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M-Project – Weaponized Soul 1.5 – Remixes & Reworks (2018)


Last year M-Project released the album ‘Weaponized Soul’, and it was an immediate success. On this album he worked alongside names such as Scott Brown, Synthwulf, Mitomoro, Relect and many more, but we all know that M-Project can’t sit still: he’s always busy. And you might have seen on Facebook or Twitter the announcement of his new album, which is called ‘Weaponized Soul 1.5’. This follow up album contains reworks and remixes, and the records are big. 11 tracks for only ¥ 1500. Let me see how much that is in pounds…. 9.95 pounds. And like the previous album you can get it via Guhroovy’s Bandcamp page. Read More

MC Thunda – Lyrical Convict – The Finale (2018)


When you get a CD in your physical inbox, it always makes you smile. Last week I received two, one was the exclusive album by GPF (Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz), and the other was by MC Thunda’s, his last ‘Lyrical Convict’ instalment. It came with a nice flyer, but I didn’t know what was going to happen. Many people, are receiving the album, started sharing the album in selfies. The flyer played a huge part of it. But what wondered me, was if this was going to be the last thing we will ever hear from MC Thunda? And the answer is ‘no’. Hell no. Read More

STM044 – Digital Commandos – Serious Shit/Future World (2018)


I don’t do many EP reviews sadly, but when you are made aware of a new EP on the mighty Stamina Records, who can resist the urge to write a blog about it? The latest release on this wonderful label is Digital Commandos’ EP, which contains two records called ‘Serious Shit’ and ‘Future World’. Now, the name Digital Commandos, I’ve seen it before, but I’m not aware who’s behind it, or how long they have been making music for. Thanks for Soundcloud and Facebook to provide me with the information, eh?

According to Soundcloud (and Facebook) they’ve started back in 2004, and it was a college project. Their first release was on the legendary NU Energy label, and since then they have been pushing their love for music forward with several releases, such as ‘No Fate’, ‘Severe Trauma’, ‘Rock The Diskotek’, and now for their latest release Stamina Records was the label to push their talent forward. So what can you expect if you get this EP? Well, some amazing Freeform tunes, that’s for sure.

The tracklist is short. It only contains two records. But worth checking it out!

tracklist TCD

01. Digital Commandos – Serious Shit
02. Digital Commandos – Future World

First of all, the picture is absolutely amazing! I love the colours, and Stamina Records always have the coolest pictures. Credits for that. But it’s not the picture that makes a record great, it’s the actual music.

Don’t know where the ‘Serious Shit’ vocal comes from. But it suits the record beautifully. This record contains the ‘old’ sound from a few years ago, and also a well known drop. The build up is tremendous, and you can not wait for the beats to kick in hard, and when they do kick in, it’s a feast for your ears. It stays true to the Freeform sound which to me is still the greatest sound ever created. A bit of oldschool Tech Trance bits and bobs being crammed into the record makes it worth to spend your pennies on.

Future World. I heard this record before, and I think it was the opening record from A.B’s ‘Winterbash mix’. And yes, after checking Soundcloud, it was. This track has got a proper intro, a proper build up, and that’s what I like. And the rest of the record remains awesome.

These two records do fit the Stamina Records ethos nicely. No cheaply made records, but well build records. A lot of thoughts have gone into this EP, and for me it’s worth your pennies. And you can get these two amazing records now from Stamina’s own webstore! Why wait? This is some serious shit! (see what I did there?)


Act: Digital Commandos
Genre/Style: Freeform
EP Info: STM044
Length EP: 00:13:13
Tracks: 2 (two)
Download/Listen (via Stamina Records): DOWNLOAD HERE
File Size: depends on quality
File Type: mp3, wav
Bitspeed: depends on quality
More Information: Digital Commandos – Facebook Fanpage

Hardcore Heaven Summer Madness! (2011)

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After a short break due to some issues at home (car broke down, and the stress that comes along) I’m back! You are happy and pleased to see me back, eh? Anyway, the other day (last Wednesday) we picked up our brand new vehicle, and it’s a Vauxhall Corsa E. It’s a beauty, that’s for sure. But it has a flaw, a weakness: no CD player! I had to go through my whole collection, and found out that I had ripped a few CDs onto my computer (the first thing I actually do when I buy CDs). And the first one I noticed in my ‘UK Hardcore’ folder, was the massive CD from 2011, ‘Hardcore Heaven Summer Madness!’ With DJ mixes by Dougal & Gammer, Sy & Unknown, and Joey Riot & Kurt, you know you are getting the finest of the finest, of one of the scenes best years. You can argue, but you will loose: 2011 was a big year. Just look at the bloody tunes!

