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The Prodigy – Experience (1992)

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The Prodigy, probably the biggest Breakbeat/Hardcore/Jungle band in the known universe. No introduction needed, really not necessary to remind you all how big this band is, and what they have achieved in all those years. As we all know, their liveshows are known to be the biggest, baddest and roughest in the world, and it’s on many peoples bucket lists. It’s damn hard to see them alive, because every gig they do, is sold out in seconds. But back in 1992 they were still this small British band who only joined forces back in 1990 and had their first release in 1991. In 1992 they delivered an album most people seem to have forgotten about, but to me it’s the greatest Prodigy album ever, even beating their next studio album ‘Music For The Jilted Generation’.

The album wasn’t the first Prodigy album I bought, I bought ‘Music For…Generation’ first, because of the first ever Prodigy tune I heard. The one that took the Netherlands by storm, which was ‘No One (Start The Dance)’. It appeared in the top 40 and on many compilations, and after seeing the video I bought their second studio album. It was amazing, no doubt about tht, but I went on a quest to find more Prodigy music, and back in 1994/1995 there was no such thing as Discogs, you had to search for things yourself in those CD boxes at your local CD store. I found their first studio album, ‘Experience’, and from the moment I bought them to now I can only say that it is the best album ever! Not just their best album, the best album ever made! They’ve had successes with ‘The Fat Of The Land’, ‘Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned’, ‘Invaders Must Die’ and ofcourse their last album ‘The Day Is My Enemy’. But the first always makes me rave the hardest. This is an album so pure, raw and it never ages. Pioneers back in 1991/1992,  and to me this album is still the greatest thing ever produced. The quality is so high and brand new for 1992, it took the world by storm and turned every dancefloor into one filled with flames and constant earthquakes. The Prodigy’s first album is so good, I can’t even play it anymore (too many scratches have ruined the surface). Thankfully many years ago I burned it onto my computer, and it’s still playable (not every track, some do skip because the CD surface was already ruined slightly many years ago).

The tracklist… well, do I need to show it to you? Haven’t you got this album already? You haven’t?! How’s that even possible?!


01. The Prodigy – Jericho
02. The Prodigy – Music Reach (1/2/3/4)
03. The Prodigy – Wind It Up
04. The Prodigy – Your Love (Remix) 
05. The Prodigy – Hyperspeed (G-Force Part 2)
06. The Prodigy – Charly (Trip Into Drum And Bass Version)
07. The Prodigy – Out Of Space
08. The Prodigy – Everybody In The Place (155 And Rising)
09. The Prodigy – Weather Experience
10. The Prodigy – Fire (Sunrise Version)
11. The Prodigy – Ruff In The Jungle Bizness
12. The Prodigy – Death Of The Prodigy Dancers (Live)

If none of these names ring a bell, you aren’t a true raver. These are truly Gods greatest gifts to mankind! Name one track that stood the test of time as good as these tracks.

The added link above takes you to the Prodigy’s website, on which you can order a 2004 re-release version of this album, which contains 2 discs. The first disc has got the same tracklist as the one released in 1992, but the second disc has a few bonus tracks, and also (it seems) two ‘Weather Experience’ tracks? A bit weird, but so be it. If you want to hear what they released back in 1992 and was so brand new and exciting it made the headlines everywhere, go to their website and purchase the re-released album now.

Only quality tunes can be found on this masterpiece. You have to remember that the equipment they used back in 1992 was basic and not highly sophisticated, basic is the best word to describe it, but they still made it sound like they’ve pushed the equipment to the max, showcasing their maximum strength. If you haven’t heard it before, this album, this will blow your brains into pieces. This is seriously pioneering stuff, groundbreaking for the time, and they still are changed the music industry single-handedly.

Normally I would select one favourite track, but there are 12. But the one that still makes me feel the most is ‘Weather Experience’. It is so good and emotional at the same time, you don’t want this track to end. Thankfully it’s the longest track on this album (8 minutes long), so you can experience a whole range of emotions you never knew you had.

So many great anthems. ‘Charly’ is also a wicked track, heard the original version/top 40 version too much, I prefer the ‘Trip Into Drum and Bass Version’ much more, and the bass….. OMG. ‘Hyperspeed’ is just an amazing track that makes your ears bleed from the first to the last second. If you haven’t heard this track before, you might think it’s a mellow track, but once everything goes bananas, it goes bananas and you will not be able to understand what just happened.

This album has stood the test of time brilliantly. You can still listen to this and not be embarassed. They’ve only improved from this album on, but this to me is the best Prodigy album ever made. If I’d die, I would like this album to be played at my funeral. I know they normally play only three tracks, but for once make an exception for me! This is, by far, the greatest and best album ever made by an artist/band. Magnificent, beautiful and raw.

1992 was a good year for music: The Prodigy released ‘Experience’. Little did we know what was about to happen: they took over the world by storm. Big album. Buy it now, if you haven’t already. If you’ve got this album, play it out loud! There’s no specific reason why you should play this right now… every day is a Prodigy day!


Act: The Prodigy
Genre/Style: Breakbeat, Hardcore, Jungle
Release Year: 1992
Info: The Prodigy – Experience
CDs: 1 (one)
Length CD: 00:59:32
Tracks: 12 (twelve)
Label: XL Recordings
Product Number: XLCD 110
Buy Here: The Prodigy – Experience (2004 Re-release)
More Information: The Prodigy – Official Website