylin – Break Away (Eryon Stocker & Fredd Moz Remix) 
10. Kiyoi & Eki – Moon River (Extended Mix) 
11. TrancEye – Distant Dream (Extended Mix) 

Sorry Rene Ablaze for not really knowing the full details of who you are, but what I can say is that your latest release is really good, and this guestmix is just spot on! This is what gets me through the weekend!

This has got some slammers in here, like the first record. What a way to start your mix! The Trance flows throughout the mix, without hesitating. The music keeps on coming towards you, and if this doesn’t enlighten your mood, nothing will. I was really happy when I heard these records: I’ve been on a short holiday, and I did miss Trance music a lot. So I’m glad (and sad) to be back and to hear the freshest tunes coming out of my speakers right now.

Thanks Rene Ablaze for this really brilliant guestmix. Celebrating his latest release on the mighty Rielism has led up to this moment. His ‘Go Get It’ is really good, but if I’m totally honest, the record currently demolishing the Trance scene due to its power and strength has got to be ‘Rivella’. Sorry, but that’s just a monster anthem. To me that’s my all time favourite record, Sied van Riel and Richard Durand’s finest record ever made!

This guestmix is truly astonishing. No mucking about, just pure Trance from the first to the last second. No stupid radio edits, no bullsh*t intro where people introduce themselves, we dive straight into the music, and it’s an hour of bliss!

Only one score imaginable, which suits this mix!


DJ: Rene Ablaze
Genre/Style: Trance, Progressive Trance, Tech Trance, Euphoric Trance, Uplifting Trance
Mix Info: Guestmix for Rielism, promoting single release
Length Mix: 01:04:30
Tracks: 11 (eleven)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 147 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Rene Ablaze / Rielism – Facebook Fanpage

Q-Base 2012 Official CD Mixed By Thrasher & Limewax

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I only found this mix a couple of weeks ago on Soundcloud, and it’s a mix you shouldn’t miss out on, if you love Hardcore and Drum & Bass. You’ve probably seen the title of the album and who made this mix, so it’s not really a surprise if I mention which album it was and who mixed it together: Q-Base 2012, mixed by Thrasher and Limewax. Released 5 years ago, and according to PRSPCT Recordings not many people have heard of their mix on this compilation, and yeah, they were right: I haven’t heard this mix before, or even seen this album before. So thanks for re-introducing me to this album.

It’s not the full bloody album! It’s only the 3rd CD they’ve composed: CD 1 was mixed by Frontliner, the second by Endymion, the third as we said, and the fourth by Henzel & Disco Nova. Maybe that’s the reason why I didn’t buy it, because the majority of records at first didn’t appeal to me. Or I have completely missed this. I couldn’t tell you. It’s been too many years ago!

Well, getting back to Thrasher and Limewax’s mix, it’s a blinding and devastating mix. It’s so damn good, it will injure you without you knowing it. It’s a nicely balanced mix, with Drum & Bass and Hardcore coming nicely together. They’ve found the perfect balance, without it being obnoxious.

Let me show you the tracklist. And be blown away by the sheer quality of the anthems!

tracklist TCD

01. Limewax vs Bong Ra vs Thrasher – Suck Satan’s Cock
02. Gein, Sinister Souls & Brattkila – Parasite Bandit
03. Lowroller – No Fear
04. Goldberg Variations – Dorksided
05. Counterstrike & Cooh – Manual Control
06. Limewax – Hess29
— Dub Elements & eRRe – Bass Up To The Tope VIP
07. Dead Phantoms – That Is Fucking
08. Lowroller – Mixbreed Soldier Revisited
— Acid Diaper – Torture95
09. Limewax – Fuenf
10. Ruffneck vs Gancher & Ruin – Neverending Pain
11. The Panacea – 44 LB
12. I:Gor – Testify
13. Limewax & Cooh – Sperm In Space
14. Limewax vs Thrasher – The Expensive Squad Party Anthem (Q-Base 2012 O.S.T.) 
— Human Resource – Dominator (The Panacea Remix) 
15. Dub Elements & eRRe – Pop IM (The Panacea VIP) 
16. Kasparov – Pitch Black
17. Lowroller – Crossroad
18. Dub Elements feat Hardlogik – No Breathe
— The Panacea – 666 Illegal
19. Looh – Pectus
20. The Outside Agency – The Price Is Right
21. Limewax & Current Value – Tempest
22. Donny – Forgotten Coma (Counterstrike Duo Mix) 
23. Limewax – Lumpeth
24. Sinister Souls – Let Me In
25. Lenny Dee – Fuckin Hostile (The Outside Agency Remix) 
26. Ruffneck – Dawn Of Paranoia
27. Angerfist – The Road To Fame (I:Gor Remix) 
— Limewax – Zombie vs Zombie
28. Lowroller vs Igneon System – Great Violence
— Limewax – Landing Bone
29. Counterstrike – Mindfuck VIP
30. Sinister Souls & The Outside Agency – Perfect Organism
— Limewax – Blind
31. Angerfist – Dance With The Wolves (The Sickest Squad Remix) 
32. Detest – Shotgun
— Akira – Fast And Akkurad
33. Hellfish – Sex Machine
— The Outside Agency – Ghetto Blast
34. Limewax vs Thrasher – Inbreed Acapella