You still had Sy & Unknown, Gammer was still making UK Hardcore (not the EDMCore), and Joey was still focussed on UK Hardcore (now he’s very busy with Destructive Tendencies). And the music was just spot on. Happy, vocally, and bascially staying true to the core. This, to me, was one of the last true compilations which had this uniqueness to it. It fitted the Hardcore Heaven compilation beautifully. Since I joined the scene, I was more into this compilation, whilst others preferred Bonkers. Bonkers was good, but for me not the best. Hardcore Heaven delivered, and with this blinding three CD compilation, they gave us a remarkable album.

I don’t know if I already reviewed this, but it’s been so long ago, it’s not even on this website anymore (previous websites were deleted due to Trojan horses). Anyway, I thought it was about time to reminisce, and go back in time. And these tunes got me bouncing hard in my new ride. I felt young again. Vibrant.

tracklist TCD

CD01 / Dougal & Gammer Mix 
01. Dougal & Gammer – Monster
02. Dougal & Gammer – Trust In Me
03. Darren Styles & Gammer – You & I
04. Dougal & Gammer – Orbit
05. Dougal & Gammer feat Niki Mak – Back Home
06. Gammer & Whizzkid – Jump
07. Dougal, Gammer & JB-C feat Jenna – Show Me The Way
08. Gammer & Klubfiller – Future Fuzz
09. Dougal, Gammer & JB-C feat Jerome – No Way Back
10. Dougal & Gammer feat Jerome – There For You
11. Gammer & JB-C – Bigger And Bolder
12. Dougal & Gammer – Your One
13. Dougal & Gammer feat Jenna – All The Tears I’ve Cried (JB-C Remix) 
14. Chris Fear vs Ajay – Catch The Light
15. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Close (Dougal & Gammer Remix) 
16. Andy Whitby & Klubfiller – Blam
17. Gammer & Cally Gage – Breakneck Bastard
18. Dougal & Gammer vs Klubfiller – Do What You Wanna Do
19. Chris Fear – Cameras Ready
20. Dougal & Gammer – Lifting Me Higher (Back To 97 Mix) 

CD02 / Sy & Unknown Mix 
01. Sureal – You Take My Breath Away (Sy & Unknown Remix) 
02. Sy & Unknown feat Lou Lou – Love Can’t Wait
03. Dance Assassins – Sail Away (Darren Styles Remix) 
04. Sy & Re-Con – Meatfeast
05. Sy & Joey Riot – F*cking Sh*t Music
06. Sy & Unknown – My Forever Love
07. Sy & Unknown feat Kirsten Joy – Superstar
08. Supreme & Mob – Cameo
09. Darren Styles – Burning Up
10. Sy & Technikore – Places Please
11. Sy & Unknown – The Steel Finger Part 2
12. Black & White – Get Ya Hands Up! (Original Mix) 
13. Sy & Gammer – (I Think I’m Goin’) Outta My Head
14. The Collective – Kick It (Sy & Unknown’s 2011 Update) 
15. Sy & Unknown – Psychopath 2011
16. Breeze & Technikore – Moments
17. Hixxy, Sy & Unknown – The Clit Commander 2011
18. Sy & Al Storm – Do You Love Your Hardcore? (Hardcore Heaven VIP Mix) 
19. Al Storm vs Hardforze – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (Mike Modulate Remix) 
20. Chris Unknown & Re-Con – Ganja Man
21. Sy & Unknown – Pictures Of You
22. Brisk & Ham – Get On The Floor

CD03 / Joey & Kurt Mix 
01. Kurt feat Sara – Sit & Wait (Exclusive Album Mix) 
02. Gammer & Whizzkid – We Are The Vampires (Joey Riot Remix) 
03. Q-Tex – Like An Angel (Kurt Remix) 
04. Joey Riot & Seduction feat James Warren – Time To Move On
05. Kurt & Boyle – Electro Stomp
06. Sy & Joey Riot – Wa-Ja-Mi-Call-It
07. Ricky Skull Crusher – Kinky Slinky
08. Raw Theory – Solarise
09. Joey Riot & Technikore – Broken
10. Al Storm – Werewolf (Joey Riot Remix) 
11. Scott Brown – Don’t You Worry (Joey Riot & Kurt Remix) 
12. Prospect & Pinnacle – Zombie Nightclub
13. Joey Riot – You’ll Never Know (HH Anthem 2011) 
14. Himbo & Enemy – Everywhere I Turn (Kurt Remix) 
15. Kurt & Marc Smith – Throw Ya Hands Up
16. Darren Styles & Re-Con – Like A Bitch (Joey Riot & Kurt Remix) 
17. Kurt feat Sara – Bang Banger (Exclusive Album Mix) 
18. Endymion & The Viper – Smash
19. Destructive Tendencies – Smack My Pitch Up
20. Endymion & Nosferatu – Drunk With A Gun (Evil Activities Remix) 
21. Kurt & Joey Riot – Rock Ya Hardcore (Kurt & Joey Riot 2011 Remix) 
22. Gammer & Joey Riot – This Is The Reckoning

