• M@rt!n-J – Future State Hardcore! (2017)

    A brand new day, a brand new mix. This time from someone who has been uploading dedication mixes over and over again, the one and only M@rt!n-J! His Soundcloud page is filled with hours of fun, dedication mix after mix. From his latest Smiling Corpse mix to Stamina Records to a Gammer mix to a

    M@rt!n - J - Future State Hardcore!  (2017)
  • Madhouze: Unresolved ‘Act Of God’ | Unresolved Promomix (2017)

    The week has started with a bang, and what a bang it is! I’ve only found a promo mix for an event which already looks great on paper, but I reckon it will be amazing when you are there. On the 2nd of December 2017 you all need to go to Culemborg, at the Event

    Madhouze: Unresolved 'Act Of God' | Unresolved Promomix (2017)
  • TrancEye – Pure Energy Sessions 066 (2015)

    Trance, Trance, Trance. That’s the only thing which comes up on my timeline. Nothing else. But is that a bad thing? Not really. I’ve been drawn/pulled back into the Trance scene, and I’m really looking forward going out anytime soon, to hear those anthems being played out loud. I’m just looking at the right event

  • Smith & Brown Guestmix (2017)

    I know, I know. I do write a lot about Rielism and its artists. I keep buying everything, and listening to everything. If you look at my timeline on Soundcloud, you only see Rielism (and a few other mixes), but the majority are Rielism mixes. Or Sied van Riel mixes. I’m sorry, I can’t help

    Smith & Brown Guestmix
  • History Of Happy Hardcore – Happy Mayhem (2017)

    The 90s, weren’t they the best years of our lives? Music wise you can not beat the quality that came out of the nineties. Well, there was also the decline of the quality which was released and hit the Top 40s all over the world, but when it comes to Gabber, Happy Hardcore and Hardcore

    History Of Happy Hardcore - Happy Mayhem (2017)
  • Pearsall – The View From 92 (100% Vinyl Mix) (2017)

    Changing your website is never an easy thing. You need to do a billion things, and you always leave in mistakes. But that’s not something you should worry about to be honest. For now we should focus on the music, and I’ve found a mix which will astonish you. Well, depending on your age it