• Now That’s What I Call Music! 96 (2017)

    I have to come clean, I never listen to Pop music. Since the last 90s Pop has changed into this multi million industry, and sadly the majority of the tunes haven’t made me move since 1999. But for whatever reason, I was walking with the missus through Sainsbury’s yesterday and we saw an advert on

  • Amy Macdonald – This Is The Life (2007)

    I’ve got to be honest with you all, I’m a raver. I normally listen to something completely different to what you are about to read, and it’s mainly because I’m Dutch. We Dutch people (youngsters) would listen to different music during the 90s and it would shape us into the human beings we are. Rave

  • Brainpower – Nothing (2015)

    I reckon most of you lot won’t have a clue who MC Brianpower is. I think you’ve got to be Dutch or Belgian to know who he is. A famous MC/rapper, who had several hits in the Dutch top 40, like ‘Dansplaat’, ‘Non Stop’, ‘Boks Ouwe’, ‘Voel De Vibe’, and the list goes on and

  • Hugh Laurie – Let Them Talk (2011)

    If you don’t have a clue who Hugh Laurie is, you need to reconsider your place on Earth. He’s one of the most succesful British actors ever, who played House M.D in a show with the same title. Alongside Stephen Fry and other Cambridge Footlights artists he started in the early 80s, and since then

    Hugh Laurie
  • TamolarM – VoyagE (2014)

    The internet is filled with music, there’s got to be at least a billion mixes on Soundcloud, and not only do people/artists upload their stuff on Soundcloud, but also the old fashion way, via Dropbox and Mediafire. So there could be a chance that I miss a mix or an album completely, because most of

    main jacket
  • Take That – Progress (2010)

    If I’m completely honest, you all might know that I’m a Techno music lover, not a Pop Rock fan. And my closest relatives know that I never listen to the Top 40 (or Top 10, whatever it is), because I’m mostly dissappointed by the lack of new music. Most artists just copy and paste old

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