This is pure porn for true UK Hardcore lovers, who want the sound to go back in time. For me this is just perfect, and it captured a vibrant scene. Over the years things have happened, and left a permanent mark on it. Slowely the scene is climbing out of the depth of hell, with artists such as Darren Styles and Gammer pushing it forward, and that’s good. But maybe it’s even better when they play more stuff like this? But please, do me one little favour: do not remix or update cracking anthems! They might sound better to you, but these originals are just untouchable!

You start off the compilation with the finest duo, Dougal & Gammer. And their CD is filled with brilliant records. Especially the vocal stuff. Taking UK Hardcore to the next level. Jenna’s vocals just touch my soul. The record ‘Show Me The Way’ is just pure gold. And it made me wonder: what ever happened to JB-C?

The second disc is mixed by the masters Sy & Unknown. They used to be the strongest duo in the scene, and they have delivered many vocal anthems. Sadly this collaboration will never ever happen again, but we still have discs like this one. And the best record? Well, the first. Simply the best. The vocals, it’s like an angel is singing it. And to start your mix with this…. nothing can beat this record.

Disc three is mixed by Joey Riot and Kurt. And I’m biased. I’m a fan of the Riot man. And on this album they put ‘Smack My Pitch Up’, probably the first Destructive Tendencies record, which took them onto the path of Gabber stardom.

I miss these records so much. Everyone is focussed on pushing it to a bigger audience, when the music is as good as it is. It doesn’t need improvement. And this album is a dedication to what we had back in 2011. 6 superstar DJs, and amazing records.

Quality tunes all in all. Yeah, there are a few funny records, but they’ve stood the test of time. And even the previous album released by Slammin’ Vinyl are gold. But for me, TCD, this Summer Madness! album is the greatest. Don’t know the albums being released via Hardcore Underground, but I reckon they keep the spirit alive.

2011, it was amazing. Just look at the tracks selected by these wicked DJs. And close your eyes. And think back of this glorious year!


DJs: Dougal & Gammer/Sy & Unknown/Joey Riot & Kurt
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Hardcore, Gabber, Drum & Bass
Release Year: 2011
Album Info: Hardcore Heaven Summer Madness!
CDs: 3 (three)
Length CDs: +/+ 3 hours
Tracks: 64 (sixty-four)
Label: New State Music
Product Number: NEWCD9103
More Information: Hardcore Heaven – Facebook Fanpage

Al Storm – Projections Of A Fractured Mind (2018)

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Al Storm - Projections Of A Fractured Mind (2018)

The priviliges of being the world’s greatest reviewer/blogger (*ahum*), I could write a book about it. But the main privilige I’ve got is the fact that I get sent music way before the majority of people get to hear it. The other day I received Al Storm’s latest album, and I’ve got to say that it brought a smile on my face. Not like the skull on the cover of the album. I was smiling. Why? Well, it’s an album by probably the greatest producer ever. Al Storm is such a well loved and recognised name, and you know one thing: if he goes into his studio, anthems for a generation are made. Memorable tunes. He’s done it for many years, and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Without looking forward of backwards in time, it’s time to look at the present day and his latest release. This two-disc album (order now from Hardcore Underground’s webstore) contains records which will blow your mind into a million pieces. The first disc (called ‘Projections’) contains all new stuff by himself, or remixes of classic Al Storm records, and the second disc (called ‘Reflections’) contains a few classics by this pioneer.

You’ve got to ask yourself: how come this man has the capabilities to make literally every record a succesful one? What has he got that others don’t have? Some have got the skills, but loose it over time. He keeps on re-inventing himself, and keeps on making music so good, it’s mind blowing. He’s got the gift to make UK Hardcore in 2018 sound like the music from the early noughties, but with a cool twist. And on this album he has worked with a lot of big names.

