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FABRICLIVE 35: Marcus Intalex (2007)

FABRICLIVE 35: Marcus Intalex (2007)

FABRICLIVE 35: Marcus Intalex (2007)

DJ: Marcus Intalex
Genre/Style: Drum & Bass
Release Year: 2007
CDs: 1 (one, mixed)
Length CD: 01:17:17
Tracks: 19 (nineteen)
Product Number: FABRIC70
More Information: Fabric – Official Website

Everyone spends hours online, and most of us have read the horrible news about another musician passing away, this time it’s Drum and Bass legend Marcus Intalex. It’s always sad to hear someone passing away, and obviously our thoughts go out to his family and friends. They are still in a lot of pain, loosing someone you love, it’s undescribable. You will find many retweets and reposts on Twitter and Facebook, and also on Fabric’s own website: there’s a blog written about Marcus Intalex. And as a remembrance of what Marcus could do, they’ve uploaded onto Soundcloud their 35th instalment of the succesful FABRICLIVE, which Marcus Intalex hosted. He mixed the CD together, and it’s a big one!

The actual album isn’t in my posession, I found it via Soundcloud. I immediately gave it a go, listened to it, and was amazed by its strength! It’s an album with 19 tracks, carefully selected and mixed together by Marcus, and the result is really an astonishing album! You’ve got to remember that this album is 10 years old, but it still sounds so extremely fresh, it could have been made this year and you wouldn’t have noticed at all! Drum and Bass is timeless.

FABRIC uploaded it for a week, you can stream it for a week. If you can’t find it underneath this review anymore, it means it’s been taken offline. But that should only persuade you to find a copy, because it’s worth it. I will do my best to find a physical copy. Don’t know if it’s going to be hard, but I’ll do my best!

The tracklist looks amazing. 10 years old, still looking and sounding fresh!


01. Calibre feat Lariman – Overeaction
02. Calibre – All The Days
03. Lynx feat Kemo – Global Enemies
04. Commix – Faceless (Marcus Intalex Remix) 
05. Jonny L – Come Here
06. Amaning vs Dubwise – Smash V.I.P.
07. Soulmatic – Self Belief
08. Calibre feat DRS – Hustlin’
09. Calibre – Mr Right On
10. Deadly Habit – Synesthesia (Theory Remix) 
11. Breakage – Clarendon
12. Alix Perez & Lynx – Allegiance
13. Zero Tolerance feat Steo – Refusal
14. Mistical – Time To Fly
15. Duo Infernale – Feeling Blue
16. Instra:mental – Pacific Heights
17. Bango Collective feat Kemo & Dennis Jones – Apocalypse
18. Mistical – Groove Me
19. Alix Perez & Sabre – Solitary Native

It’s a beauty, this tracklist, but the music is so much more. I’ve listened to this mix at least 124 times before I went searching for the tracklist.

The mix is seriously good! Seriously good. Impressive. The tracks are all solid, I can’t pick one favourite, because this album contains 19 banging Drum and Bass anthems. Not one of them is actually bad or crap. Normally on CDs there’s always one track which just doesn’t fit in, or just sounds wrong, but not here. This is a beauty, a classic album. As good as Goldie’s ‘Timeless’. And that’s my favourite Drum and Bass album of all time. This one comes next, Marcus Intalex’s album!

It’s a nice gesture from FABRIC to let people embrace the CD, those who haven’t heard it before, or those who lost the album. It’s a good thing to hear it, it shows the legacy he sadly leaves behind. But it’s one amazing legacy. When you think of Marcus Intalex you think of wonderful mixes, CDs, or livesets.

This CD is a must have, if you want to re-educate yourself, and want to know what a good Drum and Bass album sounds like. This is it. And show Marcus Intalex some respect, and chase the album. This should be played over and over again.

R.I.P. Marcus Intalex!


