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Deckajam – Total Jamnation (2014)

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DeckaJam album cover art for digital

If you have been visiting this page recently, you must have seen Kevin Energy’s interview a couple of weeks ago, in which he talked about his past and his present. His present looked quite promising, seeing as he shifted from one scene to the next, and from being a solo DJ to a band member. The band he’s in, is called Deckajam, and alongside Nick 235 they started their journey many moons ago, and they’ve perfected their sound, and if you were online a few months ago, they asked for your help to complete their album. To finish the album, they needed your help. They achieved their required target, and now you can purchase the album via the usual way, and you can get the album as a digital download, or, if you are like me, you can purchase a physical copy of ‘Total Jamnation’, but you have to be very quick, they are about to sell out, of are already sold out. Go to Deckajam’s official website for more details, and I urge you to do so, because this is an exciting album.

Deckajam has key members, which are Nick 235, Kevin Energy and NJC (a.k.a. Nat Clarkson), and to achieve perfection they have guest vocalists. They needed vocalists to come up with their unique sound, which is known to many as Rocktronica/Bass/Electro. Now you might wonder what in Gods name Rocktronica is, and I could come up with a steady answer, but I’m not sure. It’s got something to do with guitars. Guitars and Electronic Dance music combined? If you know the answer, post it underneath the review. But the main thing is quite clear: this band loves the bass a lot! Don’t think they are just another band who makes music live on stage, with a few quest vocalists, and that’s it. You are absolutely wrong: they are the cream of the cream (the French version is much better: créme de la créme). A fresh and unique sound you can expect, nothing you have experienced before.

Not only the key members are what makes Deckajam unique, the vocalists have what it takes, to lift Deckajam to the next level. The guest vocalists are Laura Bayston, Rhona Nolasco, Voodoo Browne, Blake Anderson, Jones 2.0 and Sarah Alexandra. All these people combined is what makes Deckajam so extremely exciting to listen to. They are all very talented, and if you push these people to the edge, they come up with exciting and groundbreaking stuff. Deckajam does not create music to please the listeners and to increase their bankaccount with pounds/dollars, but they make music that comes from the heart, and play it to those who are open minded. People who love music will love this album, because it’s exhilarating. But not only have they delivered an awesome studio album, but also live they have taken the world by storm. Many who have witnessed them, mention their enthusiasm and passion for what they do, and you can hear that when you play this album.

I’ve never been more excited in my life to hear something I normally don’t listen to. Guitars ain’t my cup of tea, but if you play it right and the result is excellent, you have gained another fan… me. And I can say that I’m a Deckajam fan. Not just because they master their craft, but because they are the fresh bit of air the music industry needs. A new approach to already existing standards, creating new challenges to those who want to make it in the music industry. And their album delivers what they have achieved: pure perfection. Want to see the tracks? Getting excited yet?


01. Deckajam feat Rhona Nolasco & Voodoo Browne – Find The Freedom
02. Deckajam feat Mr Swan & Laura Bayston – All The Lights
03. Deckajam – Save You
04. Deckajam feat Laura Bayston – Move Your Body
05. Deckajam feat Blake Anderson, Jones 2.0 & Laura Bayston – Point Of No Return (Radio Mix) 
06. Deckajam feat Rhona Nolasco – Possess Me
07. Deckajam feat Jones 2.0 & Rhona Nolasco – Stuck In The Middle
08. Deckajam feat Sarah Alexandra – Release Yourself (Radio Mix) 
09. Deckajam feat Rhona Nolasco – Amazing (Radio Mix) 
10. Deckajam feat Voodoo Browne & Rhona Nolasco – Wavey
11. Deckajam feat Laura Bayston & Voodoo Browne – We Don’t Care (Radio Mix) 
12. Deckajam feat Rhona Nolasco – Stay (Radio Mix) 
13. Deckajam feat Rhona Nolasco – Afterglow
14. Deckajam feat Mr Swan & Laura Bayston – Come Alive
15. Deckajam – All Of The Lights (Rocket Pimp Remix) 
16. Deckajam feat Blake Anderson, Jones 2.0 & Laura Bayston – Point Of No Return (Drops Remix) 
17. Deckajam feat Mr Swan & Laura Bayston – Afterglow (Craig Fury Remix) 

You do get a proper looking tracklist, don’t you? Sweet Lord, what a gorgeous looking tracklist. But it’s not the tracklist that speaks loud and clear to you, it’s the music. And the music….. is GOOD. I have seen and heard bits and bobs on the world wide web, but they were teasers, but now I have finally got the album, the teasers were just the top of the iceberg! I was expecting an album like all the others, but I wasn’t expecting anything this great!

