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Now That’s What I Call Music! 96 (2017)


I have to come clean, I never listen to Pop music. Since the last 90s Pop has changed into this multi million industry, and sadly the majority of the tunes haven’t made me move since 1999. But for whatever reason, I was walking with the missus through Sainsbury’s yesterday and we saw an advert on their televisions, and I was intrigued: the short bits and bobs they played during the advert sounded good. Yes, I do hear the tunes every so often, when they are on telly or when the missus listens to those radio stations, but I wouldn’t buy those tunes… until yesterday.

I still won’t listen to the commercial side of music, but I had to buy this album. The tunes have become a bit more quality instead of quantity, and sometimes you hear good tunes in commercials, and you wonder who made them, because they seem to sound perfect. I basically had to buy this album. Come on, couldn’t resist an album with Daft Punk records on it, could I?

You can hear a distinctive sound throughout 80% of the records, focussed on EDM. But some records are unique and fresh, for example Stormzy, who dominates the Grime scene.

The tracks on this album, 80% are unknown records to me, but I only bought it for the 20% I knew. Again, Daft Punk can’t do anything wrong, eh?


CD 1 
01. Ed Sheeran – Castle On The Hill
02. Rag’n’Bone Man – Human
03. Little Mix – Touch
04. The Weeknd feat Daft Punk – Starboy
05. The Chainsmokers – Paris
06. Starley – Call On Me (Ryan Riback Remix) 
07. Anne-Marie – Ciao Adios
08. Bruno Mars – 24K Magic
09. Zara Larsson – I Would Like
10. Katy Perry feat Skip Marley – Chained To The Rhythm
11. Sean Paul feat Dua Lipa – No Lie
12. Martin Jensen – Solo Dance
13. Zedd & Alessia Cara – Stay
14. Sigrid – Don’t Kill My Vibe
15. Steve Aoki & Louis Tomlinson – Just Hold On
16. Dua Lipa – Be The One
17. Jonas Blue feat RAYE – By Your Side
18. Coldplay – Hypnotised
19. John Legend – Love Me Now
20. Robbie Williams – Love Of My Life
21. George Michael – Fastlove, Pt. 1

CD 2 
01. Jax Jones feat RAYE – You Don’t Know Me
02. The Weeknd feat Daft Punk – I Feel It Coming
03. Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa – Scared To Be Lonely
04. Kygo & Selena Gomez – It Ain’t Me
05. Rae Sremmurd feat Gucci Mane – Black Beatles
06. Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello – Bad Things
07. Sage The Gemini – Now And Later
08. Tinie Tempah feat Tinashe – Text From Your Ex
09. Stormzy – Big For Your Boots
10. Tom Zanetti feat Sadie Ama – You Want Me
11. Martin Solveig feat Ina Wroldsen – Places
12. Robin Schulz & David Guetta & Cheat Codes – Shed A Light
13. M.O feat Kent Jones – Not In Love
14. Rag’n’Bone Man – Skin
15. Train – Play That Song
16. The Vamps & Matoma – All Night
17. Ariana Grande feat Future – Everyday
18. Major Lazer feat PARTYNEXTDOOR & Nicki Minaj – Run Up
19. Post Malone feat Quavo – Congratulations
20. Julia Michaels – Issues
21. Lorde – Green Light
22. Calvin Harris feat Frank Ocean & Migos – Slide

There are 43 records, and they are all radio edits. Sadly not long enough for me, but it’s hot today, and it’s acceptable today. The Sun is shining, the temperature is going towards 30 degrees Celsius, and the only thing I want to hear today are Summer anthems. And yes, there are a few on here.

Daft Punk’s records do lift the Summer level way up! They can’t do anything wrong. Even Katy Perry’s song is amazing. And Little Mix, I wouldn’t say I’m a fan, because I know nothing about them, but they seem to make tunes so catchy, it’s unbelievable.