Dirtbox Presents `Blurred` The Album (2016)

Dirtbox Presents `Blurred` The Album (2016)

Dirtbox Presents `Blurred` The Album (2016)

Artist: Dirtbox
Genre/Style: Neurofunk, Drum & Bass
Album Info: Debut Solo Album ‘Blurred’
Length Album: +/+ 1 hour
Tracks: 13 + 1 continuous mix (thirteen)
Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN HERE 
File Size: +207 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 320kbps
More Information: Dirtbox – Facebook Fanpage

A couple of weeks or months ago I reviewed a mix which was made by Dirtbox, and only one month ago they’ve uploaded a new thing onto their Soundcloud page, a new album (for free). A solo album, but I can’t tell you who made these tunes, because it’s all blurred. Could literally be anyone. Gives me the creeps, the face. It’s like a haunted person, a ghost. Who made this solo album? I know there are three people who are behind Dirtbox, so could be any of them. If you can stare at the scary picture and figure it out, post it underneath the review. Hopefully his face won’t haunt your dreams.

Let’s get back to the music. The album was uploaded a month ago, and it’s good. It’s packed with awesome tunes, and even though the tag on Soundcloud is Neurofunk, I think it sounds more like Drum & Bass. What is Neurofunk anyone, is that Funk made by a neurotic person? Anyway, the music. The album is completely for free, which is a good thing if you like your music to be free. If you are a DJ you might be interested in the 13 free DJ friendly tracks, but if you are a music freak like I am, you are probably more interested in the DJ mix, which is the 14th track. I like mixes more, but that’s just me.

The music is quite good and entertaining. Not a bland album, quite the oppossite. This album has got the power to become a game changer. Dirtbox (whoevers responsible) made this wonderful album, and even though the listen numbers are low, I garantee that this will be a no-brainer for music lovers, and one day soon this will be a highly listened and highly downloaded album. If so because of this review, I should get some credit lol. If it’s because of the music, it’s well deserved, because it’s a monster!


01. Dirtbox – Bass Burglar
02. Dirtbox – Epic Ping Pong
03. Dirtbox – Explosion
04. Dirtbox – Static Scrap
05. Dirtbox – Robots Can’t Dance
06. Dirtbox – Subclub
07. Dirtbox – That Wiggly Thing
08. Dirtbox – Blurred
09. Dirtbox – Czech Mate
10. Dirtbox – The Predator
11. Dirtbox – Waves Of Creativity
12. Dirtbox – Yeohaengja (Traveller)
13. Dirtbox – Blisfull Endings
14. Dirtbox – Blurred (Continuous Mix) 

A good album, it has to be said. And it’s all for free, download each track now from Soundcloud, but if you are not a DJ, I definately urge you to download the continuous mix, 46 minutes of mayhem! And as it’s said, it contains the previous 13 tracks. Worth checking out, I would say,

This album has passed my timeline a week ago, and I’ve already listened to it a thousand time. Loving the unusual vibes, this changed a boring day into a very lovely day. My parents didn’t appreciate it, but who cared? My neighbours didn’t either, and they’ve filed in a complaint, because I’m actually moving countries and had to clean the flat, so everything is empty and hollow, and the mix was played out loud. Imagine living underneath me, I would be your worst nightmare. But I won’t be here for very long, so f**k ‘em. This music should be played out loud, and do I care it’s 3 o’clock in the morning?

Nothing to mention about this album which is bad. The album is good, the mix is even better. Whoever is responsible for this, thank you. This debut solo album is one to listen to, more than once. It’s been a while since I heard a proper album which gave me goosebumps from the first to the last second. Dirtbox has made a wicked album, and credits should go to them.

What are you reading this for??? Download this NOW!


Goldie – The Alchemist: The Best Of 1992 – 2012


Artist: Goldie & Various Artist
Genre/Style: Drum & Bass, Jungle, Breakbeat
Release Year: 2013
Info: The Best Of Goldie album
CDs: 3 (three)
Tracks: 37 (thirty-three)
Length CDs: +/+ 3 hours
Label: Rhino Records
Product Number: BOOB7PJM7E
More Information: Goldie – Official Website

Finally the mail man delivered a package I was waiting for. I could have bought this album last year, but stupidly I didn’t, because I bought another album, by the same artist. Goldie was and is his name, and he has been a legend since the early days of Drum and Bass. A legend who has celebrated his achievements in the Drum and Bass world with a ‘Best Of’ album, showcasing his tunes from 1992 to 2012. 20 years in the game, a huge achievement, and still going strong. A recognised force within the DnB scene, a man on a mission to change the world, and make it a better place. Not only by creating music, but also by painting beautiful paintings, but also by showing his passion for yoga. This man has changed from this rebellious youngster to someone who lives his life to the max, and his music did grow too in those 20 years. And yet, in a weird way, not everything changed. The Goldie signature can be found in each and every track. Goldie is a hero, without a shadow of a doubt.