It starts with a good ‘Find The Freedom’. A good start, and they maintain this throughout the whole album. You think they go one way, and they choose a different path. If you think that ‘Find The Freedom’ is the sound they continue with, you will be disappointed. They don’t, they jump from one to the next style and genre with ease, and the use of vocalists works beautifully. There’s a certain atmosphere within each track, a party atmosphere. This is a band who are about to destroy your speakers (at home), but there’s a much better way of listening to their tunes: go and see them live. They have capture their ‘bandness’ within each track, and it’s perfect to listen to, but you want to actually see and hear them live, in front of you. Nick 235 on the guitar, Kevin Energy behind the huge keyboards, and the vocalists behind the mics, doing what they do best.

A few tracks made me loose my mind, and it was hard for me to return to civilization. And without kissing one specific arse, I have to explain why I’m going to talk about one of the guest vocalists. Everyone who contributed to this album has got a beautiful voice or a good rapping voice, but there’s one who has got such a sexy voice, a very talented female vocalist called Laura Bayston. Her voice blew me away!!! So enriched, so filled with passion and everything a good vocalist needs to make it in the music scene. Rhona Nolasco also has got a powerful voice, yet when I first heard Laura sing, I thought she was a coloured vocalist, because she does have a ‘darker’ voice, but she isn’t. She’s caucasian, not what I expected. I knew who Rhona was before she joined Deckajam (I am a Freeform fan), but I never heard of Laura before. Now I must.

The best tracks of this album? Yes, I said tracks, because there are more. ‘All Of The Lights’, ‘Save You’, ‘Possess Me’, ‘Move Your Body’, ‘Amazing’ and ‘We Don’t Care’. These tracks stand out, and watch and write down what I’m saying: these tracks will appear in the top 40 very soon! These are amazing tracks, these are what the crowd wants to hear. Quite compilated to explain what they have, but they have ‘it’. You can hear in each and every track that the key members have perfected their craft, and the result is one blinding album, one you will need in your life!

Besides the 14 tracks made by Deckajam, you do get three remixes. They are good, but without them the album would have stayed the same: pure perfection. My God, where did they find Laura Bayston? Her voice… it’s like an angel emerged out of heaven. Someone call God, and mention the fact that he’s missing an angel.. because she’s probably on a stage near you!

This is a band you need to watch and follow. Spend every pound on them, because they are the future. And the future of Deckajam looks promising. If they would go on one of those talent shows, they would get a big yes from the audience, and a big yes from the judges. They are the future, and with ‘Total Jamnation’ they want the whole world to know what they are capable of. A force you should look out for, because they deliver whatever you want from a band.

Pure perfection. One of 2014’s finest albums. It’s hard to achieve what they’ve done with Total Jamnation, but they’ve done it. You want a good album? Go to your local supermarket and you’ll find one. You want an excellent album? You know what to do: buy this now!!!!

Here’s a teaser for all you music lovers out there! Feel the vibe, feel the love, feel Deckajam coming through your speakers!


Artists: Deckajam (Kevin Energy, Nick 235, Voodoo Browne, NJC, Laura Bayston, Rhona Nolasco, Sarah Alexandra, Jones 2.0)
Genre/Style: Bass Music, Electronic, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Progressive House, Rocktronica
Release Year: 2014
Info: Deckajam – Total Jamnation
CDs: 1 (one)
Tracks: 17 (seventeen)
Length CD: 01:07:42
Label: Ambiel Music
Product Number: B00LVI9N76
More Information: Deckajam – Official Website