Rag’n’Bone Man, Robbie Williams, Stormzy, etc. Quite a nice album, good tunes. Sadly the majority all sound the same, and are maybe good for a day or two, but they aren’t timeless classics. The biggest tune of them all, which is some kind of tribute to the late and great George Michael, is a timeless classic. The majority of the other tunes are good for 2017, but they don’t have the strength to stay powerful 10 years from now.

I liked the album, because it brings me in a good mood. But it reminds me that the quality might be a bit better, they are not timeless, like the tunes from the 90s, how cheesy they might sound.

I wouldn’t give it a bad score, because it does contain nice anthems, but only slightly a good score. Maybe I should not buy anything pop related for at least 10 years. Maybe Katy Perry’s album, or Little Mix’s album…. I’m not a fan though haha.

It’s Sunday, chillax and enjoy the weather. Press play and let the tunes from 2017 guide you through this heatwave!


Artists: Various Artists
Genre/Style: Pop
Release Year: 2017
CD Info: Now That’s What I Call Music! 96
CDs: 2 (two, unmixed)
Length CDs: 01:17:42 + 01:18:44
Tracks: 43 (fourty-three)
Label: Sony Music Entertainment
Product Number: 889854202026
Buy Here: NOW Music – Webstore
More Information: NOW Music – Official Website

Amy Macdonald – This Is The Life (2007)


I’ve got to be honest with you all, I’m a raver. I normally listen to something completely different to what you are about to read, and it’s mainly because I’m Dutch. We Dutch people (youngsters) would listen to different music during the 90s and it would shape us into the human beings we are. Rave music is my cup of tea, but there are moments in your life you open your ears and expand your musical knowledge. This happened after Christmas 2015, after my fiancée got me Amy Macdonald’s albums. I might have said once to her that I like (and secretly fancy) Amy Macdonald, and she thought it was a nice and pleasant surprise to purchase the three albums in one go. You might think I wouldn’t like a present like the one I got, but after hearing the first two albums in one go, I am delighted to say that I’ve never been happier!

Amy Macdonald became a household name in the music industry after she released her first artist album which was called ‘This Is The Life’, released in 2007. 8 years ago she dominated the charts with the first two tracks of this wonderful album, and you can ask anyone if they like the tracks, and everyone will say ‘yes’. I’ve heard them before on the radio, but not as often as most of you have heard it. I don’t listen to pop music (as I’ve said before), but ‘Mr. Rock ‘N’ Roll’ and ‘This Is The Life’ would fly by every so often. Catchy and happy as they were, they still remained in my head for hours after they ended. The video also had an impact, original and very cheerful. But after receiving this album as a present I can say that this album is immense!

The music is defined as Pop, Folk and Country. Country? Never owned a country album before. The same with folk. My first Amy Macdonald album, and it has had an impact on me. Played it at least once every day! Why, you might wonder? Well, because the music is good, the lyrics make sense and her voice is just so beautiful!

The tracklist is probably not needed to show, seeing as most of you lot already purchased the album many years ago (8-9 years old! can’t believe it!).


01. Amy Macdonald – Mr. Rock ‘N’ Roll
02. Amy Macdonald – This Is The Life
03. Amy Macdonald – Poison Prince
04. Amy Macdonald – Youth Of Today
05. Amy Macdonald – Run
06. Amy Macdonald – Let’s Start A Band
07. Amy Macdonald – Barrowland Ballroom
08. Amy Macdonald – L.A.
09. Amy Macdonald – A Wish For Something More
10. Amy Macdonald – Footballer’s Wife
11. Amy Macdonald – The Road To Home

This is beautiful! The album starts with her biggest hits, but you should continue listening to tracks 3 to 11. They are so good, most of them are touchy and very emotional. And they are also very powerful, the lyrics do make sense. She talks about real things, things which matter.

Again, I normally don’t listen to music like this, but this album is worth purchasing (if you can find a copy, please do buy it). Amy’s voice is pure, beautiful and mesmerizing. She gives each track an unusual depth. For example the last track, which is ‘The Road To Home’ is probably the greatest track to listen to when you are driving home. I did the exact oppossite, I drove further from home, away from the one I love, and when I heard the lyrics, a tear slided down my face. Emotional stuff.

