Well, hello there! How are you doing? Welcome to TCD’s brand new website, and if this is your first time, let me explain who I am and what I do.

This website has been made for those who were looking for mixes/albums/singles/livesets, and were curious how other people might feel about a certain track or mix. I review mixes/livesets.. etc, and I’ve been doing this for a very long time. I review whatever I can lay my eyes on, and everything that has a tracklist. When I started (around 3 years ago), I couldn’t be bothered about tracklists, but now I feel they are necessary: how else can people buy a track if they don’t know the name of the artist or what the title is?

The reviewing business is rather easy for me, I typ what I feel. And what I feel can be quite emotional, it can be quite idiotic, it can be literally everything. If you are offended quite easily, maybe this website isn’t your cup of tea, because I mock myself and say stupid things very often. Don’t expect a review filled with technical nonsense, seeing as I don’t have talent at all, I just focus on the music. The tracks chosen are important, and so is the actual mixing. Everything that makes a mix/album/set great, I listen for and typ how it makes me feel. Rather simple, not rocket science.

If you are interested in having your mix/track/liveset or album reviewed, make sure you send it to me via here or via Facebook/Twitter/Soundcloud, and I’ll do my best to review it. You have to be patient, seeing as this is a one-man business, and I do have a fulltime job, it could take days for me to review it, or even to listen to it. Also honesty is the key to a good review: I won’t typ something that isn’t true. If a mix is a bit rubbish, or a track is rubbish, I will mention it. If you can’t handle critisism, this ain’t your cup of tea either.

The end score you receive, is based on several things. At first, everyone gets a 10 for sending me stuff, and every error or bad track I hear, the score goes down bit by bit. You get the score that suits the mix/album etc. Let me remind you: these are my views, and not everyone else’s view. Personal. I might know a thing or two about music, so I can underline everything I typ, positive and/or negative.

For those who have seen the older websites, you might see a certain amount of mixes/tracks/sets/CDs pass by, made by the same artist/duo/group/collective, and you might wonder if I received any pounds or dollars to push them forward, but it’s never the case: if you are someone I admire, I will look out for everything you make, and review it with a lot of pleasure. No one has ever been pushed forward, just because I admire them: every artist is equal, and everyone get’s the same scoring result.

You can increase my interest by sending me stuff, for example your latest album. I will post it on the main page, and I will review it. All the links needed for people to purchase the album will be added, and also I will do my best to increase the sales amount, when necessary.

The only thing I want you all to do, is visit this site regulary, and visit TCD on Facebook (www.facebook.com/thecrazydutchmansblog), and tell your friends, family, and everyone who likes music. Share this page as much as you can, and I’ll do the same for you all. I’ll keep posting new reviews on a daily basis, but don’t forget: I do have a fulltime job aswel, it could take days for me to typ a new one, but I will do it eventually.

I also interviews artists, most of them are UK Hardcore artists. I ask the most random things, and ask the things people want to read. Many interviews on the old website have been seen by thousands of people, and shared quite often too. Make sure you check them underneath the ‘interview’ button.

If you’ve got questions, just send them my way, and I’ll see if I think if they are necessary to be answered. You can contact me via here, via Facebook, via Twitter, via Soundcloud, via Mixcloud, via Youtube, via Google+…. yes, I’m everywhere.

Oh, TCD stands for The Crazy Dutchmans Blog. I might be born in the Netherlands, everything I typ on here is in plain English. Or pigeon English. Understandable for everyone on this planet, besides the French. And the Chinese. Any other questions, send them my way. And don’t forget to spam away.

Team TCD


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