I think it’s time to show you what’s on the actual album (if you haven’t checked it on HU’s website already)…..

tracklist TCD

CD 1 : Projections 
01. Al Storm feat Mandy Edge – Without A Trace (Raver Baby Mix) 
02. Al Storm & Nick Arnold – Bass, Drums, Pianos & A Remix
03. Scott Brown & Al Storm feat Niki Mak – All My Dreams
04. Al Storm feat Angie Brown – Fever
05. Storm & Euphony – Return To Dust
06. DJ Pulse & Al Storm feat Donna-Marie – Wherever I Go
07. Al Storm & MC Whizzkid – Trigger
08. Al Storm feat Malaya – It’s Over (Bananaman & Gisbo Remix) 
09. Al Storm feat DJ Storm – Hardcore Will Never Die
10. S3RL & Al Storm – Eh!??
11. Al Storm x Deadman – Always Be There
12. Al Storm & Rob IYF feat Taya – Mysterious
13. Al Storm feat Vicky Fee – Thunderground
14. Storm & Euphony feat Mandy Edge – Hasta Manana (Bananaman & Gisbo Remix) 

CD 2 : Reflections
01. Nu Foundation & Al Storm – Going Crazy (Blood, Sweat & Tears Mix) 
02. Dougal & Gammer vs Al Storm – The Essential Mega-Muffin (Use Somebody Mix) 
03. Seduction & Al Storm – Make The Track Spin (Remix) 
04. Al Storm – Dirtbox
05. Black & White feat Taya – Everything You Do
06. Al Storm feat Donna Grassie – Love The Way
07. Al Storm feat Alison Wade – All Over Again
08. Al Storm – Droppin’ Bombz
09. Al Storm feat Taya – Stars Collide (Intro Mix) 
10. Hixxy & Darren Styles – Happiness Happening (Slipmatt & Al Storm Remix) 
11. Al Storm – Never Ever
12. Bang! vs Al Storm – Flower Needs The Rain
13. Storm & Euphony – All I Wanna Do (Darren Styles Remix) 
14. Al Storm feat Katie Jewels – Never Alone
15. Sy & Al Storm – Do You Love Your Hardcore?
16. Al Storm feat Ali – Heartache (Summertime Vibes Mix) 
17. Kutski & Al Storm feat MC Whizzkid – Time 2 Move

That’s a lot of Al Storm you are getting for only £12.99. Now that’s a serious bargain for the amount of music you are getting. From the older stuff to his latest stuff, you get everything. And seeing as you and me are all Al Storm fanatics, it’s just the right thing.

Before we talk about the actual music there’s one thing I want to ask to Al Storm. How many alter egos do you have? And how come it’s possible that he worked with himself at the same time? Al Storm feat DJ Storm? Please explain that to me.

As I said before, the first disc is focussed on his latest stuff, and it contains the best record ever, ‘Thunderground’. There’s also a re-occuring theme, which I’ve seen before on other albums by Al Storm: the use of female vocalists. He likes to work with them, and I’ve got to say that he always picks out the best ones, like Vicky Fee, Angie Brown, Niki Mak, Mandy Edge, Taya, etc. He loves the female vocals on his Hardcore records, and even though this was extremely big back during the early days, Al Storm makes it more acceptable, and we love him for his decision.

Second disc? The older stuff. This shows to me that he was great a few years ago, and if you compare this with the first disc, he’s still on bloody fire. And he creates records which contain the gift that keeps on giving: forever fun! You can never get bored of an Al Storm record, being it an original, or a remix.

Not only is it UK Hardcore which has the forefront when it comes to the music, he also touches the Breakbeat side of music. And he does it so well. What’s the secret formula, Al, tell us all! We want to know.

I love his dedication, and his layered music. The way he composes records is beyond belief. Not your standard stuff: he takes his time to perfect each record, and make it worth while at home and at raves. He uses inspiration from different genres, and puts them all into one record. From Bounce to Drum & Bass to Breakbeat to UK Hardcore to Happy Hardcore. Everything can be found on his latest album.

Any negatives? Well, some remixes aren’t as good as the originals. Like ‘It’s Over’ and ‘Hasta Manana’ and the weird sounding ‘Use Somebody Mix’. The originals just rock harder. I’m sorry.

Best records on this album? Well, I have already mentioned one: ‘Thunderground’, and the other is ‘All I Wanna Do’. Haven’t heard that record for years!

Credit to Al for making yet another succesful album. If you look at my UK Hardcore collection, the amount of Al Storm music I’ve got is impressive. But so is his musical skils. No one, and I do mean no one can come close to what Al has achieved, and will create for us all in the future.