Obviously the first two tracks are the most known from this album, and they are extremely cheerful, and yet they carry a message. Each track on this album does. Sit down and press play, and you will know immediately that it’s all true she’s singing about! It all makes sense, doesn’t it?

You are probably wondering which track is my favourite? Nope, not ‘Mr. Rock ‘N’ Roll’ or ‘This Is The Life’. The one that took my breath away is ‘Youth Of Today’. She sings it with a lot of feelings and passion. That’s my favourite track, but all the others are awesome too. ‘Let’s Start A Band’ makes me want to start a band, her voice persuades me, but my thoughts do stop me from starting a band, because it warns me that I can’t sing, dance or play any instruments. My band would be the worst band in the world.

This album is going to be played until the scratches make it unbearable to listen to it. Is this the best album in my collection? Yes! Her voice is so beautiful, if angels would excist and would be able to speak a language we would all understand, the angels would all sound like Amy Macdonald. Is she secretly an angel sent to us? She does look like an angel, she does! (yes, I still fancy her!).

Never knew anyone could write an album especially for me, about me. It’s like this album was made for me, describing life as I experience it. Amy, you are an angel!

I hope that she still makes music and she keeps on performing. I’m currently on her website, but it’s not updated. No forthcoming gigs. If she performs anywhere, please let me know, I want to hear the angel sing.


Artist: Amy Macdonald
Genre/Style: Folk Rock, Pop, Rock, Country
Release Year: 2007
CD Info: Amy Macdonald – This Is The Life
CDs: 1 (one)
Length CD: 00:44:28
Tracks: 11 (eleven)
Label: Melodramatic Records Ltd
Product Number: 173 212-4
Buy Here: —-
More Information: Amy Macdonald – Official Website

Brainpower – Nothing (2015)


I reckon most of you lot won’t have a clue who MC Brianpower is. I think you’ve got to be Dutch or Belgian to know who he is. A famous MC/rapper, who had several hits in the Dutch top 40, like ‘Dansplaat’, ‘Non Stop’, ‘Boks Ouwe’, ‘Voel De Vibe’, and the list goes on and on. Back in the 90s/early 00s I bought his singles, and after a quick look in my closet, I found them again. Time to go mad, time to ‘boks’ everyone and dance on ‘Dansplaat’. This man is a Dutch legend, and with this new single and album he’s reaching out for the rest of the world. So when I was given this single, I was a very happy Dutchman. There’s a short story I shall reveil right now.

As most of you know, I do work at a service station. My shift was over, and what I normally do, is chat with my colleague. I did exactly that, and all of a sudden 2 men walked into our shop. At first I didn’t knew who they were, seeing as my celebrity radar never works (seen many celebrities, but never recognise them at all), but when the first bloke walked towards the till, the alarm went off. I couldn’t place his face, seeing as they don’t appear in gossip magazines, but his face was familiar. Turned out this man was TLM! My colleague didn’t have a clue, but all of a sudden the second man turned around, and it hit me: this was Brainpower himself! My colleague still didn’t have a clue, so I showed him a picture, and it was him. After they left the shop (I never ask for an autograph or a picture, seeing as I see these people as humans too, and they must get annoyed by thousands of people asking it daily), Brianpower walked back into the shop, with a present: 2 singles, one for my colleague and one for me. And it’s the single I’m talking about: ‘Nothing’. I’m going to use a ‘gangsta’ term, which I normally don’t use at all, but ‘that was dope!’

The single was and still is awesome! But there’s a darker side to this all: at work we talked about our colleague who commited suicide, and guess what this song is about?! Yes, exactly that. Quite dark, and coincidental, isn’t it? We talked about suicide, and the single we had in our hands was about that.

There’s only one track on the single, which you can get right now from iTunes. Or purchase his whole album. Buy everything if necessary, but if you are not Dutch, you will not have a clue when he rhyhmes in Dutch.


01. Brianpower – Nothing

See, that’s a short list. But the track is quite powerful, quite moving and touching.

