• Dirtbox Presents `Blurred` The Album (2016)

    A couple of weeks or months ago I reviewed a mix which was made by Dirtbox, and only one month ago they’ve uploaded a new thing onto their Soundcloud page, a new album (for free). A solo album, but I can’t tell you who made these tunes, because it’s all blurred. Could literally be anyone.

  • Goldie – The Alchemist: The Best Of 1992 – 2012

    Finally the mail man delivered a package I was waiting for. I could have bought this album last year, but stupidly I didn’t, because I bought another album, by the same artist. Goldie was and is his name, and he has been a legend since the early days of Drum and Bass. A legend who

  • Goldie – Timeless (1995)

    A couple of weeks ago I was in London, and walking around the West End with my wife, because we were looking for a huge CD store called HMV. We looked for hours (actually minutes, but I like to dramatise things), and when we did find it, we spend hours looking at CDs and DVDs.

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