• The Prodigy – Experience (1992)

    The Prodigy, probably the biggest Breakbeat/Hardcore/Jungle band in the known universe. No introduction needed, really not necessary to remind you all how big this band is, and what they have achieved in all those years. As we all know, their liveshows are known to be the biggest, baddest and roughest in the world, and it’s

  • Acid House Anthems (2013)

    Many moons ago I bought this album, and I always thought that I wouldn’t review it, because it’s has been a huge disappointment, but why not? Honesty is important, so let’s review this album, which was wrongly named ‘Acid House Anthems’. You’ll understand why this is wrongly named, when you see the tracklist. This album

  • Warehouse Anthems (2014)

    If you are an Oldskool lover like myself, and you do love to wander around in a CD store, I urge you to go out now to wherever an HMV is, or any other CD store, and look for this album. My recent trip to the U.K. was very succesful, and I was very happy

  • Altern 8 – Full On…. Mask Hysteria (1992)

    21 years ago, this masterpiece was released on Network Records, and it immediately took the rave scene by surprise. Who would knew that 21 years later, people would still talk about the album, and about the act? I think no one did back in 1990, when they formed Altern 8. Groundbreaking stuff they made, and

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