The track starts quite unusual: during the first couple of seconds I thought I was in an elevator. Calm and relaxing music. You know what kind of music I’m referring to. Posh companies always have elevator music, and during the first 10 seconds I thought I was going to the top of a sky scraper. But quickly I was woken up by MC Brainpower’s lyrics.

Suicide isn’t one of the easiest things to talk about. And even though Brainpower makes it sound easy, it’s not. Very touching to hear him talk about a friend, who’s amongst the stars right now. If you want to hear beautiful lyrics (and also elevator music), I would urge you to get this right now.

The only sad bit about this track is its length. But Brainpower does exactly that what he’s famous for: rhyhme as fast as only he can, and he delivers. If you have never heard of this man before, and you are Dutch, shame on you. If you are not Dutch, I can understand, but it’s never too late to be introduced. Check this man out, he has made so many English tracks, so check him out. A living legend.

The reason why he was at the service station was the fact that he performed in Maastricht.

Want to know how succesful this man is? He has won so many awards, including TMF Awards for ‘Best Rap National’, ‘Best Urban National’. Also an MTV award for being ‘Best Dutch Act’. And also a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’. Now it’s time for you to indulge yourself into a world filled with Brainpower music.

Thanks Brainpower and TLM. This single will go in my collection, amongst the single section. It will be up front, the shitty singles will be in the back. Yours will be up front, seeing as it’s the coolest single I ever received. And the only single I received from the artist himself!

Check out the Youtube video. Wicked track. Seriously one of the dopest tracks of 2015. I’m too white to be cool and to fully understand Hip Hop, but this track goes way beyond everything. This music is universal, and can be understood by every living soul.


Artist: Brainpower
Genre/Style: Hip Hop, Rap
Single Info: Brainpower – Nothing
Length Track: 00:03:14
Tracks: 1 (one)
Download/Listen (via iTunes): DOWNLOAD HERE
Label: LYRIC Recordings
More Information: Brainpower – Official Website

Hugh Laurie – Let Them Talk (2011)

Hugh Laurie

If you don’t have a clue who Hugh Laurie is, you need to reconsider your place on Earth. He’s one of the most succesful British actors ever, who played House M.D in a show with the same title. Alongside Stephen Fry and other Cambridge Footlights artists he started in the early 80s, and since then he has dominated the world of comedy. Seriously, do I need to continue? ‘A Bit Of Fry And Laurie’, ‘Blackadder’, ‘Jeeves & Wooster’.. still don’t know who he is? Shame on you. Let me put it to you this way: he has appeared in both The Simpsons and Family Guy. This obviously means that he’s extremely famous: only the finest actors do appear in The Simpsons. But he’s not only known for his acting skills: after the release of his first album ‘Let Them Talk’ back in 2011, he’s also a worldwide phenomena, spreading his love for Blues music all over the music.

Hugh Laurie playing Blues? Yes, and he does it well. A well known musician, you must have seen him play the piano in ‘A Bit Of Fry And Laurie’, or in ‘House M.D’. Don’t ask me where his fascination came from, but after listening to the album for the first time, it all seemed to work: his musical knowledge and his ‘raw’ voice. Blues, and in this case Louisiana Blues, isn’t the first thing you listen to when you are a young Brit, but over the years he must have fallen in love with it. I could go on and talk about Blues, but I would be lying. I’ve never owned a Blues album, and quite frankly I know nothing. I had to Wikipedia it to know the details, where it originated from, and who were succesful Blues artists. It’s not my cup of tea, seeing as I’m a 31 year old Dutchman who’s never been to the ‘Deep South’ of the United States, and who never had friends who listened to Blues. But as I always say, it’s never too late to learn, and I’m quite open minded, when it comes to music. So when my wife told me that she bought Hugh Laurie’s first album, I obviously had to listen to it.