When you’ve got such an interesting tracklist, you can not hide away from it! This is breath takingly beautiful. And yes, it’s a mindfucking mix, it has to be said. This is not for the faint hearted people out there, this is seriously insane stuff. The third disc is really a good disc to listen to. Haven’t heard the other mixes, but so far this mix is really getting me excited, and slightly moist.

I’m not a constant listener to Drum & Bass/Hardcore music, and half of the names are unknowns to me. But the music packs a punch. A serious punch. The punch that knocked out the greatest people alive! F*ck me sideways, this is a seriously dark and edgy mix. The last time I listened to a mix similar to this, it must have been several years ago. The last album I bought was actually Sinister Souls’ album, don’t know what the album was called. But what I can say is that I have missed it, a lot!

This brings back good memories. This style always did me good. Don’t know why I have stopped listening to it. But thanks to PRSPCT Recordings for making me aware of this album, I will hunt this down and get a copy. So many great anthems on here, but if I had to pick I would pick ‘Bass Up To The Tope VIP’. Raw, filthy and edgy. And right behind it it has got to be ‘No Fear’.

A nice welcome to the upcoming weekend. Let the weekend begin, and let it begin with one of the roughest mixes out there! Thanks Limewax and Thrasher for making this a memorable mix!


DJs: Thrasher & Limewax
Genre/Style: Industrial Hardcore, Hardcore Techno, Drum & Bass
Mix Info: Q-Base 2012 Official CD Mixed By Thrasher & Limewax
Length Mix: 01:02:26
Tracks: 44 (fourty-four)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Q-Base 2012 Official CD – Buy Here

Tommyknocker vs Mad Dog @ Masters Of Hardcore – Lotto Arena (BE) 2012

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I only came back from a lovely holiday in Corfu, Greece, and I immediately felt like I had to return to writing a blog. No, not about my Greek holiday (who wants to read about that?) or about Greek music, but about something I only discovered today. Nope, it’s not Ouzo or Tzaziki, but bloody hard Hardcore music. A liveset recorded at Masters Of Hardcore 5 years ago! Would you believe it, 5 years ago? Time does fly by when you’ve got the opportunity to listen to excellent music, and today is no different day. This set is blinding.

If you haven’t listened to it yet, you are like me. Maybe you’ve discovered it via my page, and if you have, I feel honoured. My message has come through: sharing my passion for music. And this set today really filled my need for some Hardcore music. Sometimes you want to hear a specific kind of music, and today I wanted to hear some Italian Hardcore. In a way they do it different compared to the Dutch and the Germans, and it appeals more to me than the other countries. It just feel so ‘me’, this is me, the music resembles me in a strange way. And what better way to listen to a set by two blinding artists who definately do not need an introduction: Tommyknocker and Mad Dog!

These names should ring a bell, what if they don’t? Well, Wikipedia them and you will get the answers you were looking for, I’m not typing their whole bloody biography here for you lazy sods.

Let me show you the tracklist, it’s amazing!

tracklist TCD

01. Tommyknocker – T-2012
02. Art Of Fighters vs Nico & Tetta – Restart The Party #TiH
03. The Stunned Guys – Dancefloor Dictators #TiH
04. DJ Mad Dog – Psychotic
05. Traxtorm Gangstaz Allied – The Hardest
06. Traxtorm Gangstaz Allied – Hardcore Italia
07. DJ Mad Dog & Amnesys – Game Over
08. Tha Playah vs DJ Mad Dog – Enter The Time Machine (DJ Mad Dog Mix)(Amnesys Re-Enter Mix) 
09. DJ Mad Dog & Noize Suppressor feat MC Jeff – Get A Life
10. Tommyknocker feat The Wishmaster – Supernatural
11. Amnesys feat MC Axys – Destroy D Elements
12. AniMe – Be A God #TiH (Endymion Remix) 
13. Mad Dog feat MC Jeff – Agony #TiH
14. Dione – Tearing Up The Underground
15. AniMe – A-Bomb
16. DJ Mad Dog & AniMe – Hardcore Machine
17. Unexist feat Satronica – Fuck The System
18. Tommyknocker – Demolition (Evil Activities & Lenny Dee Remix) 

How’s that for a liveset? They’ve come together at Masters Of Hardcore and selected the finest tunes out of Italy (well, most of them are Italian). The result is seriously a very sexy looking tracklist, and it made me dribble. So gorgeous.

