• Breaking Free II.I – Mixed By Strife II & Gavin G (2015)

    It’s been a while since I last heard something from the Breaking Free headquarters, but they are back with a brand new compilation! The last compilation was released back in 2012, and it was a success. Three CDs, mixed by Ponder, Luna-C and Skampy. After that, things got quiet, very quiet. But the new album

  • HU Breaks (2013)

    Last week it was my birthday (and also my missus) and we celebrated in style. A small party with family and friends and obviously a lot of presents. As usual you get the presents you didn’t ask for but come in handy anyway, like socks, but this year I asked for something else, CDs. My

  • Strictly Nu-Skool Blog presents: Strictly NuSkool Volume 1 (2014)

    Don’t ask me how I found out that there was a free album on the world wide web, because I don’t know. I spend way too much time on the world wide web, and I’ve seen so many things fly by, click on a billion links each day, so it could have been that I

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