Is the man who has been succesful in the acting world for many years good at playing Blues? Well, I think so. I am a reviewer, and you can ask me everything EDM related, but when it comes to Blues, I’ve got nothing to compare his album to. So it’s my personal view that counts. Before I start talking about the album any further, here’s the tracklist…


01. Hugh Laurie – St. James Infirmary
02. Hugh Laurie – You Don’t Know My Mind
03. Hugh Laurie – Six Cold Feet
04. Hugh Laurie – Buddy Bolden’s Blues
05. Hugh Laurie – Battle Of Jericho
06. Hugh Laurie – After You’ve Gone
07. Hugh Laurie – Swanee River
08. Hugh Laurie – The Whale That Swallowed Me
09. Hugh Laurie – John Henry
10. Hugh Laurie – Police Dog Blues
11. Hugh Laurie – Tipitina
12. Hugh Laurie – Winin’ Boy Blues
13. Hugh Laurie – They’re Red Hot
14. Hugh Laurie – Baby, Please Make A Change
15. Hugh Laurie – Let Them Talk

Quite dark subjects Hugh Laurie sings about. But Blues ain’t all about happiness, isn’t it?

I can’t help it, but whenever he starts singing, I do hear House. But House (the character) was always a bit dark and rough, and if House would listen to anything, I think Blues music would suit him well. Hugh’s voice does suit it, and gives it a touch. Again, I don’t know much about Blues music, I am too European and too caucasian, but I do like this album a lot. It takes my mind of things, and it’s nice to hear music I normally wouldn’t buy or listen to, because it doesn’t get enough airtime on the radio stations I listen to.

Some tracks are darkly themed, and some aren’t. I love it, it shows the diversity of Blues, and also Hugh Laurie. On this album he has worked with fellow musicians, Sir Tom Jones, Irma Thomas and Dr John. And by singing alongside these musicians the record becomes more powerful. I had to do my research who who is (besides Tom Jones, he’s the man who’s covered in panties after each gig), and after one quick click, I found out that Irma Thomas is known as the ‘Soul Queen Of New Orleans’. You can hear it in her voice, just listen to ‘John Henry’, she gives the track much more depth. A good combination, Laurie and Thomas.

My favourite track? Well, there are multiple, but the best… ‘They’re Red Hot’. The track might sound simple, but it does the trick. It’s also the shortest record on the album, only 1.11 minutes long. Really a shame, this could have been really a cool track if it would have lasted a couple of minutes longer.

The album has been a succes, and many people seemed to love it a lot. Via Hugh Laurie’s official website you can only purchase it on vinyl, and also his follow up album. If you like Blues, I would urge you to give it a go, if you can find copies. There must be a few copies left. Also give this album a go if you are a Hugh Laurie fan, because it won’t let you down.

Hugh Laurie and Blues music, does it work? Hell yeah, it does work well. He has been one of my favourite actors since the first time I saw him on television, but now he’s my favourite Blues musician. I don’t know any others, but I might give Blues a go. Maybe I should.


Artist: Hugh Laurie
Genre/Style: Blues, Louisiana Blues
Release Year: 2011
Info: Hugh Laurie – Let Them Talk
CDs: 1 (one)
Length CD: 00:58:04
Tracks: 15 (fifteen)
Label: Warner Bros Records
Product Number: 2564674078
More Information: Hugh Laurie – Official Website

TamolarM – VoyagE (2014)

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The internet is filled with music, there’s got to be at least a billion mixes on Soundcloud, and not only do people/artists upload their stuff on Soundcloud, but also the old fashion way, via Dropbox and Mediafire. So there could be a chance that I miss a mix or an album completely, because most of my time I’m focussed on Soundcloud. One of those albums I would have missed, was ‘VoyagE’ by TamolarM. Thankfully one of my friends on Facebook sended me a link to TamolarM’s website, and after I had a look, I downloaded it, and got hooked.

I really tried to find out more information, but on TamolarM’s website it’s all in a foreign language I simply don’t understand, and Google Translate doesn’t work very well. To be honest, it makes no sense whatsoever. So if you can understand anything that’s written on his website, please do let me know. I’m not fluent in Japanese. I do apologise for not having any information regarding the artist, but it’s all about the music.