Ps. Al Storm is a boss. That is all.


Artist: Al Storm & Various Artists
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Breakbeat Hardcore
Release Year: 2017/2018
Album Info: Al Storm – Projections Of A Fractured Mind
CDs: 2 (two)
Length CDs: +/+ 2 hours
Tracks: 31 (thirty-one)
Label: Hardcore Underground
Product Number: unknown
Buy Here (via HU store): BUY HERE
More Information: Al Storm – Facebook Fanpage

Justice Hardcore Presents: Bringing The Justice Volume 2 (2017)

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Justice Hardcore Presents: Bringing The Justice Volume 2 (2017)

Justice Hardcore are back! Facebook and Twitter were dominated the last couple of weeks, with posts regarding the upcoming album ‘Bringing The Justice Volume 2′, which is out now! You might have missed it, and if you have: where have you been the last couple of weeks? How can you be not on any social media outlet, and how come you haven’t seen this album? The big boss behind Justice Hardcore DJ Nobody has filled our timelines with the necessary information, to get everyone hyped up. This album is one of the biggest things coming out of the USA Hardcore scene as we speak.

Justice Hardcore is the biggest UK/US Hardcore label, and they are pushing their love and dedication for this originally UK sound forward, with a twist. A US twist. Does that mean it comes with a Big Mac, a milkshake, Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, the Statue of Liberty, or anything similar? Nope, it doesn’t. But you can tell that this album has been influenced with a lot of sounds coming out of the States as we speak. They bring the Hardcore towards the rest of the world slightely different, but still staying true to the core.

This album contains 10 DJ friendly records, mainly by DJ Nobody and IYF. And it’s available for only $10. How’s that for a bargain, $1 for each track? And you do get a cool front cover, with a proper USA police vehicle, not the UK version, which is basically a Vauxhall Astra. But before we go ape and talk nonsense, let’s focus on the records you get once you’ve purchased this album!

tracklist TCD

01. Rob IYF & Nobody – Bad Boys
02. Klubfiller, Nobody & Ciccone – Outta My Mind (Nobody 2017 Mix) 
03. Rob IYF & Nobody – Hero
04. D-Code – Like I Feel (Rob IYF Remix) 
05. Cosmic Gate – Exploration Of Space (Rob IYF & Nobody Remix) 
06. Inspiration, Deverstate & MOB – Survive (Rob IYF & Nobody Remix) 
07. RedMoon & Meron Ryan – Never Let Go (Nobody Remix) 
08. Rob IYF & Nobody feat Harri Rush – Like A Rainbow
09. Refix & Rob IYF – Find You
10. Rob IYF & Nobody – Nangs

It’s a short but very exciting tracklist. 10 records for 10 dollars. How’s that for a bargain? And they might call it ‘Bringing The Justice’, but basically it’s the Rob IYF & Nobody album. The amount of their records is unbelievable. But do they bring the justice, and is this album UK Hardcore worthy?

Well, yeah. But there’s a small but. The first record, the one which starts the album, isn’t the album’s greatest. I know it’s quite funny, but it’s missing quite a lot, there’s not a build up like the record I really like. When I heard the first record, I was hoping the album wasn’t going to be bad. And it turned out it isn’t.

It does contain the latest remix of ‘Outta My Mind’, one of the biggest hits in the UK Hardcore scene a few years ago. Also quite a quirky UK Hardcore/Hardstyle record ‘Nangs’. And everything in between. But the record that blew my mind away was ‘Exploration Of Space’. A huge fan of the early  work of Cosmic Gate, but haven’t heard any of their recent stuff. I like the remix that Rob IYF and Nobody made, so I reckon the original is going to be good. But this record is just banging! This brings the justice to the album.

Even the remix of the mighty ‘D-Code’ record is a good one. It’s only the first record I don’t like, to be fair. Which isn’t a bad thing, considering I like the 9 others. I do fancy their US version of UK Hardcore, and the latest album is really one you need to get. DJ friendly, and only a handful of dollars. And one wicked cover. What else do you need?


Artists: Various Artists
Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, US Hardcore, EDMCore
Album Info: Justice Hardcore Presents: Bringing The Justice Volume 2
Release Year: 2017
CDs: 1 (one)
Length Album: 00:51:39
Tracks: 10 (ten)
Label: Justice Hardcore
Product Number: unknown
Purchase Album: BUY ALBUM HERE
Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE
More Information: Justice Hardcore – Facebook Fanpage