The man who gave us so many interesting tracks, and who single handedly changed Drum and Bass, has finally made a ‘best of’ album, one we were waiting for. I was, for sure. I could have bought each and every track he had ever made seperately, but I’m a huge fan of compilations. And when I first spotted this album, I wanted it so badly. I wanted this, and needed this. But for a strange reason I decided to buy another album, which was made by Goldie too, ‘Timeless’. It was a good decision at the time, but I was still gutted that I didn’t buy the other album too. ‘Timeless’ was a masterpiece, quoted by many as ‘the best DnB album ever made’, and that triggered me, that made me buy ‘Timeless’. And also the price, it was only 6 pounds. Cheapskate, yes. But I did spend more money, and now I’ve got the actual album! Happy as a bunny, that’s what I am now.

The album has got three discs, which were made entirely by Goldie, and also a few tracks made alongside other artists, such as 4 Hero, J Malik, and a few vocalists too. But the third disc is probably the most interesting one, this disc only contains remixes done by Goldie or by other artists, who remixed a Goldie track. Expect the unexpected. Who would have thought that Björk would be on this disc, or Garbage, or even Ed Sheeran? It’s worth listening to, quite a suprising and unusual selection of tracks.

The first two discs contain Goldie’s finest tracks, from the legendary ‘Terminator’ to a recent made track ‘Single Petal Of A Rose’, which you can find more information about if you look at this video on Youtube, where SB.TV invited themselves into Goldie’s house, and where Goldie and Heist talk about how they made the track, and the actual process of turning weird drawings on a board into a masterpiece. Worth your time, trust me.

Let’s see the tracklist, for those who haven’t purchased the album yet.



01. Goldie presents Rufige Kru – Malice In Wonderland
02. Goldie & Metalheadz – Terminator
03. Goldie presents Rufige Kru – Menace
04. Goldie presents Rufige Kru – Monkey Boy
05. Goldie presents Rufige Kru – Dark Rider
06. Goldie presents Rufige Kru – Sometime Sad Day
07. Goldie presents Rufige Kru – Shanghai Dub
08. Goldie presents Rufige Kru – Rhythm Killa 
09. Goldie – Special Request
10. Goldie presents Rufige Kru – Babylon 2012
11. Goldie – I’ll Be There For You
12. Goldie – Saint Angel
13. Goldie – I Know Who I Am


01. Goldie – Single Petal Of A Rose
02. Goldie – Angel
03. Goldie feat Nathalie Duncan – Freedom (Radio Edit)
04. Goldie – State Of Mind
05. Goldie feat Nathalie Williams – Latin Skin
06. Goldie feat Diane Charlemagne – What You Won’t Do For Love
07. Goldie presents Rufige Kru – Beachdrifta
08. Goldie & J Malik – Sunray 2
09. Goldie & 4 Hero – In My Soul (Internal Affairs)
10. Goldie presents Rufige Kru – Is This Real VIP
11. Goldie – V.I.P. Riders Ghost
12. Goldie – Sea Of Tears


01. Goldie & Metalheadz – Inner City Life (Baby Boy’s Edit) 
02. Goldie – Kemistry (Doc Scott Remix) 
03. Goldie feat KRS-One – Digital (Armand van Helden Remix) 
04. Garbage – Milk (Completely Trashed Remix) 
05. Björk – Isobel (Isobel’s Lonely Heart) (Goldie Remix) 
06. Goldie – Believe (M.J. Cole Vocal Remix) 
07. Ed Sheeran – Lego House (Goldie Remix Sticklebrick Edit) 
08. Bush – Swallowed (Toasted Both Sides Please Goldie Remix) 
09. Goldie – Temper Temper (Grooverider Remix) 
10. Roni Size & DJ Die – The Calling (Goldie Remix) 
11. Goldie presents Rufige Kru – Chances (Alix Perez & Sabre Remix) 
12. Goldie presents Rufige Kru – Something About You (D-Bridge Remix) 