The album contains 15 free tracks, from Dubstep to UK Hardcore to Trance, a nice mash of styles. A new approach to excisting styles, always interesting to hear. At times maybe a tad too focussed on the happier side of the style, but still exciting enough to give it a go. A whole album for free, and you get the chance to experience new sounds? Who doesn’t want that?


01. TamolarM – Turn 2 Movin’
02. TamolarM – PARtyyyy in SUMMER N1GHT!!!
03. TamolarM – Nostalgic Summer
04. TamolarM – TyphooN
05. TamolarM – F.L.B.K.
06. TamolarM – Фестиваль огня
07. TamolarM – Draw za JokeR
08. TamolarM feat SPECTA – When Met U….
09. TamolarM – Jea10usy
10. TamolarM – Des1rE
11. TamolarM – H0pE
12. TamolarM – So Think About U….
13. TamolarM – TE∀Rs
14. TamolarM – 雨空 (Rainy Trance Mix) 
15. TamolarM – Don’T Say “goodbye” (DiA Makin@ Remix) 

Looking at this tracklist a question pops in my head: what’s the title of the 6th track? After downloading the whole album, it comes out all in weird signals and signs.

The album does touch several styles, and the result is a weird composed album. From very happy Hardcore to Dubstep to extremely slow and emotional tracks, and also a track that touches the oldskool side of Hardcore. It’s not you standard album, to be brutally honest. Does that make it a bad album? Not really.

I love the happy side of UK Hardcore/Hardcore. Especially track number 6, the Russian looking title. When it drops to Gabber it made me smile. Also ‘Des1rE’ is a very good track, really like the Japanese approach to Hardcore. Or ‘Jea1osY’. Damn, there are quite a few good tracks on here.

Only one track I don’t like, and that’s track number 13. Too darn fast!? What’s going on? It’s like Super Mario on acid!!! How on God’s given Earth can you dance to that? I do like fast music, but this is a tad too fast. I have never been a fan of the faster Happy sounding music.

A good album, really liking the feeling it generates. Sorry again for not knowing a single thing about the artist TamolarM, but you can share some info if you can read his website, can’t you?

Worth your time, it won’t disappoint you.


DJ: TamolarM
Genre/Style: Multiple Styles
Album Info: VoyagE By TamolarM
Length Album: 01:19:29
Tracks: 15 (fifteen)
Download/Listen (via Official Website): DOWNLOAD HERE
File Size: 147 MB
File Type: mp3
Bitspeed: 256kbps
More Information: TamolarM – Official Website


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Take That – Progress (2010)


If I’m completely honest, you all might know that I’m a Techno music lover, not a Pop Rock fan. And my closest relatives know that I never listen to the Top 40 (or Top 10, whatever it is), because I’m mostly dissappointed by the lack of new music. Most artists just copy and paste old tunes, and revive it. My wife on the other hand adores the Top 40, and she knows nearly every tune that has appeared in that list for the last 10 years. Let me remind you, she’s British, and she more focussed on the British music scene, and not the European scene. Because of her enthusiasm for Pop Rock, I decided to buy two albums over here in the Netherlands, from a band she really adores, a band she grew up with: Take That. So this review is dedicated to Take That’s biggest fan… my wife.

Take That have been in the pop scene for many years, and have had many hits during the 90s, even in the Netherlands they were immensely populair. The tenth biggest boy band of all time (when it comes to the sales) has left a mark in pop music history, and with many girls throwing panties on the stage, they had the world at their feet. With tunes such as ‘Pray’, ‘Back For Good’, ‘Could It Be Magic’ and more, they grew bigger and bigger. Many bedroom walls were decorated with poster and other memorabilia, and concerts were sold out in advance. But then, the world woke up to a world without the original 5 member crew: one member decided to start a solo carreer. Robbie Williams started his own carreer, and he flourished. The band remained alive, and decided to move on, without Robbie. We can all discuss about why Robbie left the band, but that’s all in the past, and we are not the ghosts of Christmas past, are we? We focus on the future, and the future looked bright bak in 2010.

