Auteur: Martin van Zeelandt

Massive Tribute Mix To Giuseppe Ottaviani (2018)

Giuseppe Ottaviani

The other day I got tagged in a post on Facebook, and it was done by Nico Suffis. You know, the man who really really loves Trance music. He made this dedication mix for Giuseppe Ottaviani, and as you are all aware, I’m a fan of this Italian superstar DJ/producer. So it was an obvious reason why I got tagged in this dedication mix. Thanks Nico for that. But this is not his first dedication mix: other mixes were for Aly &Fila, Bryan Kearney, John O’Callaghan, Tiesto, and many more. He’s an active DJ, this Nico. And we can only salute him for doing that. Read More

Holland Is Hardcore 3 (2018)

Holland Is Hardcore

Jason S, also known as the megamix master, has released the third instalment of his succesful ‘Holland Is Hardcore’ mix series. Only a month ago he released his ‘Thunderdome Chapter 1 – 10 Megamix’, and before that the previous ‘Holland Is Hardcore’ mix was back in 2016. And it got a very good score from TCD. It was something unique: his unique mixing style and the records selected made it very tasty. A very interesting concept, and now the new instalment will blow you away. Read More

DJ Midas – The Very Best Of Anjunabeats! (2017)

bw Anjuna logo

I’m doing something unique, something I might have done only once or twice before: review a review. What does that involve, you might wonder? Well, it’s basically a mix I have already reviewed before being reviewed again. But would I review any ordinary mix? Nah, that’s not my cup of tea: only the finest of the finest will get a re-review. And I think that this one is one of the greatest Trance mixes I have ever heard in my life! It was released last year on DJ Midas’ Mixcloud page, and it had a fair amount of plays, but I reckon the majority were my fault. Read More

Flutlicht Luminosity Afterparty 2018


I’ve been offline for a few days, and now I’ve come back with a brand new mix. And it’s a good one: recorded at probably the dopest and coolest Trance festival in the whole world (or universe, depending on your opinion obviously): Luminosity. The line-up for this event is seriously mindblowing! If you love Trance, this is your kind of heaven. And don’t get me wrong: there might be other events out there who have got a good line-up, but this one is just beyond belief: Andy Moor, Ferry Corsten. Markus Schulz, John O’ Callaghan, Solarstone, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Chicane, Gabriel & Dresden, John Askew, Marco V, and I’ve only covered the big names on the flyer! And I’m not kidding: check out the flyer. It’s pure pornography. Read More

Mental Theo – Hardcore Rave Party (1994)


When you have become a household name, people start to share more music than ever before. And not just their own music, but because they know you are passionate about literally everything, they share everything. Like onderkoffer did. He knows I like my Hardcore to be old and rough, so he forwarded me a link on Partyflock, which landed me straight onto Youtube. And on Youtube someone posted the wrong title (it’s not Charly and.. it’s just Mental Theo). Anyhow, the mix, let’s talk about that. Read More

Jon Connor – Supertech Vol 4 (2018)


It’s Sunday, and it’s going to be hot today. Extremely hot. We don’t want to leave the house, but we don’t want to stay indoors either. We just want to chill and if possible, get a nice tan. I’ve got a good idea for you all: why don’t you open your back door, put out a chair, and listen to this mix in the background?! How’s that for an idea? Time will fly by, and before you know it, you will have the tan line you were hoping for. Or maybe you are burned to a crisp. Depends on if you use the right sun lotion. Read More