Interesting, isn’t it? You get the best of the best, made by Goldie! The first two discs should all contain songs YOU know, and if I’m honest, I do know them all! Classics, really beautiful records. Best track? Oh, that’s a good one. Erm, there are a few good ones, like ‘State Of Mind’, ‘Sea Of Tears’, ‘Single Petal Of A Rose’,’Terminator’,’Menace’,…. just basically the first two discs. They are all good, they are all just amazing tunes. Some quite dark and edgy, and some extremely light and delicate. Goldie knows how to make a track that can touch both dark and light, nasty and hard… he’s a magician with sounds.

The third disc has got a few remixes on it I don’t like. Ofcourse ‘Kemistry’ is an excellent track, probably the best remix of a Goldie track ever made. And it carries a sad history with it (for those who don’t know, Kemistry was also a DJ and a very good friend of Goldie, who sadly passed away in 1999). That’s what makes this track, in a weird way, good. Doc Scott hasn’t ruined it, only improved an already magical tune. But I’m not so sure about the other tracks on this disc.

‘Inner City Life’ is just too slow. Fact. And Armand van Helden approach to ‘Digital’ kind of made the track uninteresting to me. On the other hand, M.J. Cole’s version of ‘Believe’ is quite smooth and sexy. Compared to the previous two discs it an unsual one, one you need to hear and love, or maybe loath. It’s your cup of tea. But to me, this is an experimental disc, and maybe one day I will love even those tunes I didn’t fancy. But give it some time, and I will. I’m just a huge fan of Goldie’s own stuff, and most of these tracks are originals, not remixes. That’s the power behind Goldie, his track don’t need to be remixed at all. Powerful on their own.

A very good album. One you should buy right now, before it will be sold out. It’s a classic. Not as good as ‘Timeless’, but it does get close. If it wasn’t for disc 3, it would have been equal to ‘Timeless’. Who cares? If you love Drum and Bass, I urge you to purchase this album now. Another masterpiece from the man who posts pictures online doing a weird pose.. a man who has appeared in a few films and elsewhere… the legend with his golden teeth… GOLDIE! Drum and Bass’ biggest hero… or is he a God? To me he is, he has given the DnB scene so much.. where would we be without him?


Buy the album from Metalheadz’s own store! And if you do, why not buy other things too? I might buy a t-shirt, or a cap, or whatever I can get.

Goldie – Timeless (1995)

timeless (1)

Artist: Goldie
Genre/Style: Drum and Bass, Jungle
Release Year: 1995
Info: Goldie’s first studio album
CDs: 1 (one)
Tracks: 8 (eight)
Length CD: 74 minutes
Label: FFRR/Metalheadz
Product Number: 3984282112
More Information: Goldie’s Website / Metalheadz Website

A couple of weeks ago I was in London, and walking around the West End with my wife, because we were looking for a huge CD store called HMV. We looked for hours (actually minutes, but I like to dramatise things), and when we did find it, we spend hours looking at CDs and DVDs. For a strange reason, I was looking for Goldie’s latest album, which is called “The Alchemist: The Best Of 1992-2012”. I couldn’t find it, looked everywhere, but it wasn’t in the Drum and Bass section, nor the pop artist section. I was dissappointed, because I was in HMV for a reason, and it wasn’t there. I was sad, because most CDs were not my cup of tea, but I didn’t wanted to go home empty handed. My eye quickly spotted this masterpiece, hidden behind a Spice Girls album. I don’t know who put it there, but we don’t need to worry: I’ve got it. It had a small sticker on it, stating the price. And it was cheap?! I was shocked again, a masterpiece for 6.99 pounds? How in Gods name is that possible? A painting only increases in value the older it gets, but a CD doesn’t? Weird world we live in…..