If I’m correct, back in 2010 Robbie decided to join his former band, and to hit the studio and write new songs, write new material. ‘Progress’ was the result, and critics loved the album. With an average of 4 out of 5 stars, it has shown the world that Take That were back for good, and that they were going to hit the world with an unstoppable force. Within a day, the album became the fastest selling album of the century, with 235,000 copies sold in a day. But that wasn’t all: Amazon acknowledged the band’s latest album sales, by naming them UK’s top selling music artist of all time.

Obviously, they had to return to the stage again, and they organised a live tour around Europe. But first they toured around the UK, and sold around 1,8 million tickets. Cities such as Birmingham, London, Glasgow and Dublin were taken over by Take That, and they left yet another mark in pop rock history: their ‘Progress Live’ DVD sold twice as much as the entire music DVD chart combined. They were back for good.

Why am I saying this to you? If you are British, you grew up with the band, and know everything there is to know. You grew up, and probably had a poster or two on your wall (if you were a woman). If you were a young man, you probably hated them, but secretly you admired them. Come on, be honest, you can sing all their songs, can’t you? Don’t hide the fact that you are a Take That fan too! Don’t be ashamed, because I am a fan too. Yes, I’ve just admitted it to you all: this Techno lover has changed.

Tracklist anyone? Why should I bother, everyone in Europe and the UK have got the album anyway.


01. Take That – The Flood
02. Take That – SOS
03. Take That – Wait
04. Take That – Kidz
05. Take That – Pretty Things
06. Take That – Happy Now
07. Take That – Underground Machine
08. Take That – What Do You Want From Me?
09. Take That – Affirmation
10. Take That – Eight Letters
(hidden track: Take That – Flowerbed)

I normally review a completely different type of music, but why not review this album? I had a few minutes on my own, and gave it a go. I even listened to it when I was driving to work, and I noticed that I was driving faster and singing along. A quite addictive and catchy album is worth a review, I would say.

The sound compared to the band’s 90s sound is so different, they grew up and made it a bit rougher and tougher, suitable for the time being, and also showcasing the world that they aren’t just a boy band anymore, the word ‘boy’ can dissappear, with moustaches and beards all around they are men. With this album they have shaken off their boyband status.

There are a few tracks on here which have the potentials to change your mood from bad to good. And some are just simply too damn good: you can play them whenever you want, and they will instantaeously change your perspective on life: you want to walk out in the rain, and dance until your feet won’t carry you anymore. You want to hear the birds sing, the fish swim and run with the dogs in the park. Life changers, mood changers: this album has got them all.

Best tracks? Where to start? Have you got a minute or two? My personal favourite has got to be ‘Kidz’. And I’m probably not the only one who loves this track, I reckon. My wife’s favourite track is ‘Eight Letters’, but to be brutally honest, I think she loves them all equally as much as ‘Eight Letters’. ‘Kidz’ to me is my favourite because it’s so extremely catchy, you start stomping your feet once you hear the beat kick in, and you won’t stop. We are all kids, aren’t we?

I never knew that Take That always added a hidden track. And that’s the only track I didn’t like, too weird and too spacey. Not what I was expecting. This is too weird, not catchy and not awesome, compared to the previous tracks. Not their best track, not at all.

I will only say this once, and I won’t say it again: I’m a fan. A fan of the original band. With Robbie Williams they’ve made a comeback, and I’m happy that he returned: where would we have been without Robbie? To me Take That ain’t Take That if Robbie isn’t there. I’m not their biggest fan, I don’t know Gary Barlow’s shoesize, I don’t know Jason Orange’s favourite juicy drink, I don’t know Howard Donald’s pin code, and I don’t want to know that at all. I want to know what they do as a band, and they are succesful when they are making music. Let’s hope they never stop making music.


Artists: Take That
Genre/Style: Pop, Electropop, Pop Rock
CD Info: Take That’s Sixth Studio Album
CDs: 1 (one)
Length CD: 
Tracks: 10 (ten) – one hidden track
Label: Polydor Ltd (UK)
Product Number: 274 847-4
More Information: Take That – Official Website