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For many years I’ve been reviewing music, be it mixes from Soundcloud/Mixcloud or CDs or livesets. This passion I’ve got has started back in 1993, when I was first introduced to House/Gabber, when a friend of mine bought a House Party CD and put it onto an oldschool cassette. I was hooked from that moment, and I felt the need to let the people around me know what kind of music I was listening to, and why it was awesome. It was a struggle since day one, and not many did appreciate the music I listened to.

Fast forward to 2013/2014. I became aware of blogging, and decided to give it a go. I went on a quest to find good mixes, and at first it was literally everything I could find, and I threw in some jokes. But over the years I’ve developped a style, a unique and refreshing take on blogging. Some might call it unique, some might call it stupid. But all in all, it’s fair. It’s honest. And it’s written by me, Martin van Zeelandt, who loves music. Not bound to one style or genre.

The build up is simple: I first introduce the mix and the artist(s) who made the mix. Second I will throw in a tracklist (this is necessary, how else will people find the records you’ve played and buy them?) and after this section I write a short section of what my opinion is. It’s fair, and I’m not biased. I will not favour a mix because it’s made by a friend. Being honest is more important.

Underneath the review I will always add the link to whatever platform the artist has uploaded this mix onto, and also where you can find the mix, and also a website/Facebook page where you can find more information regarding the artist.

This is a hobby. This is what makes me tick. This is what makes me smile. I love it that a lot of people from all over the world visit this website, and that they are aware of new music, or new styles they’ve never heard of before. From the UK to Russia, from Italy to Brazil, from Hungary to Switzerland, from Japan to Germany, and beyond these countries. A world wide audience has visited this website.

Not only can you find mixes, but also interviews with upcoming artists or well established names, like Drokz, DJ Thumpa, DJ Sc@r, Marck Archer, Penta, Perrelli & Mankoff, Finnbarr, DJ Smurf, Macks Wolf, Transcend, M-Project, DJ Riko, T2Kazuya, Kevin Energy, and many more (and many more to come).

If you want your mix to appear on this website, there are a few thing you need to remember: it needs to have a tracklist. And you need to be open-minded. I can’t hand out perfect scores if the mix wasn’t great, or lacked something. And if you don’t think you can handle critisism, don’t submit your mix. It’s all about happiness, and basically PLUR.

I could also hunt for the mixes myself, and if you think the mix shouldn’t appear on my website for whatever reason, please contact me. You can contact me via here, or Facebook, or any other platform (links are below).

Have fun on this website. Give us a like on Facebook, and spread the enthusiasm, like I have been doing for many years, and for many years to come.


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