I picked up this album (and several others too, I could not resist myself), and walked out of HMV with a smile on my face. On another note: please keep HMV open! I’m from the 80s and grew up in the 90s, and I was never into vinyl, I was a teenager who adored (and still does) CDs, and I like to spend hours in a CD store. If you take that away, my childhood really comes to an end. And I never want to grow up. You see, for an oldskool DJ, going through vinyl boxes/crates is probably the closest thing to heaven, but to me, it’s going through CDs crates/boxes. I love it. I used to spend hours in a CD store in my hometown which is called ‘Satisfaction’, but due to the declining market, the amount of CDs they sell isn’t like it used to be. Don’t take it away, keep HMV open. Please! How else am I going to find those masterpieces? Online? Nope, thanks….

If you want to know how this masterpiece was made, there are a million interviews online, where Goldie explains everything. Even when he walked into Pete Tong’s office with his dog, it’s all on Youtube. One of the most inspiring interviews was the one where Goldie was asked questions by an Australian man (don’t know his name), and Goldie talks about literally everything. It’s quite inspiring stuff, and if you think that the music on this album is brilliant, I would suggest you to go into the mind and soul of mr Goldie, and watch it. But there’s so much information on the world wide web, it’s unbelievable. To really understand the music this artist made, you can listen to him talking about how the album was made etc, but to my knowledge, the only thing you need to do, is to open your soul, and let the music flow into your soul, and if it touches you, it will never let you go. NEVER.

It’s not hard to find the whole album on Youtube, each single has got at least 10 videos, so to actually listen to the album isn’t hard. But I would suggest to buy the actual album, if you can find it. Sadly, on the Metalheadz website it’s not listed, but if you go through those CD boxes in HMV, you might be able to find a copy. You might be lucky. Or try certain websites like Ebay, because you need this album. This was made several years ago, and still remains timeless, and the older you get, the more you appreciate the effort the artist made, to make the perfect album.

Here’s the tracklist of my copy of it, but there are (as stated on Discogs) 19 versions of this album?! I’ve got the one CD copy, but there were 2 CD copies made, with obviously more tracks. If you find a 2 CD copy, do buy it. The more tracks, the better!


01. Goldie – Timeless (Inner City Life, Pressure, Jah)
02. Goldie – Saint Angel
03. Goldie – State Of Mind
04. Goldie – Sea Of Tears
05. Goldie – Angel
06. Goldie – Sensual
07. Goldie – Kemistry
08. Goldie – You & Me

Many people have heard the most famous Goldie tune ever, which is called ‘Inner City Life’, but that specific track was actually part of a three way masterpiece, called ‘Timeless’. But you can not release a single which is 21 minutes long. Back in the 90s, when MTV ruled the world, the longest you could air your track, was around 3 minutes. I do remember many videos passing by too quickly, and during the 90s, many artists had to cut tracks to make it work on the radio and television. People would get bored if a track went on and on and on. I never liked radio edits or TV edits, they took away the power and feeling behind a certain track. Sometimes you just got to play the original track at it’s original length. But 21 minutes, that’s long. Or what about ‘Sea of Tears’? Such a beautiful track, but no video was made for it (I can’t find any on Youtube). If there was ever a video made of this, it should have been sponsored by a tissue company, because it will cause tears to fall/drip down your face. The sea, the whales/dolphins (I’m not a zoölogist, I can’t hear the difference), the beautiful guitar section: it works.

The second track on this CD, ‘Saint Angel’, is also a beauty. Well, each track is, but this one is ruff and raw, but touches a nerve, a sensitive nerve. You feel the urge to dance, and to open your heart and let the misery come out, and let this distinctive sound penetrate your soul, and clean it from bad karma. The drops are gorgeous, even the ‘tuned-up/distorted’ bird sounds work.  Dark, edgy and beautiful.

