• Al Storm – Projections Of A Fractured Mind (2018)

    The priviliges of being the world’s greatest reviewer/blogger (*ahum*), I could write a book about it. But the main privilige I’ve got is the fact that I get sent music way before the majority of people get to hear it. The other day I received Al Storm’s latest album, and I’ve got to say that

    Al Storm - Projections Of A Fractured Mind (2018)
  • Rave Collision (1995)

    Last week I went through my whole music collection, and did the unthinkable: I made sure everything was where it should have been, and threw away CDs I didn’t play for years, or cases which didn’t have anything in it. Empty cases, what a nightmare. And a shame. Whilst doing that, I found a CD

  • Antix – Echild Immortals (2005)

    Don’t know how I found this CD, maybe someone re-posted it on Soundcloud, but before you all get hyped up, I still don’t know who Antix is/was? Someone posted a good and nice comment underneath the mix, which intrigued me a lot and made me bookmark this mix. The artist is an unknown name to

  • The Darkraver – More Than 20 Years Of His Royal Darkness (2008)

    As we all know, the weirdest DJ on this earth has got to be The Darkraver. This man has done it all, and when I say he’s done it all, I do mean it. From being a male stripper to become one of the hottest DJs in the Hardcore scene, and also that time he

  • ID&T ’95

    We all have CDs in our collection we don’t play that often, but we should. Covered in dust and sometimes even more, these CDs are mostly forgotten about, but once every so often you go through a huge pile of old CDs and you find them again, and it brings back a lot of good

  • The No.1 Hardcore Album: The Oldskool Mix (2007)

    Cleaning the house can lead up to misery, in most cases. You find bills you had to pay a couple of months ago, you find bits of food that should have been thrown away in the bin, or anything else disgusting you might find. But sometimes you do find an album you completely forgot about,

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