• M-Project – Weaponized Soul 1.5 – Remixes & Reworks (2018)

    Last year M-Project released the album ‘Weaponized Soul’, and it was an immediate success. On this album he worked alongside names such as Scott Brown, Synthwulf, Mitomoro, Relect and many more, but we all know that M-Project can’t sit still: he’s always busy. And you might have seen on Facebook or Twitter the announcement of

  • MC Thunda – Lyrical Convict – The Finale (2018)

    When you get a CD in your physical inbox, it always makes you smile. Last week I received two, one was the exclusive album by GPF (Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz), and the other was by MC Thunda’s, his last ‘Lyrical Convict’ instalment. It came with a nice flyer, but I didn’t know what was going to

  • STM044 – Digital Commandos – Serious Shit/Future World (2018)

    I don’t do many EP reviews sadly, but when you are made aware of a new EP on the mighty Stamina Records, who can resist the urge to write a blog about it? The latest release on this wonderful label is Digital Commandos’ EP, which contains two records called ‘Serious Shit’ and ‘Future World’. Now,

  • Hardcore Heaven Summer Madness! (2011)

    After a short break due to some issues at home (car broke down, and the stress that comes along) I’m back! You are happy and pleased to see me back, eh? Anyway, the other day (last Wednesday) we picked up our brand new vehicle, and it’s a Vauxhall Corsa E. It’s a beauty, that’s for

  • Al Storm – Projections Of A Fractured Mind (2018)

    The priviliges of being the world’s greatest reviewer/blogger (*ahum*), I could write a book about it. But the main privilige I’ve got is the fact that I get sent music way before the majority of people get to hear it. The other day I received Al Storm’s latest album, and I’ve got to say that

    Al Storm - Projections Of A Fractured Mind (2018)
  • Justice Hardcore Presents: Bringing The Justice Volume 2 (2017)

    Justice Hardcore are back! Facebook and Twitter were dominated the last couple of weeks, with posts regarding the upcoming album ‘Bringing The Justice Volume 2′, which is out now! You might have missed it, and if you have: where have you been the last couple of weeks? How can you be not on any social

    Justice Hardcore Presents: Bringing The Justice Volume 2 (2017)
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