‘State Of Mind’. Wow. To me, this sounds like Jazz. Drum and Jazz is probably the correct word for it. The power behind the lyrics can be felt, this track has got a feeling deeply hidden within it. The vocalist Lorna Harris takes you onto a journey you have never thought would be possible. It’s the same with ‘Angel’, the vocalist Diane Charlemagne touches you, grabs you with her strong and powerful vocals, and slaps you in your face. This is your wake-up call: open your eyes and get those hidden emotions out! She (for all you music nerds out there) was also the singer in the highly succesful group ‘Urban Cookie Collective’. I never liked the UCC, I prefer her singing bits on this album to anything else she has ever done. And also during this track you hear animals. What’s with animals, mr Goldie?

The drops during these tracks can be unsuspected. During ‘Angel’, this massive sound just grabs your attention, and blends nicely into the soft sections of the track. Even though you might think this track can not go dark, it does. With the next track, ‘Sensual’, Goldie takes us onto another journey. I don’t know if I should get horny or sad, but I do feel moved by this calm at first, banging throughout the rest of the track, masterpiece.

‘Kemistry’ is a beautiful track. It was dedicated to his former girlfriend Kemistry, who he had a relationship with when he made this track in 1993. Little did he knew, that she would die 6 years later. During an interview between Goldie and Uncle Dugs on RCFF, Goldie sheds a tear when he talks about the accident, and what kind of impact Kemistry had on him personally (when she was alive and after she passed away). It’s very moving, and with this track you get a certain weird feeling. Back in 1993, when he made this, she was alive and kicking. But now it’s got another feeling added to it: it’s the ultimate dedication you got give a person. She was into music, she was spiritual, she had such an impact on his life, and with this track, he pays some kind of tribute with all the honours she deserves. Even after all these years, Kemistry still means so much to him, and to all who knew her. This track captures beauty and sadness in one go. Beautiful.

‘You and Me’ is also a beautiful track. The usual characteristic sound and build up can be heard in this track. At first, you hear the piano taking over, but during the next couple of minutes, it blends into a darker and nasty bassdrum filled section. Building up the tension is what Goldie does best on this album, and with a blink of an eye, he takes away everything, takes you onto another road, and brings it back alive with a switch of a button. Magical.

What’s not to like? This whole album is a masterpiece, voted by many other websites and magazines as one of the best albums ever made. It’s voted as one of the ‘1001 albums you must hear before you die’. How’s that even possible? 1001 albums? You only need to listen to this album, and be enlightened. Nothing else has got the strength and diversity as this album has.

Most of the credits go to Goldie ofcourse, but we should not forget that he was joined in the studio with engineer/producer Rob Playford (a.k.a. Timecode), and they both worked on this album. As it says on Wikipedia, “Rob Playford… who did most of the programming and production, with Goldie generating the musical idea, rhythms and arrangements”. 4hero also contributed to this album, and let’s not forget the vocalists. But the main man behind this project, should not be forgotten: without Goldie no Timeless. I know that without the engineer there’s no track, but without the ideas, an engineer is useless. And Goldie provided them with ideas and ways to go to, leading them onto a certain path that no one has ever walked on before. Beautiful album, the only album you will ever need.

It doesn’t matter if you do or don’t like Drum and Bass, because this album isn’t all about Drum and Bass, it’s more. It’s not just Jungle, it’s life in all it’s purity. For example: ‘Timeless’ does reflect a human life. From the bad times to the good times, life does flow in mysterious ways. But it flows. Up and down, round and round. You can not expect to live a life without going through several stages, like happiness, sadness, etc. Life is packed with unprepared emotions, you just need to let yourself go into the flow, and even though it might be hard, try to embrace what has happened, and move on. Live in the moment, don’t look at the past and regret anything, because it made you who you are. And ‘Timeless’ does show me that a human life can be translated into a track.

See what this album does to me? I open myself up to you all, without exposing too much. If it does this much to me, imagine what it will do to you!

A timeless masterpiece. Shame that it didn’t increase in value, I think it’s worth at least a milllion pound. If people pay millions for a fat lady painted on a sheet of paper, they should pay millions for quality music. But if it would be pricey, no one could buy it, unless you were a millionaire, and it wouldn’t be able for the masses to listen to this. Oh, the irony.