During the Millennium bit of Hardcore I fell in love with Tommyknocker’s sound, and a handful of years later Mad Dog emerged on my timeline, and he’s been a very busy bee, and his music has interested me too! Especially when they keep the Italian Hardcore sound alive and kicking. It’s so special and so unique, I couldn’t describe it. It might have something to do with a specific setting they use, but you can tell the difference between a Dutch, German and Italian Hardcore track.

They’ve picked a seriously insane amount of records, and it was very difficult to pick one track, seeing as they are all beauties. But one track stood out, which is ‘Destroy D Elements’.  I haven’t heard this tune before, but it’s now on my all time favourite Hardcore records list. Big record. Very big.

I love the fact that the crowd reacts to the DJs. The DJs dominated that night. And with such a blinding set, the party goers must have experienced a set and a half! What a blinding set. This put a smile on my face, and this will be like and shared over and over again. I’ve had a while during which Dutch Hardcore dominated everything, but I reckon the next couple of weeks it will be dominated by the Italian side of Hardcore. Thanks Tommyknocker and Mad Dog for an amazing set! Really loved it, got no complaints whatsoever.

So only one score available for a blinding and mesmerising set:


DJ: Tommyknocker vs Mad Dog
Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Italian Hardcore
Liveset Info: Recorded @ Masters Of Hardcore – Lotto Arena (BE) 2012
Length Liveset: 00:47:36
Tracks: 18 (eighteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 43.4 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 128kbps
More Information: Tommyknocker Mad Dog – Facebook Fanpage


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After a nice and relaxing Hip Hop mix I was thrown into the deep. Back to the Rave music. Someone sent this mix to me, stating it should be reviewed, or at least listened to. Thanks for that. Now the beats, basses and melodies are pumping through my speakers. What kind of mix? A proper Hardcore mix by an artist called Goetia. What kind of Hardcore? The roughest and filthiest Hardcore around. Not the cheesy stuff, only the banging stuff. The stuff so hard, it makes the Devil wonder why he hasn’t come up with this style. This is filthy.

I’ve seen the name before, but I know nothing about Goetia. According to her Facebook fanpage, people call her the Queen Of Terror. She dominates the French Hardcore scene, and she pushes Hardcore all over the world as being one of the first Hardcore female DJ (well, they probably mean from France?). She turns out to be a very big name, playing at the biggest events all over the world, so this ain’t a one day DJ, but someone who has a long lasting impact. And to be frank, this mix has left an impact on me. Not many female DJs play the roughest records coming out of the scene. She does it. She probably says ‘bollocks to the mainstream’. And I’m liking the attitude.

The tracklist is a beauty. A few unknown ID’s in it. Let me show it to you!

tracklist TCD

01. Goetia vs Sandy Warez – ID
02. The Unfamous feat MC Mike Redman – Hated To Hero
03. Tieum – Drugs
04. The Beatkrusher – Hedde Drugs Op
05. The Satan – Meat
06. F.Noize & Crime Scene – Extinction
07. The Unfamous feat Bloodievoice – I Don’t Give A Fuck
08. Scarphase & Angernoizer feat Tha Watcher – Chaos Of The Mayans
09. Dyprax – Titty Pom-Pom
10. Mind Erazer – Fckin Shit
11. SRB – Rocket Muppet
12. Spitnoise & Deathshock – Brahh (NSD Remix) 
14. NSD – Dope Aside
15. Goetia – ME, MYSELF & I
16. Sodiak – I Like Bad Bitchez
17. Goetia vs Sandy Warez – ID
18. The Unfamous & Unrest – Just Two Loud
19. Mr. Miyagi – Tear Shit Up
20. Goetia – ID
21. Goetia vs Angernoizer – ID
22. Kurwastyle Project – Snow In Summer
23. Goetia – Move On

A wonderful tracklist. The few ID-less records will be announced soon. So don’t send me messages asking what the track title is, because I don’t and wouldn’t know.

Goetia’s mix is rough. And very, very tough. She has picked so many rough records, my speakers are struggling. But is it worth it? Yes, it is. There are a lot of her own records in here, so if you haven’t heard of her before, you will know who she is from now on.

Tomorrow me and the missus are going on a holiday, and this goes on my media player. I’m taking this with me, and will play it out loud. Greece, be aware, this Hardcore fan will blow speakers up!

The mix kept me going. Even the quirky records like ‘FOREVERYOUNG’ and ‘Rocket Muppet’ made me smile, and bounce my head up and down. A few little errors, but manageble. Goetia’s mix is quite intoxicating. She keeps the BPMs way up, and doesn’t bow down to the conventional mainstream Hardcore. F**k that, only fast and ear destroying records.

What’s my favourite record? Oh, difficult. Can’t pick one. I simply can’t.

Put your speakers up to the max, and let the Queen take over your life for 47 minutes. Let yourself go.


DJ: Goetia
Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno
Mix Info: Hardcore Riot Cast 01
Length Mix: 00:47:44
Tracks: 23 (twenty-three)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN
File Size: 109 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Goetia – Facebook Fanpage

1 Hour Old Skool 90s Hip Hop Mix (2010)

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The other day I was in a well known supermarket in Southgate, and they were selling compilations by Ministry of Sound. One of the albums stood out, and I grabbed it and bought it. It was something unusual for me, seeing as I’m always into Rave music: it was a compilation focussed on Hip Hop music. Many of my friends don’t know I grew up listening to Hip Hop and Rap, and I can not point out a moment when I decided to listen to those styles. My parents weren’t fans, nor my friends. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that Hardcore House artists used Hip Hop and Rap bits and bobs in their tracks? I simply don’t know, but during the 90s I bought these albums, and even my father bought albums in the States (when he was working there) and gave them to me.

I just wanted to hear those classic anthems, so the album I bought contained a lot of well known records. Seeing as I’m always craving for more, Soundcloud (who’s my friend) made sure I would find nice mixes to listen to. The first one that popped on my timeline was a mix by Billy Booyaaa, who made this mix back in 2010. It contains records mostly forgotten by well known artists, from the Notorious BIG to Outkast to Busta Rhymes to Snoop Dogg to Nas. The tracklist blew me away, and also the amount of plays (858k) impressed me. I pressed play, and I went back to the 90s immediately.

Let me show you the tracklist, if you haven’t heard this mix yet.

tracklist TCD

01. Notorious BIG – Kick In The Door
02. OutKast – Aquemini
03. The Roots – What Goes On
04. Junior MAFIA – Get Money
05. Mobb Deep – Hell On Earth
06. OutKast – Mainstream
07. Royce Da ‘5″9 – Boom
08. Nas – Nas Is Like
09. A Tribe Called Quest – God Lives Through
10. D-12 – This Is How
11. 2Pac – Do For Love
12. Notorious BIG – Juicy
13. N.O.R.E – Nothin’
14. Busta Rhymes – Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See
15. Snoop Dogg feat Nate Dogg – Ain’t No Fun
16. The Roots – Work
17. OutKast feat Cee Lo Green & Erykah Badu – Liberation

This is a serious line-up of records. Sick records. Even the most whittest person on God’s given Earth (me) thinks this is really a dope tracklist. And for once not the mainstream records, no top 40 shit. Pure raw stuff.

I like to hear records that aren’t played on air that often, but had an impact on the scene. Yes, we all know OutKast’s ‘Hey Mama’, Busta Rhymes ‘Gimme Some More’, Snoop Dogg’s ‘What’s My Name’, and the list goes on. This mix, by Booyaaa, contains the records which are really underground. Yeah, they are known, but they are sometimes even better than the big mainstream records.

The mix has got a mellow background. This mix ain’t too rough, more mellowed out. Hip Hop and Rap doesn’t mean it’s coming at you through your speakers, molesting your braincells. It can be civilized, respectful, grown up.Even though the lyrics/message is raw, the music can still touch you.

Billy picked so many great anthems, and yeah, he has picked 2Pac’s record which appeared in the Top 40, but we forgive him. This is still an anthem for a generation, and it’s my favourite in this mix. He joins the stage with Notorious BIG, I love his raw voice. His records (both of them) are simply dope.

A nice and very calm mix. You don’t want to miss out on this one. Would I much prefer this mix, or the CD compilation I bought the other day? Mixes like this one all day!

Ps. what happened to Hip Hop/Rap? 90s music is simply a thousand times better. Nowadays the quality has left the building, and nonsense has taken over. During the 90s music was all about the strength behind the messages, now it’s simply made to sell. Shame.


DJ: Billy Booyaaa
Genre/Style: Hip Hop, Rap
Mix Info: 1 Hour Old Skool 90s Hip Hop Mix
Length Mix: 01:04:59
Tracks: 17 (seventeen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
File Size: unknown
File Type: unknown
Bitspeed: unknown
More Information: Billy Booyaaa – Soundcloud Page